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.:Dark clouds are blocking sunlight:.

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" Dark clouds are blocking sunlight!

I challenge you to a combat in a white arena,

will you accept, knowing that

I changed the rules of your game?


There's no victim

when it's not a matter

of justice, it's to determine

the winner and the loser...


Can you sustain the pain?

I will use my agility

to cut your flash in a split of a second,

what kind of expression will you make

when I see each drop of blood

splattered on the white snow?


Will I see the transformation

of your aloof collective expression

into a wounded, defeated animal?


Even if I were to lose

the battle you shan't see,

the tainted expression of mine

you were looking for,

ill accept defeat and live

beautifully till the last breath

that's my pride as a man



nyfufufu.. I just accidentally saw this picture And make me inspired

to make it some poetry.. And there is it I hope you like it...




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