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Soul Bound/Chapter Nine

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Chapter IX: The First Diary





June 5th~


It has been five years since I lost my husband. He had left everything to me in his will when he died. His cancer had taken a told on him and when he finally passed on, he left his legacy to me. A mistake I can assure you. All I have done with his gift and our company is spend money needlessly on things to fill the void of him being no longer in my life. I feel empty without him so I use money to make myself happy, if even for a moment. I know it cannot bring him back to me and I am squandering his legacy, but I cannot help what I have become. Another notice from the bank came in today, I don't know how I am going to get the money to pay for my debts. There must be away..............



June 12th~


I was at a cafe today having lunch alone as I always do, when a young man in a black casual suit sat at my table. He had raven black hair and his eyes were a deep green. His lips looked so kissable, but I know someone so young would have nothing to do with me. So, why did he sit down? We talked for what seemed hours and he was very charming and alluring. He made me forget my worries, even for a moment. His name was Tsuzuku......I'll never forget that smile.................



"What is a beautiful woman like yourself doing alone at a cafe?" I look up to see a young man in his twenties lean over and smile to me. "Oh, please you flatter" I reply smiling. He sat down across from me smiling with those luscious lips. I blush as I turn my gaze to the floor. Feeling his finger under my chin as he moves me to face him. "You seem troubled?" He asks as he moves his hand away. 'More than you know....what will I do?' He smiles and leans his elbows on the table while he plays with his lips. "No, of course not!" I lie. After a long intoxicating conversation, he was preparing to leave me. "Wait! What is your name? Will I see you again?" I ask as he took my hand. He presses his lips gently on my hand and smiles. "I am called Tsuzuku, I will find you again." And with that he was gone. There was something other worldly about him.


3:00 pm

I ran into a young blonde man in the shopping district today. He was so kind and sweet. He told me that he knew my niece Nami. When he stopped to talk to me, he said that I looked troubled. He couldn't be more right. I have so much on my plate and no way to clear it. His name was Subaru. I wish there was a way to wipe the slate clean, if not.....how am I going to pay these debts?..............




"How much?" I ask as the woman was about to tell me how much the jade lion is, someone bumps into me knocking the object from my hand. Before the object broke, a male hand quickly caught it. "I am so sorry!" A young man with blonde hair and blue eyes said as he set the figure back on the table. I was in shock as he had me pinned on the table with his chest against mine. "I-It's alright. I-" he smiles intently as he realizes the position he was in. "Oh, I am so sorry again!" He said as he stood up. "You are?" He asks. I smile and reach out my hand to shake his. "Mimiko Takeda." I say as his eyes widen in surprise. "Oh! You are Ni-chan's Aunt!" He was so sweet the way he expresses his emotions. "Ni-chan?" I question. He laughs as he realizes I didn't know what he was talking about. "Nami! Hehe I call her Ni-chan." He said as he scratches his head. "Oh! How silly of me. I should have known to whom you were referring." I said smiling. "My name is Subaru." He said with a smile. My thoughts drift back to my debt problems as the air was silent. "Is something troubling you?" He asks with a concerning look. 'Yes' I thought as I stood still. "No, not at all." I lie. He waves goodbye as we went our separate ways.



June 20th~

Harina came to see me as I requested. I asked her to help me. I know her and her recently new husband Shinjiro had money for the fundraiser. I was so desperate that I asked for the fundraiser money. She screamed at me for asking such a question, calling me a fool. She was so angry and said hateful words to me. What am I going to do?.........



"Are you out of you damned mind Mimi?! I can't do that! You know that my husband and I created this fundraiser to raise money to give to the cancer research fund!" She shot a glare to me as she stood up from the chair. "I need your help Hari, please! Please say you'll help me! I am your sister!" I beg as tears form. She scoffs at the paperwork on the table. "How could you be so irresponsible?! Your husband died of cancer leaving his legacy to you and instead of using your power for good, you squander his gift to you on THIS!" She waves her hand gesturing to the apartment that spans the entire seventh floor. "Oh let's not forget everything in it! Down to the last jade figure! I hope you get swallowed by your debt and end up on the street! Just so that you will remember where you came from!" She screams as she threw the bills in my lap. I began to cry hoping to appeal to her better nature. She just threw her hands up and began yelling even more. "Don't think you can cry and I will throw money in your lap! Mother is probably turning in her grave at the sight of how greedy you have become!" She screams as she paces the apartment. I can't take it anymore. I am tired of hearing her voice. "Get out" I said in a low tone. She looks as if she didn't hear me. What did you say?" She asks as she is standing over me. "I said GET OUT!" I scream. "You ask me to come here because you need my help, then when you tell me what you need I tell you how it is and you expect me to leave? " she exclaims as I stood up. "You fucking heard me! I said to get the fuck OUT!" She slaps me as I scream at her, causing me to react the same. "I HATE YOU! Get out! GET OUT NOW!" I grab her by the arm and drag her to the door. I open the door quickly and threw her out. "You mark my words Mimiko! This greed of yours will be the death of you! I never want to see you again! You stay away from me and you stay away from Nami!" She shouts as she stood in the doorway. "N-Nami.......no you can't do that to me! You can't keep me from seeing my niece! No! No! No!" I sob as she gave me a look of disgust. "I can and I WILL! You may be my blood, but you are not my sister, I don't know who this woman is before me." She replies as she stood there watching me cry and sob. "Please don't do this to me!" I beg. "Go to hell Mimiko!" As she said those words she took the elevator down leaving me to my loneliness. 'What am I going to do now?' I thought as I close the door. I walk over to the table and clutch Nami's photo frame against my chest. "I think I can help with that"




I hope you like it so far,

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