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AmaryllisRose's Rules~ ^-^

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Hi! AmaryllisRose here~


Here are my rules, or, rather, guidelines for my future role play partners! ^-^


Most Important:



I have read countless roleplays that switch between present tense, past tense, and future tense EVERY sentence—sometimes even in the SAME sentence! It is one of my biggest pet peeves. So please. Stick to one tense, preferably the one that I mostly use, which is past tense.


Quick Lesson:


I sipped my tea and eat cookies. WRONG

I sip my tea and eat cookies. RIGHT

I sipped my tea and ate cookies. RIGHT



First Person or Third Person writing, either is fine~ I usually write in Third, but no Second Person, please? It's just... a bit strange... and not for role plays... (They aren't Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories...)


Also, I don't care if you use texting language in PMs, VMs or whatever when we discuss plot or character development stuff, but NO texting language in the actual role play posts. I don't want to see "ur", "thx", "btw" etc.


Spelling: If you see the squiggly red line, first make sure it's an actual word, then at least try to fix it. Just Google it or something, the correct spelling should pop up.


Another pet peeve: when people don't use the right homophones. It really kills the mood for me when, let's say in an SxM situation, when the M says something along the lines of "Oh no! I can't BARE it" or "YOUR being to mean!"




You're or your

Their, there or they're

Affect or effect

Than or then

Hear or here

Where or wear

Bear or bare

Brake or break


One last thing (I promise XD) please use apostrophes! It's just ONE keystroke. I promise it won't hurt you. Please no "cant" or "dont" (contractions) or "Sarahs" or "Bobs" (possession).


The things I will absolutely not do are: watersports, vore, scat, bestiality, and male pregnancy. I believe I'm okay with everything else!


As for posting, once a week (or even more often) is what I'm aiming for. If you're a really busy person, two weeks is the maximum amount of time I'll give you to write a paragraph. And by paragraph I mean 3-5 sentences. No one-liners please! (Although, sometimes, they just can't be helped, I guess.) If you're really active on Yaoi Otaku, then it'd be great if you could do one post per 1-3 days. I understand that sometimes you might not feel creative, so I don't mind if there aren't any posts up to the two week mark. If you need to put the roleplay on hiatus, or just take a longer time, drop me a message! I understand! We all have lives~ ^-^


Anyway, thanks for reading (hopefully you actually read and didn't just scroll through?)

and sorry for being picky, but I like to create quality roleplays I enjoy writing! When I lose interest in a roleplay, or just need to quit and stop it, I will notify you. Please do the same! I don't want replying to a roleplay to be something not fun and tedious to you! It's not real fun if not both of us are having fun!



Thanks again,


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Okay!!! I take back what I said about posting...

As of April 20th, 2016, the maximum amount of time I will wait for a reply is 31 days~!

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