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Soul Bound/Chapter Six

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Chapter VI: The Festival






"Ni-chan! Get in! Today is the festival!" Subaru opens the passenger door and waves for me to enter. "I thought the festival was two days ago?" I ask as I step down from the steps of my apartment building. "I am sorry, I had the date wrong. Will you forgive me?" Subaru pouts as he bow in front of me. It has been a couple of days since I have seen him so I jumped at the chance to spend the day with him. He's always so sweet, kind and his smile is comforting. As I step down I trip causing me to fall. Before I could react, Subaru moves quickly and held me in his arms. "How did you do that?" I ask as he held me close. His deep blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight. His lip quivers as he looks as though he wants to kiss me. 'Could he be like Tsuzuku?' I thought as he looks into my eyes. He furrows his brow and clears his throat as he stood me up. "I was right there Ni-chan! You fell in my lap!" He exclaimed nervously as he scratches his neck. I figure I should ignore this for now and get into the car. When Subaru got into the car to drive, he was acting very strange. He was quiet and focus on the road ahead. 'What is a Lemaegus anyway?' I thought as I look around the car and out the window.


Subaru POV~


That idiot! He told her what he was! Not that it matters. I plan to break his bond over her. Mimiko should have never made that deal and now Nami has to suffer with him because of it. The last time he took a girl as a deal.....it ended bad. I clutch the steering wheel as I realize I was speeding and let up on the gas. "So! You ready to have fun with me? I will tickle you if you say no!" I ask in a teasing manner. She looks toward me and smiles as she nods. "Oh come on! I can't hear you Ni-chan!" I tease again. "Yes!" She shouts with laughter. I will protect her, I am her Chevalier after all. No way in hell I am going to let a Lemaegus take her away from me.




As we arrive at the festival, Subaru got out of the car. Refusing to let me open the door, he opens it and helps me out. "I guess chivalry isn't dead after all." I said smiling. I was wearing an ivory tulle skirt, baby blue top and glitter wedges. My hair was up in a bun and I was happy with my look. I noticed Subaru staring at me as I stood waiting to be taken to the festival. "Aren't you going to take me?" I ask as he jolts from his spot and took my arm. "You and I are going to share some Sakura ice cream!" He proclaims as he walks me down the path. He was wearing his street clothes. Black athletic pants and a blue Adidas shirt. No make up, which I loved to see him in his natural skin. 'So adorable' I thought as he kept leading me to the festivities. I lean my head on his shoulder as we took in all the sights and smells. Being with him was different. Safe.


Subaru's POV~


We walk to different vendors enjoying everything around us. Seeing her smile made me happy. I know she is under a lot of stress so this is good for her. We finally made it to the ice cream vendor and ordered a large Sakura ice cream to share. "Two spoons please!" I said to the vendor as we took them and found a seat. "See, I told you we would share ice cream!" I said playfully as I spoon some ice cream and touch her nose. She laughs as she wipes ice cream on my cheek. "Ha! Now you are a mess!" She said with a laugh. "Ah! I only put a tiny bit on you Ni-chan!" I reply as I wipe my face. We sat for a moment as I watch the sakura being carried through the air by a gentle breeze. She was smiling, but I know seeing these flowers is hard for her.




After we ate our ice cream, we continue to the Sakura viewing. Everyone was taking pictures of the beautiful trees, but for me I only saw blood. I want to try to block the image out, because I want to have fun with Subaru. I lean on a rail next to the river and put my head down to catch my breath. When I pop my head up, it came in contact with another. "Ouuu! Are you okay Ni-chan? That hurt!" He exclaimed as I turn to quickly rub his temple. "I'm sorry, I really am having a good time but-" he pulls me to him and held me close. "If it is difficult to view the Sakura, we can go. I know it's difficult, I shouldn't have brought you here, but I want to see you smile again. Like you use to when we were younger. Before your parents died." He whispers as he held me close. 'I know' I thought as I rest my head on his shoulder. "There is so many things I don't understand about her death and it scares me. I'm sorry I ruined your plans." I said as I lift my head and pull away. He shook his head and touchy my nose. "No, not ruined at all." He softly wipes a tear away as he looks into my eyes. "Come on, the sun is setting, let me take you home." He said softly as he put his arm around me, pulls me to him, and walk to the car.


"I had fun Baru-chan!" I said softly as I stood on the steps of my apartment building. He smiles and put his hands in his pockets as he was about to walk away. "Me too!" He replies. The closer he moves to his car the more I want to stop him. "Wait!" He stops as he heard me and walks back to my side. "Yes" he said quietly. I fidget with my hands as I try to think of something to say. 'How do I explain what my aunt did?' I thought as I finally muster the courage to speak. "I need to tell you something......"






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