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What I like..

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I like Homestuck,

Donald Duck,

Ancient Greek Gaea,

APH Hetalia,

Marzia and Pewdiepie,

Random bow ties,

Doctor Who,

That color of greenish blue,

Sherlock Holmes,

Garden gnomes,

Boy/boy yaoi,

Sweet tea,

Left 4 dead,

Books I've read,

Mine craft,

When I laughed,



Ender's Game,

Notre Dame,

World War One,

World War Two,

Mouse and shrew,

Bugsy Malone,

Jam scones,

Birthday cake,

Milk shake,

Drawing art,

Taking part,


Shopping spree,

Sleeping in,

West Berlin,

Random songs,

When bells go dong,

Stars shine,

My blood line,

All my friends,

The latest trends,

Yuri much,

And such and such,


A prediction,


Marshall Lee,


My touchscreen phone,

I could go on,

But that's too long,

But my favorite is,

Hello Yo - so don't this!!


ps: Hello! hahaha

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