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Soul Bound/Chapter Eight

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Chapter VIII: New Developments





"Are you ready to see what's inside Miss Takeda?" He said as he turns the key. I nod in response as he opens the box. Inside were three red books. "What is this? Why was it so important to keep these books safe?" I had so many questions and I could see that the man was hiding something. I clench my fist as I shove him into the wall of deposit boxes. "You know something! Tell me!" I shout as my voice echoes throughout the vault. "Please mam' not here! In my office, the room is sound proof and no one can hear us." He said as he composes himself, fixing his tie. He put the books back inside the box, grabbing the keys, and carry them to the office. I follow as the vault closes behind us. We made it back into his office as he closes the door and locks it. "Before you tell me what you know about these books, I need to know about these." I pull the bills with bankruptcy on them from my bag and toss them on the table.


He shudders as he sat down in front of the bills. "How is it that someone like my Aunt, having been so wealthy, yet I find this in a safe behind a hidden panel? Speak!" I said calmly but with enough force for him to know I was serious. "Miss." Is all he could manage as he set the books on his desk. "Speak!" I demand as I gave a stern look. "A year ago, Mrs. Takeda was on the verge of bankruptcy. She had been spending money needlessly and racked up quite a debt for herself. However, on August 15th of last year she came into my office with a check for a considerable amount of money. So much so, that her debt was paid and she had an enormous amount left over." Hearing his words, I feel as though my heart had stopped. The date he spoke of........................my parents died on August 15th, they were going to a fund raiser that they helped create. The room began to spin and I felt light headed. "Oh my god......I feel sick." I said as I cup my mouth with my hands. 'I can't tell him this new information....he would have me committed!' I thought as I try to calm myself.


He stood up to fan me and asks if I was alright. "I'm fine, please continue." I reply as he took his seat again looking at me in a bewildered manner. "Ah.........anyway, about a month and a half ago, she brought those books to me. She was very upset and was often looking over her shoulder. After that she told me that no one was allowed to get those books out. Not even her. The only one allowed was you. I asked her several times why this was so important but she insisted that no one else was to know the contents of these books, except you of course." He explained as he put the books in my hands. I stayed silent as I wait for him to finish explaining. He clears his throat and continues. "She had explained to me that she was going to set up a will. I found this strange because she was so young. A woman in her late thirties should never consider a will so soon. She looked very disturbed and I considered maybe she was trying to tell me something, but nothing came of it. I am truly sorry for your loss. Had I known she was plan to...........I think I could have helped her,....somehow." He explains as his hands were shaken. 'You couldn't help her....no one could. She couldn't even help herself!' I thought as I listen to his story, furious and on the verge of tears. "Thank you, I appreciate your honesty sir. I think I will take my leave now." I said shakily as I stand to bow. I took the books and put them in my bag as I left the bank office. 'How could you?'





"Nami!" I hear the voice of my mother calling me from the living room. "Yes!" I reply as I walk to where she stood. "We are about to leave now, I'm not sure when we will be back." My father said to me. "You guys look so beautiful! Mom I love that dress!" I said I look to my mother who wore a sapphire blue dress. I hug them both as they smile at me "I love you!" I said as they hug me back. "We love you too! Lock the door!" They said in unison. "Are you going to invite Subaru over to stay with you?" My mother asks. "No, he is busy with the band stuff so I am home alone." I reply. They smile to me and nod as they walk out to the black car and drove away.


One hour later~~~

I hear a knock on the door as I stood to answer it. When I open the door, my neighbor Mrs. Omeida was out of breath. "N-Nami! Quick!......turn on the news!!" She shouts as I ran to turn on the TV. There was a car on fire and everyone was rushing to get whoever was inside, out. Suddenly, as the reporter said the names of the people inside, the car blew up knocking the emergency crew back. "Oh my god! Reports are confirmed! It is Mr. And Mrs. Takeda/Aikamura! The creators of the Aikamura Fundraiser!" My head feels light as I stood there watching the report as the car blew up even more. I feel faint as I hear the muffled screams of my neighbor.




I awake in a cold sweat, as tears began to fall. For that past few nights Tsuzuku has not been here, that which I am glad of. With the anger I am feeling right now, I would be screaming in rage at him. I stare at the dark ceiling as I sat up in the bed. I look over to the bookcase where the hidden panel is covered by my GazettE dvd collection. I locked the books away when I got home yesterday. Since I have a few days off I will look through those books. They are her diaries after all and I want to know what she was thinking and why she used her own sister to obtain wealth. I scoff at the clock which stares back at me reading 3:25 am. I fall back onto the bed and cover myself with the blanket as I drift back to sleep.


Tsuzuku's POV~


"My brother is trying to break the bond between you and Nami." Kazuki declares as he sat on his thrown in the Great Hall of the castle. A female Chevalier in very revealing dress knelt down to him as she wraps her arm around his inner thigh. I smirk as the female glares at me. "Master, why must you entertain such a lowly creature!" She whines in a seductive tone. I move quickly as I pull her head to me. Smiling as she wince in pain. "Lowly am I?" I whisper as I inhale blue light from her body. Her expression changes as she stood up to press her body into me. Her hand on my chest as she licks my neck and began kissing my skin. "Master" she said seductively as I take her by the chin, lowering her to the floor. Her eyes glowing blue as she did as instructed. I let go of her chin as she wraps herself around my leg, moving her hands along my ankle up to my waist. "Must you always be so cruel to my slaves?" Kazuki scoffs as I stood over the female Chevalier.


"This is not cruelty Kazuki.......this is cruelty!" I exclaim, lifting the girl with an invisible force. She still held those seductive eyes. I snap my fingers causing her to break like shattered blue glass, as the pieces scatter across the floor. "I am not concerned with Subaru! Neither should you be." I reply to his earlier statement. Kazuki put his palm to his face and shook his head. "She was my favorite!" He whines with a laugh. "She should have kept her mouth shut." I reply in disgust. Kazuki stood from his chair and began to walk down the Great Hall. "The only way to stop Subaru is to tempt the girl. She is young, impetuous, and can easily be swayed. She is an innocent Tsuzuku and innocents are the easiest to lead." He said as he stops in the middle of the hall. I hate the way he flaunts is aristocratic ways. His royal suit in black with a blue cape over his shoulder. "I have been trying to be nice but I am getting nowhere." I sigh as I stop halfway past him.


"Why be nice to her Tsuzuku? You confuse me with this. Why not be your dominant self and take what is rightfully yours? She has no choice but to obey. Her blood saw to that." He proclaimed as he stood firm. 'Can it really be that easy?' I thought as I shift my stance. "OF COURSE IT CAN!" He shouts as the sound echoes through the Great Hall. "Tck, I told you not to read my thoughts!" I shout angrily. Kazuki laughed as he put the back of his gloved hand to his mouth. "What about Subaru?" I ask as Kazuki's laughter subsides. "Let him be.....her ignorance will be his demise. When she learns the truth about him, she will want nothing to do with him." He replies as he walks around. "How can you be so sure?" I ask as I glare at him. "Humans are fickle, she will leave him." Kazuki replied in a firm tone. "And if she doesn't?" I ask as I watch his every move. "Then I'll kill him." Kazuki's words echo as he lets out a laugh. Our laughter filled the Great Hall as we stood contemplating our next move.




Hope you enjoy this chapter!

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