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Togainu no chi fan club*-*


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How is it possible that there isn't a fan club for Togainu no chi yet?!!


I know this anime/manga is not really yaoi based but hey i love Akira's character so much *-* -fangirl mode on-

I personally love akira x shiki pairing

The game was good too, Really love Nitro+Chiral





So your favorite pairing? Come and join the Togainu no chi Fan club and share it with everyone!

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I so agree with you. I guess not many people has really seen togainu no chi yet. But I totally ship akira and shiki.


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I downloaded it long time ago but honestly never watched more than 2 episodes of it. The game wasn't working on my computer and the PSP one is simply way to expensive (specially if you can't understand it)

But I have the figurines of Akira and Shiki in my shelf. *laugh* I bought them since they were the first and only male figurines I ever saw back then. ;)

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Am I a couple months too late to join in?


I love Togainu No Chi (obviously with my profile pic). It feels completely different compared to most yaoi.


As much as I like Shiki X Akira, I love Nano X Akira more!

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It seems that I kinda too late discovered this club... *sigh* even if I'm long time fan. Tho, if anyone is still here, you can bet that I'm your average Cat and Mouse; and Military enjoyer ^^ And just ShiAki writer

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Alright, everyone!~

Good news! Tonight, I finally finished working on new Discord server ^^
So, you are welcome to join the NitroChiral Discord server

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

PS: If the link will or expired, please let me know

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