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Az's Do's and Don't's

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Since I'm new, I thought I'd introduce myself as a roleplayer here, and put my rules up too.


General Rules

  • Must be literate! [Proper spelling and punctuation, no text speak]

  • No one-liners
    . Please be detailed in your responses

  • No first person, present-tense

  • No godmoding [this means your character isn't omnipresent, isn't all powerful, etc. Unless the RP meets some circumstances wherein this is needed/we'll talk about it]

  • No powerplaying [don't assume my character did this or that, give me a chance to respond if your character does or says something to mine]

  • Must be 18+
    [i love smutty scenes, a'ight?]

  • I reserve the right to drop a RP if I feel like it's not going anywhere/the characters are not compatible

  • Please have consistent characters, as in they are like what their profile describes


Writing Style

I write in third person, past-tense. Here's a sample:

A sneeze resounded in the hall, dust motes dancing about in the air as Krahe paused in his dusting to cover his nose. Blinking blearily through it, he shook it off and continued dusting, cleaning the edges of the picture frames. It was ridiculous how dusty they got, despite the fact that Krahe cleaned them every week. Once he was satisfied with the cleanliness of said picture frame, he returned the duster to his back pocket before reaching out for the vacuum cleaner. It was his job, a fairly new one at that since it had only been about a month. Room and board for keeping the house tidy was a fair trade off, one that was luckier than anything Krahe could have hoped for, even if his boss was a little eccentric and a little scary.


Glancing at the old clock ticking the Monday away, Krahe took note of the time. Speaking of, his boss should be home any time now. Snapping out of it, Krahe picked up his chores again, taking to vacuuming the hall. It was just that part of the house left and he'd be done.


The Roleplayng


, Seke


Kinks and Other Things

  • BDSM (spanking to bondage to master/slave)

  • Supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.)

  • Omegaverse

  • Mpreg

  • Tentacles

  • Double Penetration

  • Copious amounts of sex toys

  • Pretty much anything. Just ask me about it.



  • Abuse

  • Scat

  • Watersports

  • Gore

  • Vore

  • Daddy kink

  • Incest (Specifically parent/child)

  • If anything else comes up that I'm not comfortable with, I'll let you know.



  • Supernatural

  • Fantasy [urban, Medieval, High, Low, etc.]

  • Action & Adventure

  • Slice of Life

  • Romance

  • Futuristic/Sci-Fi

  • Medieval

  • Victorian Era

  • Dystopian

  • Pirates

  • Crime & Punishment/Criminals & Gangs




I think that's all. Anything else that may come up we can talk about! Thanks for reading~


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