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Soul Bound/Chapter Seven

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Chapter VII: The Secret




Subaru's POV~


Is she finally going to tell me what she knew? If she does, can I bring myself to tell her about what I am? She stood silent as she debates with her decision to speak. "I guess I will see you at work tomorrow!" She said quickly as she bent her knees a little. 'You are such a coward Nami' I hear her thoughts as she averts her eyes to the pavement. "Yes! I am sure Kuina and the others look forward to seeing you also." I said with a smile. She waves goodbye as she walks into her apartment. 'Why are you interfering with Tsuzuku?' A familiar voice crept into my thoughts. I snap my fingers and transport my car home as I teleport to my home realm. The skies were bright blue with aurora borealis like clouds in the sky. Falsetto sounds could be heard from the bird-like creatures flying over head. Far away in the distance was my brothers castle. White stone castle surrounded by a moat of blue flames. "Why are you on his side......brother." I reply, my voice returning to its original tone. My brother Kazuki steps out of the flames that surround him. "We Chevalier aren't meant to fall in love with a mere human. I made a mistake sending you there...come home brother." He said in surreal, yet raspy voice. My eyes began to glow blue as I feel the rage that humans feel, only more intense.


I move quickly to him and slam him into the ground as I punch him in the jaw. With much force I press his body into the ground making the ground cave around him. "NEVER! Do you think I will stand for this? YOU, brother being in league with a filthy Lemaegus?! Nami's heart, trust, and life on the line just for your GAMES?! I tried to stop Mimiko from making a deal with him." My rage continues as I press him into the ground more. "She was so desperate and afraid of losing her wealth. Humans and their greed! It sickens me to my core that she sold her only blood to that Bastard!" I shout as I grip his collar harder. "She is human......what makes you think she isn't capable of greed?" He smiles as he spoke those words. As if he was taunting me. "NO! She is different! She would never give in to such trivial things!" Enraged I shout as several guards came to break up the brotherly quarrel. I hit him once more for good measure. "Brother-" his eyes were cold as I let him go and walk toward the portal. "You are no brother of mine!" Exclaiming my words, I snap my fingers and disappear from my home realm. 'I hope she finds out the entire truth...someday'





Two Weeks Later


I finally arrive to the building where Royz is discussing with me about their wardrobe. They were going to be doing a press conference tomorrow and want to look their best. I open the door to the dressing room as everyone greets me with smiles. "Ni-chan is here!" Tomoya said cheerfully as he tap Koudai's shoulder. "Hey, guys! I'm here!" I sat my bag on the counter as Kuina motions for me to sit down. "Where is Baru-chan?" I said softly as I sat down next to Kuina. "He said he is on his way and apologized for being late Nini-chan." Koudai said with a smile. Just as I stood up to get the others ready, Subaru walks in the dressing room. Everyone cheers as he closes the door. He seems distant like he had something on his mind. "Are you okay Baru-chan?" I ask as I step toward him. He looks up to me and smiles. "Yes!" He replies as he awaits my opinion about what to wear. There were many styles to choose from and I hand picked each outfit for them.


After I left Royz behind, I had two more appointments. The guys at GazettE canceled and apologized for the inconvenience, while the guys at Meijibray were ready to roll. The whole time I was there Tsuzuku did what he always did around Mia and the others. Acting like a kid playing around like nothing is going on.




After a long day of work I began to head home. The clouds began to roll in as I step out of the building. Thunder claps as I began to walk down the sidewalk. That's when the bottom fell out. "Shit!" I spat. As if someone turned on a faucet full blast, the rain came quickly. I cover my head with my bag and ran to one of the transit canopies. I sat as I wait for the rain to slack off. After a matter of minutes, as quick as it came the rain was gone. I hurry home quickly to avoid another wave of rain.


I decided it was time to go through her personal items to see if I could find anything to tell me what she was doing. I started with her bookshelf and began to pull romance novels and old mail. I put the books in a box for donations and the mail I set aside to go through. As I clear the bottom shelf, I move to the next one. When I reach the middle shelf and finish clearing it, a hidden panel fell down revealing a safe. The lock was combination old school style. "Just great!" I said quietly as I began to listen for the clicks. After my fifth try, the lock made a loud click and it swings open. Inside was a small stack of bills, all that read bankruptcy in big red letters. There was a box in the shape of the sakura flower, a key to what looks like it goes to a safety deposit box was inside it. I took the bills and the sakura box with the key and close the safe.




After I clean up my mess and donate my Aunts books to a library, I head toward the bank that was on those bills. I held tight to the key and I walk inside. A man in a navy blue suit greets me as he thinks I am new and I want to set up a bank account. "Ano.......I have this key, it belonged to my Aunt. Mimiko Takeda, she left it to me in her Will. Please I-" he abruptly stops me and began to lead to me his office. He raises his hand to show me to a seat and close his door. "Miss Takeda.......I was given strict instructions that when you came here with that key, our conversation was to be done in private. She was a very private person and often times very nervous. She was very adamant that the contents in that deposit box was to be given only to you." He explains as he sat in his chair.


He pulls a set of keys from his pocket and unlocks a large drawer in his desk. He then unlocks a small box inside the drawer. Inside that box was a small Sakura shaped box. He opens the box and held a key identical to mine. "Wow, she was very over protective of that box." I said as he put everything back the way it was. "This way Miss Takeda" he said as he stood up and began lead the way to the vault. 'What is it that is so important that you have to go through all this to protect it?' I thought as the large vault door opens. The man led me down a long section of the vault and stops at a box that requires two keys. "Your key Miss?!" He motions for me to put my key in as we turn them at the same time. The door to the box clicks open. He pulls out another box as he laid it on the table and unlocks it with his key. "Are you ready to see what's inside Miss Takeda?"




A/N: Hope you have enjoyed my story this far! Please let me know what you think in a reply!!

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