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Just some of my work. Nothing special.

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Laid so still in rest, swarmed yet in silent torment


Fire leaps though glass, licks of pain to greet shallow sockets




The ceaseless score of visions form the gaps of a broken mind


Crystal hope shatters into sharp and jagged truth




With fingers like long dull knives it finds its way


Past every wall to pluck an image long since lost




It comes in watery dreams that are never to pass


Though finds when shades part ways, with more pain it is replaced




Constant nightmares to torment me


In painful strides of memories






The Machine







Once so green and blue, now cast and clad in grey


Pillars of wonder one by one, are all cast away




Flowing streams once so clean


Restored to you it would not seem




Cauldrons of fire, a forest void of trees


Mankind breaths life, give rise to the machine




Gears will turn, and blades will clash


Lead will fly, and whips will lash




Lightning strikes, and clouds plume red


Left behind is Surt's bed




Metal screams and breaks the sky


While numbers once few now multiply




Fire and metal make broken land


This is Earth, that gave birth


The the always hungry machine of man




Twisted Smiles




A rhythmic pace like a clock


First a tick, then a tock


With silent words it greats your ears


A soothing voice, no others can hear


Lip and teeth for twisted smile


The soft calm voice stays for a while




So suddenly the voice is gone


And once more all seems and feels so wrong


Salted water pours from the crack


Now soon after, the voice is back


A lurking shadow that isn't there


It brings you along, though you fear where




When gray thoughts turn deep blue


The voice will come, it's here for you


It covers eyes with tinted glass


Blocks the pain form the past


No more pain, no more tears


Worry not, the voice is here




A voice that coos and tightly holds me


This is the lullaby of insanity























Tired Eyes





The Sun breaks upon a pale face


With long and tired eyes.


Light but dark, much like a marsh


It is often wet, seldom dry




A husk foes rise from its guard


In darkened cloth it is garbed


With a forward lurch, it starts it's search.


To try and dry its tired eyes




As Sun sets, and shadows rise


Hands on chest it shall pry


Remembering now, something lost


To renew again would have its cost




A loving face greets the sky


And it does kiss so tired eyes


Now stiff from head to feet


Nightmarish dreams come with sleep




Until again the sun will rise


And open once more, so tired eyes














For All To Have. For All to Lose





All shall have it, and all shall lose it


Praised yet cursed, on every set of lips


It's hands will hold, it's hands will whip


It can mend, it can rip




It shall make, and it shall take


Upon you strides it will make


And shining hope it will take


It is chance, it is fate




Some fight for it


Some fight to steal it


Some can destroy it


Some can heal it




All in all a unique site


The ever turning, wheel of life









These are all just some poems i threw together. Let me know if you like them and what your favorite one is! Or let me know if you hate them and what one you like the least XD






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Wonderful ^-^

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These are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work.

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I liked it!

And I can't put my finger on it but I can feel your "style" & "personal touch" through every poem which I find really nice, it gives your poetry more depth.

(Couldn't pick just one favourite : I like the first 3 equally)


Keep up the good work! :Wink:

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