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Neo Eternal: Blood Debt[ネオ永遠:血の債務]

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Neo Eternal: Blood Debt[ネオ永遠:血の債務]

- Supernatural | Futuristic | Fantasy | Action | Adventure | Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics | R18+ -


- Tokyo Prime Academy -

; they were what gave birth to
, which in turn made
Innovation a Reality
. In a world created by
Endless Possibilities
, a world where
Ideas and Technology
collided to create a
Utopian Society
Peace and Stability
were a
Lasting Truth
, a
Dark Side
manifests itself in


, is what they called it, manifested from
Fear and Uncertainty


, countless darkness manifested itself through
Human Sin
; not in any singularly religious type, but in a
Universal Sense
where things were divided in distinctions.
Good and Evil
, is what society labels them.
To be Human
is to be subject to these distinctions, to do them in one point or the other, despite the
Unconscious Step into Neutrality


Enjoy being Labeled as Good
. They enjoy the
that comes with such
. Many, however, do things that can be
Considered Evil
but will
Never Admit Them
; not for the fear of what
might subject them to, but for the
Simple Reason
that what they are doing is good. They say that it is
The Thought that Counts


So, is it okay to say then that one
Must be Forgiven
when one have
Done Evil
in the
Thoughts of Being Good
? Would that suffice to
the sins they have plunged themselves into?


In the
Greater Sense
of things; Good and Evil
Does Not Exist
. Things
Just Happen
People just Do
, though, are a much
Present Reality


In a world where
Human Technology
is at its
; a society
Not in Fear of Destroying Nature
, what would
Come Next
as the
Civilization's Goal


Human Improvement


Humans are
Creatures of Flesh and Bone
, of
Air and Blood
, of
Life and Death
. Such is the way of their
. Such is their
: to be
, to
, to
. But in the
, they have
Created Something
Defied that Nature
. In the beginning, they had created something
Akin to Gods
to fight off
Unknown Monsters
- to
, to
, to
. But as
They were Creators
, they also became the
Hand of Extinction
; severing the roots of the very
Lives they have Molded
. And now, they seek to
Recreate that Life
. To
Take it for Themselves
Any Means Necessary
. To
Alter the Nature
of their own beings. To be able to
Gain that Lost Immortality

[table=width: 400, align: right]



In the beginning there were dragons. They were big and strong, flying through and past the heavens with glittering scales that rivaled even the most precious of gems. They ruled the land and everything in it trembled in fear for their beauty was great and terrible. Smart, they were as well, harnessing the latent energies around them and using it as their own. And so Magic came to be and the dragons became the bridge that connected it to every other creature, small or otherwise.


Then came the birth of the Humans. Tiny and frail, they posed no threat so they were left alone, for the dragons' disdain were that of gods.*


But that proved to be their undoing, for the humans learned in haste and their ignorance never quenched.*


They created kingdoms, trained soldiers to wield the unknown that was magic and waged war with each other and everyone else. For their hubris was all-consuming in their self-importance and uniqueness.*


And the dragons were caught unawares.


But then the humans did not stop with the mighty lizards' extinction. No. Defilement, they did. Taking the bodies, limbs and wings, they twisted the dragons and made them into man, with muscles and bones that could crush entire cities, magic that was their own to replenish and command, and immortality; for the dragons' magic had conquered age and illness.*


And when these men fist set foot on soil, they were called Eternal.





World: A History by Yusei Hell




Posting Sequence

[table=width: 300, class: grid, align: center]






[td]Reighland, Suzaku[/td]




[td]Stein, Yurika[/td]




[td]Stein, Shuuichirou[/td]





[25th June][11:23 P.M.][Tokyo Prime Museum of History]


Dark; creeping and sinister, clung along edges and corners, stuck in permanent places that swallowed everything into its endless void. Alarms and sirens blared as swirling red lights glared and pervaded the usually white of the museum hallways. Shouts and echoes of footsteps rang throughout the building, rustle and clatter of armor audible among the cacophony of searching soldiers. Armored feet slapped against marble and metallic floors as the search continued, hiss of doors opening and closing accompanying rushed activities before the thunder of an explosion came.


It shook the very foundations of the building, shattered every glass and sent every people within in a weave of panic and shock.


A iron-slam before the scene of the crime was subject to countless human eyes' perusal. Dark liquid-like matter oozed and stuck on the room's ceiling, walls and floor. They shifted like gel, produced wet squelch as they fell to pieces or dripped in sticky lines and drops. Bright moonlight illuminated the scene through the gaping hole that parted the far wall and ceiling, pieces of rubble and dust scattered along the inconsistent rim.


A few miles away from the museum, glowing golden eyes staggered, shadowed form glistening with slick darkness as it lumbered towards an equally glowing diamond gaze.


[29th October][12:03 P.M.][Tokyo Prime Academy East Wing Rooftop]


Chocolate locks fluttered against a surprisingly warm breeze, tips curling and caressing light tan cheeks and shadowing sharp golden eyes. Black leather-clad feet stood steadily atop the rooftop fence, muscled arms slightly bent at the elbow as strong hands stayed resting within the confines of spacious pant pockets. Dark school blazer rustled against a stronger breeze, thin lips curling in a small smirk as intent gaze looked down on the soccer field a few hundred feet below.


Came the disembodied voice along with a flurry of pink petals.


Suzaku's lips curled higher.



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[29th October][12:03 P.M.][Tokyo Prime Academy Bathroom]


Thankfully that bathroom had remained empty while Yurika got his fill, though he hardly got anything. All he got was a bit of cum in his hair that he begrudgingly washed out as he thought about how this last session was probably the worst he’d ever had. Yurika liked giving head as much as the next guy, but this student he had found (who had looked so handsome and like he knew what he was doing) was a complete ameteur. The way he shoved his cock into Yurika’s mouth like he was throwing a hotdog down a hallway nearly killed the white-head. And what did Yurika get in return for his wonderful cock-sucking (because by now he had become an expert)?




The boy left the bathroom stall after releasing his little white specks into the twin’s mouth and on his chin and apparently in his hair without so much as an “I’ll call you later.”


Sex was an art and these days there was a serious lack of artistic geniuses in such a field.


But what could he do? Nothing. The answer to that was absolutely nothing. As unfortunate as it was the boys in this school just couldn’t compare or keep up with Yurika’s sexual appetite. Though there was one last hope… One more guy in this school who looked like he knew his way around a body and how to please it. Surely by now Suzaku knew that Yurika was eyeing him... More than that even. Yurika liked to think that it was only a matter of time before the two of them would know each other in a deeper way... He could hope at least.


But until Yurika got his hands on him he would have to deal with these unsatisfactory children who could do nothing to please him.


At least he had other loves in his life to keep him company.


His precious violin and his heavy, but loving anatomy book.


With these two items in hand he headed towards the soccer field to find another of his loves.


[29th October][12:013 P.M.][Tokyo Prime Academy Soccer Field]


“Shuu-chan!” He would have waved his hands had they not been so full, but his smile at the joy of seeing his twin was enough. “Come spend your lunchtime with your big brother! I'm upset! (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥)" Not that he would ever tell his brother why he was truly upset.


He was done with today. He was done with dumb, immature boys. He was just… Done. But it seemed Yurika's luck was changing. Not only was his darling brother just a few feet away from him, but he had also managed to find some rather tasty eye candy~ The roof had never looked so good.


“Why are you just standing there?” Yurika whispered, speaking to no one but himself. However, with a wave and a bright, lively smile he hoped to attract the attention of a certain handsome Suzaku.

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[29th October][12:10 P.M.][Tokyo Prime Academy Soccer Field]


Beads of sweat rolled down a slightly reddened cheeks, the snowy strands of hair sticking to a glistening forehead uncomfortably as loose clothing flowed while he ripped through the winds. A monochrome ball bounced back and forth between closed feet in an experienced dribbling bout. The male panted and gasped, his expression blank and emotionless when concentration took control of his brain, and thus, his body as well. Darkened azure colored eyes grew into slits unintentionally and gifted his opponents with a chilled and ice cold look.


His strengthened muscles burned and ached, the result of a long and strenuous play. A brunet, wavering and dangerously unsteady on his feet decided to obstruct the white head of his continuous sprinting only for the glint in chilling blue eyes to be his distraction. And before the exhausted opponent had even noticed, the ball had slid in between his tanned legs when the nutmeg tactic had be used on him.


The ball once again fell into the controlled dribbling between his feet, before the player began to receive loud moans of discontent combined with a thundering ovation for the imminent victory. With the net in sight, he noticed the goal keeper firming his stance, both arms lengthened out and a hint of fear noticeable in his widening eyes and curved eyebrows.


Shuuichirou took a final step, planted one foot and loaded the other, before pulling it backward for the strike. The laces of his shoe met the entirety of the ball, only to be suspended in midair when the sphere thundered towards the goal, zipping by the keeper and into the net while he flapped his arms aimlessly in futile.


He breathed out heavily, the adrenaline finally dying down when the shrill whistle finalized their lunch time victory. A radiant grin burst from his lips, showing pearly whites and demonstrating the fervent joy he was feeling. He pumped each fist into the air before immediately slinging them back down to graze his sides with his elbows.


"Yosha!," Shuu shouted in excitement, the sound waves of his voice carrying into a small echo. Needless to say, there were rare times where the male outwardly displayed his emotions. And this was one of those times, for soccer was one of his greatest joys. Every time a goal was made by his own two hands--or feet, rather--the accomplishment made his blood boil with delicious toxins. While in play, almost nothing would make him falter. His demeanor would never fail him in such a humiliating way. It was, of course, a natural reaction he experienced while on the field after all.


“Shuu-chan! Come spend your lunchtime with your big brother! I'm upset!" The distant call came from a few feet behind him and Shuu could only brighten up even further at the knowledge that his brother was here. The very second he heard it, he rotated swiftly on heel and marched expeditiously across the grassy field as if a fire had suddenly been lit beneath his feet. He grinned and waved cheerily, the blissful facial expressions a rare occurrence and only meant for certain people and events in his life. Hard slaps of pride for a job well done were gifted to his back as he walked; some of them strong enough to make him falter in his steps in order to not fall flat on his face.


"It better be the lunch I packed for you! And not some weird bread thing!," he all but scolded, reminding his brother that a home cooked meal made him was healthier than anything packaged and bought outside.


"Hello there, Shuu-chan."


His fingers absentmindedly twitched at the new, sudden presence by his side. Legs continued to move forward, his attitude and the atmosphere that surrounded him changing the moment those words grazed his ears. His 'pursuer' followed suit, unfazed by the darkened mood Shuu had taken on.


"Yes?," the white head inquired monotonously, arriving at the brown bench his twin was standing next to. Blue eyes met red eyes, before darting to the white towel placed upon the seating.


"Just wondering if... you'd like to meet up tonight."


As Shuu bent over to grab it with his right hand, a wandering hand had the audacity to not-so-discretely grab his clothed ass, groping one fleshy mound and the raven snickered happily. Shuu flinched and stopped his movements momentarily, fingers grasping the fabric tightly as he glared up towards the rooftop unintentionally, wondering why this person had chosen him as his target to annoy.


The chilling eyes morphed its unforgiving glare into one of curiosity, interest, and even slight happiness, his body being pulled into a trance when he remembered that around this time, Suzaku was to be up there doing who-knows-what. His gaze stilled for a few seconds. A left hand reached up to wave slightly to the figure he couldn't see, but knew was there, and an amused smirk graced his lips, uncaring to the male still feeling up his ass excitedly.


"No." At the exact moment that monotonic reply exited his lips, his right arm simultaneously flung back, the towel flying in the wind and whipping through the air only to smack against the idiot's face with a strong force. What's-his-name staggered backward, caressing his face with an unoccupied hand, while Shuu took the chance to grab Yurika's hand to pull him with him when he began walking. The white head's eyes were now averted from Suzaku, but his mind was still left occupied with thoughts of entrapping golden eyes.


"Where do you want to eat lunch, brother?," he inquired softly, his gaze now turned upon his twin's beautiful facial features. Unbeknownst to the youngest twin, beneath that caressing hand was a grin and equally unreadable brown eyes staring daggers into his back.


"You keep rejecting me, Shuu-chan." The words were loud enough for Shuu to hear, and for him to raise an eyebrow in an endearing quirk before sighing heavily. He felt no need to waste anymore energy in speaking to this person, but... anything to get him off his back. Words formed automatically without any thought, and Shuu didn't require his body to turn back before he spoke loudly to a blank space in front him.


"How many times do I have to reject you for you to get that I'm not interested? And please, don't call me that."


Without one glance back, he continued to walk forward in long strides, pulling his brother along with him as a sweet smile encased his lips when he turned his head to address Yurika.


"Ignore him. Now, do you think Suzaku would mind if we ate with him? You can tell me why you're upset while we're walking."

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[12:15 P.M.][T.P.A. Soccer Field]


It was bright, the high noon sun luminant against the infinite blue where clouds parted in arcs to let that cosmic light descend in divided pillars, growing smaller the farther they were from the center. Noise came in clamors, muffled by concrete and metal walls of at least a hundred floors, and passed along by the cool breeze that seemed to constantly circle around that time of year. Snow hasn't fallen yet, but the way brittle wind blew, it meant that it was fast approaching; perhaps a day or two more. Dark clouds from beyond the horizon loomed their shadow, faraway, heavy and pregnant with rain that would soon inevitably fall in crystaline beauty.


Soft murmur and laughter rang just as the rooftop doors hissed open and two first year soccer players came bounding out, feet dribbling and swiping against one another to repeatedly steal and take possession of the green and black soccer ball. The flurry of their activity and soft ring of their laughter went noticed, along with the rustle of leaves and petals within the rooftop garden. The sour stench of sweat soon came, overpowering the once calming freshness of mint and peach.


Thin lips curled in distaste, bridge of a delicate nose scrunching as the foul aroma invaded the senses within.


Being what he was, Suzaku had always been sensitive to even the most minuscule of odors; could smell them more acutely, even when meticulously hidden, than any human ever could. Golden eyes stayed firmly fixed on those two small figures below though, the white of their hairs a dead giveaway to anyone wanting to find them.


Many would assume that the color was a very light shade of blond or perhaps the affliction that made hair and skin lack pigmentation, but the Alpha knew better. It was also so fascinating how those two were quite popular with the general student body, more on their looks than anything else. The tall teen supposed that it was how humans worked, all the time, since physical appearance had
been a major game changer even when they were still just creatures that worked through instinct. It was deeply ingrained through eons of life and evolution, and eventhough many claimed that it didn't matter to them, physicality still came to fore in that undeniable sort of way on first impressions.


A surprised shout came, soccer ball flying past the tall rooftop fence and plummeting down the lush ground below. Suzaku hummed, briefly tensed the muscles of his legs before he tilted and began free-falling, head first.


Pink lips curled back into a soft smile as wind rushed and whistled through his ears, shoulder-length chocolate locks fluttered wildly along with the hem of dark school blazer and straight-cut pants. Hands remained idle, relaxed in their perch within warm pant pockets as tall glass windows of the academy's east wing blurred by. Heart rate stayed a constant and relaxed beat, cheeks flushing slightly against the cold friction of rushing air. The green of the school lawn came closer and closer, as well as the prominent black of the soccer ball.


172 feet down and Suzaku finally found himself face to face with the rogue ball. It barely made decent rotations and the few greens it had seemed to wink to the brunet as if edging him to go and give it a kick. He'd never been one to back down from a challenge, even from an inanimate object.


He leaned, body going horizontal as expensive leather shoes-clad feet briefly pressed and gave a push against the building wall. The force and momentum sent the tall teen rocketing towards that smug looking ball. He twisted, halfway through; his body spinning like a top before right foot met ball, in a powerful yet precisely aimed kick.


The ball spun, like wheels on a speedy race car of olden times, as it whizzed by in a sensuous curve, reminiscent to the spine of an orgasming Omega. It traveled far and wide, perhaps the distance of two soccer fields -passing just a feet or two from the so called Soccer Ace that was Shuuichirou- before solidly colliding against the keeper's net, in a perfect display of precision shooting.


Small holographic wings manifested at the ankles of dark shoes, keeping Suzaku floating a few inches above the ground and perhaps settling every onlooker, that was now pressed against the building windows, that the Alpha hand't been planning on suicide. Then the wings disappeared and soft almost soundless taps of rubber pads came as the brunet finally touched manicured lawn. He smirked, made sure Shuu saw the tilt of his lips while at the same time delivering a wink in Yurika's direction as he slowly turned and headed back inside with nary a word.


The Alpha had done all that without even taking his hands out of his pockets.


"Naughty boy, Suzu-chan."
Came the amused disembodied voice and Suzaku resisted the urge to rub the back of his head in that embarrassed-ly pleased way that he sometimes did.


His stomach grumbled and the brunet was suddenly reminded that he needed to feed soon. His smirk lifted.




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[12:17 P.M.][T.P.A. Soccer Field]


Yurika was hardly someone who harbored a harmful nature. He was the nurturing type. It was his dream to save lives one day, as many as he possibly could. He wanted to leave this earth knowing he had done his part, done a service to the people who lived here by being the one they went to when they had an ailment or injury. To harm another human being… It just wasn’t in his character.


But part of Yurika’s character was protecting his little brother. And that overpowered his lack of desire to hurt another person. The bloody massacre he would bring about in the event his brother ever were truly hurt by another… It would be enough to frighten even the strongest of armies.


And while this sorry excuse for a boy didn’t deserve death to come his way just because he touched Shuu-chan’s ass didn’t mean he didn’t deserve some reprimanding.


As soon as Shuu began taking his brother away, Yurika slipped out of his grasp and made his way back to the young man. The elder twin sat down on a bench and patted the space next to him, inviting this person to sit with him. It was disgusting how excitedly the boy joined him; perhaps he thought Yurika was going to share with him some long lost secret as to how to gain Shuu’s affection…


But no. The moment he sat down Yurika took his large, heavy, obnoxious anatomy book and slammed it on the poor, unsuspecting boy’s hand.


The howl that rang through the soccer field and beyond was more satisfying to the white haired twin than sex had been in recent months.


“That sounded pretty bad. You might want to get that looked at. On the bright side, you mostly use your feet in soccer, right? You’ll be fine.”


With those comforting words, Yurika left the boy who was now screaming profanities at him. How barbaric! He wouldn’t have been in this situation if he had just left Shuu-chan alone. And now with his less than functional hand it would be that much harder for him to bother the younger twin, which was all anyone really wanted.


Shooting a glare that could cut glass at this boy, Yurika spoke calmly, slowly, enunciating each word as clearly as if he were talking a third grader.


“Next time I’ll make sure you don’t have a hand. Understand? Leave. Him. Alone.”


Just as quickly as it had come, his serious demeanor disappeared to be replaced with the Yurika everyone knew and loved. He practically skipped back to his younger brother, not bothering to tell him the real reason why he was upset. Even though Yurika knew Shuu was completely aware of his strong sexual prowess, it didn’t mean the elder liked to talk about it with him.


Though he couldn’t bring up that he was upset and not give some reason for it.


“I just hate boys.” Yurika motioned with his head back to the one who was still screaming in pain and apparently couldn’t stand to walk to the infirmary. “How immature they all are. And they can’t seem to keep their hands off of you and me.” He leaned closer to his brother, resting his head on his shoulder as they walked along, the elder enjoying the warmth that not only naturally came from his brother, but the extra that exuded from him after his intense game. “You think it’s cause we’re twins? Does that make people want to drop their pants for us automatically?” He sighed, doing his best to lock arms with his brother even with his bulky anatomy book and his even bulkier violin taking up most of his arm and hand space.

“You know what, Shuu-chan? I’m just so tired of these boys. I need a man. A real man. And so do you. Someone who will take care of us. Protect us. Love us unconditionally. Know what they’re doing in bed. Just… A man, Shuu-chan. A man.”


The gods heard Yurika’s cry. They heard his desperate plea and sent one falling from the heavens just for him and his brother. This angel had come to save the twins from the lackluster, immature, annoying, stupid boys who always surrounded them. This angel flying towards them was a man… A true man… A real man.


Except this man was no angel.


Far from it.


He was… Suzaku.


And Suzaku was quite the mystery. But the one thing about him that was clear… He was simply not an angel.

He wasn’t flying either! He was falling. Falling from the ridiculously high rooftop with no way to stop his plummet to the deadly ground below.


[table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center]


[td]How To Know You’re Having A Heart Attack: [/td]



[td]1) Experiencing mild (or intense) chest pain/discomfort

2) Upper body discomfort (back, shoulders, neck, jaw, etc.)

3) Shortness of breath[/td]




Yurika quickly went through his basic knowledge of heart attack symptoms to make sure he wasn’t having one himself. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, but he was pretty sure he was going to cough up his heart anyway with how fast and hard it was pounding. The odds of Suzaku surviving this… Slim to none.


Then again… This was Suzaku.


Had it been anyone else Shuu-chan and Yurika would have been standing in front of a pancake that was once a human body. They would have been covered in blood and brain matter. Yurika would have briefly thought to try and help the poor suicidal student before realizing in that same instant that it was futile. He would have instead turned to Shuu-chan, taken him away from the scene, and determined how much therapy, if any, he would need to get over the sight of someone dying in such a horrid way in front of him.


But that worst-case scenario didn’t occur.


Suzaku floated down in front of them like a feather, landing delicately on his nimble feet; He then smiled and winked at the twins before setting off for… Wherever he was going.




Yurika would have grabbed his brother’s wrist had his hands not been full. Instead he motioned for him to follow him while he ran in front of the ever so calm Suzaku.


“Don’t! Do that! Again!” He just had to use his hands for this. Setting his violin down by his feet, Yurika was now free to poke and hit Suzaku as he pleased. “That’s dangerous! And I don’t know how you managed to land so nicely, but regardless… I-it’s dangerous! So don’t do it again! Understand?? Okay?? (ノ`Д´)ノ”


His protective nature got the better of him once again. His desire to never see a person on this earth hurt was what drove him to scold or yell. It was ingrained him since he was young… Protect. Do your best to protect. To help. It was ingrained by no one but himself… But ingrained nevertheless.


So he projected that onto Suzaku. His face held concern, worry. He wanted to check him to make sure he was actually alright. He even wanted to sit and talk to Suzaku to make sure he was right in the head since not just anyone would willingly jump off of a building of that height. Sure, it was cool how he made the goal, but that was just not the point here!


For now, though, scolding would be fine. Yurika pushed a long, thin finger (perfect for playing instruments such as the piano or harp) into Suzaku’s chest as he nagged at him and…


Oh. Oh my….


What hard, firm, muscular chest Suzaku had. All the better for Yurika to feel on more.


Not that he would… Not with little brother around.


He took his hand away before it began to wander on it’s own… Sometimes it liked to do that.


Yet his face was a much harder thing for him to control. Before he could stop it, the worry and concern drained from his face to be replaced with much different expression; one that was common on Yurika’s face.


“Why don’t you eat lunch with us? Shuu-chan was wondering if you would eat with us and I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t. Unless you have prior engagements?”


His hand now firmly grasping not Suzaku, but his violin case, Yurika felt he could keep them under control as they ate lunch with this… Oh so handsome devil.


A devil… Perhaps Suzaku didn’t come falling from the heavens, but had risen from the depths of hell.



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[12:18 P.M.][T.P.A. Soccer Field]


Witnessing his elder brother bashing the idiot's hand couldn't have been more satisfying, though his eye did twitched in irritation when vulgar profanities sprung out of those lips and were addressed towards Yurika. Albeit the situation called for the boy's reaction, Shuuichirou could care less for the injuries his hand suffered from, but was more worried for the white head's feelings being hurt from those hateful words. The youngest stood there and watched the hint of fear in the raven's eyes, like he was watching a scene befitting a soap opera, with arms folded across his chest, an eyebrow raised up along with proud smirk gracing his ample lips.


The warm emotion that displayed his affections towards being protected bloomed within his chest, and allowed him to revel in the security Yurika's actions portrayed. The fact that this person, who aspired to help and to heal, would dare use his own two hands to harm just for his little brother made said little brother quite jovial. Nevertheless, something in his stomach clenched at the sight, lightning rocketing up and down his spine as magma boiled in the pit of his abdomen. It slowly trickled downward, the torturous inflammation burning everything below. He knew this familiarity; he'd felt it many times before just because he was male, but never; never had he felt this by just looking at someone.


Yurika's took the role of the protective older brother numerous times before, and there were moments where Shuuichirou was a witness to those scenes. The alluring protectiveness had still succeeded to encase him in a welcoming warmth, the honorable proudness was apparent, but not the electrifying bolts that prompted shivers throughout the entirety of his lithe body.


When his twin came skipping back, unbeknownst to the sinful desires he and his god damn sexual organ produced, Shuuichirou felt frightened. The instinct to run away immediately was triggered in his mind right at that second, so that Yurika wouldn't see the obvious want exuding from the youngest's aura. There was no time for a bout with his rationalities and confused thoughts, because the Beta was knowledgeable about his emotions, perhaps too well. If his brother knew, separation was most likely inevitable. If not on Yurika's part, it might just damn well be his part, even if the idea made the corners of his eyes sting.


An inaudible gulp was followed by his breath hitching the moment the eldest rested his head on a clothed shoulder. Beads of sweat trickled down Shuuichirou's skin, following the curves of snowy brows, down reddened cheeks, a slender neck, into the open space between a glistening nape and the fabric, before disappearing as they slid down his covered, slick body. Steadied, forced inhales and exhales were the evidence that he was trying to calm himself down, because Yurika's inevitable disgust was a motivation to make every sign discretely hidden as possible. Heat glazed and slid around every crevice of his body, increasing and adding to the one that exuded because of the intense play prior.


Much to his rational side's dismay, and to his desires' glee, all the items his twin had been carrying was not sufficient enough to destroy his want to lock arms with the youngest. The majority of the words involving the immaturity of boys went through Shuuichirou's ear and out the other, his concentration fully trained on controlling his--oh joy--rising erection.


And he'd almost accomplished that feat, if not for the fallen angel drifting down from the heavens to gift Shuuichirou with the scene of a spectacular midair kick and goal, the ball zooming past by approximately a feet away from him and disrupting his meditations completely.


Realization kicked in, the surprise being turned to admiration before morphing into something different entirely, terrifying and confusing the youngest Stein twin to a very large extent.


That, along with Yurika's presence, got his testosterone rising, the itch to orgasm mounting rapidly.


The butterflies that were dying down erupted instantaneously in his solar plexus and heart, the adrenaline coursing through his veins due to the sudden attraction plus the indication of physical contact from Yurika. A tactile euphoric feeling was felt stirring in his loins and kidney area as the arousal increased ten fold, much like what a person gets on their skin when they're drunk. Prickling began on the back of his neck and the base of his spine, as his stiffening length began filling with blood, growing taut and ever the more painful. The pleasurable tingle roamed around at the tip of his cock, stinging like needles, and the base of his testicles--between his ass and balls--was consumed by the euphoria similar to the one in the pit of his stomach.


Shuuchirou's lids broadened and his blue hues sparkled with ecstasy. His jaw fell - mouth trying to maneuver before his brain which made soft little moans of rapture attempt to discharge from the bottom of the youngest's gut, and he tucked his lips between his lips to smother them away before Yurika could hear them. His slender fingers were twitching, eager to move forward to help him ease nicely into an inevitable release.


Petite hands clenched into fists, one leaving red indents and one wrinkling the towel, as his voice was lost, clogged somewhere in his throat as he gagged for air. The intense perspiration had the strands of his hair sticking to his neck, while euphoria was making his eyes heavy like he was high off a potent pill. Aquamarine eyes turned a darker shade, the tip of a pink tongue unintentionally peeking out to lick a pink bottom lip before disappearing once more. When one singular smirk was directed in his direction, the punchline had been delivered.


An abrupt surge in his balls then felt like a flare being shot off from his crotch and racing to the top of his head at a hundred miles per hour. Shuuichirou heard his own loud gasp and felt the prickling sensation of fingernails burrowing further into the palm of his hand. His muscles flexed flexed as his climax crashed into him like a tidal wave on a shoreline. He saw a field of white as the semen that dispensed from his cock in squirts, forcing him to jerk his hips forward repeatedly, and staining the soccer shorts that he adorned with a tangy liquid. A shudder traveled through the Beta's body so fiercely that it caused his final, silent scream to be sent to the sky as his head slung back instantaneously. Luckily, the movement had been out of Yurika's view because he had ran forward to check on the other male.


Dizziness entertained the white head and he swayed like a leaf in the breeze, blinking away the stars in his sight whilst using his all to even stay upright. How he could even stand was based on sheer willpower alone, for his legs were like jello. For one unknown reason or another, the Beta pleaded to the random Gods above to not allow for another erection to inhabit his crotch, oblivious to the leering stares from the seated raven.


His pleads had not been granted, but instead, had been backfired by the cackling devils from below.


A sudden twitch between his legs made him groan softly in despair, instinctively crossing his legs over one another in an inherent reflex, the hardening flesh being discretely hidden from view--not really--but only intensifying as it was brushed and squeezed against his wet thigh muscles. Fast, continuous blinking ensued the younger teen's body tensed, his muscles tightening, and more precipitation forming against a slightly tanned skin.


With light, shallow gasps, a lust-addled mind forced his body to do what Yurika's motions indicated, to come closer, to come along, to walk into his delicious demise by being within closer proximity to the sources of his arousal. He had absolutely no room to speak, for only the noises of softly panting breaths were allowed out as he dawdled towards his destination. In a mild frenzy, euphoria clouded his head, glazed eyes drooping a little while forgetting the consequences that will come if he was seen as such a mess.


Currently, Shuuichirou was stiff as a rock, not just his energetic little friend down there that ripened once more, but his whole body entirely. He was trapped in a trance, brain being consumed in stupor because of the mixture of the bewilderment that came with being aroused by two people at the same exact time. The fact that one of those people was his older brother also came to mind, forcing him to confront the complicated blurs with an unsteady heart.


The heart within him fluttered like the flapping wings of a hummingbird, vibrating in his ears during the time that Suzaku and Yurika interacted. The lust in his twin's eyes towards the taller male was too obvious not to notice, but nevertheless, Shuuichirou couldn't help but become rather aware of the erogenous zones of both males. His eyes flickered back and forth from one pair of lips to another, along with the sides, the groins, the spines...


“Why don’t you eat lunch with us? Shuu-chan was wondering if you would eat with us and I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t. Unless you have prior engagements?”


This particular statement met the white head's ears caused his eyes to snap open and widen significantly, a perceptible gasp ensuing just seconds after before a white, a tiny, cotton towel came whipping downward in an attempt to hide the apparent bulge he adorned. The action was done out of uncontrolled instincts, and the male didn't realize the damage that he'd wrought on his own being before it was too late. In futile, the tightened lips proved to be too weak of a jail cell when a sultry, uncontrollable moan escaped due to the sudden slap of pressure on his restrained cock.


The male's knees quivered and buckled, gravitating down to the grassy field below, glazed and glossy eyes shifting frantically between two pairs of eyes; one almost as red as the blood within his veins, and one a shiny gold brighter than the sun itself.


"I...um...I...Yes, I did say that. I don't know what's... Huh?"


In this specific instance of time, Shuuichirou had begun to realize his own darkest, sinful inner desires, and he knew that his rationality had vanished the moment it happened, his morals becoming clouded, or rather, non-existent. There were vacuous holes that beckoned for him to yield and submit, while confusion conquered as well. Those holes desired for him to relinquish his every control to desire, to give into his body's vapid hunger, and to just escape into the unknown, hedonistic world that he's never even come close to experiencing, or wanted to.


Until now.


Because nothing, even the consequences, even the thought of incest, seemed to matter at the moment.


A compromising moan turned fake cough was all the boy could muster, before a trembling hand gravitated towards a darkly stained crotch to faintly palm it momentarily. Understanding that now would have been a good time to make up an excuse, the Beta took it, swerving his body in an attempt to stand upright, but failed when the combined force of an intense workout and sexual pleasure made him stumble back to the ground on all fours. His ass laid up in the air for all who dared to see, a sensuous curve gracing a slender back while salty beads of sweat dripped freely down every inch of skin.


"I'm... gonna go-ngh!-wash up. I'll see you...yeah," he stuttered out without even caring to address the pair with his own eyes, but just flustered words.


As if being gifted a surge of power at that exact moment, Shuuichirou took off sprinting towards the academy bathroom, stumbling over air but still retaining balance no matter what. Unbeknownst to the panting, desperate teen, a certain male decided to pursue him in his unreadable notions, running past the pair a few yards away while supporting a bruised, injured hand with a healthy one.

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[12:20 P.M.][Near Soccer Field]


Golden eyes widened, imperceptibly, one dark brow lifting in interest as Suzaku's gaze rested on the younger Stein; how his hips kept jerking as he came in his pants, the evidence darkening the thin cotton fabric almost immediately and conspicuously. It made him chuckle, made him think of other ways he could do that to lil' Shuu again. It was funny, and arousing, in a way; watching someone totally lose control of themselves because of him, like how Yurika's hand had oh so briefly felt-up his chest, had tried to stop himself but the lust in those crimson orbs shone oh so brightly.


It wasn't a secret about the eldest's promiscuous nature. Students talked about it, many of whom had already laid claim on the small Omega's body. The Alpha had no problem with it since none of it was his business, but he did know though that the white-head was aiming for him next.. despite how hard he tried to hide it from his oh so precious Shuuichirou.. who was now heading towards them with what might have been unconscious motor movement. He knew how embarrassing it would have been, for both the twins -especially on Shuu's part, should they happen to look at each other.


So he'd done his part; curled a muscled arm around Yurika's shoulders before he could turn around, while his free hand went to rest on the Omega's slim hips, preventing the other from escape or even making any sort of free movement. He'd given Shuu another smirk and a wink as the Beta fell on his knees and all but stuttered to what his brother had requested. Suzaku could only stop himself from chuckling as the youngest ran towards the club locker room after, not really noticing how that stupid raven had followed him -despite one broken hand. The brunet would follow them soon, but for now.. he had Yurika within the confines of his arm.. and he'd actually pressed the other against his chest, unknowingly of course. The other didn't seem to mind, so no harm done.


"I heard that you've been insatiable recently, Stein-chan."
Came his murmured words as the hand he had on bony hips went to stroke a curved spine, starting from tailbone to nape, only to repeat it over and over.
"Seems like you're out of playmates that can really satisfy you.. you're even stooping to inexperienced Betas now, it seems. I can smell his cum on your face."
He smirked, pretty face going dangerously close with Yurika's as he gave a small inhale, his long canines appearing as his lips lifted higher.
"How long has it been since you received a good hard fucking, hmm? When you could barely stand the day after, but still you ask to be fucked again because it was just that good. Ring any bells? Ever experienced that before?"
He did chuckle then, the teasing hand running along the white-head's spine now boldly going further down to grope and squeeze one plump ass.


The field was empty so Suzaku had no concerns, but even if it was full, he wouldn't have stopped. He wasn't an exhibitionist, not by a long shot, but he did enjoy the occasional thrill of outdoors teasing and sex. He wasn't as hedonistic as Yurika was, but he had his share of experiences.


"Some students came to me, you know. They warned me, of all things, that you were on the prowl for my dick. Is that true, Stein-chan? You want this?"
Smooth hands took hold of Yurika's own before it was shamelessly pressed against the half-hard cock that lay within the brunet's bulging pants. It was amusing to see those famous red eyes cloud-over with a thick fog of lust, to hear the smaller teen's breath go in soft pants as his palm was given a small taste on how it felt to touch a generously endowed member.
"Like how it feels, Yurika? Wanna get on your knees, right here, right now and give it a little suck?"
Another chuckle before the squeezing and wandering hand was forcibly removed, the sound of rushing steps now audible against the silence of the empty soccer field.


Strong arms twisted Yurika around, pressed his back firmly against Suzaku's front before sure hands went to grab the white-head's hips, only to use them as a hand-hold as he began to subtly grind his cock against the smaller teen's ass; all of it despite the approaching figure of another clinic assistant. The guy was still far from them and that gave the brunet more time to tease and make his point clear.


"Seems like you're needed again in the clinic, Stein-chan. But let me just say one thing,"
He began, words but a mere whisper against a flushed ear. Tongue met the shell before a small bite was deposited against the tip, all the while, clothed cock ground hard against a pillowy ass.
"Want me to fuck you? Be prepared to do it anytime, anywhere. Don't come looking for me. I'll come find you."
One hard grind ended that statement before Suzaku let go, turning around as he headed right where Shuu had gone running off to.
"By the way, try not to have anyone else touch you before I do. I don't like it when my partners have the scent of someone else while I fuck them. I'll bring you lunch in the clinic later."
Were his words without even turning back, one hand lifting to give a careless wave goodbye.


Suzaku knew that it would be
for Yurika to work now, what with his teasing and the promise of sex, but the brunet just couldn't resist the temptation of teasing, especially with his hunger just at the fore of his mind. He'd actually fed a week prior, had been two people too, but the energy he'd gotten had been meager compared to the ones he had before. Humans just.. didn't have that much life energy within them to give. It was understandable though, what with their short lifespans and all that. Not many tasted great either.. more bland than anything else, actually. He wondered though, as he walked through the grassy soccer field, if it would be different with Yurika. He was, after all, not all human.. Shuuichirou too.


The twins didn't know of that fact and Suzaku wasn't about to tell them just yet. It.. wasn't his place to do so, was the thing. He wouldn't have even known in the first place about their existence if it were not for that
. Besides, he knew very little of what had transpired in the Stein lineage so he doubted that he could give much information about what the twins carried in their blood. It would happen soon though, as much as it had been predicted as the way the brunet could just feel it in the air. But for the time being, he needed not concern himself with it.. for now, he had a peeping raven to


"Club members only. HUMAN student to be precise. Pigs like you aren't allowed inside or to even take a peek."
Came blunt and precise words that made the other jump in apparent surprise.


There was..
about this person that Suzaku really didn't like. Maybe it was his persistence or maybe it was his ugly face, but nevertheless, it was there along with the annoyance that flashed bright inside him whenever he saw hide or tail of this..
. He didn't know if it was him being protective of the younger Stein, but the need to keep this guy faraway from Shuu was there all the same.


"Run along now and get that broken hand looked at, before I do the same to both your legs.. then you won't be able to do anything anymore. You'll be useless and doctors will probably use you as a surgery dummy. Want that? Want people cutting you open only to sew you back together again, everyday for the rest of your unfortunate life?"
He'd smiled the entire time, had taken steady steps until he was but a looming shadow that oozed malevolence in tangible waves.


And with a frightened squeak, the raven went running.


Suzaku's violent aura diminished significantly. He disliked humans, even before, when he was one of them. They were all selfish and only intent in their own self-preservation. Very few were those naturally kind in heart, who were so self-sacrificing that they could be called as genuine saints. He had seen the worst of the worst humanity had to offer, had experienced first hand what they were willing to do just for their own interests. But he felt differently when it came to the twins. Maybe it had something to do with them being partly something else, but he doubted it.


Such thoughts were for another time though. A good day needn't be ruined because of confusing emotions.


So with an inaudible click, the door to the soccer locker rooms opened and Suzaku stepped inside, locking the door behind him to.. prevent any further peeping toms from.. err.. peeping.


He took tentative steps on tiled floors, made sure no sound came as right and left feet advanced towards the back, where water hissed its descent.


The room was, surprisingly, much the same as it had been at the start of the 20th century, only that the lockers were more automated than anything else. Instead of brass locks, they now held fingerprint scanners, along with a keypad to type the members' six-digit passcode. It was a lot more secure that way, more efficient in protecting what lay within. The material of the locker itself had changed as well, from metal to white marble-like plastic that was quite resistant to water.. and unmindful heavy slamming. The general gray of the place had been changed to brilliant white, made the room look more like a hospital locker than anything else, but it was good since it now presented the atmosphere of hygiene rather than dirt and grime.


But Suzaku couldn't really pay attention to any of those details since a moan just came echoing all around the empty room.


He smirked then, hands going back inside his pockets as he sashayed towards the oblivious Shuu.


He'd expected that the young Beta had been touching himself, perhaps standing under the spray of the shower while his hand pumped his hard cock furiously with eyes tightly closed and hips jerking as he fucked the tightness of his own fist. Betas were naturally labeled as neither top nor bottom, many preferred it that way, enjoyed it even. Suzaku wasn't so naive as to think that every Beta was like that. He knew for a fact that a few were very precise in being tops or bottoms, but what he hadn't expected was for Shuuichirou to be the latter.. considering how he sometimes looked at Yurika.


The brunet wasn't so clueless as to not figure out that the younger had more than brotherly feelings towards the elder.. and if he was correct in his observations then it meant that somehow, Yurika -probably unknowingly- returned those feelings as well. But the two didn't know how to label such emotions just yet and the Alpha found it an interesting entertainment on how it would all develop.. how it would all play out in its climax -pun intended.


So, it was with mild amusement and surprise that he found the popular Shuu kneeling against the shower floor, cheek pressed against the wall, right hand furiously pumping his flushed pink cock while the other had three fingers knuckle deep inside his twitching hole as he moaned out his abject pleasure whilst lithe and wet body trembled.


Suzaku grinned, cock twitching and starting to fill with blood and going half-hard in mere seconds, and obviously tenting the front of his pants by the sheer size of it. How fascinating it was to see and know that the soccer ace was a total bottom in bed.. just like his brother. And the brunet just couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his lips even if he wanted to.


"My, my, my. What do we have here?"
He murmured gleefully, as if Christmas just came early.


And maybe.. it did.

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[12:20 P.M.][Near Soccer Field]




God… If there is a God…


How could you? How could you be so cruel? How could you create man with an insatiable emotion like desire and expect him to survive? How could you? How dare you?


The problem with desire is that once a man has what he desires he just wants more of it. When a man first encounters what it’s like to earn and spend money all he wants is more money. When a man partakes in alcohol for the first time all he wants is more and more alcohol, to the point where his life is destroyed.


And me… I desire sex. Even when I’ve had so much of it I still crave more. I need it like I need air to live. I need it like I need food and nutrience. Without it I would surely die. I would shrivel up into nothing, turn to bone then dust. I need sex even more than I need food or water. I always need someone touching my body. I always need someone inside of me. I always need to feel the weight of another man on top of me, pounding into me like it’s our last day on earth.


I crave it so much I’ve even wandered into forbidden territory and imagined nights with my own brother… What it would be like to stare at someone who shared my face and watch as the endless expressions of pleasure crossed it. Would they be the same as mine? Does he like the same things I do? Would he sound like me when he released or when he begged?


God… For you to make me desire so much… You’re so cruel.


I love when my body is abused. I love when I’m hung from the ceiling, blindfolded and gagged and fucked until I’m no longer conscious. But I also love when a man treats me like I’m delicate crystal, when he leaves kisses all over my body as soft as butterflies and fucks me gently and sweetly… Not even fucking really. Making love.


I love all of it. I love everything I can get from one end of the spectrum to the other. I’ve been left broken and bleeding by men, and I’ve had men take care of me like I was their child. But God gave me this desire that cannot be satisfied easily. There’s not enough people out there who can satisfy me. My desire is stronger, extends farther than what I can be given.


If only there was a man out there who could fuck me to the ends of the earth. I would let him and I would love it and crave more of it. If only there was a man who could fuck me until I died and keep screwing me afterwards…. What I wouldn’t give….


God… If there is a God… Either take away this insatiable desire or help your desperate child. Help your little nymphomaniac, Yurika Stein, and send me someone who can satisfy me in the most beautiful, most aggressive ways.


Please, help me.




He was supposed to have been writing lyrics at the time, but his poetic words turned into this desperate call for help to someone who may not even exist. Yurika had hid away his plea, taken the piece of paper he had written it on and placed it in a medical book that was gathering dust on his shelf. He hadn’t thought about it in a while, for at least a year. In fact, it was nearly forgotten about.


Until now.


As he stared into those intense, demonic, golden eyes Yurika could feel himself fall into them, drown helplessly in them with no one to save him. He could feel those sharp, large canines bite into him and devour him like the piece of meat he was. He bathed in the warmth of Suzaku, wishing desperately that he would pull him just a bit closer, hold him just a bit tighter.


Though not even those eyes could stop him from realizing his brother wasn’t around.


Had he run off? Where was he? Yurika tried to turn around in Suzaku’s arms, but the Alpha was too strong; his grip on him prevented the small twin from going anywhere. And Yurika allowed it. He feebly tried to pull away just once or twice more to find his brother, but… He couldn’t. And part of him, the part of himself that he hated oh so much, didn’t care that he couldn’t get away.


He could have tried harder. He could have screamed or bashed in this teen's hand with his anatomy book as well. He could have even attempted to bash his face in with his damn violin even knowing that Suzaku’s reflexes were too fast to fall for such tricks.


He could have tried harder to get to his brother… But he didn’t.


Instead he allowed this man to take every little ounce of himself. Yurika heard nothing but his voice. He felt nothing but his body. His two loves, his violin and his anatomy book, fell to the ground like they were nothing more than ugly, deformed rocks when Suzaku grabbed the Omega’s hand and forced against his… Oh so amazing and large and thick cock.


Hardly anything had happened and Yurika had already lost each and every word in his vocabulary. All he could do was whine and pant and moan as the other spoke to him.


“Wanna get on your knees, right here, right now, and give it a little suck?”


The smaller teen had already been trying to put his hands down Suzaku’s pants, but this… This was a much better proposition. Yurika was ready to drop to his knees right then and there, but those strong arms took a hold of him and turned him, pressing his ass that so desperately wanted filling against the large member of the other man. He pushed back against it, cursing the invention of clothes for keeping the two of them apart.


But of course, as Yurika’s tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth and when he could almost feel that giant dick inside of him… Work called.


He didn’t want that warmth around him to disappear. He didn’t want those strong arms to leave him. He didn’t want the stars that had fallen into his eyes to fizzle out. Everything that Suzaku was giving him, all of the teasing and touching and taste of what was to come… He wanted it--needed it--to stay with him forever.


But that wouldn’t happen. It never did. Suzaku was gone, though his words promised Yurika that he wouldn’t be gone long. They promised him that he would return and that the small Omega had already been claimed by him…


Yurika just had to be a bit more patient.


“Yurika… What the fuck are you doing?”


“DON’T sound so exasperated with me, little man! I am basking in the glory and wonder that is… Suzaku~"


"Stein? Helloooo?"




Yurika hadn’t even realized he had fallen to the ground, was using his violin as a pillow, and was staring up at the sky with an overjoyed, if not crazed expression on his face. Nevermind the erection that was pointing straight at said sky for the other clinical to roll his eyes at.


This clinical knew Yurika well. Akira was his name and not only did the two work together, but they both performed together in a quartet; the guitar was his weapon of choice while Yurika always stuck with more delicate violin, though just like the twin he played multiple instruments. Aside from that this young man had also had a piece of Yurika once or twice, but Akira wasn’t nearly as obsessed with sex as the other.


“Come on. Stand up. We need you at the clinic.”


“Ugh! Leave me alone! You guys can manage it!”


“A lot of students are sick or hurt today.”


“I’m sick too! Suzaku just up and left me like this, but guess what? I think he’ll come back! I know he will. He told me he would. (´∀`)♡”


“You know that he knew you’ve been after him for a while now, right?”


“You told him? Is there some club that tracks my every movements and warns people like I'm some kind of murderer when I've got my eye on them?”


“Maybe. To both things.”


“Ah, it doesn’t matter. Who cares if I’m at the clinic today or not?”


“I do if Suzaku is preventing you from doing your work. Now get rid of that thing,” that THING being Yurika’s ever prominent erection, “and come help your co-workers. It’s like everyone in the damn building has something wrong with them.”


The unsympathetic Akira did not hesitate to grab Yurika by his arm and hoist him up. There was work to be done and frankly the excuse of being too sexually excited to work simply did not fly, especially when it came to someone like Yurika.


But the twin couldn’t leave the field without thinking just one thing….




God… Since I know there is a God now. Thank you for sending me someone who could maybe, just maybe quench even just a portion of this desire within me.




[12:35 PM, School Clinic]


Having Yurika at the clinic made a rather large difference not only to the staff, but to the patients as well. His bedside manner was the best out of all of the staff members, and the atmosphere of the clinic changed tenfold once he arrived and donned his white coat. The chaotic energy that crackled in the air simmered down to almost nothing, replaced with one of calmness accompanied by a simple sense of organization.


“You’ll be a great doctor one day, Yurika.”


“If I can manage to get through nursing school first.”


The twin laughed as he bandaged yet another soccer player’s knee. In the background he could hear people whining, crying, coughing, hacking, vomiting…. This was unusual. Normally the clinics had seven, eight students at best. Fifteen was a bit much…. Some of them simply couldn’t stay at school and Yurika worried a few of them were even sick enough to have to go to the hospital.


“Something must be going around,” he mumbled to Akira as he doubled checked the bandaged knee in front of him.


“That and our athletes are getting clumsy.” Akira cared nothing about the glare he received from Yurika’s soccer player while he tended to a shy looking girl who simply couldn’t get over her nosebleed.


“It’s not just our athletes. Someone here fell down the stairs. Just straight fell down the stairs. Is tonight the full moon? Is that why this is happening?”


“Who knows? Either way, aren’t you glad I interrupted you and Suzaku?”


“HAH! Hell no. I should kill you with my violin for doing that.”


A response would never be heard, for Akira now had to focus entirely on his bloody patient as she started crying uncontrollably. A chuckle came from Yurika as he finally sent his soccer player away, only for another sick and dying student to walk through the doors of the clinic.


"I'll gladly take care of you!!"


The poor raven haired boy with the hand that now looked like it would need to be amputated shivered like a scared, wet chihuahua.


"Don't worry! Trust me. I'm a clinical assistant~"

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[12:30 P.M.][Locker Room]


Sighs of pleasure filled the empty, capacious room, as a lewd, naked body came together with the pelting rain in attempt to wash off his lust and sinful thoughts beneath the frigid liquid. A young male and the marble, tiled wall were in close contact, cheek pressed flushed to the exterior while chilling blue eyes half lidded. Clear water slid down his flushed body, reaching every crevice in a hedonistic flow. Unsteady legs trembled dangerously beneath the combined exhaustion of physical fatigue and frustrating lust.


The temperate body knew no bounds as it clashed with the opposite force that was the cold water, resulting in racking shivers that ran from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. A palm lay flat on the shower wall, steadying him while another hand circled itself lightly around a pulsing cock to create an intimate and sensuous embrace. An unknown beat drummed in the male's ears, caused by the pounding heartbeat that sounded much like hooves beating repeatedly on the ground.


The presence of publicity--because anyone could saunter in--allowed for embarrassment to become apparent, though concupiscence eyes and a tortured visage displayed no inkling of a care.


Sinfully tainted shorts and undergarments rested on the cold concrete just outside the shower stall, strewn recklessly in the specific instance of desperation. The loose shirt clung uncomfortably to his lithe frame, soaked in water and outlining every curve the Beta adorned, sexualizing the virgin body even more so to the eye. A sudden twitch between his legs instinctively made his hand squeeze the slender erection particularly hard, his breath hitching before meek whimpers his the Beta's ears, traveling up to depths of his brain and relaying a critical message.


The cold shower was not working.


Legs closed in on one another as an inherent reflex, the sensitive flesh's pain heightening as it was brushed and squeeze against his own wet, thigh muscles. Fast, continuous blinking ensued as the teenager's body tensed, his muscles tightening, and precipitation forming against his skin, along with the soggy wet strands of hair clinging to his forehead.


Shuu peered downward, watching as his stiff member lay exposed and standing at attention heartily. With abject reluctance, the petite hand grasped the pulsing girth tighter in his grip, allowing for a sultry moan to echo throughout the walls. He then firmed his grip, panting breaths ringing in his ears, and began pumping.


Slowly. Up and down, up and down.


A soft moan rumbled in his chest, but was not allowed to escape. He continued to watch - a hand increasing its speed as each second passed by, the hardened length pulsating and leaking clear liquid at the slit to string downward erotically. The Beta pinched his right eyelid shut to fantasize, to focus on an image much more appetizing then him fisting himself whilst his left one wilted just enough to continue in his active viewing. His lips parted even more so to allow the constricted moans to release at their own free will. It was multi-tasking at its finest.


Images flooded his mind; erotic, mouthwatering, and taboo in every way. They raced in his mind and played at the front of darkened blue hues, pleasure now not only building in his body, but in his mind as well. Then, no matter how much a part of him fiercely protested, he began to wonder. He wondered how Yurika would look, as his sweet, innocent baby brother perched himself atop his lithe body, whilst darkened blue eyes stared him from under thick lashes.


His soft, reddened lips would be stretched obscenely around his big brother's throbbing arousal while a plump, pinkish bottom was being lifted just a bit higher as a bodacious Suzaku pounded relentlessly into his irritated hole. Shuu's soft, muffled screams would be pacified by Yurika's cock, vibrating around the length as Suzaku bruisingly gripped the youngest's thin waist, thrusting and parting his insides over and over again while various fluids dripped and splattered all over the eldest's blissed-out face.


His own thighs would be spread as wide as Moses and the Red Sea, vehemently thrusting to his brother's warm, inviting mouth erratically and out of tune to the rhythmic shoving at his behind; in and out, in and out and pacifying Yurika's own cries of pleasures while Suzaku would happily ram his mammoth cock deep inside the youngest to fuck him into the next century. He wondered how the brunet would look, would feel while his slutty twins desperately craved him and willingly gave themselves up to him to defile constantly.


His own hands would snake over to curve around both of Yurika's thighs, forcing them wide open as six fingers--three on each hand--plunged themselves deep inside the twitching, abused hole knuckle deep, prompting an animalistic moan from beneath Shuu's body. The tip of his brother's cock would be rubbing and sliding down the back of his velvety throat, the wet heat swallowing, sucking, and bobbing around the leaking cock like it was some decadent treat. A pale ass would swish to and fro in front of his two partners, stretched and glistening hole being plugged and unplugged mercilessly under the bright light. His skin would be rippling, the result of continuous, brutal thrusts propelling him forward only to be held back by a bruising grip on his ass.


The eldest twin's wandering hands would travel up to said ass, using them to tease and touch at every crevice he could get his fingers on. Said twin's fingers would be used extensively, probing and playing everywhere in between his lovers' cock and hole while they gleefully copulated to their heart's content. At this time, hard thrusts would also be delivered into Shuu's mouth and down his abused throat, the sound of skin slapping against resonating across the entirety of the room while the Beta devoured crazily with both his holes at an insane speed.


The Alpha would withdraw a hand from Shuu's sinful frame - purple bruises already forming where his fingers dug into his flesh - all the while tightening his left hand on his hip to keep him at bay. The right hand would trail up the violated form to grip a substantial hold of the Beta's rich snowy locks, forcing his mouth to be removed from Yurika's appetizing cock before proceeding to fuck the ever-loving dog shit out of him. The sound of skin slapping against skin would mimic the hearty claps of a overly-satisfied crowd as Shuu salivated slightly, his tongue hanging out while an eye half closed while the other was left wide open, both orbs glazed from so much pleasure.


As if it was a volcanic explosion, their tangled, erratic movements, hefty moans, groans, and screams would all coalesce into a single, detonating climax, cum splurting in large loads from respective cocks heartily into to paint the perfect, hedonistic picture. The vile sex would come to a conclusion, the Alpha's cock twitching deep inside as the hot cum burst out of his slit and into his lover's hole to seep at the seams, the Omega's throat guzzling all of what his brother gave, all the while the Beta's visage became colored with white liquid as it spurted it out of a pink cock in sticky strings.


"Aa-aahhh!" Shuu gasped out a shrill moan as he squeezed his erection, the images being locked in a treasure box in the recesses of his mind, being locked before the key was tucked safely to where he could find it. Despite a part of his mind vehemently rejecting the idea of Yurika... of his brother being apart of his fantasizes, because it was oh so wrong, it was too mouthwatering to even say 'No' to.


He wouldn't have to know. So it would be fine...right?


The urgency was on the rise. His pace quickened. His dick was so slick, so wet - the precum was oozing in between his clenched fingers. The sticky noises of him pleasuring himself hit the Beta's ears, traveled up to the depths of his brain, and once again, relaying another critical message.




He wanted to do more. He rarely took the time to pleasure his body like this and once the sweet aroma of sex hit his senses, Shuu got a little... excitable. Quite the whore, actually.


Pale knees finally buckled in their fatigue, gravitating slowly to the slick ground while a flushed face sent colorless, vaporous breaths through its pink, plump lips. His slender neck craned down to peak in between his widening thighs with a passionate stare, observing as the pumps increased in power and speed. Slender digits slid all the way, pressing over Shuu's plump flesh, overly sensitive skin. Moaning in delight when his thumb reached the swell of the leaking tip, the twin smeared it around, slathering his length with his own fluids and pumping more out of himself. The shape was slippery with a hot, clear liquid, contradicting the coldness of the pelting shower.


Unconscious and moved by desire, the Beta's precarious fingers of his unoccupied left hand trailed in between his legs to coat his fingers in his own liquid. The hand snaked down his lower back, two probing fingers pushing in between his ass cheeks and meeting its goal as they teased and poked around at the rim. They rubbed at the aching entrance harshly, slathering it with bodily lubricant before plunging three in side by side and stretching his twitching, tight hole.


A particularly hard squeeze to his slick member caused his eyes to snap open and widen significantly, a perceptible gasp ensuing seconds after, before a hefty groan was emitted as his hole clenched around the digits. It felt so stimulating that his knees shook, pain shooting up his legs due to the hard feel of the ground, but the pleasure defeated it indefinitely.


"Ngh! Hnn..."


Resistance to this seemed, no, was futile.


Shuu whimpered and then wrung out a lengthy moan from his lungs that fell on no one's conscious but his own. Strangely, it encouraged him. He began to rub his dick raw - jerking his hand and all the while probing his warm, slutty cavern until his escalating cries began to make the sound of running water die out. His arms soon became sore at the rate at which he was using them, but dear God he was just about to cum.


"Come on," he breathed, toes curling against the ground, "Come on..."


He was so close that he could almost taste his orgasm. He couldn't stop now even if he wanted to.


Unbeknownst to the Beta too enclosed in his lust-addled mind, approaching footsteps sounded against the hard ground of the locker rooms, only to stop to immediately gaze at Shuu's compromising position against the shower wall.


Then he heard the ghastly sound of a very recognizable voice.


"My, my, my. What do we have here?"


Very suddenly, just the tone of that voice was able to force Shuu's body to rack with frightening shudders, his vision growing white with stars as he screamed to the heavens above while his head slung backward to grace the ceiling with a blissful face, eyes widened significantly and the side of his mouth leaking saliva. The Beta's hole clenched and caved deliciously around the still thrusting digits, whilst he rode out his orgasm as his fucked his cock swiftly into his tight fist. The boy's cock irrevocably burst, sticky strings of white semen exploding from the tip and landing to stain the shower wall, rolling down the sheen exterior from between his legs. His rocked his hips gently still while the mere presence of the Alpha male staring at him made riding his climax near heavenly.


For a few moments, Shuu stayed in his position, limp and with utterly not incentive to arise, and instead allowed the pulsation to rattle his defiled form.


But then, realization hit him, and the Beta's eyes went wide and glistened with mortification. All the blood in his body surged up to his face, and Shuu swiftly swerved around to face the intruder.


"What are you doing here?!"


He broke out in the reddest blush he's ever had ever since he was born. And without waiting for the male's reply, frantically shot up, leaped out out of the shower, grabbed at his stained garments in an attempt to sprint out the door without a care that he was half naked with a flaccid cock hanging shamelessly between his legs.


Before he even made a step however, a certain sight chained his legs down, embarrassment still apparent but curiosity still on the rise. Shuu's brows furrowed as he relinquished on the garments, letting them fall to the ground once more, before carefully taking a step towards Suzaku. He definitely did not anticipate this little spectacle from the sight of him masturbating.


"Are you hard?," he questioned cautiously, eyes glinting and scrutinizing at the bulge being constricted by the jail that was his pants. He took more careful, dangerously trembling steps, veiling his unclothed skin and shamelessly questioning the state in which the Alpha was in like an absolute fool even after he just got caught earnestly masturbating.


The Beta faintly felt his cock hardening once more at the massive, straining bulge displayed before him, eyes glazing over with growing lust as he took in the luscious, appetizing male standing confidently. He paused in his steps, leaving a mere few inches of space between their bodies, looking up to meticulously study the brunet's expression with cautious, yet curious eyes.


The boy, as if running on a motor, leaned unintentionally in closer to the Alpha, sniffing and reveling in the sweet, mind blowing fragrance before gravely burying his face deeper into the man's clothed chest to consume more of the alluring aroma. His dick gave a hearty twitch at the act, his visage morphing into one of pure lustful desire while his hands moved up to join his nose, using his senses to eat up everything Suzaku was.


Wandering hands snaked around - upwards towards a broad chest, index and forefinger pinching and tweaking surely at his nipples over the clothing, before sliding down below to move up once more as petite hands inched inside the fabric, sliding up sensually.


The shirt slid up as well with his slow movements to reveal a hard, muscular abdomen that seemed to beckon Shuu to heedlessly worship it with his hands. And he did, panting breaths possibly grazing the Alpha's chin as he unwaveringly stared at entrapping golden eyes with chilling, lust-filled orbs, the water from the shower dripping down in pearl shaped drops as well as sliding down his pristine, slightly tanned skin.


Despite the Beta's confident movements, his outer appearance displayed everything that he was feeling, like a wide scale exhibit opened up for viewing. He cheeks felt like they were ablazed, and he was breaking out in nervous perspiration while fingers slid out for his hands to move to both sides of the male, fingers pinching the blazer only to heave the garment off to throw it the side and out of his way. The mere sexual desire forced his mind to spin around in multiple directions, confusing him because he just didn't know what to do in this situation.


The hands returned up to perch themselves surely upon the middle of the brunet's shirt, before pulling them both in opposite directions, resulting in black buttons to fly off in all directions, leaving a destroyed shirt also to be flung to the side to somewhere Shuu didn't care for.


A moan of approval, inhibited and loud, came forth as the Beta scrutinized at the beautiful, masculine sight, adrenaline coursing through his veins when the sexual attraction became shamelessly apparent in the hardening of his cock. The pit of stomach clenched and burned, whilst prickling began on the back of his neck and base of his spin. The sensitive, leaking tip stung, as if needles were in contact with it, and the base of his testicles between his ass and balls had a feeling of the euphoric tactile he got when he was aroused.


Suzaku looked positively decadent, and as seconds continued to past by, along with his body's patience waning thin from the motionlessness that he possessed at the moment, from the reluctance pertaining to whether or not he should continue this sinful pursuit, and also from the fact that his arousal caused him questionable discomfort.


Warm puffs of breath drifted from out of his panting lips, a flushed face that winced every so often as his throbbing member desperately required the attention--whether by himself, again, or from someone else entirely--completed with slender trembling thighs, and beads of clear fluid as they leaked out of his cock's slit.


His flesh was soft and supple from the cold bath, contrary to the increasingly twitching erection that hardened even more as his eyes subconsciously looked up and down at the pale front displayed before him. He was captivated by Suzaku's body, and how those lean muscles flexed with each eye-turning movement that this sex god made.


At this point in time, he was fully erect, heart thumping crazily in his chest while he was consumed in a mild frenzy. Euphoria clouded his mind like smog covering everything else that made him sane, such as his control. The Beta's palms began to sweat as they attached themselves flat to a solid chest, and he became rather aware of this man's erogenous zones, control weakening at a terrifyingly fast rate.


A cluster of emotions ripped at his chest from deep within as he watched his hands snake down lower, lower, and lower to palm and squeeze at the hard bulge that did not even fit two of his hands, let alone one: confusion, fear, vulnerability, restlessness, uncertainty, and an unwavering lust.


What exactly was he doing?


Suzaku wasn't his lover, and a cautious person like him did not willingly give his virginity away to friends. And yet, despite another part of him screaming vehemently in protest, another part of him didn't mind.


It seemed to even want him to continue, to take action, to join his uncontrollable want, no, need, in its quest for... whatever this was.


"Suzaku," a smooth, lust-filled voice murmured.


"Let me help you that." The Beta's voice was innocent, yet laced with a sinful deception he hadn't even heard in his voice since...ever.


A lone hand moved to unbuckle the leather belt, sliding it out of its position before being tossed carelessly to the ground. That same hand precariously, yet hesitantly unzipped the lock to the jail cell, fumbling with the simple mechanics to the pants as he knees gravitated towards the ground. Both hands gripped tightly at the fabric on Suzaku's thighs, only to hesitate for a moment before violently pulling the garment down, his animalistic desire starting to take over completely. The anxiety curled into his stomach while he followed the direction in which the pants moved, downward to circle around Suzaku's knees loosely.


Blue orbs lurched up instantaneously, fearless in their endeavor to keep his eyes trained on the eye-level erection. In an endearing quirk, the Beta's hand leaned to the side, eyes widening to the size of saucers as he couldn't help but lean in closer, closer, and closer, until he was about an inch away, searching every crevice of the delicacy with his half-lidded eyes. With his mouth slightly open, the male salivated at the mouth over how delicious of a feast this cock must have been. He began to faintly realize a sick infatuation he had for this...this... thing.


His eyes slid up and down at the work of art as it they were his own to hands, stimulating the sex to stand at full attention and showing the Beta just how stiff and large it could get. It began to grow as much as Shuu's was, the bulbous tip beating, bobbing up and down ever so slightly as if it was in tune to the thumping of his heartbeats, and leaking profusely at the slit.


As a vision of perfection that graced Shuu with it's absolute authority and relevance, he was thick, his shaft was wide and smooth, and tan; contradicting the milky whiteness of his pale skin. The main vein beckoning to be licked and lapped at traced across the engorged length, creating the finest feast he could have ever hoped to partake in. The flush curvature of his head was a darkening shade of reddened flesh, and the Beta was merely staring at him as if he was in a trance, watching it grow into something else entirely.


"We shouldn't be d-doing this." He combed his hair with his digits, and attempts to decipher the blatant lie he just told. Contradicting his statement completely, Shuu's right palm traversed up firm thighs, passed the thick ridge of his cock to firmly grasp onto a large hand. Radiant golden orbs pulled him in without even trying, and the youngest twin laced their fingers together, lifted the Alpha's hand, and brought it towards his lips.


"I won't know what I'm doing. So...sorry if it's bad..." A blush formed on his cheeks, setting them ablaze as he kissed the tip of Suzaku's index finger. Their eyes detached when he closes his own slide the digit into his mouth. His tongue dragged across the underside of the finger, and he doesn't stop until he reached Suzaku's knuckle. The flavor of his flesh seeps through the Beta's taste buds and makes his dick ever the more painful. It hurt so good that as Shuu slowly sucked up and down the extremity, he takes his free hand to grab at his aching erection, curling his fingers around while a thumb slid up to slowly press and rub against the leaking slit.


He knows for a fact that Suzaku was staring at him, the heat of his gaze burning holes into his sultry looking body - it literally raised his temperature. The hot atmosphere forced the male to remove his hand from Suzaku's hand, grabbing a fistful of his shirt to heave in off his body in one fluid tug, revealing all that the Beta was.


Whilst removing his mouth from the slick digit, licking it slightly before watching as a string of saliva formed and connected the tip of Suzaku's finger and Shuu's pink tongue.


"I'm going to milk you," He placed a soft kiss below the Alpha's naval, his skin singeing his lips as he peered back up at him, "with my mouth".


The Beta's hot tongue drags across his hipbone, and he can smell that powerhouse of sex that is mere seconds away from being squeezed by his needy throat. Because he couldn't help it, Shuu moans loudly, grasping his stiff erection tighter whilst beginning to pump slowly, up and down; not too fast so that he might cum.


Control gone, the white head lost himself in lust and sinning desire. An unoccupied left hand reached up in an attempt to grip at the widened girth, but couldn't go all the way around because he was just that massive. He still held onto it, precariously and hesitantly experimenting as he opened in his mouth to take the need in, sucking slightly at the tip and drinking everything that was being given to him. He swirled the tongue around his new discovery, and breathed hotly over the flesh as he tried so desperately to alleviate the pain his dick.


While breathing hard, Shuu lapped up at the musky flavor, swallowing it, consuming, and replacing it with his own scent. Shuu forced his wet tongue to flatten, before dragging it up and down the shaft, sliding over every engorged vein, all over the head, and tasting whatever was in sight like he needed the thing to breathe.


He suckled at the sensitive slit, circling over the nectar that seeped out from it, and moaning lusciously like he's just gotten a taste of his favorite treat, whilst pumping more of his own liquid that squelched out of his own, moving towards the ending that he so desperately desired. He could feel the cock twitching heartily while he was shamelessly lapping at the underside and making noises that would have put the sluttiest person's moans to shame.


His pleasure mounted, despite the slow, excruciating pumps he'd been delivering to his own slick member. With abject reluctance, the male got up on his knees, removing his hand to snake back towards a twitching, anticipating hole. Three fingers probed at the needy entrance, and as if it was meant to be fucked, Shuu easily plunged in the digits, forcing an audible squelch to sound out as he pushed and pushed them deep inside his own warm cavern.


In the midst of all his vehement lust, control sitting back and relaxing, Shuu lurched forward, mouth widening exceptionally to accommodate the massive length all the while his fingers moved in and out swiftly, as if to perhaps compensate for what he wanted to be in there instead. The male was doing all this on instinct, and when he leaned so far forward that the twitching tip hit the back of his throat, the Beta whined and choked at the discomfort, yet reveled in the fact that his mouth was being completely filled and owned.


Tears prickled at the edges of his eyes as he spoke, muffled by the thick flesh pacifying his mouth while allowing the hand on the man's massive cock to shift downward. Fingers grazed and delicately touched the smooth texture of the Alpha's balls. Shuu cupped them in his nimble grasp and massaged them as he heartily bobbed to his heart's content.


"Mmmm...Tastes good..."


The Beta slackened his jaws then, allowing that succulent cock slip down his throat with ease as his eyes came face to face with a 'V' shaped tattoo at where the male's pubic hair should have been.


And in just a few seconds, he felt like a rock as a few strong twitches upward lead to a sudden burst of liquid; white, hot, sticky seed flowing out of his tip in spurts. Shuu's mind couldn't register anything but the intensely overwhelming pleasure, like a bright flash of light in the middle of the dark.


The boy arched downward towards the ground, his eyes unfocused and blurry, as a fiery explosion of white stars clouded his vision. His broken, shrill scream came in increments while his body vibrated violently, releasing energetically all over the ground, taut ass clenching and contracting tightly around his own fingers while a wet splash sounded below.


A guttural groan came from the Beta's throat as the Alpha's erection was released, slapping wetly against a flushed, blissful face and twitching at the onslaught of a running tongue. Shuu grunted, continuing his multi-tasking even as he came. Wet heat swallowed the treat once more, eager mouth bobbing and sucking around the brunet's cock as the white head craved for more. He pulled back to suck at the twitching, leaking head, using his teeth to very slightly graze against the sensitive skin, before plunging forward once more, tucking his lips in an attempt to not harm Suzaku with his teeth.


"Aah...mmm...yes. More... Feed it to me. Hurry. Feed me all that you have." His words slurred, hot, shallow breaths coming out in pants along the length of the twitching dick, his flushed cheek pressed just beside it. "Then...please fuck me."

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[12:35 P.M.][Locker Room]


Desire. Even while he was human, somewhat, that had been Suzaku's primary effect on others, had been constantly sought out after by both men and women because of that bittersweet word. It had been difficult growing up, figuring out what he was while evading -although sometimes, he just tolerated- people in general. He couldn't trust them around him. Friends had been scarce, all corrupted by that one primal emotion. There were those who truly tried, of course, but even they were of no match against that olden instinct the brunet just pulled out of them just by being there.


People were slaves to their own desires, he had figured out at an early age.


Many would succumb to it completely and would do anything to satisfy themselves, few were those who could fight it -who could stand tall and defiant against their very own nature. Suzaku had avoided them, had not wanted to stain them because there was no going back once they fell.. and most often than not, those kinds of people had the most hidden of desires, more powerful than anyone else's.


He was naive back then, thinking that he was but a curse to test humanity and that there was nothing more for him.. no higher purpose than to die and end the blight that he brought out on people. A man of religion had told him that, after trying to cage him like an animal for his own pleasure despite how the town behind them had burned -smoke billowing in plumes and making the night sky darker. Suzaku had almost died then, his life nearly severed by the glinting blade of a jeweled dagger. But instead, he'd met his savior.. his King.


There was no describing the sheer terror the brunet had felt at how.. malevolent the imposing man had been. How he had grabbed neck and twisted it with one hand and taken life like he was death itself, had been exquisite and flawless in its execution -which Suzaku's pursuer didn't really deserve. Diamond eyes -that glowed white- had looked at him then and Suzaku had been prepared to die by the hands of this terrible god. But those same hands, soaked in people's blood -both innocent and guilty, had instead offered him a palm.


And that had been the moment the brunet had been told of what he really was, the moment his King had given him the name 'Suzaku' for him to carry forevermore. And since then, no one else had suffered the consequences of such untameable desire.


But now, watching Shuuichirou succumb to
desires, Suzaku was once again reminded how weak humans were. Now though, he already knew
caused people to do and become what they were when with the brunet. He'd figured it out, had trained himself to control it.. even willingly used it on many people.


It was.. different though, when it came to the twins. He had no inclinations of using it on them since, in a way, he wanted them doing things in their own volition. He liked them, was the thing.. had received a lot of teasing and ribbing from his King because of that too. But in the end, the man -his father-figure, his teacher- had understood in that mysteriously prophetic kind of way that he so often did.


So it wasn't shocking to say that Suzaku was a bit surprised to see how much desire Shuu had, how needy he had become, despite his public appearance. He was not very unlike his brother, Yurika, and perhaps had even more of said desire in him. It would make sense too since Shuu was the one who did all the repressing and it showed that all that hard work had accumulated in a now lust-addled entity.


It was fun, to see the younger Stein get hard, bury his nose on Suzaku's broad chest while he panted and let his hands explore beneath the Alpha's black blazer and white under-shirt. It was nice as well to see normally stoic sapphire orbs flash and swirl with a glow of embarrassment but burn with want and abject lust. The brunet continued to be silent, but smirked nonetheless. The two brothers were more alike than they -and many people- thought.


A sharp eyebrow went up as hands -dripping in shower water- ripped buttons of both blazer and under-shirt, only for them to be thrown carelessly to the side as if Shuu couldn't care less -and probably had no idea- that the two articles of clothing cost more than twice the normal price. Leather and silk didn't come cheap but the brunet didn't mind, he had more of them but he did briefly wonder though what Yurika's reaction would be if he brought him lunch whilst clad in those now button-less clothes, muscled torso all for the promiscuous twin to feast his eyes upon. Perhaps Suzaku would get to feed twice even before lunch was over.


The thought made his smirk hitch higher,

made pink lips stretch and lidded golden eyes sharpen at the prospect. But for now, he focused on the sweaty palm that gave his chest a tentative touch, the warm breath that accompanied it making the Alpha's own come slower.


"Let me help you that."


Belt and pants were divested within mere seconds after those words had been uttered, the leather flying away to join upper garments while dark cotton lay rumpled around steady knees -seams open and metal of the zipper tinkling in an almost unnoticeable and brief melody all on its own.


The sudden removal of undergarments had the brunet's cock jumping out of it's comfortable prison, bobbing and smacking heavily against his own defined abdomen and leaving a stain of precum an inch or so above his bellybutton. It kept nodding, for a few measly seconds before settling to stand tall and proud -dark with blood and veined from bottom to neck, where it then ridged towards a red bulbous tip. It was also thick, very alike Shuu's wrists but perhaps even a tad more. The sight, when it was flaccid, was impressive already but while hard, it was downright imposing, so much so that many a weak-hearted Omega or Beta had gone screaming with only one look.


Being endowed was a.. bittersweet predicament that Suzaku had only cared about during his early stages of his life, when he was already in a safe haven and there was nothing much to do besides train, train, and train. He knew that there were people that were
bigger than he was -his King, for example- but in
standards his' could either be the subject of dreams or point of nightmares. Sex was good and the brunet enjoyed it, but only when his partners were as into it as he was.. and if he could feed without them knowing during the process, then win-win. But.. sometimes, it was hard to get the energy that he needed, especially when the person who got his attention backed away at the prospect of being fucked by his dick.


Suzaku didn't really understand it entirely, the fear that a few people had towards such size. He was an Alpha so it was only natural for him to be gifted down there. It was a biological fact, explainable in a way that they were supposed to be the 'sires' of the community. Betas and Omegas
already be used to it since.. like.. ever. But then again, his King had always told him that people were like because it wasn't their preference; that people liked what they liked, no matter how stupid it looked or sounded to the rest of the world.


That part, the brunet had understood -after all, during that time, they had their group had its own agenda that wasn't exactly inclined with humans' notion of morality. What he still didn't understand though was how some people just.. disliked bigger. Wasn't there an olden saying that went, 'Bigger is better'? Suzaku knew, first and foremost, that such belief was just a load of bullshit.. but when it came to sex and pleasure, he couldn't help but associate the two.. bigger did reach more places than the rest.


And by the way Shuu's eyes widened, pupils expanded so much that blue iris was no more than a thin ring at the edges, and the way he panted, salivated, and inhaled.. it was more than evident that he had no problems what so ever with Suzaku's size. On the contrary, the look on his face suggested that he wanted to
whatever it was laid bare to. For a few seconds, the Alpha was actually alarmed.. he was all for biting and nibbling.. but chomping and
were two very different actions all together.


That was one of the things that allured and.. disconcerted him when it came to people like Shuuichirou. They were intense, to the point that they had no control on their sexual greed.. they always wanted more and more and more until they couldn't take anymore and they'll have no choice but to break or faint.


The desire Shuu had was surprising, yes, but how he showed it was more of a confirmation -at least on Suzaku's part- rather than a shocking experience. Beneath that cold and indifferent nature, the Alpha had known that within lay an unexplored hedonistic face, much like the elder that shared his blood. The apples didn't fall too far from each other, it seemed; like brother, like brother.


It sounded odd.. and perhaps a bit dumb -if the brunet was being honest, which he wasn't- but nevertheless, it spoke true to the twins even though they were still blind to it.


Suzaku's thoughts just proved themselves even more when a tentative mouth went to suck at his leaking tip, a petite hand curling around his length and starting its back and forth glide while the other followed the same motions on the Beta's own -now rock hard- erection. Licks and vibrations of muffled moans came next, the sound echoing, along with the soft
plip plops
of water droplets, around the otherwise empty shower room. Suzaku lifted an eyebrow at what might be Shuu's first blowjob but apart from that, no complaint was given for despite the sloppy actions and lack of real technique, it was evident that the white-head was enjoying himself -not to mention, his enthusiasm was more than appropriately given a perfect score.


And when he lifted from his knees and used the hand pumping the brunet's cock to shove three fingers back in his hole, the Alpha could have -and probably would have- applauded him them if not for his need flaring bright for a few seconds and his hands went to glue themselves within white locks, just resting there and neither pulling nor pushing.


And then Shuu lurched forward and it was all Suzaku could do to stop his cock from going
and down his throat. Strong fingers gripped those famous locks harshly, pulling just that tad bit so that only about 4/6th of that erection lay within that warm wetness, but even then, his leaking tip ground against the back of the Beta's throat. It felt good; that tongue rubbing against the underside, the way the muscles of the smaller teen's mouth contracted everytime he swallowed, how the edges of his teeth grazed along the sensitive skin of that hard length, the vibrations and suction it all created when Shuu moaned. And when the Beta began bobbing his head whilst playing with the Alpha's balls, Suzaku couldn't help but utter a pleased hum as one hand went to rest on the smaller teen's nape.


"Mmmm...Tastes good..."

Came the blissed-out comment before golden eyes widened as hard and thick cock went sliding down the white-head's throat, soft schlick accompanying the sudden movement along with the Alpha's soft gasp.


The tightness was oh so, so good, all the more pronounced by how Shuu's throat noticeably bulged around the sides. Such a sight, along with those lidded eyes -that was more pupil than iris, plus those stretched lips that dribbled saliva around the edges and pressed against the meat of Suzaku's groin, coupled with the way the Beta didn't stop his fingers from plunging in and out of his hole, would have been enough to reduce anyone into a selfish rutting mess. And if Suzaku was but a mere lowly man, then he would have succumbed to such blatant temptation, wouldn't have cared about Shuu at all and would have just chased his orgasm by pounding the fuck out of that greedy mouth and throat. But again, he resisted.


They had class after and it wasn't wise to mar such a pretty face with bruises when he knew that it would be immediately conspicuous as how they had been placed there. Besides, lusting for him or no, the Alpha doubted that Yurika would easily forgive him for defiling his so called 'precious' baby brother. The small Omega was vicious.. and learned on how to use a scalpel.. and the brunet knew exactly which body part Yurika would sever should he find out that Suzaku went brutal with Shuu on his first time.


But then, the Beta tensed, moans being muffled by the cock plugging his throat before it was suddenly released and a shout echoed instead from abused mouth just as orgasm came rushing, only for it to be swallowed once more as Shuu rode the waves of his second release whilst trying to suck out the Alpha's own.


The spectacle was quite.. entertaining, made the brunet more aroused than he already was.


"Aah...mmm...yes. More... Feed it to me. Hurry. Feed me all that you have. Then...please fuck me."

Was what came next and no one could have blamed Suzaku when his hands went to grab the Beta's head, only to plunge his slick cock back inside that lewd mouth that he had. He gave the smaller teen an unimpressed look.


"You asked for it."
Was the words he murmured at last before he began to slide his entire length in and out of that mouth.


He started slow, enjoyed how Shuu's cheeks hollowed as he sucked and his throat bulge but he soon grew bored of it -eventhough the sounds created from ample saliva was erotic. So he went faster, gripped the sides of Shuu's head tighter, tilting it upwards so that the glide was a lot smoother, just as the Alpha began doing what he had wanted to do ever since that mouth took a taste of his cock. He chased his orgasm, fucked Shuu's mouth until it was all wet and slick like a woman's vagina.


The comparison made Suzaku chuckle, the sound almost inaudible against the wet slap of hips and face.
"Look at you, Stein-kun. Just swallowing down my cock like you were made for it. Your mouth is so wet, your saliva is dripping everywhere. It think it turned into a vagina. Aha. You gonna get pregnant when I cum in your face-pussy, Stein-kun?"
It was fun to see the Beta shudder slightly at his words, a lot more enjoyable to watch as his cute cock harden and spill thick precum. It made the Alpha go faster, didn't really care if teeth grazed his length from time to time. What mattered was the tightness of Shuu's throat and the way he never stopped fucking himself with his own fingers.


But then the brunet's climax neared and his knot began to inflate, made his thrusts a lot more shallow but still just as satisfying. He made sure that the white-head's lips and nose pressed against that hard bump everytime he pulled back inside, made the smaller teen see in vivid detail the way it enlarge in a size almost twice the thickness of his already wide cock.


"You want this spreading your hole instead? Want me to knot you after I fuck you?
Came the question-turned-statement, clear in its meaning and purpose. It would only take a few minutes for it to go down and deflate so it meant that they'd still have time to get Yurika his lunch.. although he guessed that Shuu would need to go to the clinic for some painkillers after they were done with their little tryst.


And then everything stopped, Suzaku flinging his head back, goldenrod locks fluttering at the motion as his cock twitched and pumped his seed directly down the Beta's engorged throat. It was nice, he thought, golden eyes hidden beneath closed lids while pink lips stayed slightly open, for the few long seconds that he came and Shuu had no choice but to swallow. It was also a fact that Alphas ejaculated a lot more and a lot longer than Betas or Omegas, something about them being virile and potent so as to have a higher chance of producing offspring. But what he and the younger Stein was doing was nothing concerning that.. more of a leisurely activity than anything that had to do with procreating.


The brunet sighed, once he was done, slowly pulling out his still hard cock and just hitching up a smirk when he tilted his head down and saw Shuu's cock spurting another batch of his own cum that went to join the puddle that he had created on the floor, whilst his mouth stayed slack and open, prompting the dripping of the excess semen he couldn't swallow.


The Beta looked even more appetizing now than he did a few minutes ago. It made Suzaku's sensitized cock throb, made the slit drool another bubble of precum and made his testicles tingle with the need to produce another climax. So with that in mind, he bent down, grabbed Shuu by the waist before hefting him up and letting the white-head's legs immediately latch around the Alpha's hips. His smirk went higher as their lips inevitably collided in a wet and searing kiss while firm hands inched themselves down to support the Beta by the ass. Thumbs and forefingers spread the plump cheeks apart while middle and ring fingers went to probe that ready hole, to rub and tease the bumpy walls within before slowly parting and pulling so that the smaller teen's hole gaped open.


Suzaku pulled back from their lip-lock, pulling Shuu's lower lip in between his teeth as he let go while giving the lust-addled teen a wink before promptly thrusting upwards and hilting his cock inside the Beta, but decidedly stopping when the stretched rim bumped against his still inflated knot. Shuuichirou had screamed, had tightened like vice and shuddered as his fourth orgasm painted the Alpha's abdomen white.


"You came again, Stein-kun. How does it feel to have a real cock inside your hole now rather than fingers? Do you feel so good that you can't even control yourself from cumming? Aha. That's so wonderfully erotic! Cum as much as you want. I'd like to see your cock constantly spilling your semen while my cock rub the inside of your ass."
Suzaku laughed then, not with derision but with glee, because it
so wonderfully erotic to have a partner that climaxed so easily. It tickled something awful in his kinky side and that fact alone might just become the reason for Shuu to become Suzaku's frequent person to fuck.. just thinking about how
they would be after was enough to send pleasant shivers up and down the Alpha's spine.


God.. what he wouldn't do for them to be in a bed, where Shuuichirou could just make them both a coupling mess of sticky semen.


But then his eyes noticed the glint of a wall-to-ceiling mirror.. and such alternative was
more than


Suzaku grinned, clutching at the Beta's pillowy globes as he slowly started pulling out until only the tip was left before consecutively plunging back in and pulling Shuu down, only to do it again and again, until every sound that occupied that tiled-room was the white-head's pleasured moans. Then he began to walk, thrusts stuttering now and then, but he still kept at it languidly even as he got closer to the item he wanted to use.


It was pressed just beside the archway that led to the lockers, beside four double sink counters, while on the other side lay an innocent potted palm plant. It first reflected two of the five rows of toilet cubicles, the soft light on the ceiling bouncing off it's polished surface only to mingle once more in the bright white that pervaded the room. But then moans and slaps of skins came louder, as well as the almost unnoticeable taps of footsteps before Suzaku stood before it.


He smirked and his reflection mirrored it back, the unrelenting thrusts of his cock inside that warm hole evident even as Shuu had clung to him tighter. Then the Beta was being pushed back from that muscled torso, manhandled to turn around without even stepping on the ground nor letting the massive cock inside him pull out. The maneuver was a bit risky, but it worked and now Suzaku and Shuu both gazed at their reflections in the mirror.


Strong hands underneath bent knees raised higher, parted the Beta's legs wider and presented an image of two person connected below; thick cock evident and within the confines of a stretched and red rim.


"Just look at your ass, Stein-kun. It's just spread so wide around my cock. Can you feel it?"
Came the deceptively innocent question before said cock was pulled all the way out, revealing the red, red walls that lay within Shuu's gaping hole. The bumpy muscles there convulsed and clenched on nothing, and golden eyes feasted on that sight alone -massive cock hardening and enlarging even further at the lewdness of sight where it had previously been.
"Can you see the insides of your slutty hole, Stein-kun? It's twitching and squeezing but there's nothing in there. My cock is only a few inches outside. Want me to put it back in? Oh look, my knot finally deflated. Now I can fuck your properly."


With that said, Suzaku slammed all of him inside in one go, sapphire eyes widening once more while Shuu screamed in both pain and pleasure as his fifth climax came and painted the lower edge of the mirror with his sinful cum. While the white-head convulsed, shuddered and released all over the floor, the Alpha didn't stop -made sure to immediately pull out before slamming back in again, again and again and again, all the while making certain that the Beta's prostate was assaulted furiously. The stimulation prolonged Shuu's climax, made his cock spill strings of cum in constant and almost unending spurts that immediately pooled on the floor and stained everything else it go into.


And the sight of that continuous climax only made Suzaku fuck the Beta harder and faster, made his hips slam and pound against that mindnumbingly neverending spasming hole. He kept at it for a full two minutes, until Shuu had almost passed out with too much pleasure and his cock only ever twitched because of a dry orgasm. The Alpha slowed down then, his throat almost letting out a laugh at how pleasure-broken Shuu's face looked like and how his eyes had almost rolled at the back of his head, if not for the crown of blue that was evident.


Suzaku chuckled instead, walking backwards before seating himself on one of the concrete benches, the younger Stein gone all limp in his arms, but he was still hard -perhaps already too sensitive. But the brunet didn't exactly mind, so with a gentle twist, Shuu was pressed against the bench with the brunet looming behind him.


"Don't go fainting on me now, Stein-kun. I haven't cum yet, so be a good boy and stay awake until I knot you."


Then another bout of pleasure-filled moans came, still energetic despite the intensity the owner had gone through a few seconds prior. Slams of skin against skin went in constant and ever quickening rhythm as Suzaku once more chased for his own climax as massive cock went in and out of a now slick and dripping hole. Soft pants soon came from the Alpha as his lower belly tingled and his erection pulsed even more with blood and in that small gap of time, he remembered that he needed to at least feed, even just a little. So he bent forward, thrusts pounding faster and sounding akin to a thundering applause before he opened his mouth and let his fangs sink in on Shuu's shoulder.


The Beta screamed once more, this one the loudest and strongest but also the shortest as he had blacked-out after a few seconds of it. Suzaku kept slamming in and out, tongue dancing at the minty yet sweet flavor that the younger Stein's blood exuded. The energy within it both felt and tasted heavenly, made the Alpha groan against the shoulder around his mouth and his cock slam a lot harder against that now lax hole. He took no more than two swallows before his hips stuttered, slammed a final time and came, long and hard, knot expanding and locking brunet and white-head together.


Shuuchirou's blood was.. different. It tasted a hell lot better than anyone else's and gave a lot more energy with just the measly two mouthfuls. It made Suzaku crave it more, made him lick at his lips, only to bend back down and give the still bleeding puncture wounds gentle licks that instantly healed it. He shuddered one last time, eyes half lidded with pleasure, as his orgasm finally stopped.


"Mmmmmmmm. I wanna fuck you again."
Came his breathy whisper as one hand -from a now bruised hip- lifted so that it could go and dip a finger in on the cum that leaked out of the white-head's hole before lifting and sliding inside an eagerly open mouth. Soft tongue went to lick the semen off, whilst mouth sucked the finger off in the process. Hips gave a small yet hard thrust before it slowly went into smooth circles, grinding the Alpha's knot against the Beta's abused prostate.


Suzaku shuddered. That blood was something else.

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[12:45 PM, Infirmary]

“The two students were starving. They had been trapped in the school for days--no--weeks on end! There was no food, no water. They knew that if they were to survive they would have to eat. They searched high and low, up and down, in every classroom, in every closet, absolutely anywhere they could look they did… But there was nothing. They would die if things kept on this way. So they eldest boy said to the younger ‘we’ll play paper scissors rock. We’ll play and the loser… The loser will eat the winner. Okay?’ At first the younger boy refused such a horrid thing. How could he eat his best friend, but he also knew there was no choice. With this morbid, disgusting, terrifying option, at least one of them had the possibility of getting saved. Help could show up soon… Someone needed to survive. So they played. They played one game, and one game only. No two out of three or anything like that. They played the last game they would ever play with each other and in the end…


The eldest lost.


At first the younger boy was reluctant, but the elder forced him to eat him. So he did. With tears pouring out of his eyes, the younger boy ate his best friend, though he saved a part of him. He refused to devour the most precious part of his best friend’s body. His heart. He carried it in his pocket with him, talked to it, asked it questions, and called it by the elder boy’s name. He cherished it. However, despite the elder’s sacrifice and the irreversible trauma the younger boy suffered… He died. The younger was never rescued. All of their pain and sorrow and fear was for naught. They were never going to be rescued. And now they wander around the school, cursing this place for causing them so much anguish. In particular, they pinpoint happy students to hurt because they’re jealous of how carefree they are.”


Silence settled over the once noisy infirmary as Yurika finished his gruesome tale. The patients stared at him, the clinicals were on autopilot as they listened to his story while treating their patients. Despite the terrifying nature of his story, Yurika had a proud smile on his face. It seemed his story-telling skills were right up there with his doctoral and musical skills. He basked in the silence of the room until it was broken by the patient he himself was treating.


"Your bedside manner sucks, man. Sorry ‘bout it, but it’s true.”


“That is most certainly not true! I have excellent bedside manner! It’s one of the things I’m known for here!”


“That wasn’t exactly one of your best displays of bedside manner, Yurika.” Akira smiled at him as he tried to calm the girl whose nose simply wouldn’t stop bleeding. By now they had decided to send her to a proper hospital and now they were just waiting on someone to take her.


It was surprising that Akira could even hear the story over the girl's sobbing, but nevertheless Yurika shrugged off his rude comment. “You were the one who wanted to hear why I thought it was a curse that caused all these injuries and illnesses today. Even you have to admit it there was an abnormal amount of patients today. Why? Because of the curse! I’ll bet today is the day that one of the boys died. The younger stayed alive a few days after he ate the elder. I think he died of a broken heart though.”


“Not of disease and bacteria from eating raw human flesh and organs?”


“It’s possible….” The pout Yurika gave would have been enough to melt even the most of evil villain's heart. Though the realist and doctor in him knew this story was completely absurd, the child and musician in him believed every single word of it. The story of how this school was haunted (surely every school had one even if it wasn’t haunted) was inspirational if nothing else. A story of two best friends who cared deeply about one another, suffered together, sacrificed for each other, were driven insane because of one another.


“It’s terribly romantic, don’t you think?”


The snort Akira replied with could count as nothing more than a solid 'no.' “You’re not someone I trust when it comes to romance. Sex, sure. Romance, not so much. Your story is disgusting. Get over it.”


“It’s romantic.”









“I’d bet you’d think it was disgusting if the two best friends were two twins instead.” Each boys’ expression transformed; Akira’s dead, simple, nothing expression grew just a bit… His lips curled into a sinister smirk, a teasing one, one that Yurika had never seen on his friend’s face before. And Yurika’s… His happy, charming smile disappeared entirely. Partly angry, partly distraught at the thought of the boys in his story being twins and not just that… The twins being certain Stein twins. His breathing caught in his throat and he tied his patient’s bandage just a bit too tightly when those horrid words were spoken.


“I thought so.” Since when had Akira sounded so vindictive? When had his friend, his musical partner, someone he trusted aside from Shuu-chan sounded like it was amusing to imagine the twins in such a situation? “Not so cute now, is it, Yurika? The thought of someone having to eat someone else in order to survive? The thought of someone being driven insane because of his friend’s sacrifice.”


“Stop acting like you lived through it, you idiot.” It was natural for Yurika to snap at him. It was natural to be angry at this person who dare even attempt to put the image in his head of his baby brother suffering. “Besides my story wouldn’t wind up that way. If Shuu-chan and I were ever in that situation, do you really think I would put him through the trauma of having to devour me? Do you even think he would allow that?”


It was heart-warming almost. Horror and romance went hand in hand with one another. As much as Yurika didn’t want to imagine it, he could see the scene in his head crystal clear, like a movie screen that refused to turn off. He could see himself and his brother, thin, starving, crying, looking for a way out only to know their story would end in tragedy. They would hug each other and Yurika would kiss his little brother on the head. He wouldn’t lie to him and tell him they would be fine. He wouldn’t try to ease Shuu-chan’s pain any longer.


The younger twin was spoiled. Not ungrateful, but spoiled nevertheless. Spoiled by Yurika who refused to give him less than the best, who could never deny him anything he wanted, who would go out of his way for him no matter how unreasonable it might have been.


So in this tragic situation… Shuu-chan would show some of this spoiledness. He would rely on Yurika to get them a way out of this. Not entirely; Shuu would put in the effort too. Shuu-chan was strong after all, far stronger than Yurika. An athlete had to be strong, and it wasn't just his body that could withstand so much. His heart could carry just as much as Yurika's, but the elder felt a certain responsibility when it came to his little brother. He had to take care of him at all costs...


Of course, in this bloody, dire situation Shuu wouldn’t leave it all on Yurika’s shoulders, but he would rely on him. And in the end Yurika would fail him. He wouldn’t be able to give him what he wanted, and that broke Yurika’s heart.


And it would be the end of them as well.


“We would die, yes,” Yurika continued, his eyes glazed over as he continued to watch the entire scene play out. “We would say our last words to one another.” Words of love. Words of despair. Words of “we tried our best” or “there was nothing else we could have done.” “We would hug each other one more time.” And touch each other. And kiss each other. Not a kiss on the head, but kisses that were reserved for lovers. In such a desperate time, in such a desperate situation… It was then that these feelings would come to the surface and bubble over. Even now, just imagining it, Yurika couldn’t deny that he would kiss Shuu-chan. He would kiss him deeply, passionately, with tears in his eyes at all the years they wasted not doing this.


He couldn’t deny his feelings. He couldn’t deny how his heart warmed, how the butterflies flew around his stomach, how his eyes turned to hearts, and how his mind turned to mush at the thought of his little brother.


Thankfully, this situation was hypothetical.


“And then we would kill ourselves. Probably simultaneously. But if either one of us simply couldn’t do it, then the other would kill them, then kill himself. We wouldn’t be like those best friends. I wouldn’t allow Shuu-chan to wander around a dark, scary place by himself with the memory of him tearing open my body by whatever means necessary to get to whatever was inside.”


It was funny though. As the movie in his head slowly rolled to stop, the last image he saw, before the twins offed themselves, was Suzaku coming to their rescue. Right at the eleventh hour, at the end of the road when all hope was dead and gone, Suzaku appeared with an amused, entertained smirk, though his eyes held all the concern of a man whose lovers had fallen into the dark abyss of hell.


“Like Orpheus who did his best to rescue Eurydice.”


Except Suzaku would succeed.


Now that Yurika had finished talking about this whole thing the only sounds to be heard in the infirmary were the moans of the patients, the quiet chatter of the clinicals, and the scratching of pens on paper as the clinicals recorded everything that was wrong with each and every student. Akira and Yurika didn’t speak again until they were both excused once the number of students dwindled and they were no longer needed.


[12:56 PM, Music Room]


Surprisingly enough, regardless of how Akira had bothered the elder twin they wound up leaving and laughing together, in particular laughing at the poor student that seemed rather afraid of Yurika. Who knew where he was now with his broken hand? The doctor in Yurika hoped he had managed to find help, but the protective older brother in him… Well, that brother could only wish more harm upon such a man. To say Yurika was bothered about a boy touching and harassing his little brother like that was understatement. He hated it, resented it, couldn’t control the way his blood boiled at the thought that someone was even thinking about his brother in such a way.


Then again what right did he have to be upset at something like that? Someone like him had no right to judge others. Someone as promiscuous as him wasn’t allowed to get angry at others for wanting to have sex, no matter who they were. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter that this guy’s victim was his little brother… It wasn’t fair of him to be upset with him about it.


But that didn’t mean he couldn’t be.


“Didn’t you say Suzaku was supposed to bring you lunch?”


Akira’s voice penetrated Yurika’s thoughts; in all of the excitement at the infirmary Yurika had nearly forgotten about Suzaku. Where the Alpha was, the twin didn’t know, but it hardly mattered now. He was busy with whatever and Yurika wouldn’t have time with him this lunch period.


“I guess he forgot. Or perhaps he got busy with something else.”


It was surprising how much time had passed… Yurika had spend nearly his whole lunch at the infirmary and now there was only five minutes left before classes recommenced. Even if Suzaku managed to find the twin, there wouldn’t be any time left to eat. Not that it mattered too much… Yurika was sure he would have his time with the other soon enough, and frankly after dealing with all those patients and their disgusting ailments, Yurika wasn’t too hungry.


But he wasn’t going to let his lunch time go to waste. As if pulled by a gravitational force, Akira and Yurika found themselves in front of the music room. Five minutes was just enough time for a song if not two maybe.


Considering the horrid song that was coming from the music room, it seemed Yurika was needed. While his strength lied with string instruments, he could play many more and he would need to. The girl on the piano clearly hadn’t been playing long, and while she was fine with the basics, the song that was playing was hard, inconsistent, and simply not pleasing to the ears.


A fist met the keys, causing a high, screeching noise to ring throughout the room. With a smile, Yurika gently moved the girl from her seat and explained to her why her song was just… Horrendous.


“And what are you going to play for us today, Yurika?” Akira asked as he rolled his eyes at the twin’s behavior.


A haunting melody… One that held all of the sorrow, all of the melancholy, all of the trauma and terror that effected a certain boy whose story no one cared about.


"I call it...



And as Yurika's long, slender, beautifully pale fingers glided across the piano to produce this dark sound, he had to be careful not to let them slip on the tears that stained the instrument's keys.

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"You asked for it."


Darkened, half lidded blue eyes stared up into entrapping golden eyes from under his thick lashes, moaning decadently at those words in the most sluttiest of fashions, before his soft, bruising red lips were stretched obscenely around an engorged cock while a petite hand continued to plunge its fingers back and forth into a slick, eagerly clenching hole.


Suzaku had started slowly at first, his hands gripping at each side of the Beta's head as the tip of his cock rubbed and slid down the back of his velvety, abused throat with ease, only to be pulled out fully to languidly penetrate his lips once more. He instinctively hollowed out his cheeks as he sucked, throat feeling completely filled as the meaty cock repeatedly invaded every crevice and conquering every muscle therein.


The speed of the thrusts increased as his tainted hole twitched and hungrily devoured his own digits. Tears prickled at the corners of his eyes, and they glossed and widened with bliss while soft, muffled moans vibrated around the length as he was allowing himself to be fed. Every impact to the back of this throat ended with the beautiful sound of skin slapping against skin and Shuu couldn't help but feel his patience waning thin from just speed of the thrusts.


The increasing squelching sounds of masturbation thickened the sexual tension that was held in the empty communal, and the situation only became more erotic as Shuu began to faintly notice the sheer amount of saliva his mouth was producing, creating sounds that were relayed to his ears and sending his brain critical messages that intensified his lust tremendously. He faintly felt the sides of his head being gripped tighter by the Alpha's hands, before being tilted upwards slightly. The Beta slacked his jaw just then as the glide became a lot smoother, reveling in the increasing speed of the brunet's thrusts as well as the beautiful notes that came from their mouths and the delectable, rapid tune of skin contact.


"Look at you, Stein-kun. Just swallowing down my cock like you were made for it. Your mouth is so wet, your saliva is dripping everywhere. I thinks it's turned into a vagina. Aha. You gonna get pregnant when I cum in your face-pussy, Stein-kun?" The noises of the wet slaps buried the Alpha's atypical chortle indefinitely, but still audible enough for the Beta to hear, and as those words prompted an earth shattering shiver that rattled his bones and stuttered his pleasured moans, Shuu came to realize how much this man affected him.


Because, despite not having such knowledge of this hedonistic side to himself, one mere action from this male was able to send his mind into a complicated frenzy. Suzaku wasn't just the only person that had succeeded in spurring such insanity into him, because there was someone else too, someone that he knew he couldn't have.


His wet heat swallowed eagerly, mouth sucking and bobbing around the throbbing length, as he greedily lapped up the juices that seeped out of the tip of the bulbous head. His ears devoured every bit of the naughty nothings shamelessly leaving the Alpha's lips. The pacifying thrusts left him in a wanton mess, and Shuu's cock could only harden painfully as those hands pushed and pulled, removing his mouth completely from his decadent treat, before being shoved back in until all his eyes could see was the specifically located tattoo at the brunet's groin.


A mixture of his saliva and Suzaku's precum dribbled out of his bruised lips, resulting in them being slathered all around with each delicious, languid push. The hypnotic sounds of their panting breaths, sensual moans, and the melody of their repeated skin contact echoed across the entirety of the room, and spurring even more insanity into his slight being. Aquamarine eyes enlarged tremendously at the sight of the inflating cock, the bump the only thing he could see as his lips and nose were repeatedly pressed against the hard bump. His eyes happily took pictures of it, searching every crevice and skin and remembering in vivid detail the way it looked as the veined cock enlarged to almost twice its original thickness.


He'd imagined most people to be quite terrified of such a prepossessing crafted mass of flesh, but frighteningly, he wasn't. In fact, Shuu only felt the fervent desire to devour that thing whole with his achingly too ready hole. This human organ was the embodiment of perfection; it was engorged with blood, swollen and hardened and curving at the sight of himself. And the fact that this man desired to push his gifted endowment into him, so that he could mercilessly pound into hisneedy hole and establish his dominance as he leaves a large mark engraved into the Beta to remember for a lifetime, was a fact that prompted hard clenches and heat to form in the pit of his abdomen.


But all his thoughts of how delectable Suzaku looked dispersed right that instance, coherency left behind in the dust as Suzaku shot a substantial load deep into the depths of the Beta's mouth, sperm gushing from the tip of the cock like a geyser. His suffocating appendage began to fill with semen, and he was such a sick person that he adored the vast quantity of the thick, milky liquid.


"You want this spreading your hole instead? Want me to knot you after I fuck you?"


The idea sounded pretty nice to think about, but he was unable to voice such eagerness as a substantial moan was suppressed by the delectable pacifier as he exhaled through his delicate nose, and gulping down every bit of his Alpha's cum like the decadent treat that it was. As his mouth was unplugged, he was left feeling empty, the excess cum sliding down the sides of his lips as the hot cum overflowed out of his slackened jaw while he whimpered and languidly moaned loud and uninhibitedly.


The wet noises of his fingers trying desperately to satisfy his hole ceased as he came himself; hot, white cum energetically erupted from his twitching tip in spurts to join his created puddle at the ground in the process. His body grew limp as the pinnacle of his rapture descended back down to normalcy, fatigue prominent but he was still quite energetic nonetheless.


While the Beta was just about to plead for more, Suzaku bent to have a vice grip on his thin waist in zero seconds flat, forcing Shuu to remove his drenched fingers from his hole and changing his position on the ground to hang loosely in a lewd embrace. The white-head could barely wait for more, his eagerness defeating his slight fatigue in a one-sided battle. Stiff, trembling legs spread themselves wide and wrapped securely around a nude, toned waist urging his stiffen erection against the hard abdomen and creating a sweet friction as his precum slathered carelessly on the other's skin.


The precipitation glistening off the Alpha's skin must have been it, or maybe it was the way those fluttering brown locks cascaded down in alluring flows. It could have also been something about the way Suzaku looked as Shuu lifted up his glazed eyes, staring into a pair of golden eyes that indicated more than what words could even suggest. Something about the way their orbs connected sparked a compulsion that had them both lurching forward to join in a frenzy of wet tongues and cheeks. Wet muscles internally weaved themselves in a unfamiliar sequence as their mouths compacted firmly together to slather and taste various mixtures of liquid, and he couldn't seem to find the correct way to breathe.


Every inch of the Beta's body, vaguely limp yet still had a lot of energy accumulated from being a trained athlete, was scorching and overly responsive. During the midst of their lip-lock, the Beta's heart felt like it was melting, his body feeling like it was being dissolved of all its structure. While locking the Alpha in the most of promiscuous of ways, the Beta leaned in to the kiss and pressed their lips flushed as he attempted to accommodate the ticklish fingers sliding across his fleshy globes towards his twitching entrance.


"Mmmm...Fuck me. Please fuck me. I want your big cock taking my virginity."


Shuu winced inwardly as the intruding fingers suddenly slid themselves easily in his warmth, encasing themselves in the heat whilst trying to part his insides. As he relinquished every bit of his control and happily gifted it to this man before him, a left swerved around that man's back, clawing and scratching lightly at the skin, whilst his sore right hand circled around his own invigorated member for a thumb to tease at the sensitive tip.


Soft moans ruptured out of his throat, still a bit pained from its endeavor prior to this situation. As he reveled in the continuous rubbing and spreading movements and the ever so slight curves of his slender fingers as they grazed against the clenching walls, the wet sounds of their kiss sent shudders to rack his bones while he began to adore the Alpha's taste.


The Beta's eyes glistened and his raised a brow in wonder as his bottom lips was being pulled seductively, a wink the only thing else he was given before he stilled his body, slightly whining at the removal of the soaked fingers. The motionless of his body was then destroyed as he was violently impaled on a fully erect cock that still had yet to deflate, his spasming hole taking Suzaku until he met the enlarged bump, stretching and parting his insides as his innocence was taken away in a blink of an eye.


A languid scream sang throughout the entirety of the communal as he head flung back, white locks fluttering while tears began to stream down his flushed cheeks while he body jumped suddenly. Shuu inhaled harshly repeatedly like he was swallowing knives, before letting out more sound defying screams that descended into fragmented ones, back arching in a luscious curve, as his legs quivered under the power of his orgasm. Tears prickled at the corners of the white head's widened eyes, his mouth opened up in a circular shape while he silently moaned and his toes tensed and curled.

"If you do it that hard, I might...cum-ngh! I can't! I...A-ah! Ahh! AHHH!"


His tight inner walls caved around Suzaku's member with the same amount of reprisal as he climaxed for the fourth time that day. Fingernails scratched and tore at the skin on the brunet's back, leaving bloody, red, angry streaks as the hand at his cock tightened. He began to climb to the peak of the beguiled crag until the soaring altitude wrecked him indefinitely and he descended from the precipice into bliss, cum spurting out and painting the Alpha's abdomen a sinful white.


"You came again, Stein-kun. How does it feel to have a real cock inside your hole now rather than fingers? Do you feel so good that you can't even control yourself from cumming? Aha. That's so wonderfully erotic! Cum as much as you want. I'd like to see your cock constantly spilling your semen while my cock rubs the inside of your ass." Suzaku laughed out amused, his voice refined and thick with ardor, before he pulled out completely only to violently ram upward while he simultaneously impaled Shuu downward.


The white-head's screams filled with pain and pleasure echoed across the walls, and experienced hands moved without reluctance - they gripped at both of his ass cheeks, massaging and groping them whilst the Beta erratically bumped and grind his plump, tautening ass on the inflated erection. As time passed by, the pain was defeated by the insurmountable pleasure, and sultry moans and groans were sang to the heavens while he listened in awe to the unhurried, powerful slaps of their skins, reddening from the abuse it was now enduring as Suzaku walked to an unknown destination.


"Yes! Yes! I feel good! It's good! It's really good! A-ah! Fuck me! Please! Fuck me more!"


Because he was just too exhausted to even keep his head steady, he leaned down and rested on the other's shoulder, pleasured moans most likely loud and uninhibited to Suzaku's ear. Pink, tentative lips were flushed against the side of a sweaty neck's sheen skin. His gentle, affectionate kisses became wet licks as he tasted Suzaku's taste whilst slathering the softness with his own saliva. But then, the sudden push left his arms dangling to the side, half lidded, glazed eyes staring provocatively at the Alpha while a wet muscle licked his bottom lip. Anticipation began looming in his body, and the Beta could only let out a surprised moan as he was manhandled to turn out, an energetic cock still encased in his exhausted hole as he was twisted.


Then, their reflection stared at back at him. The shivers that ran up and down his span intensified; they rattled his bones, leaving him longing for so much more of what Suzaku had to offer. And the only thought that he was able to recognize through the hazy thoughts coursing through his mind was that he adored this passionate act. And when those strong hands raised his bent knees higher, to part his tingling legs and present him with their lewd coupling that was hopefully his first time of many, Shuu sincerely felt the need to cum right then and there.


The words, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." continued to play as he stared at their connection, the mammoth cock lodged deep inside such a private part that he owned, stretching him open and making him feel deliciously full as can be. His cock gave hearty twitches at the sight, hardened to the point of being painful, and his hands itched to relieve some of that pain.


"Just look at your ass, Stein-kun. It's just spread so wide around my cock. Can you feel it?" The question sent shudders that stuttered his moans and whines as he suddenly felt empty, and the Beta watched as the reflection showcased his pouting facial expression. Lust addled his mind, and all the male could think about was that mammoth cock filling him over and over again. With his lips parted, Shuu let out heavy pants, literally salivating as he saw the man's cock hardening and enlarging even more at their reflection the mirror beheld.


"Can you see the insides of your slutty hole, Stein-kun? It's twitching and squeezing but there's nothing in there. My cock is only a few inches outside. Want me to put it back in? Oh look, my knot finally deflated. Now I can fuck you properly."


Anticipation loomed in his abdomen, despite the more intelligent saintly side scolding him for allowing himself to indulge to his heart's content in this succulent addiction. Just as he was about to voice his impatience's protest and his eagerness's agreement, a brutal ram perforated his insatiable hole, resulting in a resounding squelch as the mixtures of their fluids formed and leaked out of the stretched, abused taint. The momentum would have upended him instantaneously, if not for the secure hard grip by protective hands.


A deafening pain and pleasured filled shrill and languid scream echoed throughout the entirety of the room, stinging his hoarse throat as he tears escaped out of the corners of his widened blue eyes. The sensation of being filled to the deepest parts of his drenched, cavernous hole resulted in an earth-shattering orgasm, and the floor and lower edge of the mirror became painted with a sinful white as he convulsed and released energetically in stringy spurts.


Shuu had no inclination to persuade the other male in stopping their vigorous and sinful acts, despite the fact they were--specifically himself--dirtying everything in sight and that anyone, just anyone could walk in on him in any moment. Shock wasn't apparently physically, but it was apparent eternally as Shuu didn't even mind if they were walked in on in such a situation.


An onslaught of brutal thrusts began to feed more to his famished hole that rested between his divided legs as Suzaku slammed into him repeatedly, ramming violently to the hilt as his meaty dick came back home to reside in where it was meant to be. With each thrust came a resounding squelch that sent signals to his, morphing him into a hypnotic ruse and turning him to a mere shell of a human being as he came continuously for however long because he wasn't even sure anymore, screaming pleads for the male to stop yet they were also mixed with pleads for more.


"No! A-ah! Please! Don't stop! No! Oh god! Don't stop! Suza-Ngh! It's good! It's good! Ahh!"


Tears streamed down his cheeks as he sobbed out his moans and begs and pleads, face morphing into one of heavenly bliss as his pink tongue hung out, eyes darkening and becoming lidded as they were clouded with an immensely powerful bout of lust. Shuu breathed out just then, unintentionally widening his thighs as his body slacked and his back fell back against a hard chest. His body relaxed every muscle it possessed while his eyes blankly stared at their reflection, the relentless thrusts as continuous as his uncontrolled cumming. His body stilled, allowing for the insatiable cock to pound into him mercilessly, and in the midst of his incoherent thoughts, there was only one that he was able to catch.


What am I becoming?


He felt no strength whatsoever, and relinquished it all to Suzaku as he became a mere puppet in their passionate coupling. Whimpers were all that escaped his lips. He felt numb, and it was as if he was in a completely different world then the one they were currently in. However, despite the exhaustion, all the Beta wanted to do was beg for more; for Suzaku to go harder, faster, enough to make him faint, enough for his screams to catch everyone's ears.


"Please...harder...I beg you. Wreck my hole...Oh my god...It's soooo goood..." His words were low murmurs, almost inaudible in the midst of the sounds of slapping skin.


And faint he almost did throughout his continuous climax, the reflection in the mirror becoming a blur as he faintly felt Suzaku pound into him harder and faster, and because the sensation was so faint, the Beta naturally begged for more.


"Mmmmmm...Suzuuuuu," he slurred, drunk off the ecstasy as his noodle-like arm waved haphazardly into the air.


"Your big cock...Give it to me...Hurry. Hurry. I want more of it. I want all of you inside me. Please, please...please."


His ears caught the sound of a faint chuckling, and Shuu then felt as if he was floating on a cloud. The ride was short, and whilst his body hung limp, the male gave a drunk, light giggle as the sensation of dropping down was all he could feel. The only thoughts that came to mind included how good it felt, how all he wanted was to be fucked more and more and more, and in the midst of it all, Shuu didn't even realize that he had been flipped over, nor did he even hear any of the words that Suzaku had spoken. Whining loudly, the male pushed his ass back harshly against the Alpha, wiggling it and moving it from side to side in protest against the motionlessness that Suzaku portrayed.


"Why aren't you movi-Ahh! Ahhh! Aaaaaa!" Singular, passionate cries and audible screams fell in tune as Suzaku began moving, the thrusts violent as his pleasured, erratic moaning increased ten-fold and became sultry as well as unconcerned for anything else besides just the tingling, numb sensation coursing through his veins.


"That's right! Destroy my slutty hole, baby! Ahaha! My insides are tingling~"


As he commented his rejoicing in the most happiest of fashions, the onslaught of brutal thrusts harshly fed the hungry hole that rested between his divided legs. His hands gripped and clawed at the concrete bench as an inherent reflex, his rock hard dick twitching in its sensitivity as it slapped against the skin of his abdomen from the momentum. If not for the bruising grip on his slim waist, there was a definite chance that the boy would have been propelled into the lockers.


Their pace turned animalistic, Shuu pushing and grinding his sinister hole against the hardened, energetic cock, whilst said cock returned the favor, ramming forward into his spasming warmth. His legs trembled dangerously, the ecstasy defeating the pain as easily as Shuu had lost his innocence. Shuu's back arched into a sensuous curve as his eyes took in the colors of the ceiling, mouth wide open with the wet muscle very recognizable to the eye as it hung out motionlessly. Glazed blue hues were half lidded, laced with an abundance of lust while tears streaked down his face continuously and he felt as if he was in a bizarre world, one that wasn't their own. Sweat glistened on the Beta's forehead, his snowy white hair sticking to his skin uncomfortably while a crazed and demented expression adorned his facial features.


"Cum, baby! Haha! Cum inside me! Just a little more. Just a little more untl you stretch my slutty hole with your knot and make me pregnant, right? Yes, yes, yes, yes, baby, yes, yes! You're so gooood, baby. Your big cock feel so good! I love this~ Hah! Ahaha! Ah! Haha! Doesn't it almost feel too good? My head feels strange..."


But then a sharp sensation woke him up from his pleasurable haze as it threw him into the throes of sheer undiluted ecstasy. His voice cracked at octaves he had no capacity to achieve as the mind numbing, overwhelming sensation tore through, racked at his bones and muscles as they coursed and ran through his veins. All the Beta could do was scream; he screamed louder and louder and louder, the shrilled, fragmented sounds so sirenic that his throat filled with a very prominent pain.


"No! NO! No, no! Please! Noooo! NOOO!"


The pleasure grew to be too much, and the Beta felt his vision become extremely disorienting and darkness seemed to cloud his eyes. The noises of their coupling and his screams sounded distant and faded as his ears began to pop, his skin becoming clammy as the blood rushed to his head. A field of darkness was all Shuu could see when he eyes lidded completely, the tears and saliva slathered on his face making him the embodiment of beauty while he was lured into the world of slumber.


- - - - - - -


The wet squelching sound that came with each powerful push, the delectable sounds of contentment and rapture that ruptured out of the Alpha's throat, the potent noises of skin slapping against skin that mimicked the hearty applause of a satisfied audience, and the lewd noises which escaped his throat even in his state of half unconsciousness, all spurred insanity into his slight being as he awoke from oblivion. Various fluids leaked out of his thoroughly violated hole, dripping and sliding down both his skin to the dark concrete below. His fingers no longer clawed at the concrete bench nor did his tense. All the male did was fall apart completely in this man's hands, lost control of every muscle that he owned as he went utterly limp.


"A-ah! Cum in me! Fill me with your hot cum, baby! Please! Give it to me! I want it! My slutty hole wants it so badly! Uh! Wah! Aaaah! I'm gonna get pregnant!"


There was no notice as a singular, savage slam filled the Beta with an intense heat, and Shuu's languid moan of approval was combined with giggling fits. His face contorted into an erotic, blissed-out expression as he was filled with the hot cum that he begged for, that his hole desperately desired to devour.


"Ah! Ahhh! Hot...! So much cum... Ah! Ahhh...! Your knot...It's stretching me-ngh! So big! I'm so happy... I'm so happy that your big cock can fit into my tiny hole like this~"


Contrary to the weakness and lack of movements his body displayed, his mouth exhibited no qualms in spouting incoherent broken sentences, hearty laughs, and pleasured noises that would have put the sluttiest human being to shame as he trembled violently as the knot slid in, and they were stuck. He giggled at the tongue lapping at his neck, feeling so drunk and high that he could not even realize the puncture wounds that healed at his neck.

"Mmmmmmmm. I wanna fuck you again." The breathy whisper sent violent shivers down his spine, and Shuu licked his lips the moment his eyes met with a slender finger with cum smeared upon it. His eager mouth opened wider as the finger slid in, and he moaned at the taste, tongue licking off the warm semen while he sucked the finger heartily, reveling in Suzaku's taste and his cum as well. A hard yet small thrust resulted in him squealing at the sudden movement, before releasing a sultry, languid moan as the Alpha moved his hips in smooth circles. The grinding left him in a state of wanton bliss as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, the shudders that racked his bones showed the same reprisal to his moans.


"Ahhh~ Then do ittt. I want you to. Mmmmmm... I think I love getting fucked by you, Suzaku. Does brother know how good you are? You speared my hole over and over and over and over again and it's like your big cock was meant to live inside me. Ahaha. Hah... I bet you got me pregnant from all the cum you filled me with me. I'm not a virgin anymoreee~ You took it with your cock."

They stay still momentarily, only for the motionlessness to end a few seconds after as the the Beta leaned down to flush the side of his face against the concrete bench, back arched as his ass started to wiggle back and forth. He began to grind and rub against the bulbous tip like no tomorrow, the direct hits to his prostate sent him into another state that was equivalent to angels whilst his cock twitched with a dry orgasm. Weakly sobbing, he was unable to do anything besides ride out the intensity of it all, the thick, milky liquid staying entrapped and swirling around between cock and hole.


The senses tingled, and the Beta was ever the more sensitive to the sensation of the hot cum leaking out and sliding down his slick thighs. Needy whimpers escaped his mouth, the strings of saliva connecting his tongue and his upper lip as it hung out, indicating the extremity of his current state. Beads of sweat slid down the lithe body profusely, his cheeks flushed with dark red as he panted out swift, shallow gasps and moaned out incoherent pleads for more. Falling further into sinful ecstasy, his mind currently overflowed with impure intentions, consciousness being bombarded with sharp pangs of desires like smog obscuring every sane thought that weakly fought back for the purity of his mind.


The thoroughly abused hole clenched and unclenched against the Alpha's stuck knot from time to time, and when the inflation finally subsided, Shuu pushed himself forward, allowing himself to be unplugged intentionally. However, despite that being his intention, Shuu whined needily at the absence and moaned blissfully at the feeling of Suzaku's cum freely oozing out of his agape and used-looking hole. The Beta turned his head to the side to address the brunet, the intense pleasure obvious on his face as he quite literally broke from it.


The cum leaked down his thighs and legs as he bent forward even further, his hands sliding down to grip his ass cheeks to part them and revealing more of the insides in his reddened, gaping hole. All five of his fingers then immediately plunged themselves into his twitching hole, the squelch that accompanied it palatable to his own ears. They moved in and out violently at a fast past, fucking the cum out of himself as he showed the side of him he never thought he possessed to the Alpha. Two fingers from both of his hands then slid themselves into his warmth, before pulling each side of it in the opposite direction to make it gape open more than it was prior.


"Suzu~ I want you to shove your big cock into me again. Do you see what my slutty hole looks like? I bet it just looks yummy doesn't it? Abused, slick and messy from your juicy cum that you pumped into me...Ahhh~ I've never tasted such a delicious cock before...I can even feel my hole convulsing and squeezing on nothing...Haha. Please fuck me again, baby."

"In fact...," the Beta murmured brokenly as he trembled whilst pulling himself upright into a standing position. Slowly swerving around to address lustful golden eyes, the male grinned cheekily, saliva leaking, and placed both of his hands on each side of the Alpha's shoulders, and then moved him in the direction he wanted him to go.


"Sit here," he commanded gently as he sat Suzaku down on the concrete bench, before immediately following suit. With a tight grip on each shoulder, the Beta shamelessly moved to straddle the male, with his legs widening to accommodate the more muscular between them; a movement done that sent the male's emotions into a frenzy as his clouded eyes and brain processed the position they were in. There was not an ounce of hesitation - that unskilled right hand moving to grip the shaft, and reveled in the fact that his fingers could not circle completely around the wide girth.


His shaking hips lifted into in the air, and he barely even registered the feeling before he impaled himself eagerly, the broken scream shrilled and languid while he forced in Suzaku's cum-smeared cock. It was stuffed deep as he slammed his body down in one heaving movement, the loud smack of their skin and squelch of the cum sending him into giddy moans as the cock was hilted fully. Finger nails clawed and tore harshly at the brunet's skin throughout his languid, sirenic moan. Inner walls tightened to insane levels, and the Beta's head slung back as he convulsed and spasmed, eyes rolling to the back of his head while he dry climaxed for the nth time today.


"Mmmm~ I came againnnn. You're still so hard. Ahaha. It's throbbing like crazy inside of me. I love your cock so much, baby. Am I a slut now? Did you make me a slut? Fuck meeee. Please fuck me harder. Fuck me, Suzu~"


A hand moved to hastily grip at his dripping, angry cock, and immediately he began to fuck himself, bouncing up and down upon the Alpha's cock, riding it and forcing it to dig deep into his hole in an unmatched pace like he wanted it in there forever. The up and down movement gradually intensified as each second passed by, growing faster and fiercer and harder. The melodic sounds of skin slapping against skin, the sultry sounds of the slick, audible liquid that continued to increase in amount, his own cries and pleads for more, registered themselves into his ears.


"Oh! Harder! Fuck me! Please fuck me! Please, please, please! Suzaku! Suza-yeah! Yeah! Good! It's good! It's so good! I love it! I need it! Please baby, more! Please give me more..."


The plagued his mind, cogging the gears that rotated the apparatus and pulled him down even further into the world of mere horny barbarians. The petite hand pumped his pink dick to his heart's content. After barely six seconds of his own erratic movements, the Beta's mouth widened into a circular shape and he convulsed violently, eyelashes fluttering while his eyes moved in erratic movements.


"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Hyaa!"


Another mind numbing dry orgasm racked at Shuu's bones, insides caving in and clenching around the thick cock so tightly that it was as if he'd wanted to keep it inside him forever.


"Ugh...It's not enough...I want more. I want so much more. Give me more."

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[01:23 P.M.][Music Room]



“I guess he forgot. Or perhaps he got busy with something else.”

One sharp golden eye slowly cracked open, shadowed beneath a fan of thick and long lashes and bellied by a prominent dark circle that was more of a cosmetic mark from a past life -unwilling to be forgotten- rather than the effects of a sleeping disorder. Pink lips opened in a soundless yawn, bent arms supporting the back of a brunet head languidly stretching up and about to wake sleeping muscles in a series of soft singular snaps reminiscent to cracking knuckles. Pressed thighs and crossed legs disentangled, lifting slightly before swerving to the side and letting their owner flip up into a seating position. Strong back arched, threaded fingers extending towards the ceiling palm-up for another bout of post-sleep stretches just before they flagged to the back of the couch as head leaned further back -until it was almost hanging upside-down- to give the instrument-playing white-head and his companion a drowsy stare, that slowly morphed into an upturned smile.


"I didn't forget you. Or our lunch."
Came the sleepy reassurance, broken at the end by another -more powerful- yawn. One hand gesturing to the black bento boxes sitting innocently atop a small side table near one of the multitude of drum sets just to the far left of the occupied grand piano.
"Before that though,"
Legs bent, knees almost touching the tight-fitting white shirt that covered an extremely noticeably defined chest, before shooting forward and propelling Suzaku into the air in a smooth arch and landing on his toes in front one of the cushony burgundy couches he had just been napping on.


Steady steps rang in equal beats, taking the Alpha to the nearest acoustic guitar stand that littered the spacious room, as Yurika's ode ended. Strong yet gentle fingers unhooked the instrument, a gentle flip sent the strap slinging across that wide chest, to be supported by a broad left shoulder. Black-nailed fingers stationed themselves onto and across perfectly toned strings -clean and gleaming in that new-polished shine.


Soft strums came, serene in their melody before Suzaku turned and really began playing, hypnotic eyes trained against crimson ones as almost soundless feet took him to sit beside the white-head -but instead facing the opposite direction- whilst sweet music continued. It was nice, playing something again for someone the Alpha genuinely liked, knowing that the effort and melody were both appreciated even just a little. It wasn't a whim either..he had a purpose for it. He wanted to give Yurika..something he has never been given, in a way that would eclipse everything -and everyone- that had been the focus of his
attention. It wasn't that Suzaku wanted to be the best -even though there is that urge-, knowing what the petite white-head wanted from him, but rather, before giving it, he wanted to provide the flamboyant teen something that he needed.


Yurika knew sex like the back of his hand, craved it because it was his nature, experienced it in near constant basis and had been doing it for how long, Suzaku didn't know. But the thing was, in the Alpha's mind, there should always be something that accompanied that act.. something that would be present
in a way that would leave a lasting mark. It would start the good foundation for any non-platonic relationship, but it could also be a way to.. send a message.




Suzaku didn't always do it -could barely remember the last time that he did- but despite that, there he was, trying to serenade someone. He wasn't after a romantic relationship with the white-head, not at all, but he at least wanted to make a gesture unlike any that had been there before he was. Yurika was capable of love, the brunet knew that especially with how those crimson eyes sometimes gazed so longingly towards a certain soccer ace, but that emotion was kept hidden.. kept buried under a heavy layer of denial and fear. The Alpha knew that the elder Stein wanted to move on from that, not because he hated the feeling but because of what Society
think of him. But in Suzaku's world, society didn't exist; morals and norms were nothing but petty chains that leashed every single person. He didn't care about incest and Yurika shouldn't either, especially with the possibility of it being reciprocated.


So with nimble strums of dexterous fingers on every string, he relayed that hidden message; stated that there was no need for fear, that it was his life and no matter how many downs it could go, there will always be an up. He doubted though that the white-head would get it, but perhaps the melody itself would make him think of the one he loved most dearly.. and perhaps the smile that Suzaku gave him would make him understand that he was always there if the eldest needed a friend or just a shoulder to lean on. And because, in the end, that was all he could do.. because it was their life, their freedom.. Suzaku could only support them for the time that he was with them -that would soon inevitably come to pass.


He was.. drawn to the brothers, was the thing. He wanted to see them happy, in that mysteriously cosmic kind of way that he had absolutely no idea about. His King did though, but frustratingly enough remained silent on the matter saying that it was up for Suzaku to figure it out.. that , in the end, the brunet would undoubtedly prefer it that way. He didn't doubt the powerful man, but that didn't mean that the itch to know the answer was not ever-present.


And having sex with Shuuichirou and playing music to Yurika made him feel like the answer was.. just there.


It made his smile wider in that joyous kind of way that he very rarely did. He disliked humans -very much so- but the twins? They were okay. And even though it could only be the mood of the music speaking, the brunet could honestly say that he enjoyed both their company; something that he have not felt for what felt like a long time. So at least, to repay that precious feeling, he wanted to help them.. in his own way.


And when the music ended, he murmured,
"You turn me upside-down, like a merry-go-round."
before a piano and violin rendition of the song Suzaku just played came in lilting melodies from the brunet's neural earpad -blue and red it glowed beneath the slender dark metal that covered it, hovering just a few inches beneath the shell of his ears.


The Alpha grinned, gently depositing the guitar on the once occupied sofa before extending a palm to the seated Omega.
"Would you care to dance?"
Was the smooth voice that flowed out like silk past smirking lips.


- - - [33 Minutes Prior][Locker Room] - - -

"Suzu~ I want you to shove your big cock into me again. Do you see what my slutty hole looks like? I bet it just looks yummy doesn't it? Abused, slick and messy from your juicy cum that you pumped into me...Ahhh~ I've never tasted such a delicious cock before...I can even feel my hole convulsing and squeezing on nothing...Haha. Please fuck me again, baby."

One sharp eyebrow lifted, golden eyes taking in the offered visual feast that was Shuuichirou's thoroughly abused hole; bumpy walls pink and streaked with cum while the rim stretched into an angry red, lewdly parted by those eager fingers. Thick semen poured out freely in viscous and seemingly unending tendrils that stained the Beta's clenched balls and the concrete bench below in a milky pool. Lust-addled sapphire eyes regarded Suzaku beneath lowered lids just as that salivating mouth begged and spout various dirty nothings.


All-in-all, the soccer ace was the perfect picture of someone under the throes of hedonistic glee; pleasure numb and addicted to the one feeling never been discovered before. It made the Alpha smile, in that pleased sort of way that he only got the various moments the brunet was being smug. Shuuichirou, as it turned out, was just as a slave to pleasure like his brother, in a way that he'd start to crave it like the addictive drug that it was. The brunet hadn't planned for it, hadn't even expected that the younger Stein could be like this, but nevertheless it was in his favor.


Sex was.. a vital necessity for his survival, but much more important than the act itself are his partners; how they are physically and mentally affected the lifestream energy that they could provide whilst he fed on them -so no matter how many times he had sex, even with numerous people, it wouldn't matter if they were even the slightest bit unhealthy. with Shuuichirou though, taking into consideration his athleticism, diet and the fact that he had
something else
in his blood, made the energy he could provide that much more satisfying and palatable to Suzaku. It was strong, was the thing; gave him more than enough to last him three or four weeks without even the slightest hint of hunger, unlike the others that he had to content himself with.


The brunet knew that after this, Shuuichirou would be the one who'd come looking for him, albeit in his own way like Yurika. He really didn't mind should that be the case. It actually gave him a constant source of energy while helping the white-head sate his own desires. In a way, it was a win-win situation, only that Shuuichirou wouldn't know that Suzaku had something to gain out of it more than just pleasure. And if he did good with Yurika, then that would mean that he'd have two feeding choices. He wasn't greedy -he'd been through that stage already- but it was nice to know that he at least had another possible source to feed on should Shuuichirou needed the break.. and he most certainly will.


Lifestream energy from mortal blood didn't regenerate as quickly as stamina from fatigue. It was gradual, almost slow, since it was the very energy that kept humans alive.. the one that glued the fabric of their life within their flesh. Without it, they would wither and die like a sapling blown into ash after a massive fire. He didn't want that to happen to either Shuuichirou or Yurika, so having the two of them as his constant partners meant that they'd be able to recuperate long before he even need to feed on one of them again. It was also a good thing that he wasn't dating one of them since it would have been messy that way.. not that he was considering it or anything.


Relationships were, most of the times, a burden that meant less that it really was. Very few were those that actually mattered -although every relationship would matter if spoken by the ones in it. There was that, he supposed, but again; as his opinion, he found relationships troublesome especially since he could barely tolerate every human that constantly pledged their undying love to him.. daily. But that was neither here nor there.


He gave a mental shake of his head, eyes blinking back into focus as Shuuchirou sat him down the soiled concrete bench before sitting on the brunet's lap and mounting that still hard cock once more. It made Suzaku sigh at the familiar feel of being sheathed in that wonderful heat that was the Beta's hole. Those soft walls immediately squeezed so hard Suzaku almost groaned in sensitive pain, but he chuckled instead, middle finger and thumb going to flick the head of the smaller teen's cock as he convulsed in another dry orgasm that sent his limbs trembling.


"You totally have no control, you little cockslut."
Came the amused observation as black-tipped fingers went to bury themselves in the firm cheeks of Shuuchirou's ass.


"Mmmm~ I came againnnn. You're still so hard. Ahaha. It's throbbing like crazy inside of me. I love your cock so much, baby. Am I a slut now? Did you make me a slut? Fuck meeee. Please fuck me harder. Fuck me, Suzu~"

Contrary to the Beta's shouted pleas, Suzaku stayed un-moving, firmly seated on that white bench as Shuuichirou rode his massive cock like the slut that he was. The Alpha smirked the entire time, enjoyed how fiercely the soccer ace impaled himself on his cock and how hearty his bounces were. But all of it only lasted for six seconds before another dry orgasm wracked that lithe form. It almost made the brunet laugh, how quickly that one arrived, if not for a fact that he found such swift orgasm quite erotic. It made him harder, made his already thick cock grow even more within the confines of that greedy hole.


"Ugh...It's not enough...I want more. I want so much more. Give me more."

And before the white-head could even utter another syllable, steady hands went beneath the Beta's knees, lifting them up and depositing them to rest on broad shoulders before fingers went to grip those noticeable lovehandles. Then without warning, Suzaku effortlessly lifted Shuuichirou off that rock-hard cock until his quivering hole was but an inch away from that leaking slit -more than a foot away from the Alpha's lap.. before unceremoniously pulling him down the same time that the taller teen pistoned his hips up, impaling that gaping hole in one brutal pound.


The pleasure-pain-filled scream of the white-head almost managed to drown the singular powerful smack of skin meeting skin.


And before Shuuichirou could recover, much less catch his breath, the almost merciless action was repeated.. again and again and again, until the Beta had become quite literally the Alpha's personal masturbation aide. Screams of agony and delight echoed throughout the spacious room, the pounding of flesh against flesh coming milliseconds after. Soft pants of breath went unheard against the noise as the Alpha's exertions began to manifest in clenching of muscles and and rivulets of beaded sweat, along with the delicious ripples of abdominals and the prominence of beating veins along working arms and flushed neck.


Wet squelches of their primal coupling came as Shuuichirou's voice failed him, his screams of rapture going silent whilst his mouth stayed slackly agape -the seams leaking a steady stream of saliva- and eyes all but rolled to the back of his head. His cute pink cock twitched and jumped at every unforgiving penetration, releasing a bout of dry orgasms each time. And when Suzaku's pace increased tenfold, the Beta sagged in uncontrollable pleasure; mind shutting down and letting the thoroughly conquered teen faint in defeat. But the Alpha did not stop; used that pliant and unconscious body to chase his own orgasm.. and when it arrived, Shuuichirou's form twitched at the onslaught of such powerful climax, cum jetting out in pressurized streams past the seams of the white-head's rim, splattering against the brunet's lower abdomen and thighs, before abruptly stopping as his knot inflated and locked everything inside once more.


"Hah. I'm still cumming, Stein-kun. Hope you don't mind, but you'll have a bit of a stomach ache when you wake up. I just have too much semen you see."
A soft chuckle as slim hips continued to grind against that pliable ass, pink lips descending to press soft kisses against that tilted neck just as one palm went to press itself tenderly against the small bump that manifested on the Beta's lower stomach. A gentle press and a squirt of cum erupted in a thin stream past that stretched rim.
"Aha. That's so erotic."
Came the overly amused statement to nobody in particular, just as an uncontrolled twitch of hips marked the end of the Alpha's long orgasm.


Under normal circumstances, and paired with a random nobody, Suzaku would wait until his knot deflated then would pry into his partner's mind and erase the memory of them fucking, just enough so that they wouldn't remember who they did it with, but not so much that they'd forget the entire experience. He would leave them with that hazy memory, that much he could give in exchange to the energy he'd taken from them. But for Shuuichirou -and consequently later, Yurika- he wouldn't do that to them, especially with his little growing scheme. More to the point, he wanted them to remember that he was the one to put them in such states of pleasure that every other Alpha that came after him would be deemed inferior and even though he probably wouldn't see it happen, the rush of challenge that manifested from that thought made him chuckle nonetheless. Besides, if Shuuichirou was this
wanton and slutty
in bed, the brunet could only wonder in growing anticipation what Yurika was like.


There were a lot of rumors, of course, about the elder Stein -many of which probably were true- but Suzaku didn't want to base his expectations from what other people said. He didn't want to have any expectations at all since it
undoubtedly show when they're already in the act.. which could potentially make Yurika nervous and rather than being himself, he'd try to climb the wall the Alpha's expectations would have created. Sex like that didn't sound fun to the brunet, it sounded like a job the other white-head needed to do at all costs. And that wasn't how it was supposed to be.


At least, on their first try anyways. The ones after that, they could be as kinky as they wanted to be.


But that was a thought for another time, especially since he didn't want to get hard again now that his little soccer ace was already unconscious. The mess of their energetic coupling though needed to be cleaned.. consequently, themselves too. So with that in mind, Suzaku stood, arms and hands supporting the limp Beta against his naked torso as steady beats of steps slapped against the tiled floor.


He headed towards the shower Shuuichirou had used, sat himself on that small bathing stool and gently let his fingers pry the white-head's pillowy asscheeks, the tips of two digits -on each hand- teasing the cum-slicked rim before slowly pushing inside; curving against the abused skin before oh so sweetly pulling them apart, slowly and intimately not unlike how the Beta had done so a few minutes previously. That abused hole stretched further, more than it would have been allowed if Shuuchirou were awake, and a few seconds later, a soft pop came as the Alpha's knot slid free, followed by the unmistakeable schlick of his flaccid cock sliding out. Then the steady trickle of cum came next, immediately staining the shower floor with its milky liquid.


The Beta moaned in his sleep, walls clenching against the brunet's fingers as if even in his dreams he already missed the fullness of being fucked by Suzaku's cock. Another chuckle came as tender lips pressed themselves on the skin beneath the hinge of Shuuichirou's jaw in an affectionate kiss.


Shower would come next, then he'd bring the Beta to the clinic for him to get some nice sleep.. more importantly, that he'd be able to quickly as for painkillers once he woke up. And even then, Suzaku doubted that the famous soccer ace would be able to walk properly for a few days, much less stand. A soft muffled laugh came.


Yurika was next and the Alpha would make sure that the promiscuous teen would fare no less than his little brother did.


- - - [Present][Music Room] - - -



"Don't worry. We don't have our Professors for the first two subjects this afternoon."
Came the soft murmur as smooth palms took petite ones whilst the other rested low along a slim hip, fingers teasingly giving the clothed asscheek beneath an enticing pinch, one golden eye winking at the act as lips curled into a smirk even further.
"Something about them catching the flu from their last trip to the farmlands."


Then they were dancing, on the slightly raised podium where the piano was stationed; feet slow and languid with sensuous steps that took them round and round while gazing into each other's eyes, body flushed intimately together. They swayed and twirled along the soft melody, movements almost delicate in their grace and nearly dizzying with how many turns they did. But it was nonetheless exquisite, the music lighthearted and almost joyous. It made the Alpha smile in that charming way of his, pearly whites showing and the corners of his eyes crinkling in gentle amusement.


"You know, Stein-chan,"
The brunet began, feet never faltering in their steps and body swaying ever so subtly against the one it was pressed with.
"Many students do not understand you, that's why they warn me. But the thing is, you're not one to be afraid of. Your nature makes you who you are and I quite admire how you have embraced yours so wholeheartedly despite what others might say."
A light nudge to the side and Yurika went twirling, at the guidance of Suzaku's extended arm, before he was skillfully pulled back so that his slender back was pressed against the brunet's broad chest, their arms threaded and crossed in front of the white-head's chest. Then they swayed once more, steps still in sync the entire time.


A gentle -almost loving- kiss was placed just at the side of the elder Stein's neck, the Alpha's delicate nose nuzzling the skin just above it.
"I am also quite aware of your difficulty with regards to your apartment, living and school expenses."
Was the tender, almost sleepy, revelation as another kiss was pressed just at the base of that pale neck.
"I'm quite fond of you and Stein-kun, so tell you what; you two can come live with me and the only thing you'll worry about are your school expenses. My place is big enough and it kind of gets lonely from time to time so it would be nice to have company that I would absolutely enjoy."
Another twirl from the petite white-head and when he came back and their torsos pressed once more, Suzaku bent and gave him a slow dip before capturing those slightly parted lips with his own in a slow and electric kiss -very much like the one he shared with the other twin. And when he pulled back, their dance resumed.


"I don't want you to answer me now. Talk it properly with your brother, see the pros and cons, and tell me your decision whenever you both like. Of course if you lived with me, I would also be the one providing the food. I kind of inherited so much money than I know what to do with so I thought it would be nice to use it for the two people that I actually like."
A soft chuckle came, famous golden eyes closing as the Alpha gave a carefree smile -one of the rarer ones he barely let anyone see.
"There's no catch, Stein-chan, despite what you are thinking. I am merely offering an open kindness without the expectation of getting something in return."


And he wasn't, despite the obvious situation of him agreeing to have sex with Yurika. It would make their tryst a lot more manageable, yes, but he had offered his home in genuine kindness. It
get lonely, more times than the brunet wanted to admit since he'd never really been alone this much in the past. He had always been in the company of his King and their group, had constant laughs and fights with them.. and he missed that, in a way that he'd never thought would happen.


Having the twins there would easily abate that loneliness, since he enjoyed their company immensely. It would also give him a lot more room to protect them, as per his mission. But nevertheless, he would still do so even if it wasn't. The two were human -a bit- but Suzaku's hatred towards that race didn't carry over them, if anything, it made him appreciate them more since that fact made them precious jewels within a world of crude copper.


And as the song came to an end, another dip was given to the white-head and this time, the Alpha's kiss lasted longer -made his tongue snake out to taste Yurika's mouth, to equally dance with the same slick appendage within. And when he pulled back and made them to stand once more, the eldest Stein was captured -again- in a kiss that would undoubtedly steal his breath away.


"Think about it."
Came the soft whisper as they parted, a small string of saliva connecting the tips of their tongues.
"Keep your schedule open for tonight though. I recall we have a bit of an.. activity.. to do."


And just like that his teasing smirk came back full force as he reluctantly stepped back and headed towards the table that held their lunch.


But then,
"Or if you want, we could do it here and now."
Came the words and voice that held so much unspoken dirty and wonderful promises, pink lips smirking high as golden eyes flashed in amused challenge.

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