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Soul Bound/ Chapter One

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This is my first complete visual kei fanfiction from my Wattpad account. I hope you enjoy this first chapter. If all goes well I will post a chapter every week.


Chapter I: What Have You Done







The cold air hit my skin like daggers as I step outside on the balcony. Several stories high I take one last drag from my cigarette as I reach the ledge. I exhale as I toss the cigarette and let the wind carry it away. A cold tear slips from my eye as the wind burns into me. The sunrise over Japan's city skyline looks more beautiful than it ever has. It could be because today is my last day alive, or maybe because it brings my soul peace.


I looked back to the table behind the glass that held a note I had written. "This is my fault" I whisper as I step onto the chair next to the ledge. "I deserve to die" I step onto the ledge and held my arms like a cross as the wind blew my robe, exposing my short red gown. "Gomen.......nasai(sorry)" I whispered. I closed my eyes and let the force of the wind aid my fall.


'Do you think this will solve your problem?' I thought as I fell to my death. 'You can't protect her from me if you are dead!' A dark voice whispers. I opened my eyes as if my resolve to die had been shaken. I watched as the Sakura covered pavement came closer. I wanted to live, I needed to live, I have to protect her from my secret, but "It's too la-" I cannot feel anything but the wind and the Sakura as it mixes with my blood turning them crimson red. I can hear a voice fading as I slip away.






I'm suppose to visit my aunt today after work. She was very adamant over the phone about something she needed to give me. She sounded scared, almost horrified. I really worried about her. She has been calling me all week in fact pressing the matter of my visiting her. I couldn't help it, my job is a demanding one.


"You keep staring like that and I am going to have to charge you admission." Meto waved his teddy bear in my face as to snap me back to reality. "Oi, you have been spacing out all day Nini-chan!" Mia shouted across the room as he was tuning his guitar. I sat up from the table I was leaning on and went back to helping Tsuzuku with his outfit choice. "I'm sorry guys, I'm just worried about my Aunt. She seems scared and wants me to visit her today." I said handing Tsuzuku a black leather jacket.


Meto smiled and walked around to my back and hugged me tightly. "Oi, Meto! She needs to breathe!" Tsuzuku shouted as he hit him on the head with is hand. "Ouuuu! I was trying to comfort Nini-chan!" Meto sighed as he rubbed his head. "Thank you Meto-kun, Tsuzuku worries to much!" I said softly as pat him and glared at Tsuzuku for being so rough.


As if working as a wardrobe consultant for Japanese rock bands wasn't hard enough, I have to always intervene when arguments incur. I work for three bands right now. Mejibray, The GazettE, and Royz. "I am sure that everything with your Aunt will be okay Ni-chan!" Koichi said softly as he sat close to the vanity. 'I hope you are right' I thought as I untangled Tsuzuku's necklace from the mesh top under the leather jacket. He smirked as I blushed from touching his chest. "I'm sorry this is uncomfortable, I tried to untangle it, but I guess it needed a woman's touch." Tsuzuku said quietly in a flirting manner. I blushed harder as he raised the smirk to a devilish grin making me to look away. "Nini-chan is blushing!" He teased as I looked back to him. "I am not! I told you to call me Nami! You make me sound like a child with that name Tsuzuku-kun!" I whined as I playfully hit him for teasing.


He smiled as I looked past him and to the clock. "Shit!" I spat as I ran past Tsuzuku and grabbed my bag. I grab my phone from the table and noticed six missed calls from my Aunt. "Are we good here guys. I gotta go!" I said quickly as I throw my phone in my bag and lug it over my shoulder. Before I could make it to the door Tsuzuku grabbed my arm. "We still need to meet up later like we discussed this morning. It will be just you and me remember?" He questioned as he raised an eyebrow and smiled that smile again. I looked to see if the others were paying him any attention as he licked his lips. I blushed again as he let go. "Don't forget" he whispers.






I made my way down the Sakura covered sidewalk as the wind blew cold against my skin. It helped to cool my burning cheeks from Tsuzuku's handsome gaze. The sakura blew past my feet as I looked down to watch them pass me. I noticed that a few Sakura were dark red like the color of blood. As I kept walking more blood colored Sakura passed my feet. I suddenly heard a woman screaming help, when I jolted my view from the pavement.


A crowd gathered on the sidewalk as I fought to see what caused the commotion. I almost forgot that I was in front of my Aunts house. When I reached the center of the crowd, what I saw made me scream. My Aunts lifeless body was lying on the sidewalk. A pool of blood surrounded her. I could now see the source of the red Sakura. "Oba-san!(aunt) Please No! Oh god please! Someone call help!" I cried as I knelt down in the pool of blood hovering over my aunts body. I didn't understand why she woul do such a thing. A woman so full of life...I don't understand.


"Miss,....Miss please." A voice behind me said softly as I felt someone touch my shoulder. I kept crying, heaving, and screaming no over and over. "Miss please, we have to take her body." I turned to see a young man in a coroner outfit with several others, who were preparing to take my Aunt away. "She's my Aunt, I was coming to visit her today." I sob as I stood up. The crowd shudders as they back away. I looked down to see the blood on my legs as the Sakura that blew by stuck to my blood soaked skin. "Miss this is your Aunts house isn't it?" The young man asked as I stood silent. "Yes, I need to go sort through something's. She's my only family. Please excuse me." I said quietly as I walk to the door of her apartment building.


The crowd dispersed as I heard whispers. They would say 'Bloody Sakura' or 'crazy girl', all because I had knelt down in her blood. I couldn't help it. She was all I had. Tears broke free as I took the elevator up to the seventh floor. The elevator opened to reveal a lobby. There was a keypad for tight security in or out and only she and I knew the code. A few beeps later and I was inside a lavish apartment. She had the entire floor As an apartment. I always thought this place was too big for a widower to live alone, but she always insisted everything was fine.


I set my bag on the floor as I walk down the marble floor to the bathroom. I turn on the water and strip my clothes one by one. 'What was it that frightened you so?' I thought as the warm shower hit my skin. I felt the Sakura fall as the water below turn red and then pink. "I'll never look at Sakura trees the same again." I whisper as I turn off the water. As silence overtook the room again I heard a repeating thud in the next room. I wipe my face with a towel and then wrap it around me as I walk closer to the sound.


I open the door to my Aunts bedroom and see the balcony door hitting the wall as the wind blew furiously knocking paper free from the table. My towel almost flew off as I grasp it as if my life depends on it. Before I close the door, I peer over the ledge to see the spot where she laid. I shudder as the wind pushes me back ,as if to stop me from seeing that sight again. I quickly close the doors and locked them as I close the curtains around the doors. "Look at this mess!" I said softly as I glare at the paper.


I couldn't help but wonder why she jumped from that ledge. Tears came again as I felt a pain in my stomach and the urge to throw up. I ran quickly to the bathroom as I fell to my knees. I hugged the bowl as my stomach lurched and I heaved heavily. I welcome the sound of flushing as I sat up to wipe my mouth. After I dressed, I went back into the entrance hall to grab my phone from my bag. When I turn it on, I had several missed calls from Tsuzuku and a few text messages. I walk back into my Aunts bedroom to clean up the mess the wind made as I read the texts from Tsuzuku~


Text 1: You never answered my question.

Text 2: I guess I will see you there

Text 3: don't forget love


I turn off the screen and threw my phone on the bed as I began to pick up the papers. Most of them were blank, but there was a thick envelope and a note that was found amongst the paper mess. The note was in my aunts handwriting. It read~


Please forgive me Nami, I love you

I'm sorry


I grip the paper, clutching it to my chest as tears began to fall. Why did she leave this note, why did she jump, the questions invaded my mind again like a plague. I open the large envelope which held her last will and testament. It states that I would receive her home here in Tokyo, all of her assets including money, and an object in a safety deposit box that was to be kept a secret until I open it. "What the hell? Why Aunt Mimiko?" I whisper as I clutch the will to my chest once more.


A/N: mind you this was written on wattpad so the chapters can be a bit short, I apologize ahead of time. ��

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