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eri kun

Malaysia's dishes

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eri kun

I just saw Indonesia's one so I want to share what is the best in my country.

To all Malaysian, feel free to add your favourite/recommend dishes to all our YO friends.


Here we go


1. Nasi Lemak (Nasi means Rice)


Some call nasi lemak Malaysia’s unofficial national dish. Everyone else calls it delicious.


Nasi lemak is basically rice cooked in coconut milk.


It’s the sides that matter.


Depending on where you are in Malaysia, it comes with a variety of accompaniments such as hard-boiled egg, peanuts, vegetables, lamb/chicken/or beef curry, seafood and sambal (chili-based sauce).


Nasi lemak is traditionally eaten for breakfast but these days people are ordering it any time of day.


2. Nasi Kerabu


If the blue rice doesn’t spark your curiosity, the lines of people around the country waiting to order this favorite Kelantanese dish should.



From the state of Kelantan in northern peninsular Malaysia, nasi kerabu gets its eye-grabbing color from telang flowers, which are crushed and mixed into flour.



The aquamarine dish is topped with bean sprouts and fried coconut, then drenched in spicy budu, a fermented fish sauce.



In true Kelantan style, you use your hands to dig into this one.


3.Ayam Percik (chicken with percik sauce)


KFC’s popularity in the region (and across Asia) over other fast food chains won't surprise those familiar with ayam percik.


Basically, it's barbecued chicken slathered in spicy chili, garlic and ginger sauce mixed with coconut milk.


With the right amount of percik sauce, this staple Malaysian stall food packs more zing than anything the Colonel can muster.


4. Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Kuey Teow Goreng

This is the most common things you find in Malaysia.

Nasi goreng is similar to Omu rice(Omelette) and in Malaysia, we have various type of Nasi Goreng and for Omelette we called Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

Mee goreng also similar to Japanese dishes called Yakisoba









5. Lemang


Eaten with a meat or vegetable dish, lemang is glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, which is cooked in bamboo.



The time-consuming process to make lemang starts by lining hollowed-out shoots with banana leaves.



The bamboo is left over a fire to slowly cook the rice in a process known as tapai.



The result is sticky, wet rice that can, and regularly does, make a nice substitute for its plain Jane counterpart.



6. Ketupat



It would be a crime against the dumpling gods to leave this fancy little package off a list of Malaysia's top foods.



More of a side than a main dish, ketupat comes in several varieties. Basically, it involves weaving a pouch made of palm leaves around a handful of rice. The rice expands and compresses, resulting in a neat little bundle you can dip in your curry or rendang.



7. Ais Kacang


Shaved ice desserts are always a popular treat in the tropics.



Ice kachang (ice with beans) evolved from the humble ice ball drenched with syrup to be the little ice mountain served in a bowl, drizzled with creamed corn, condensed milk, gula melaka and brightly colored syrups.



Dig into it and you’ll discover other goodies hidden within -- red beans, palm seeds and cubed jellies.


8. Gulai Ayam Kampung


This chicken curry dish can be cooked in a number of ways. For instance, in the "village" style, traditional herbs and potatoes are tossed in.



The best thing about gulai ayam is the smell. Turmeric and kaffir lime leaves, plus lemongrass, give it an irresistible aroma. Palm sugar and coconut paste add that extra oomph to knock your socks off.


9. Rojak




Rojak ("mixture" in Malay) is essentially a fried dough fritter with fruits and veggies, though there are regional variations.



But vegetarians shouldn't get their hopes up. The whole mixture is combined with Malaysia's ever-popular shrimp paste.



It's the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and sour.


10. Roti Jala


Roti jala, or net bread, gets its name from the net-like formation that's created by making zigzagging lines with flour on a large skillet.



The final product is folded up like a crepe and usually served with chicken curry. Roti jala is eaten any time of the day.



I think that's enough for today. I'm getting hungry after looking at this pictures. Enjoy


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Laksa kedah was my favorite, any type of Laksa is my favorite tbh. Also tomyam.

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@eri kun

You made me hungry with all these yummy foods! I'd love to try especially Roti Jala, Ketupat and Nasi Goreng! yoyo6

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I'm in for anything with ice, ice cream basically cold stuff.

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@eri kun

I'm already hungry! They all look so good that I wouldn't even know what to choose. *Mouth watering*

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