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Soul Bound/Chapter Two

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Chapter II: You Are Mine



All I could do was blame myself for what had happened. Why had I been so rude and tell her I can't because of my job? I sat in the floor clutching the note and her will as tears fell again. "Ah, I see......so she finally did it hehehe." A familiar voice spoke with an amused tone. My eyes widen as I turn to see Tsuzuku leaning on the curtains of the balcony door. 'What is he-' my thoughts interrupted as he shifts his stance. "What am I doing here?" He asks as he pushes himself from the door to step closer. I stood up and back away. How did he get in here? Why was he here? I felt the wall on my back as he put his arm up pinning me in my spot.


"I told you we were suppose to meet later, just you and me....remember?" He said softly as he put his other arm up on the wall. "How did you get in here?" I ask as I felt my heart rate increase. He leans close to my face as his cheek brushes mine. "The balcony" he whispers. My heartbeat sped up and my eyes widen as I try to move away. He quickly grabs my waist and pulls me to him. "Tsuzuku, stop this!" I plead as I struggle to move away. I don't ever remember him being this strong before. His hands held me against him as I try to break free. "You are mine Nami. You should blame your aunt for this, not yourself!" He said firmly as I finally broke free.


I grab the note, her will, and ran into the entrance hall. Before I could leave, Tsuzuku was standing in the doorway. "Don't run, it's no fun for me. I prefer you obedient and submissive." He said teasingly as he steps closer. I turn to run the other way, but he was behind me. "Wha- who are you?" I ask as I stood firm. He laughs at my question as he sat down on a chair in the living room. "You know me Nini-chan, I'm Tsuzuku-kun! Come here" he replies in a mocking tone as he held out his hand. I shook my head and back away. "You can't tell me no." He taunts in a low tone, as he gives a look of displeasure.


I shook my head once more as I back away a little more. "Fine have it your way" He smirks. Before I could get away my legs disobey me. I couldn't move from my spot. He bent his fingers as if telling me to walk closer. I didn't want to, but my legs did what he told. He put his hand up as a signal to stop and my legs obey. "How?" I whisper. He smiles as he stood up from the chair. "When you knelt down to grieve for your dead aunt. Her blood is mine to control." He laughs in amusement at my fear as he kept moving his fingers. My body had a mind of its own as I came closer to him and close the distance between us.


He leans close to my face as he inhales the scent of my skin. Moving to my collarbone, then to my neck, until finally he reaches my ear as he stood from the chair. "She sold her soul for all that you see." He whispers as his breath hit my ear. 'Liar,' I thought as I stood frozen. "Really.....you think me a liar? She even sold you to me!" He whispers as he stood over me. "Body" I felt his tongue on my skin as he said that word. "Mind" he clutched handful of hair pulling my head back. "And soul!" He whispers as he pull away. I need to get away, I need to run, please move! Move damn it!


I try to force myself but it was no use. I felt my cheeks heat up from his presence. 'Why am I blushing?' He turns to face me as my legs felt weak and I fell to the floor. Before I could speak, Tsuzuku was next to me leaning close. "You blush my dear Nami, because your soul is bound to mine. You want what I want, no matter how much your mind says no." He whispers. I could not hide the displeasure on my face from those words. "Mimiko had forgotten that if she broke our agreement by taking her life that no matter what agreement we had, you would be mine forever, bound to me by her blood that runs through your veins." He explained in a loud tone, as he stood up from the floor.


"Why did she do this? Oba-san why?" I cry as tears fell free. Tsuzuku threw his hands up and shook his head. "Why do humans make that sound. Wailing and crying, it's awful!" He complains as I continue to cry. 'What do you care?' I thought as I kept crying. "Tck, I thought you would be happy. You keep eye fucking me every time you see me. Practically begging me to take you in front of Mia and the others!" He shouts sarcastically as I continue to cry. "It's called flirting you jackass! It doesn't mean I want to FUCK you!" I sob in a whiny tone. Flashes of bloody Sakura come to mind as I kept my gaze on the marble floor. He paces the floor, becoming aggravated as I continue crying. Before I could shout at him again he moves too fast and lifts me into his arms.


'What will you do to me?' I thought as he held me close. "If I wanted to do something to you, you would enjoy it just as much as I, so don't act like you don't feel it." He said softly as he carries me back to my aunts room. "Does Mia and the others know?" I question as I wipe my tears away. "Of course not, they are human after all." He replies. I felt so scared and sad but at the same time, although be it strange, I felt safe. "What are you?" I ask as he set me down on the bed. "Enough questions now stop crying! Even your thoughts sound awful when you cry!" He whines as he pull the covers back. He motions his hand to the balcony as the curtains reveal the night sky. "That is your only way out, I changed the key code." He said quietly as I was covered laying next to him.


I turn away in disgust as I felt hands pull me next to a half naked body. 'Please don't' I thought as I felt his breath on my neck. I felt a finger on the line of my back as it traces down to my lower back. 'Stop' I thought as a pleasurable sigh escapes my lips. "Like I said, if I wanted to, I could do what ever I wanted right now." He whispers. 'Just leave me alone' I thought as I try to move away. "And you would want me to!" He whispers as he pulls me back to him. "Just because my body consents doesn't me that I do!" I shout as I pull away again. I heard a small laugh escape his lips as he pulls me back to him again. "But you will......sooner or later." He laughs in amusement as I felt the covers fall and his warmth disappears. He laughter echoes as the balcony slams shut. What the hell have you gotten me into Aunt Mimiko?!



A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I may share the third one today as well :3

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