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[The Rules Of Elements]

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This is a combination of me as a roleplayer, what I expect from potential partners, and genres of interest.




▪I can have a chaotic schedule outside the site, that does not mean I won't have time for you or our roleplays but just keep in mind I can't do rapid back to back posts on the hour every hour. I'm more of a couple of posts a day or week person. There are times when I won't be online at all advanced apologies.


No stranger to roleplay:

▪I've been roleplaying quite a while, over a decade. Gone through many genres with a grasp on what I like versus what I do not. I'm into the more descriptive long term one on one threads where we take our time plotting out some details about our common interest or at least getting to know one another, roleplay likes and dislikes etc.


Not into x Dislike x Won't Do:

▪Ultra Submissive characters nor do I like playing against them. What I mean by this is characters who have no say, they are willing to do anything without question. That is no fun. Though I play seme characters I do prefer to have my characters play alongside those who, if they do not like something, are willing to speak up against it.


▪Be the only one leading the story, putting forth ideas, this includes the PM process. While I do enjoy leading at times I much rather share the responsibility with my partner. We both take turns to leading to create something fantastic, implement ideas together.


▪Not a fan of godmodding.


▪Love at first sight, no never. I welcome romance, I just can't do the falling in love after the first hello. I enjoy it to play out if characters are compatible to be together.


▪No controlling my characters at any time. Side, minor, filler, temporary. I have a strong dislike for this. I’ve experienced it before where my characters were spoken for, controlled. If it happens once I will talk to you about it. If it happens again I will be inclined to stop writing.


▪Being rushed to post. I prefer to give you quality and quantity, fluff excluded.


▪Dudes in distress. I find the whole disaster following characters who need to be saved at every turn simply put, annoying. I like playing alongside characters, if given no other choice, can find their way out of tough situations.


▪Mary or Gary Sues.










▪Communication with partners. Let's talk. If something is not working we should talk about it. Better to speak on it than not wouldn't you say?


▪Detailed posts



▪Flawed characters.

▪Building worlds, character development, and creation.



















▪Fandoms, original characters and story only. I don't want to write a story word for word from the original concept.


Character wise:


▪My preferred role is a seme, however, I am not opposed to playing a seke or even in some scenarios a uke but even with the uke I can't strictly be entirely submissive.


My Writing Habits:

▪Minimum paragraphs is five, maximum can be so much more. I don't expect receive novel responses but I cannot write for one liners, I am sorry.


▪Character sheets are optional for me. I don't do them unless inspiration allows me to. I prefer to describe the aspects of my character in the story instead of basing it off a sheet I could easily change.


▪I am not looking for prestige writing, we all make mistakes sometimes. I've done my fair share, but keep an eye out on grammar and punctuation please.


▪I enjoy my erotic stories like the next person but I prefer them to involve plot, emphasis on plot. Sex is cool when the time is right.


▪If you need some writing samples look below here:

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


▪All characters must be 18+

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