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Soul Bound/Chapter Three

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Chapter III: Just A Dream




'Damn that had to be a dream' I thought as I stretch my body from the bed. Everything was exactly the way I left it. The curtains were pulled over the balcony door and the paper mess was still a mess. I reach over to the night stand to grab my phone and notice a text from Reita~


Where are you?! You're late!


"Shit!" I quickly jump from the bed and grab some clothes from my bag. 'That is your only way out' a voice came to mind as I look toward the balcony. I brush it off and continue to rush and get ready. I grab my phone and my work bag as I head to the entrance hall. "No time to eat." I said quietly as I punch in the key code. The door clicks and I walk toward the elevator. 'Was it all just a vivid dream?' I thought as I step onto the elevator. I know that my aunts death was not a dream but, the rest must have been hysteria. The elevator doors open as I made my way outside. The sun hit me with its harsh light through the sakura trees. I avert my eyes to the pavement where I could still see a hint of red. 'Bloody sakura' I hear that voice once more as I began to step on the spot where she had laid. It was only a dream, that is what I tell myself, nothing more. The cold wind from yesterday was no longer in sight. Just the warmth of the sun and sakura at my feet. I dare not look down at them, I am afraid I might see the red again.




"Nami-chan! Oh I heard what happened!" Ruki said as he reaches to hug me. His arms were welcoming as I allow myself to be held by him. Tears fell without my consent as I bury my head in Ruki's chest. "I'm sorry about my text Ni-chan, I didn't know until Ruki told me!" Reita pleads. Ruki releases me from his soft strong arms as I wipe my tears away. "Nami! Here, take this!" Uruha reaches out his hand with some sake' he had to offer. "Oi, she doesn't need to drink sake!" Kai shouts as he came closer to comfort me. "I will be fine guys, I just don't understand why she did it. She had been calling me being really determined that I visit but........but when I.." I felt weak as the room began to spin around me. "Oi! Catch her!" I hear Aoi-kun shout as I was caught by Ruki's arms.


Ruki's POV~


I reach out to her just in time before she could hit the floor. Her bag drops from her arm as a note and a thick envelope fell out onto the floor. I lift her up and lay her on the couch in the dressing room. "What is that?" Kai asks as I turn to pick up her things. Kai was pointing to the paper and envelope that fell from her bag. "Call for a temp today, we are running behind schedule for the video shoot. Let them know that Nami needs a break for a death in the family." I say softly as I bend down to pick up the papers. Kai ran out the door as he heard my request. Aoi and the others came closer to see what it was that fell out. The note was written from her Aunt.


Please forgive me Nami, I love you

I'm sorry


"Poor Ni-chan!" Uruha exclaimed as he looks over to Nami who was still out cold. I didn't want to pry in the envelope so I set it on the table along with the note and her bag. "Yuu, call Subaru, he's like a brother to her. He needs to know what's going on. I am sure he doesn't want her working with Royz in such a state as this." Aoi took his phone from his pocket and walk outside to call. 'What the hell was she thinking?' I thought as I stood silent trying to puzzle this together. I know it's not my business, but Nami has worked with us for a long time. She is like a member of the family here.




I could hear voices all around me as I began to open my eyes. They were all together and foggy. I could see a blurry vision of deep blue eyes staring down at me. "Nami! I think she's coming to!" The voice was echoey and hard to hear. The fog lifts as the blur finally clears. I could see Subaru's bright blue eyes staring back at me. "Subaru?" I said faintly. Everyone was cheering like in a celebration as I try to sit up. "Oi! Easy! Take it slow!" I heard Kuina shout as I finally sat up. Subaru stroke my cheek as he held my face in his hands. "You scare me Ni-chan!" He said shaking my face softly. A tear fell from his eye as he pulls me close. I look around the room to see Meto and the others standing around me. My eyes widen as a scream at the sight of Tsuzuku. He smiles as I began to shake. Subaru pulls away with a look of concern. "What's wrong?" He asks as he wipes the tears away. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I was petrified at the sight of him. He put his finger to his lips as to suggest to be quiet. 'It wasn't a dream' I thought as he shook his head to respond to my thoughts. Subaru looks at me, expecting an answer.


"I'm so sorry I worried everyone." I said as tears fell. "It's okay Baru-chan is here to take care of you now." As Subaru said that he hug me once more. "S-she left a will behind. Something about everything was willed to me along with a safety deposit box who's contents stay secret until I open it. I don't know anything about why my aunt would do this. She was my only family" I cry as I bury my face in Subaru's shoulder. "No Ni-chan, that's not true. You have me and everyone in this room. We love you like family" he cooed as he pet my hair. Everyone agreed as I sat up to look at their smiling faces. All but one who's very presence made me feel sick. I wrap my arms around Subaru as he held me close. I felt safe, but for how long?



A/N: As I said last time some of the chapters are short. I apologize lol it is from Wattpad after all *smiles shyly*

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