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Soul Bound/Chapter Five

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Chapter V: I'm Sorry



After the funeral precession and formalities were over, I took care of things with my landlord. I am now permanently living in my Aunts apartment. The guys all made an appearance to the funeral for moral support. They all knew of her, but they didn't really know her that well. I am just glad that I am not alone. I was glad of one who didn't appear. If Tsuzuku had made an appearance, it would have been uncomfortable to say the least.



I finally made it home carrying a large vase full of white chrysanthemums. Everyone sent flowers of course, but these are the only ones I wanted to take home. They were from Subaru. I inhale the scent as the elevator opens to the top floor. Keying the code, the door clicks. I juggle the door and the flowers as I walk inside. I set the vase on the parlor table as I pull off my scarf. Walking into the next room, I throw the scarf on the chair in the living room. 'What else can go wrong' I thought as I close the door to the apartment. "Why such a long face?" I hear a familiar voice behind me as I turn to see Tsuzuku standing in the living room.


Tsuzuku's POV~


"How was your day with your Chevalier?" I ask as I step toward her. Her beautiful raven black hair cascading around her face. "Cheva- what?" She replies with a curious look on her face. She turns to the bedroom door as I move quickly inside the bedroom and stood in the doorway. "Subaru.......your knight." I said as I held several strands of her hair in my hand. "W-what do you mean by knight?" She asks as she looks into my eyes. Tint of green in those grey eyes flicker in the dim light. "He was very protective of you that day." I said as I quickly let go of her hair. "What do you want, come to humiliate me again?" She asks as she pushes me aside. I turn to watch as she paces across the room cleaning up any messes. "I came to apologize for my behavior before. I am not use to human emotions and I expected to much from you. Gomen'nasai(sorry)" I said with a bow.



'What is he up to?' I thought as I began making the bed. "Nothing. I am just saying sorry." He replies to my thought. I threw my hands up and made a sound to show my annoyance with him. "Stop that!" I shout. He laughs as though he is mocking me. "Look if I am going to be bound to you or WHATEVER.........have the decency to get a clue and disappear!" I was furious. Furious with him and my aunt for this bond of hate I now have. All because she couldn't stomach being poor. I look to the floor as I felt that feeling again. My body began to move on its own again as I am forced to walk to him. "Stop this!" I said softly. He stops whatever he did to make me move and steps toward me. "You asked me what I am and so I will tell you.......I am known as a Lemaegus . Your kind call me a demon." As he said those words my heart began to pound. A demon? . 'Where is your tail?' I thought as I looked down to his hips. The sudden realization hit me as I try not to laugh. My laughter subsided as I notice where I was looking, I blush and look away. "Wha-.....I don't have a tail nor do I carry a pitch fork! I simply give people what they desire in exchange for their soul or whatever they foolishly choose to give away! I am merely appeasing my boredom by fulfilling the whims of others." He replies nonchalantly, as if it was his daily routine. "You get pleasure from the pain of others?" I question as I went back to making the bed. He hesitates for a moment as if he had to think about his answer. "Yes" he said calmly. Unbelievable, I hate that he is so attractive because his attitude pisses me off. "I've had enough of this for one night. Please leave." I sigh as I fell onto the bed and close my eyes. "You think that I'm attractive.....huh" I felt heavy as I open my eyes to see him over me.


Tsuzuku POV~


She opens her eyes as I lean close to her ear. "Do you really want me to leave?" I whisper as she let out a sigh. She hesitates as I leane up to see tears in her eyes. "No......as much as you irritate me and I don't like the way you control me......I don't want to be alone." She replies as she wipes tears away. "On one condition! Keep that bloody Sakura crap on lock! If you use it once, you'll have to leave!" She demands as she lay on the bed. "You have my word" I reply. If she knew that I didn't have to do what she says, she'd probably freak out. That being so, I will keep my word. "Hmm....can you get up please" she snaps me from my thoughts as I pull strands of her hair and wrap them around my finger. Her scent was filling my lungs as I inhale a breath. I let go of her hair and help her up from the bed. As she stood up, I pull her too quickly causing her to fall on my chest. I lift her chin to look at me as she pulls away.




I don't understand him, one minute he is annoying and the next he is playing with my hair. I pulled the covers back and then walk over to my drawer to wear one of my night tops. I start to change but then I remember that HE was here. "Can you please turn around?" I ask as he smiles. He slowly turns around as I quickly strip down and threw on the night top. "Okay" I said as I walk toward the bed. He moves quickly to bed as I stood still. His eyes travel down my body, making me blush. 'Don't look at me that way' I thought as I sat on the bed and turn my back to him. The bed moves as I felt his breath on my neck. The hair on my neck stood on end as he moves my hair aside from my shoulder revealing my neck. "Tsu-" my breath hitches as I felt his mouth on my skin. The feeling made me feel weak. Did I want this to happen? 'No' I thought as he pulls me back onto the bed. Seeing him above me upside down as he smiles, made me feel weaker. 'No' I thought as he leans to me and softly kisses my lips. I felt feverish as he deepens the kiss. Suddenly I came to my senses and push him away. "No!" I said firmly as I sat up in the bed. I turn to crawl under the covers as Tsuzuku did the same, smiling that smile. I turn over and face the wall as I felt his hands pull me to him. His skin felt warm as he held me close. He moves me closer until my body was flush with his. I blush as I felt his breath on my neck again. "Tsu-" "Just sleep" he whispers as he rests his head on my neck.


I hope enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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