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Unmei No Hikari[Fated Light] Private featuring AlphaZero

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Such a common idea many believed especially during the Technological Leap era; year 2073-2142. The world had become a gleaming utopia; a perfect blend of technological marvels along-side nature, where almost all prospered and lived content lives. But one scientist hoped to bring good intentions but brought forth hell instead.


[July 2nd 2142]

Six weather-control satellite orbitted around the world, one above each corner, to be individually controlled by what had become the Six Superpowers: The United States of America, The Russian Federation, The Republic of China, Great Britain, Japan, and The Federal Republic of Germany. The satellites were meant to disperse weather-clearing particles should their area experience a potentially catastrophic meteorologic anomaly.


By 13:12 of the Coordinated Universal Time, they were used to globally disperse an unkown strain; meant to force the next step of human improvement through evolution. But it had been too strong and 50% of the world's total population mutated instead; their sentience replaced by instinct and brutality. 20% died in what was later called as The World Decline. The remaining 30% developed what would be named as The Distinction; Alpha, Beta, Omega.


Along the global destruction that ensued, the unknown strain had another unforseen consequence. The Genetic Compatibility Imperative; where the remaining 30% subconsciously went out of their way to seek out a partner only born for them, with the use of the marks that bloomed on their skins by the time they hit the age of seventeen.


And so, 120 years later, the remainder of human population now live in cities enclosed in indestructible domes, connected to small towns by an underground railway and equally protected as such. The outside world had not become barren but rather, it became lush with greenery and the Stigmata -the humans who mutated- thrived in such environment. Their numbers swelled and 8 years prior, had penetrated a small domed town, killing those left within and giving the rest of civilization another horror of what they could do.


In the midst of a second impending World Decline, two lights come together in fated union.


Will they survive?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center]










[table=width: 400, class: grid, align: center]








Appearance Specifications:

Has bright golden eyes that can only see in total or partial darkness. Wears cross-shaped earrings and has an inverted capital 'A' below his collarbones as a birthmark. A black tattoo marks the left side of his chest, where the muscles of his ribs are prominent.





Full Name:

Alioth, Ryujii

















Birth Date:

17th December 2243





Distinction & Position:

Alpha :: Seme






Quiet and blunt, Ryujii, mostly just keeps to himself especially when out in a crowd. While he can sometimes be unfeeling and cruel, deep down he's kind only that he shows it in weird and unnoticeable ways. A very good fighter but terrible in taking and giving orders, making him more of a one-man team. Patient with almost serene calmness in most situations but can also be extremely hot-headed when it comes to things he find important. Can be an asshole on times his mouth runs on its own. Ruthless and efficient when it comes to killing, he tolerates no weakness should they prove to be a liability. Mostly passive out of fights, but can get aggressive when it is necessary. Rarely gives his trust to anyone and if broken, will not give it again. Extremely loyal to people he considers friends and loved ones, and will just about do anything for them. Is logical and clinical at given times, and will not hesitate in taking a person's life if it means safeguarding those who are dear to him. Can be a bit dense when it comes to people liking him.






A member of a secret intelligence network called Nemesis, meant to gather information on how the breach of 8 years ago happened. Has no memory of anything before the age of eleven and was taken in as the adopted son of one of the Spectres in the city. Nothing much is known about him, only that he's suddenly transfered into Fomalhaut Academy from an unknown learning institution. Owns a sleek black hoverbike and despite his 'assumed' blindness, he carries with him a driver's permit. Is always seen wearing his one-way visors even though it is against school rules. A smart and diligent student when it comes down to it, but rather cold and uncaring even to Betas and Omegas who have expressed their interest in him.






"I see you."











[table=width: 450, class: grid, align: center]






Appearance Specifications


Kouji has a tattoo on his left shoulder, and a couple of small, fading scars in certain places on his body due to being too reckless during his childhood.







Kurono, Kouji












Birth Date


July 7







170 cm





Distinction and Position


Omega and Uke







Ω Positive: Kouji is frequently seen as being pretty cheerful, and some of his peers even believe that he's incapable of having negative thoughts or emotions. He likes to laugh, make jokes, is silly, loud, and can seem childish on occasion, enough to be annoying, but he's kind.


Ω Slightly Possessive: Whilst this may be one of Kouji's traits, it becomes true only to the few things he deeply cares about. In the middle of this is, his childhood friend. It's possible, that he'll even become clingy, needy, and insecure if he doesn't feel like he's been given enough attention.


Ω Reckless: There are times when Kouji takes actions that may seem risky, dangerous, and wild. He tends to make light of a dire situation and never seems to be frightened of anything. There are times however, where he puts on a facade of being brave, when in actuality, he's terrified. He isn't afraid to try new things and loves to step into new, uncharted territories. He knows that fate has its own cards to play, but he also has some cards of his own as well, and isn't afraid to take a gamble with them. This trait of his may one day lead to his very own demise if he isn't careful.


Ω Emotional: Kouji's emotions half the time, are openly displayed and easily excitable. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and isn't afraid to release all his emotions out in one, large burst and let the world know of his pain. When he is emotional, such as when he's angry, sad, frustrated, he'll cry. He prefers to use emotional appeals to persuade people, and can use ethics, but has trouble using logic.


Ω Protective: Kouji can get very protective of those he loves, and will do many things to keep them away from harm. This ties with his reckless nature, and results in him being not afraid to risk his life when it comes down to it.


Ω Capable: People don't usually rely on him for many things because of how... kiddish he seems, but that's because they don't know him as well, and don't realize how capable he is. He's not skilled at fighting, but is adept at dodging.


Ω Whimsical: Kouji can be extremely unpredictable. He might decide on something one day, and then ends up doing the complete opposite. This is another trait that also ties in with his reckless nature, and sometime his decisions make no sense whatsoever.


Ω Different: There are rare times when Kouji displays traits that are contrary to what he usually reveals. Despite his usual uplifting nature that people often see, he can also get... dark when he's had enough. People usually view him as being naive, but when it comes down to it, he's able to get serious and his childish personality seems to switch with something older than he is. When he dislikes someone or is angry at them, he'll be extremely cold. Like, frozen tundra cold and it'll seem like he wants to stab someone with a fork with a smile on, but of course, he wouldn't do that. [/td]






As a child that lived during the destruction of Lacaille, Kouji's known what the phrase, "Hell on Earth" means ever since he was evacuated. Until the town was destroyed by Stigmata during because of a breach underground, he lived a peaceful life in the rural town with his mother. He's never met his father, and although he's curious, he doesn't care much to act out on his curiosity. Throughout his childhood, he's had one friend that he's always believed will never leave him. Despite Kouji being an Omega, and his friend being an Alpha, they got along well. He was one of the two people that Kouji cared deeply for. Childhood friendship was like that, he thought. There was no discrimination or hatred. Only love, fun and more fun.


He lost that friend on the day of the destruction. Not through death, but through disappearance. The last thing Kouji had heard from him was that he was going to look for his parents and board on the next train. After that, he's never seen him since. Everyday would be a day of waiting, to see if an older, more mature version of his friend would appear at his doorsteps and say, "Hello." It never happened.


The years passed and Kouji grew into a positive young man. He now resides with his mother in the city of Fomalhaut and attends school at Fomalhaut Academy. Despite his innocent childhood being marred by death, destruction, and the lost of a loved one, Kouji's somehow retained his childish mindset until now.







"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."








- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Lively. Beneath closed lashes, golden eyes saw lively activity. Red, blues and white dominated the usual darkness, replacing existent vibrancy with basic color concept. Should he open his eyes, he'd see nothing but painful light that burned the very retinas of his eyes. So shut they remained, able to see the red of heat, the blue of cold, and the static white of everything else. He sees people walking, cars running, walls, buildings, plants, animals, the blood-dot that was the sun. He saw it all.


A small smile curved pink lips.


It was nice to be back in the one city he could not forget. Fomalhaut, they called it, regardless of what it was called before the World Decline. He remembered it, in the earliest of his memories, could taste on his tongue the phantom salt of tears he knew not why were shed. Could feel fire lick his skin, sear his wings to the bone until they were nothingg but dust. Could feel the way his bones break and how bile and blood combined in a repugnant taste. Could hear screams -


He shook his head, deep breath washing away unwanted nightmares and returning back acute clarity. He looked up, the outline of the academy awash in white. Nice architecture.. too bad he couldn't see the design.. maybe when night came..


He took a step. His mission finally begins.


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"Hey! Can I have some of that?," an eager beaver whispered towards the person seated to the right of him, nonexistent drivel leaking out of his lips, as he's unable to contain his desire for the fine, juicy pieces of sausages that laid in the corner of a simple lunch box.


"Tch. No," came the irritated reply, annoyed at the childish being salivating over his food.


"Please?," he pleaded even more, his expression turning into one naivete and eliciting compassion, much like a puppy's eyes. His baby-blue eyes began to drift slowly from the pleasantries, and instead moving up to meet a pair of light brown eyes, which showed that the teenager seemed to be borderline between giving in or not.


"Ngh! Nooooooo. You're so annoying!," came the antagonized reply, voice laced with anxiety at the possibility of being caught eating during a lesson.


"Ughhh... Stingy," the young male scoffed as his brows furrowed, whilst a pout placed itself upon his slightly dry, pink lips. Despite the expressed petulant annoyance already prominent on his visage, the boy felt the need to cross his arms over one another, look to the other side, and slump down with an exaggerated "Hmph!"


Kurono Kouji hadn't had enough time for breakfast this morning, as both he and his mother were running late. He, for school, and her, for work. Toast had been offered, but being the picky eater that he was, only the best would suffice for him. Lunch wouldn't be until three periods later, and the famished youngster didn't think he'd be able to hold on that long before he gnawed his own limbs off.


The roaring growls continued deep within his stomach, loud enough for his other peers to hear and stare at him with expressions of amusement; a punishment worth his crime for not being able to feed the monster in the morning. With slender arms crossed over his abdomen, the brunet rested his head upon his desk, the object marred with scratches and scars by years of use and occasional abuse.


His doleful eyes gazed into the distance at the world just outside the window and watched as life went by unhurriedly; memories of childhood fun, playful fights, dirt encrusted fingernails, the shrilled screams, the potent smell of fresh blood, how his breaths were caught in his throat as he tried not to retch...


Food. He needed food.

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Stares; he could feel them all, could see the reds and oranges of their bodies turned towards him as silent footsteps accompanied the soft taps of what seemed like his walking-stick. Whispers came next, students not even bothering to hide open curiosity at the face of the unusual newcomer. Ryujii sighed imperceptibly. Sometimes the fact that he was supposed to be blind, as his 'cover', really irritated him when he wasn't even a bit close to that description. But then again, it worked in keeping unwanted eyes from him. Another sigh as a bulk of red and yellow blocked his path on the now silent hallway.


"You lost, little cur? The hospital's on the other side of the city." It rumbled, voice deep and overflowing with blatant mocking. A few students snickered.


From the outline of the guy's body heat, it was apparent that he was bulky; standing about five inches taller than Ryujii and twice as thick. A frown marred pink lips. People like this one was what gave Alphas their bad reputation and although he knew that it was just mostly how their nature worked, the raven still found it iresome. Besides, he was also an alpha and he considered such approach a challenge to his capabilities and general standing.


"Oh, no. I'm supposed to be here." He began, voice starting out as soft before slowly coloring in confusion. "But I can't help but ask you the same. Isn't it too early for you to be out and about? I doubt you could get any dick to fuck your loose hole in this hour. I know someone who has a dick as big as a horse's and I'm sure you'll just love how big his knot is and the bucket-load of cum he can pump in you. Want to know what stall he's in, in the nearby petting zoo, little bitch?" He ended with a superior smirk, gasps echoing all around as everyone within hearing distance grasped his full meaning. It wasn't always that an alpha's bedroom role was questioned publicly, to insinuate that they were taking it behind, like an omega, was blatant insult enough. But to even hint that they be taking it from an animal was quite close to unforgivable.


Ryujii didn't care and by the growling and barely contained rage in the air, it seemed that the other guy did. He finished it off with a small tilt of his head accompanied by a small smile. Then the guy bellowed and like an enraged bull -which he more than resembled- charged at the raven with abandon, despite numerous cries of alarm. Ryujii relaxed, stepping to the side on the very last moment before impact and subtly used his foot to trip the lumbering alpha.


The guy went smacking to the floor with an audible crash so loud it shook the polished floorboards, possibly unconscious. If an instructor hand't come barreling around the corner, Ryujii might have laughed. But he resisted as the small woman began asking him what had happened.


"He tripped." Was all that he could manage, teeth biting onto his lower lip to stop the laughter curling in his throat from coming out. Funny thing was, he wasn't even lying.


So with that out of the way, he pushed on, students staying clear from his path this time around.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"This is Alioth, Ryujii-kun. He transferred here from another city. Don't give him a hard time because of his condition."


Was what their homeroom instructor was saying but all Ryujii could focus on was the bright gold that just chased every other color away beneath his closed lids. The outline curved and wiggled, like jelly, but it was unmistakable that it was a person; seated and possibly looking at him. For as long as he could remember, when he closed his eyes, instead of the usual darkness that everyone else saw, he saw temperature and atmosphere instead. He had no explanation how or why. He just did. And when it was dark and he opened his eyes, it was like the dark wasn't there. But the gold; it was new, the impulse to go and touch overwhelming.


And before Ryujii even knew it, he was already in front of the irrisistable glow, one strong hand delicately cupping what he subconsciously assumed as a cheek and lifting before bending down and pressing his lips against another's in what might have been an involuntarily rough and possessive kiss.


The experince was quite all-consuming, the feeling of absolute rightness just swallowing him whole and when his hand curved and curled around a nape before pulling just that bit more to deepen the kiss; let his tongue snake out and unceremoniously push past plump lips and enter into a hot and moist mouth to tangle with an equally slick tongue, well.. no one could really blame him them.


An eternity of wet licks and muffled moans later, he pulled back, eyes unconsciously opening behind his crimson visor. And Ryujii gasped, for despite the harsh glare of bright white, he could see the student in front of him. Misty hazel eyes and red puffy lips, the short string of saliva that still connected their still open mouths. He saw everything. While everyone else was swallowed by the painful light, this person wasn't. He stood out in an ocean of white.


"Hello." Was the only thing he could murmur, eyes wide and hurting, just as the feeling of familiarity hit him.. as if he knew this person somehow..but he didn't.. couldn't remember an instance where they could have possibly met.


But then he was being pulled by the collar of his uniform and forcibly sat down on what appeared to be the seat behind the person he'd just kissed with an inch of his life. Ryujii closed his eyes, still feeling overwhelmed.


What... just happened... ?


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It's terrifying.


Certain people are expected to be around forever.


The days they are around, it's almost as if the darkest night will always fade back to light again.


The sky is always blue as it should be, and the roaring storm doesn't seem so close anymore.


Everything that was always thought to be bad and imperfect isn't, and breathing comes easy like a slice of cake.


It's terrifying, because it never ceases to not be true.


This was that moment.


This was his moment.


That person was here, and nothing was okay.


- - - - - - - - -


"This is Alioth, Ryujii-kun. He transferred here from another city. Don't give him a hard time because of his condition."


Such a horrifyingly familiar name fogged his conscience like smooth, thickened smoke. The veiled sound is absorbed rather than heard, and he felt this ethereal, almost toxic glee that left him bewildered and confused and trapped in his locked memories' awakening.


Kouji felt weightless; like buoyant clouds suspended in the cerulean sky, coming together, changing, and drifting on nature's wispy breath. He hears these voices, but he can't see who they're from. He couldn't see anything at all now that he thought about it. His misty hazel eyes could only see the entirety of the room being consumed in perfect white. There was nothing here, yet everything was all around him. The only human figure that could be seen was the one that had just entered, the one that had a cane, the one that caused his mind to push and pull at his memories, now rising above the graveyard as they resurfaced above the cold ground.


The one that went by the name of Alioth, Ryujii.


The sudden recollection warped his mind, rearranging the mixture of puzzle pieces that were scattered, into a framed picturesque of a smiling child, face and hair caked with dirt, mud, and grime. An unwelcoming pain bloomed deep within his chest and alongside it, the feeling of a tight band compressing itself around his head, with a constant, dull ache being felt from both sides. A cluster of emotions ripped at his being, feelings of overwhelming affection, confusion, sadness, longing, and fear rumbling from within, whilst his physical body was silenced by a rock-like stillness. The name was no stranger to the brunet; the personage being introduced by his teaching instructor however, was.


Before Kouji's mind had the chance to even process what it knew and didn't know, before his heart even had the sense to control his emotions, and before he even knew to breathe, a figure had begun looming over him, casting a shadow over the marred desk and his still self. As a seemingly coarse, yet strong hand lifted and placed itself upon his cheek, while affectionately caressing it, the temperature felt like it was seeping through his skin, increasing his body's natural heat by ten-fold. As his heartbeats increased to a million miles per minute, the head began to descend further, and further. Warm breath caressed his lips as the stranger leaned ever more closely, nose brushing against his own, encasing him in a feeling of absolute rightness.


A tingle ran through the Omega's body as a moist mouth closed slowly around his quivering ones, forcing him to inhale through his dainty nose. The kiss was gentle yet insistent, loving but possessive and rough. He closed his eyes involuntarily to better enjoy the sensation as the man's tongue lightly swept across and between his slightly parted lips. There was an edge of urgency about his kiss, a hunger that might suddenly rage out of control, yet strangely tender and seductive. He felt saliva gathering behind his teeth and trickling from the corner of his mouth as the newcomer moved his lips over and around Kouji's mouth, tender firm kisses working from the corners, slowly but deliberately nibbling at him in a sensuous dance.


The seated one felt a hand swerve and curl around his slender neck, pushing against the nape as a firm grip established itself upon it, forcing the Omega to deepen the kiss even more. Muffled sounds of pleasure escaped from his parched throat, forming into modest whimpers as the toxic kiss continued for what Kouji thought may have been an eternity later. The brunet watched as a string of saliva formed between their once connected mouths together, his clouded eyes slowly moving up and up as the stranger pulled back, hazel eyes tracing the string upward with clear fascination and shock.


What Kouji saw next...


- - - - - - - - -


They were red like crimson, and yet he saw a glow.

What they were, he didn't really know.

Then from beneath the bright light, a glimmer he saw.


It's those golden eyes staring back at him.

What made them glow he wasn't sure.

He's only ever seen one thing like them before.


Now there was something missing that he simply must find.

Those beautiful eyes had burnt a hole in his mind.

They were full of mystery and pain.

And he suddenly felt the same.


- - - - - - - - -


...were those golden eyes staring back at him.


"Hello," the owner of the eyes had whispered, voice laced with masculinity, yet softer than any other sound he's heard since forever. Not a moment later, those radiant eyes were gone, taken from him once again.


And he wanted them back.


With an resounding slap as his palms smacked loudly against his desk, Kouji stood up abruptly, knocking over his chair in the process, adrenaline taking over his body completely and control slipping steadily. He swerved his body, his eyes glazed with fiery passion, as a hand reached out towards the man as if it had a mind of its own. It clutched hard at the front collar of the black uniform, and pulled with a strength that the Omega never even knew he could muster. With a proximity that even allowed their noses to touch if he had wanted to, he looked past the crimson visor as his misty hazel eyes widened and glowed with a fervent intensity.


"Where... were you?," he murmured, his eyes close to tears, frustrated at the fact that those eyes were closed.

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As a child whose earliest memories were of violence, death and pain, it had been easy for Ryujii to understand right from the start that dreams were nothing more than fanciful blankets that kept adult fears away. He'd learned early on how the world worked and all the dangers of what people could do when faced with something they knew they had no chance in winning from. All of those had helped him when he was enrolled in a military academy, four cities away. He learned to survive among men twice as old as he was, got acquainted with what they all could and will do given the chance. He'd learned not to be surprised.


But there he was, the Alpha among Alphas in one of the best military academies in the country, feeling surprised as an Omega grabbed him by the collar and hauled him up with juxtaposing strength. And talking.. as if somehow he was expected to know this person.. which he didn't, no matter the stab of familiarity at his voice; soft, pained and frustrated though it was.


"I.. I'm sorry but," His voice wavered, words sounding weak with the fact that he'd never said those words out-loud besides in the never changing dreams he sometimes had. He felt the words were somehow something he should only say after giving it as.. as something.. something he did not know. The scar on his back itched. "But I don't know you. You do look and sound familiar though, so maybe we've met somewhere before?"


Admitting that he didn't know the guy stung, for some unknown reason lost to Ryujii and how he just sounded contrite despite it not being his fault at all was even more confusing than the fact that he actually cared about the Omega's feelings. It wasn't that he normally didn't care about other Omegas or even Betas, but it had been -and will always be- his belief that Alphas are meant to care for Betas and Omegas, not to boss them around. He is certain that he'd believed that even during the time of his lost memories. But that didn't mean that he would actively seek everyone that wasn't an Alpha and protect them. No. He was specific as to who he cared for. And surprisingly, yet again, that this unknown person had suddenly skyrocketed up to the top. He didn't understand such subconscious response.


"Would you like to talk about it during lunch? I made too much food so we can share if you want." That was another first. He hadn't really intended to ask the other to join him but he'd thought of lunch and the words just came out as if he'd been saying them for the past ten years. It was weird how comfortable it made him feel.


Then he took hold of knuckled hands, softly caressing them first before slowly and gently helping them unfurl. They were soft, warm and Ryujii had a hard time letting go.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


For someone as studious as Ryujii was, he found it hard to keep his attention to what the teachers were talking about. Closed eyes kept themselves trained on that singular golden glow the entire time; just staring and contemplating the meaning of it all. Maybe.. maybe this guy knew him from when he was little? The idea seemed plausible and would explain a lot of things but it could also just be a case of mistaken identity.. that was possible too, but the sheer disappointment should it be the case clenched something awful in his stomach.


"Alioth-san," Came a voice from beside him and Ryujii had to clench his hands into fists to physically stop himself from jumping. He lifted his head, red, yellow and orange representing the guy that was currently standing too near him. He didn't like it. "A friend told me what happened before you got here, so I was wondering if you wanted to join the Karate club? You don't have to decide immediately but we have a bit of practice match during lunch...so...I - I was thinking that we c - could go there together so that you can see for yourself if you want to join or not.." The yellow of the guy's face slowly became a soft red as his proposal was delivered.


And without the fact that he had asked someone already to join him then he would have agreed since he did intend from the start to check the fighting clubs first before joining any of them. He opened his mouth, about to say 'no' but.. something made him stop.


The atmosphere had suddenly felt threatening.




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The grip he had on the other male's clothing was tight, so painfully tight that his own nails dug into his delicate palms. An earth shattering shaking had implanted itself into said grip, resulting in the Omega's whole arm to tremble and vibrate as his emotions ceased to end its uncontrollable leadership of his body. He couldn't calm down.


No. He didn't want to calm down. His anger was justifiable. His grief and sorrow was justifiable. His frustration was justifiable.


Everything he felt right at this heartbreaking moment was fucking justifiable.


All these years of waiting for something that was as hopeless as the world being safe and wonderful and beautiful again, of worrying to his heart's discontent, of crying buckets and buckets of tears no matter where he was, of screaming when he couldn't hold it anymore, of pushing people away that cared for him, of being so depressed and exhausted that he would sleep all day for months and months and months and still he wanted, no, needed to close his eyes to the world because he just didn't want to think.


Is he safe? Is he hurt? Is he dead? Is he alive? Where is he?


The anxiety he felt most of the time was unforgiving. It tortured his mind, his heart, his emotions, and even his physical body. They lashed and clawed and bent and broke and pushed and pulled at... everything.


"Would you like to talk about it during lunch? I made too much food so we can share if you want," spoke a masculine, yet extremely gentle voice that turned his torture ridden mind into forbearing mush. A hand then lightly touched his own reddening, knuckled one, caressing it as his smaller hand was slowly becoming encased in a warmth that he knew he was going crave for more. Misty hazel eyes soothed and their fiery passion diminished ever so slowly as they gazed at the larger hand unfurling Kouji's own, disarming the slender male completely and turning his whole body into pulp before letting go hesitantly. It was as if that hand couldn't bear to let go.


Kouji couldn't help but adore the gentleness that his childhood friend held towards him, but it still hurt. He made it painfully obvious that he didn't remember the Omega; that much was true. It didn't matter that they used to be inseparable, that they used to be the best of friends, that they used to love each other more than anything; Ryujii just didn't remember him. Kouji was severely disheartened to learn that, despite the affection that the Alpha had portrayed when addressing him. His eyes were beginning to burn with unshed tears, but the brunet refused to let them fall, no matter how much he wanted to, just so that the world knew of his pain.


Was that selfish?


After years and years of waiting for a small ounce of knowledge to come by him when it concerned the whereabouts of Ryujii, he's finally come back for the world unknown, and yet...


It hurt...


There was still an inkling of doubt that began to build inside his mind though, that Ryujii had unintentionally forgotten him just because they hadn't seen each other for so long. He had apologized, and despite the fact that he honestly said he didn't know Kouji--it stung to admit that to himself--the boy at least looked and sounded familiar to him. As minuscule as the feeling was was, hope began to take over a part of him. Albeit it was wavering, and as weak in strength as the muscles in his body--no matter how much it dismayed him to acknowledge that--it was still there, and all he could do was pray to all the random deities, whether they be real as Stigmata or fake as dolls, for it to be accurate.


Kouji agreed right then and there. They'd talk over lunch, and... everything would be fine again. Ryujii would remember him, and his darkest night will fade to light again. His skies will go back to being blue, and the roaring storm won't seem so close to taking away his sanity anymore.


"...Okay... We'll walk there together then." His own voice became a revelation to him. It sounded so weak, and so meek that it astonished his being to considerable heights. Before weakly stumbling back to his desk and fallen chair however, Kouji gazed longingly at those warm hands once again.


The years of labor could be told on them. They worked on this and they worked on that; they've paid the price. They were hands that have done both good and bad, hands that have done things they shouldn't have. They were hands that have played and hands that have prayed. They were hands that have fought hard, and now they have been marred by the destruction they've suffered, and yet...


- - - - - - - - -


Patience. Control. Throughout Kouji's brief life of being a person that prided himself--not--upon having--not--those two wonderfully hard-to-maintain traits--true--he in fact had none, which was also true. And this was quite apparent when he heard whispers and whispers of voices laced with contempt, annoyance, surprise--that Kouji, the happy-go-lucky Kouji, actually was as menacing as he was then--and even a bit of fear, being directed towards him after he so delicately put as much of his fiery emotions into one single glare and eight words, and directed it towards an innocent person that by no means, meant any harm whatsoever to any human being.


At the first point, Kouji was in his desk, zoning out the instructor as usual and feeling self-conscious of the person behind him, whilst thinking about what to say to Ryujii when they were at lunch together. So many questions filled his mind, but none of them seemed to take the cake. None of them seemed worthy enough to ask. Kouji didn't even know if he could speak then, or if he would just stare and stare and stare without a care in the world.


At the second point, a one-sided conversation had begun to take its place just behind him. It was guiltless, blameless, harmless, faultless, and seemed to be without any ulterior motive whatsoever.


At the third point, without Kouji even realizing at what had come over him, his chair had scrapped against the ground as he had turned towards the pair, eyes darkened to the point of being a completely different shade from their usual color. Unbidden, his gaze rose and stared at the student, his face contorting into a mask of hatred as his lips curled into a snarl. His eyes became rays of hate and he glared at the person standing with all his will, silently willing the devil himself to send him into the most fiery pits of hell.


"No. He's not going with you. Go away."


Kouji had never yet gotten a start on the necessary cultivation of his control, patience, and anger. Young, hot-blooded, and reckless; those were the traits that had orbited his world and they defined him to a 'T', ever since he was little, and even now at his age of nineteen.


When he had heard that voice, that stuttering, control defying, angering, annoying, voice, Kouji's blood began to boil. It made him shake with a ferocious tremor. It made him want to release that emotion over and over again, beating civility into the face of disorder because that was the only effective method he could use. It made him want to draw blood. His back tensed, and his hands turned to fists that left deep indents in the soft skin surrounding his palm, even to the point of drawing his own blood. The brunet had broken through every weak wall of control he had, his rationality and calmness left behind in the dust as he let wrath, ire, and rage get the better of him.


He felt overwrought with anger, and his actions reflected that exact moment when he felt an uncontrollable jealousy and possessiveness take hold him. He wanted to have that disgusting excuse for a man under him, to feel the structure of his face smash against the bones of his fist.


If he were to list the most embarrassing, most humiliating, most awkward, most confusing, and by far the most stupidest thing he's ever done, this would be first most and important thing on his list.


Who was he to get so angry? This wasn't like him. This wasn't him. What was Ryujii to him that made him so wrongly, and uncontrollably angry at such a meager advancement from someone else?

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Amusing. That was what Ryujii felt, watching as the golden-glowed Omega just oozed hate and utter loathing at the guy; who had been stuttering and blushing a few seconds ago but now almost trembling in apparent fear. He didn't understand how the brunet could cultivate such emotions for someone he barely even knew, at least that was what Ryujii thought to himself. But if he had such an.. effect, to the other then it would make it more likely that they would have known each other while growing up. Maybe they were even.. Intended. Not that it was anything out of the ordinary since some old-fashioned parents sometimes did that to the children of their friends. But with how their society worked now, it was.. such a rare thought. After all, if you were certain that there was that one person for you in the world; born for you, raised for you, and will love you unconditionally, would you even agree as to something as uncontrolled as an arranged union? Ryujii doubted it.


But he was certain that this Omega -still nameless to him- was somehow learned of his past. He wouldn't immediately trust anything the other said about it, but he would consider them and check in with the facts that he already knew. And maybe then he might actually be able to regain the memories he had lost. But first, he had a Beta to save from being shredded to pieces.


He stood, abrupt and swift, one hand curling along the brunet's nape before just as suddenly pulling him into a second kiss; this one gentle, yet still deep, a thorough exploration of the other's mouth compared to the rushed insistence that morning. It still felt just as wonderful.. just as addicting. And now that they had -somewhat- a free time, the meeting of their tongues and lips took two eternities longer. But the soft muffled whine from beside him caught his attention and with a slightly affectionate nip to a plump bottom lip, he pulled back, turning his head to regard the now what appeared to be aroused Beta.


"I'm sorry, whatever-your-name-is, but I did tell this guy here that we'll be spending lunch together. But if you're up for it then you can show me the karate club another time." Were his amused words, nose twitching in the slightest at the subtle hint of pheromones in the air. The guy probably got hard the minute the Alpha and Omega's lips locked. Ryujii hid a smirk. Teenagers were fun but they needed to go lest said pheromones might start to affect him.


So, with a tilt of his head, he took his bag and headed out the door, knowing that the brunet would follow after.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The sky glittered blue, hexagonal patterns of the dome almost unseen behind randomly scattered clouds. Ryujii wished he could see it, as he stood there, face tilted up on the school rooftop. He wanted to open his eyes and be able to gaze at what daytime looked like, wanted to be able to see the glow of dawn and sparkles of twilight.. wanted to be awash in the feelings of watching the day come and go like the books and stories he'd read. They said it was magical, but he didn't understand what that felt like.. maybe close to how he felt when he kissed the Omega -Kurono, Kouji; the name he was given on their way up-.


It fit, in that familiar way again, and and a part of Ryujii was almost there into believing that the brunet was indeed someone from his forgotten past. But a more skeptical side of him, denied such immediate assumptions. And he agreed. Evidence was what made information legitimate, after all. Then he sat, back against the horizon so that he faced the shadowed portion of the wall.


There, he took off his visor and opened his eyes; bright gold even against the soft shadow of noon.


The brightness at the edges of his vision hurt, slightly, but it was bearable. This was the downside of eating on the roof, since he needed his eyes open to actually see where and what his food were. His bento was fairly simple; four pieces of hash brown, some cherry tomatoes, three pork onigiri, and four deep fried prawns. Trouble was, he had two of said bentos. So he gave the other one to Kurono before he began to eat.


Chew, chew, swallow, lick lips. "So, why not begin by telling me how you think you know me." It wasn't the best starter to what could be a serious conversation, but Ryujii still felt that it was a little bit faster to just get to the point and be done with it.


Lunch didn't last forever, and they've already spent half of it shoving their tongues down each others' throats.



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He'd been kissed twice today.


And by the exact, same person he'd known so many years ago.


The depth of it all didn't just come to him immediately; it had come when a hand gripped itself at his neck, and gave him the wonderful, satisfying feeling of being dominated. It had come when there was a soft, slick tongue being pushed past his angry, quivering lips and politely asked his own to join it in a sensual dance. It had come when his body seemed to understand that he loved the sensation of their teeth knocking against one another's in a deep, heated, yet surprisingly gentle lip lock. It had come when a light shiver struck his spine and traveled through every inch of his lithe body, from the top of his head all the way down to the tips of his toes. It had come when his mind came to the sudden realization that they had spent half of their lunch break shoving tongues down each other's throats as they explored hot uncharted territories, and despite being so disgustingly famished since the break of dawn, he couldn't care less if he didn't eat anything until dusk.


Kouji had loved it.


And he couldn't help but wonder why.


With his extreme anger, loathing, jealousy, and the urge to tear a certainBeta to shreds completely kicked to the curb and onto incoming traffic--all courtesy of Ryujii's awe-inspiring, dance of the sensual tongues--Kouji's mind had went into a reset mode, as he was too caught in this new high to even contemplate anything else entirely. A particularly annoying whining ended it all soon, however. Their lips unlocked, Kouji watched Ryujii turn his head and as he addressed the now apparently aroused Beta, the brunet then couldn't help but be somewhat arrogant towards it all.


It was like an, "Ha. Ha. He's mine," feeling, but the young male didn't even think that that could be probable, even if they were childhood friends. They'd just seen each after so long of a separation, and Ryujii didn't even remember him, so how could he... even think to feel that way?


Pheromones slowly began to fill the air, a gift that was of course, left by the horny Beta who couldn't help but get a boner from watching the Omega and the Alpha make out for two centuries long. A prominent bulge could even been seen beneath the dark fabric, too thin to discreetly hide much of anything.


Oh teens, ever the hormonal and dirty-minded bunch; which he shouldn't even being saying, because he was a teenager himself.


"I'm sorry, whatever-your-name-is, but I did tell this guy here that we'll be spending lunch together. But if you're up for it then you can show me the karate club another time."


And there it is again! That possessiveness. That jealousy. That burning rage that consumed his being and burned and charred everything in its path, like a sick arsonist that just wanted everything to be orange and red and dusty gray when it came to Ryujii being with someone else. Maybe it was heartburn. Maybe he was just hungry. Yeah, that's it. It was nothing to be worried about, which needless to say, was just as irrational as it was foolish.


Because those kisses... they just left him craving for more. The want ate at his core, and the taste of those lips...It was like he hungered for them, like he wanted to devour everything that heated mouth gave him, forced him to accept, and just beg for more for more. As he followed Ryujii to wherever they may be going, those thoughts ceased to end. They confused him, left him anxious, and restless. With a shake to his head, he forced himself to think of something else, otherwise...no.


What was he going to say as they ate?


He didn't know, but it still made him smile.


- - - - - - - - - - -


Nature's wispy breath couldn't wait to toss each strands of their hairs around, as soon as they stepped foot upon the vacant rooftop. The hexagonal patterns of the dome were hidden, due to the floating, scattered clouds that hung suspended, and which, were being filled with ice crystals. Bright, unforgiving sunshine invades and conquers the innocence of his pupils and it almost makes him hiss at the amount of light washing over him.


And yet, it was beautiful as it was soothing.


To his side was Ryujii, handsome now as he was when he was a child, except of course... more masculine and even sexy, though the brunet would never admit it purposely. Lean and broad; those were the two traits that Kouji would use to define the man's physique, and yet, he wondered what the Alpha had been through to get such a eye-catching body. In those many years...what had Ryujii even been doing?


The urge to learn something, everything, and to partake in those adventures even if they were just by the words spewing from out of his mouth preoccupied his consciousness. In the midst of his thoughts, a bento had been handed to him, and only moments later did his sensitive ears begin to hear the sounds of a constant ingesting of the simple lunch. Hazel eyes glanced down, and took note of the simpleness, yet skill placed upon to create the tastefulness that his mouth watered for. He then wondered, where'd Ryujii even acquired the skills to make food, and it was saddening, that the childhood friend he once knew might be someone different entirely now.


"So, why not begin by telling me how you think you know me."


The whole situation was surreal. His dreams were more probable than this unbelievable reality. Not only was he real, but his voice was affirmation to his existence. The fact that he was here, and speaking, and eating, and touching, was too much to handle. Kouji tried to keep cool. He tried not to squirm, and he wanted to believe that he can succeed in this faux act of composure if he'd just force himself to hold it in and not break.


With lunch completely out of mind and out of sight as he sets the bento on the ground, hunger forgotten, his lashes fell as he stared at the floor, downcast eyes showing the slightest recognition of an internal reminiscing. His hands curled into fists as they clenched and wrinkled the fabric of his pants.


He doesn't know what to say.


"I-I don't know where to start. Like... I know this doesn't sound convincing and I don't know why you don't remember and it really hurts that you don't, y'know? But I've known you all my life. We-We were really good friends. And I really loved you and then that breach happened and then after you said that you were going on the next train with your parents, that was the last thing you said to me before you disappeared. And-and I know that you're not actually blind, and we used to play together a lot, and I also know that...wings... and I used to like putting dirt down your pants and you would get angry and then do the same to me and I just..."


He really was a crybaby.


"I-just...I... missed you...Why don't you remember me? You're right here and I want to touch you, but... I feel like I can't."


He broke.

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Lacaille. That had been where it all started for him, wasn't it? Where his adoptive father had found him eight years ago. The place where people now only saw destruction and the startling possibility that any of the other domes that they'd created were still vulnerable from the Stigmata that roamed the outside world.


Just the mere thought of the name of that town, pulled painful images out. Made him see the horrors there was. But this time.. this time he would embrace them.


It all began somewhere bright.. somewhere he couldn't see.. somewhere filled with panicked noise and hysterical shouts. He had found it annoying, how people just wouldn't shut up. But then there was that unique silver blur.. he remembered he'd seen it a lot of times.. been with him a lot of times. They had played, eaten, slept, bathed, played some more, pulled harmless pranks, went to school, and promised to always be together.


He was crying because Ryujii had told him that he needed to go back.. needed to find his parents. That there was still another train coming.. that he would be safe.. that he would find him in the city because no one had the same silver that he glowed. And he went, running and never looking back because he knew if he did.. he'd go. So he went into the fire, black wings heavy as they carried him to his house.. where below, the fighting, the dying, the killing, the eating, the hiding occurred. He'd been afraid, golden eyes wide and terrified as he searched for his parents.. but then he saw them and he flew harder.


He couldn't remember their faces, couldn't recall the sound of their voice.. all he understood was that they were scolding him, saying that what he did was very stupid.. that he shouldn't have left -he couldn't hear the name, couldn't understand past the ringing in his ears- alone. But they also praised him.. at how brave he was for coming back.. at how they loved him.. at how they would make sure that he'd be safe so that he could go back.. go back to him.


But then the ringing intensified and Ryujii had to clutch at the sides of his head to stop them from the possibility of breaking open. It hurt, as if his brain was melting and slowly oozing out of his ears. But then just as abruptly it came, it was gone, leaving him weak and panting, his food all but forgotten. He took in a deep breath, heart rate calming in down to its gentle walks and away from the furious pounding it so just did. The crisp air was acute on how it gave clarity. He still didn't remember everything, just a few figments of that one night and nothing before, but it was a start.


His foot was already lodged against the frame of that door and all he needed now was to open it and go beyond. Simple, yet Ryujii knew it was harder than that.


He lifted golden eyes, clear and steady and rested them on Kouji. Maybe what he was saying was true, maybe they did know each other growing up as children. But then if it was this guy, then where did his silver glow gone? That was the most puzzling of all.. that was what made him doubtful now. It made him hesitate; the possibility that this was another person.. that their stories only coincided because there might have been another case just like he was.. that there had been another Alpha and Omega that did what he and his silver-glowed friend did. No matter how impossible that sounded, the possibility was still there.


But he could make sure. He could find out if Kouji responded the right way to something only the two of them would supposedly know. If it worked then he'd grudgingly admit that maybe, just maybe, Kouji was that one person who had been in his dreams for the past eleven years. And if not then, he'd leave and probably not be bothered by this person again.


"I don't remember everything," He began before slowly crawling -i.e; stalking- forward towards the brunet until he was pressed against the wall and Ryujii had breached his personal space once more; lithe body going in between open legs but stopping when they were but a few inches apart. He lifted a hand and let it slap the cold cement beside Kouji's head, golden eyes perfectly trained on silver ones. "I do know, and remember, that I had wings.. just like you said. They're gone now, obviously.. burned off.. I think, when the cellar caught on fire and I tried to fly to get out. I have the scar."


But all those wasn't what was important. The reactions those words created wasn't what he was looking for because they weren't the words that held a deeper meaning.


"You'll be safe in the city. I'll come and find you because no one else have the same silver that you glowed."


There it was; the words that Kouji would have remembered if he were really there. If it were even possible that he was the one the brunet had been waiting for.


All he needed to do now was wait for that one reaction.



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"I don't remember everything."


Right then and there, Kouji felt a pair of golden eyes trained themselves on him, staring intently and unwaveringly, much like a predator on its hunt for some prey. The stare seemed cold, vacant, and all consuming; it teared into his being, like it was attempting to size him up and deciding whether or not he worthy enough to be eaten. While not showing emotion, the eyes indicated that the smaller male was at least of some interest, and so he was being latched onto as a result. Feeling as if he was in a trance, the brunet absentmindedly mirrored the blank gaze and rested his own eyes upon the now crawling Ryujii, creeping closer and closer to his still body.


His personal bubble had been popped once again, his legs now involuntarily being spread wide open as to accommodate the larger form creeping in between them. A hand then slapped itself against the concrete wall beside his head, making him flinch just slightly at the sudden movement. Regardless of the few inches of space left between them, they were so daringly and extremely close that even a faint breathing movement grazed Kouji's nose with a variety of food choices, such as fried prawns. Those golden eyes had in him a state of stupor; stupefied to such a wide extent that he didn't dare blink or avert his hazel eyes away. Because if he did, there was entertaining thought that Ryujii would pounce and devour him the moment he looked away.


"I do know, and remember, that I had wings.. just like you said. They're gone now, obviously.. burned off.. I think, when the cellar caught on fire and I tried to fly to get out. I have the scar."


Kouji was beginning to feel quite self-conscious of their position and their close proximity.


"Pfft..." And yet, he couldn't help but laugh just a bit and for the first time in who knows how long, Kouji smiled genuinely. With his eyes still attached to those golden beauties, his fingers immediately lift to press against the curve of a smooth jaw. The digits carefully rub against his smooth skin, before sliding up and a caressing a soft cheek with such gentleness and care, that it would have been like the person he was touching was as fragile as glass.


Maybe he was as fragile as glass. Maybe Kouji believed that this person would just disappear in a blink of an eye, if he so much as handled him just a smidge more than delicately.


"I wonder if you know how adorable you are. And I wonder if you know how much I've missed you." A thumb softly grazes over a prominent cheekbone, and he wondered if Ryujii would just allowed him to do what he pleased. He drew closer, their foreheads almost touching, the other's mouth so close that he could only remember what they had done just a few moments before. A curve of a smile began to show at Kouji's lips, and gradually, it widened into his cheeks, enough to show his pearly whites and for those creases to show at the edges of his eyes when he grins.


"You know, just being able to feel your existence is a million times more wonderful than for anything else I could have hoped for." With his excitement and happiness piqued, the other hand reaches for his childhood friend's wrist and guides it up towards his face, all the while moving himself closer into's Ryujii's being, enough to be able to inhale the strong, masculine scent. It was soothing, it was calming, and it was his. He placed the other's hand on his own cheek, all because the prospect of his friend's touch was too tempting to resist.


And oh how he missed it.


"I remember your wings," he reminisces aloud whilst leaning into the curve of the palm, eyes still entranced upon the other pair of eyes. "I loved them. Seriously, they were like the most beautiful, most magnificent, wings I've ever seen. I treasured them, because I knew you did." The hand that rested upon Ryujii's cheek moved ever so slowly, painfully slow. They slid down to the curve of his lips and began tracing it; the shape they created, the temptation they exuded; they were becoming rather the obsession.


This moment in time has been emblazoned into his mind and it made him feel alive again. Maybe so much, that he might just break out into the chicken dance any second.


He was the kind of happy where you just wanted to shout out for the world to hear. He was the kind of happy where you can't stop smiling, or giggling, or laughing, even when you know you should. He was the kind of happy where he wanted others to share his joy with him. He was the kind of happy where the smallest things would never cease to make him dance elation. He was the kind of happy where nothing would ever come into his nightmares again, where he would be able to sleep peacefully, and the monsters under his bed and closet would disappear.


The rooftop air was breezy, the warmth of their bodies became a mixture as Kouji continued to lean in closer and closer, destroying the thing they called space entirely. Never mind the fact that his legs were still spread wide open. Never mind the fact that the smell of Ryujii was filling his nostrils and tossing out and other scents that might have tried to get in. Never mind all the features that Kouji had began to notice since they were so close. Those wide shoulders, his plump lips, his messy hair, the collar bone that peeked beneath his white shirt. His throat. His eyes. Everything.


" 'You'll be safe in the city. I'll come and find you because no one else has the same silver that you glowed.' That was what you said to me before you disappeared. I remember it clearly. Because I thought about it every day. I waited for you to come find me, but you never did. I wanted you back. I wanted you to come back to me."

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A sharp eyebrow rose at the mention that Ryujii was adorable. In all his life -that he could remember at least- no one had called him that word. His adoptive father had called him strong, his classmates had labeled him arrogant and cruel, his instructors made him understand that they thought him brilliant and capable.. some random shop lady had even called him dashing, for what he had no idea. He'd considered all of those unnecessary compliments; words that he didn't need nor care to hear for. But Kouji had called him adorable and that alone gave him the strangest feeling that his ears were somehow flapping in joy. He didn't understand.


Was this how an Alpha feels when an Omega gives them a compliment? It.. wasn't an entirely unwelcome feeling.


But then the soft touches came and his skin just tingled by how much he seemed to like it. Their first two collision had been initiated by Ryujii. He'd been the one to touch and explore. It had felt good those times too, but more in a sexually fulfilling kind of way. But these.. these gentle touches that made it seem like he was something precious.. made his heart clench along with his lungs. They made him weak, especially with what those eyes held and showed. How the genuine affection in them just made him feel.. things he couldn't comprehend. They didn't terrify him, rather they somehow settled him.. as if he'd been anxious all his life and he was now only being pacified. It didn't feel wrong, on the contrary, it felt right.


And when Kouji said those words that he'd been waiting for, that feeling of rightness intensified all the more.. as if.. as if they were meant to be separated only to be reunited all this while.


He was still doubtful, that much was certain, but it was the doubt that didn't come from distrust.. it was something else. Something he didn't understand. Ryujii wasn't even sure what he was doubting anymore.. if it was Kouji.. or himself. It was all so complicated and confusing, taking away his mind from things that he should be looking into.. like perhaps his mission. But what was happening between him and the brunet, he just couldn't let that go since it felt just as important as his mission was. Besides, as part of Nemesis, all he had to do was gather information.


And maybe Kouji could even help him. That was a nice idea.


But before that, Ryujii leaned forward, planting their lips firmly in a third kiss that was every bit as consuming as the first; hard and insistent, their mouths met in what might have been a precursor to a steamy night. No such luck since it was still the middle of the day, but it made the raven all the more famished for it. How he just devoured Kouji's lips and tongue with his own regardless the fact that someone might come to the roof and inevitably see them trying to suck each other's souls out. But it felt oh so good and only got better once he pushed forward and molded their bodies in a tight line, their now prominent arousal brushing together and creating that wonderful friction.


Then his mouth left Kouji's own, only to latch at a pale neck, sucking and licking the saltiness of the skin there and not really caring should a mark be left behind. He gave their pressed hips a languid thrust, groaning slightly at the feel of the brunet's clothed length against his own. How that made him want more and just when his hand went down to grab and squeeze the other teen's ass, the bell rang. And that alone gave him a sense of clarity at what he had just intended to do.


So he pulled back, slowly, golden orbs still gleaming with that unfathomable desire. "You're hard." Was what he murmured, lips curving in an amused and delighted smirk as if he wasn't in the same state.


Then he closed his eyes, put his visor back on, took his stick, and gently scooted away from that warmth that he already missed.. from that Omega that was already releasing some minuscule pheromones that slowly enticed him in just forgetting everything and continuing what they had been doing. Ryujii's smirk stayed in place, knowing that his own pheromones were affecting Kouji just as equally. So with silent precision, he gathered their uneaten lunch, stowed them in his bacg before going back in and invading the Omega's private space once more. A wet tongue came out, pressing itself on the brunet's neck and giving the hickey there an affectionate lick.


"You smell absolutely delicious." Were his words before he stood and headed back to class.



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Contrary to the falsified words of the masses, it was in fact wrong that all men were created on equal footing. Humans did not share the same rights or privileges, nor did they share the same endowments, much to the dismay of many who were not graced with god-like cocks. Because when humans are born, there comes a harsh realization that how they develop, grow, and look like are traits that are as uncontrollable as they are cruel. The development of human bodies and the rate at which they mature are not given to the hands of human to abuse, but to the rapidly increasing deterioration of their bodies by the power that is called time. Some men are gifted with the intense radiation of perfection, a trait that the majority of the world's population cannot hope to attain. These men are the product of life's ounce of mercy, born to grace the human race with their shininess. Just as their sexual organs are at the top of the latter, their mere human forms are condensed into one of utter flawlessness.


Ryujii here, was one of those men.


As Kouji's eyes fell onto the powerful and robust male before him, all the research he's conducted and the placements of each men he's seen all become tossed out the window and into oncoming traffic along with a kick outside the walls and into a Stigmata mess to be devoured. Way above the realm of sub-par perfection lies a king with a crown so bright, everyone burns to a crisp in its presence. That king is made to be like a well oiled machine; a sex god. He is what every man aspires to be; artfully crafted and sculpted to an extent that even Kouji was envious. And he usually doesn't give a shit.


Ryujii was that man.


A third kiss was all it took to divert his mind from affectionate to sexual in five seconds flat. Their tongues wrestled it out like they were battling it out for some gold and their jaws loosened and jerked back up in such a mouthwatering manner that left the brunet craving for more. More. More. His mind is currently overflowing with impure intentions, consciousness being bombarded with sharp pangs of desires like smog obscuring every sane thought that tried to fight back for the purity of his thoughts.


He felt his tongue unintentionally roll out and and licked at his bottom lip, and then brought itself back into his mouth as his teeth bit down upon it. That was so he could control the animalistic urges that came when their prominent arousals rubbed and created a friction that struck at his core; piercing and stirring up his very insides. The king was that potent.


Much to his dismay, the bell had wrung just as his neck was being devoured by said king, whilst his ass was being fondled for the first time in his brief life.


"You're hard."


When Kouji looked down, when his neck bent and when his face aligned with an extremely swollen bulge that was definitely not his own - the shakiest breath he's ever exhaled was released into the thin air of the rooftop; shaky and laced with a desire that would not be sated by just anyone. While Kouji is hard--there's no doubt about that--he seemed to be made of fucking stone, and it was still clothed. The thin air now felt dry, and his tongue felt desperate. For what, Kouji didn't know, since that muscle has never played a part in his endeavors involving his own hand.


A wet, yet surprisingly welcoming, lick was gifted to his sensitive, slender neck as a souvenir before the punchline had to be said from that mouth that apparently, loved to tease.


"You smell absolutely delicious."


And then he was gone; out the door and back to that boring class while daring to leave his childhood friend in this state after he had so delicately decided to get him raging hard whilst oozing out pheromones like nobody's business. All of Kouji's life, his skin's been untouched, unexplored by the hands of sinners, of men, of women, of anyone who ever desired to suck the nectar that he so innocently displays to everyone he comes into contact with. His skin's been untouched, except by Ryujii and most importantly, himself.


Needless to say, releasing his own pent up frustration did not seem at all embarrassing or wrong, despite it being on a rooftop and in public. Class had started, so it's not like anyone would be up here during the time he's spoiling himself. Convincing himself was much easier than he had thought. Ugh, he's definitely too easy on himself. Despite the fact that his head should be racing with confusing as to what was going, because this whole day had been something completely out of the ordinary and mind boggling at best, the urge to just flick everything else aside and focus on his own desires grew bigger and bigger as his cock's patience waned thin.


At that moment, the fingers of his right hand absentmindedly twitched and began to tentatively trace down his clothed stomach, inching just a tiny smidge inside those pants that constricted and trapped his mounting need. The left hand then joined the right hand, and gently placed an open right palm over his masked erection and left it there for a couple of seconds, contemplating whether this was actually the best idea he's ever had or the most stupidest one. It had been a while since he last felt the need to masturbate; a while since his last heat bout that is.


During his pleasuring moments in the comfort of his own room, Kouji tends to get lost in the world that is his imagination; picturing things that he knew might not happen to him for quite some time. And when he did, they were all of unknown men with god-like bodies and endowments but not a face to define to their flawlessness. Right now in particular, all the boy could do was imagine scenes in his brain--scenes so vivid that he damn near well ran out that door so that he could call Ryujii back and tell him how badly he wanted that wet, teasing tongue to lave at his tight hole and make him squeal.


Kouji saw it even now; Ryujii casually tossing his cane and visor aside, unyielding eyes more golden than gold gazing at him with a fervent hunger and lust while he stalks over, pressing him up back flush against the wall and invading that private space once again, as the brunet sits there doing nothing but waiting to be touched and dominated. Their lips would collide once more in a fourth and tantalizing kiss, a precursor to a passionate afternoon that needn't be stopped just because it wasn't dark as the dead of night. Kouji would listen intently to the low voice husking naughty words into his ear, while his hand, impatient as he was, rested itself right palm up at the monster cock hovering over his own and screaming at him to be set free from its confines and telling him to open his mouth, his legs, and obey its every command. It would then harden even more, like stone, at the hard squeezes and teasing movements of Kouji's hand and fingers as he listens to the groans of pleasures his ears were devouring to their heart's content.


The familiar sensation of cloth narrowing around his crotch created a friction that made him wince and shift on his spot on the rooftop ground. He's never sucked a dick before, but if he did, he desired for the feast he'd be having to be big along with a side of engorged veins and leaking clear liquid. To be honest though, he's never had the urge to do such a thing until today. There was an entertaining thought that that cock was meant to visit his mouth and reside inside him and pound into him into next year. There was a paining desire to want to attack his childhood friend, to push him down and mount himself onto him, riding him as hard as he fucking can, then be thrown onto his back, a courtesy of the king showing the brunet how good of a fuck he really is. Kouji would be clawing at his shoulders, leaving scratch marks red as what his hole would be like after being filled and stretched to its limits, biting that deliciously looking neck, and screaming as loud as his throat allows him to.


It could be said that Kouji had a lot of time to ponder those ideas, and indeed, they were clear and vibrant in his mind like the first light of day. It was almost embarrassing at how much he wanted to be fucked. Kouji felt like he was in heat again, except with much much more control on himself, shrouded away in the seclusion of his room and reflecting about nothing but wanting his hole to be impaled by a large cock.


The sheer amount of growing discomfort between his thighs was his queue to hastily unbutton his pants and zip down his fly. The boy yanked his pants down his slender legs along with his underwear in tow and kicked them of his ankles, stiff member laying at attention on his abdomen and leaking profusely at the twitching and aching slit. He then grabs the base of his exposed cock, eyes closing at the sensation of it all, and squeezes it hard, and begins to pump it soon after. Slowly. Up and down, up and down whilst slathering his wetness all around. The blushing tip fucks his fist as sensually as he can take it--his imagination focused on only one man.




A soft moan escaped his parted lips, still plump from the and glistening from their shared kiss just a moment ago. Kouji pinched his eyelids shut to fantasize, so that he can focus his attention on something much more fulfilling and arousing than the beautiful scenery of the rooftop view. Lustful breaths filled the silence of the vacancy, his pumping throwing itself into a frenzy and his back arching rapturously against the concrete wall.


Images continued to flood in front of his hazel eyes, unforgiving and cum-worthy to think about. Kouji imagined how his childhood friend would be slamming into him, ruthlessly snapping his hips forward and back, uncaring how fucking good it's making the brunet feel, and not knowing that he's making him shake with a pleasure he's never felt in his entire life. Their lips would suckle and smack over one another's, but the sound is muffled by those hips slapping into his ass whenever he plunges that swollen cock back inside.


The sounds of his engorged cock squeezing through his ass is enough to drive them both mad, so naturally that they do it harder - and faster. Their mouths would separate and his head would hang low, fists tightening onto the sheets below, as hands gripped onto each of his shoulders, deciding to fuck him at an angle that would make his dick want to burst. Deafening, pleasured cries would erupt from his throat, uncontrollable and frantic because those thrusts would have become brutal, liquid spewing out of the spot between cock and hole. The hips at his behind would then roll from side to side, as a cock would press into him as far as it can go, and then, because he can't help it, he'd scream at the top of his lungs at the way the huge base would grind into that sensitive, red hole of his. It didn't matter that Ryujii's would be too big inside of him, because he'd love shoving it in and out, and watch as Kouji unraveled completely by his hands.


"Ah-aaah!" Kouji gasped out a shrill moan at a particularly hard squeeze he had unintentionally given himself the mix of all the desire. The urgency continued to be on the rise, very noticeably when his pace began to quicken. His dick was so slick, and so wet, his own fluids leaking between his fingers. The sticky noises of him pleasuring himself traveled to sensitive ears, relaying an undeniably critical message.


He wanted more.


The young male stood upright, yet fell to his knees a moment later, slamming the side of his face down on the cool surface, now on all fours with an arched back and ass popped into the air while he continued to send his cock into oblivion. Unconscious and moved by desire, a free, precarious hand moved back to dip in between soft cheeks. Fingers reached for his entrance, teasing the rim and lubricating it with his excess fluid before plunging two in and stretching himself. His body convulsed, little moans of ecstasy escalating to incoherent babbling and muffled screams because his fingers knew his sweet spots so well.


"Ngh! Augh! sh- sh- Agh! Ryuj-Please!"


Kouji screamed and pleaded for his invisible person, the sounds fell on nobody's ears but his own, and that fact just encouraged him even more. His breathing was heavy, and beats of sweat trickled slowly down to his nose as he busied both of his hands. A guttural moan could be heard when another finger joined in the hole, now fucking the user of those fingers swiftly and pushing as far as they could go. They stretched him wide - but not as wide as he would have liked. The desire to have something thick and hot, something so fucking long that he'd want to get on his knees and worship it with his hands, teeth, tongue, and mouth. He began to rub his dick raw, whilst jerking his hand and all the while fucking himself until his cries grew louder and sultrier enough for the people down below to distinctly hear. The strong stimulation caused he knees to shake and satanic shudders to rack his petite body, and a perceptible puddle of clear body fluid building at the cold floor below.


A constant pressure continued to build in his body, as his fingers pushed and pulled, knuckles deep in his hot wetness along with the rapid pumping that caused his arm to go sore. Soon enough, there was an abrupt surge in his balls then. It was like a flare had shot up from his crotch towards his head and raced at a hundred miles per minute. The obvious looming of the incredible pleasure caused his breathing and heart rate to increase instantaneously, and he went stiff as his prostate tightened, his cock throbbed harder as blood pulsed through it.


"Now, now!," he bellowed frantically to no one in particular.


On cue, his muscles flexed as his climax racked into him like a tidal wave to the shore. A deafening scream penetrated the noiselessness of the rooftop, his vision growing white as semen burst out from his cock in spurts and drenching his hand, his milky thighs and uniform in his own cum. Meanwhile, his loosened inner walls constricted and caved around his own fingers with the same amount of reprisal as he continued to push them deeper, deeper, and deeper. A shudder traveled through Kouji's extremities so ferociously that it caused his final scream to shake much like his bones, his back arching and creating a perfect sensual curve.


Dizziness struck Kouji like a bad knock to the head, his eyes were unfocused and blurry, and his body felt like a paper floating in the wispy breeze. The only coherent thought that could ever hope to seize his mind, was the question pertaining to whether or not he should even think about heading back to class now.

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The kiss. Somehow, it had been different from the first two that they have shared, not on how it felt or on what initiated it. But more like the general feeling of it when Kouji had begun to respond. It hadn't been like the first where it was mostly just Ryujii doing anything, even though subconsciously, whereas the brunet had barely responded and had probably been just as surprised as the raven was. The second, there had been the brief taste of anger and hate, but then was replaced by -yet again- surprise that slowly morphed into something light and settling. But the third.. it had been needy and somewhat compelling, in a way that reminded Ryujii of an Omega in heat.. how Kouji had just been wanton and giving.. the Alpha didn't even understand his own thoughts anymore. But nevertheless, the main idea was there; Kouji had seemed ready to give in to the temptation that he had presented.


But the bell did ring, and although Ryujii had first planned to go back to their classroom, he'd figured that it was best first to take care of his little problem in the toilets. And again, before he even got a chance to go to the nearest rest room, he remembered that he hadn't actually asked Kouji to help him in his investigation. Not that he needed it, but it was still a lot better to have a helper -a partner- to hasten his intelligence gathering. Besides, the brunet did know the city better than Ryujii and perhaps he also did remember the layout of Lacaille and the events that transpired before The Breach. So he'd turned on his heel and headed back to the roof.


And lo and behold, he found himself one horny Omega.


Said Omega was so busy fantasizing and touching himself that he didn't even notice the clatter of metal against the concrete foor; Ryujii's eyes bursting open at the sight as his cane fell from equally shocked hands. This was something he had not anticipated. This was something he had not been prepared for. And how his traitorous dick hardened even further at the sight, the front of his pants bulging obscenely and would have already popped the buttons off if not for his belt, made him all the more conscious of the fact that Kouji was out in the open -where anyone, namely Ryujii, could see him- AND masturbating. He hadn't expected his teasing to have such an effect on his so called childhood friend.


He stayed rooted to the spot, mouth slightly open and golden eyes just drinking in the pure sexuality that was Kouji, no matter how the light hurt. And if having an erection the size of Jupiter for someone he technically considered a stranger wasn't bad enough, he definitely considered the sheer urge to step forward, reveal his presence, and just fuck Kouji until everyone in the building below figured out what they were doing, was probably a lot worse. And that urge was made all the more difficult to control when the Omega began producing that intoxicatingly addicting pheromone of his. It enticed Ryujii, caressed his nostrils with ambrosiac aroma and covered his senses in a dense pink fog of lust. It made him salivate and he had to swallow to stop his mouth from leaking.


But then Kouji had bent over, pressed his cheek on the floor and just about lifted his pink virgin hole right in front of Ryujii's face had the Alpha almost pouncing, the pain in his too confined dick the only lifeline he had left to hang on to. So still he stayed, body taut and clenched and trembling at how his control slipped little by little. He was reminded of what he'd said just before he left.


"You smell absolutely delicious." He'd said. And now that aroma was being given to him tenfold; addled his mind as its potency grew even more. For the life of him, he had never encountered one Omega with such powerful scent, even the ones he had met during their heats. They were all tasteless compared to how spicy Kouji was. And the guy wasn't even experiencing his monthly hormonal extreme.


Ryujii wondered then if the Omega naturally had such sirenic pheromones or if he was thinking of something particularly -extremely- arousing. Something that he desperately wanted. Perhaps he was imagining himself being taken from behind, his fingers imitating the erection that would be pounding in and out of him. Was he thinking of a gentle Alpha or a dominating Beta or maybe even an adventurous Omega? How did he imagine his would-be lover; would they be overly muscular, lithe, thin, or maybe even small in stature? Did he imagine his fingers to be something bigger, longer, or smaller? Did Kouji imagine himself being knotted? Imagine himself feeling his hole gradually get stretched and stretched and stretched until he's so red that one more careless stretch and he'll break? Did he imagine how it would feel like to be stuck on a large knot and having hot cum just swirling inside only to leak back out once it was over? Was he -


"Ngh! Augh! sh- sh- Agh! Ryuj-Please!"


..imagining himself being fucked by Ryujii. And just like that, the raven had no choice other than to unzip his pants and take out his throbbing cock, else he would have just fucked Kouji like that within an inch of his life.


He gave himself a long stroke, feeling his dick twitch and release a small dribble of precum. He was so hot in his palm, already a golden tan compared to the white of his fist.. had already become so massive his fingers couldn't even go all the way around his girth. His control was waning and having his dick out had proved to be a double edged sword; it prevented him from forcibly claiming the brunet, but with the sight of his veined cock along with that stretched hole, it was only a matter of time before he took those few feet of steps and just shoved himself inside that waiting warmth. He gave himself a hard squeeze at the thought.


But then Kouji was screaming as a powerful orgasm hit him, painting the floor and his uniform white at how energetic his semen had been released. Despite that, the Omega continued to pump his fingers deeper in his contracting hole, swallowing his digits down to the knuckles as if it wanted more. And Ryujii was so ready to give that more.


"By all means, don't stop on my account." He stated at last, thumb sliding the length of his erection to slowly press and rub against the leaking slit.


He wondered if Kouji would be one of those people that got afraid when he saw how unnaturally endowed Ryujii was.


He guessed, if that happened, he'd just have to satisfy himself with his hand.


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What is a dick?


Can it be defined as simply a human organ? Can it be seen as just a prepossessing crafted mass of flesh that can engorge itself with blood, swell and harden and curve at the sight of something it deems sexually attractive, push itself into whatever it pleases, and dominate it completely? Can it pound relentlessly into anything that it wanted, preferably in a being that walked on two legs, with a tight hole and a mouth? Can it knot, and give such mind breaking pleasure to the person deserving of such a gift, and form an everlasting bond? There were men that possessed such prominence, men that walked the earth and graced it with their beauty, men that held mastery, precision, and obvious supremacy in that one organ hanging between their own two legs. The conclusion that this small world that orbits the vast darkness that is the universe, simply states that not all men had the same level of such mind boggling power.


"By all means, don't stop on my account," the flawless young man had uttered, voice laced with such fervent lust and prominent desire, that it sounded like the definition of ear sex.


Kouji didn't understand; there wasn't an ounce of comprehension that survived as his brain short-circuited, and needed to be rebooted. Around him, everything was in fast-forward while he was motionless in the midst of it all. The fingers that had been thrusting vigorously in his taut ass ceased their movement while still encased in his own warmth knuckle deep, alongside with the hand that was gripping onto his now flaccid cock. The removal of his fingers from his hole ended with a loud and audible shlick, making him wince slightly due to the emptiness he had felt.


His shaky legs succeeded in standing upright, lower body nude while he swerved around to address the person who intruded in his not-so-private time on the rooftop.


"What are you-"


Hazel eyes then found themselves face to face with something so large, so mouthwatering, and so ungodly that incoherent babbles replaced his question. When Kouji tried to take one step forward, it was more like a stumble and a fall that left the brunet a trembling heap on the concrete. Before he knew it, his hands began to magnetize towards his crotch; hips out, thighs spread, and body shaking like a leaf in the wind. His mouth fell open and he swallowed, staring at the hard fucking mess of a man in front of him, who was grasping the throbbing need that had hardened just from watching Kouji pleasuring himself to his heart's content. Not knowing what came over him, the Omega got on all fours, and began to enthusiastically crawl like the little minx that he was.


Closer, closer, and closer, until he was about five inches away from the eye-level erection, and searching every inch of it with his half-lidded hazel eyes, whilst salivating at the mouth over how delicious of a feast this cock must have been. His eyes slid up and down the work of art as if they were his own two petite hands, stimulation the sex to stand at full attention and showing the Omega just how stiff it could get. It began to grow as much as Kouji's was, the bulbous tip was beating, bobbing up and down ever so slightly as if it was in tune to the thumping of their heartbeats, and leaking profusely at the slit.


As a vision of perfection that graced Kouji with it's absolute authority and relevance, he was thick, his shaft was wide and smooth, and tan; contradicting the milky whiteness of his hand's skin. The main vein beckoning to be licked and lapped at traced across the engorged length, creating the finest feast he could have ever hoped to partake in. The flush curvature of his head was a darkening shade of reddened flesh, and Kouji was merely staring at him as if he was in a trance, watching it grow into something else entirely. One whiff of the potent pheromones oozing out of the Greek God in front him was enough to make his own cock harder, angrier, and stiffer. It was painful, due to the fervent attention required but couldn't be achieved.


While scrutinizing at his friend's cock, his dick had begun to ache, dying to be touched, and so he does. He granted its wish, by squeezing the base with his right hand, and moved the shaft up and down as he vulgarly checked him out. With a thumb and index finger, a tight circle was made as he slid his hand up until he reached the ridge of the sensitive head, dripping wet and dribbling clear liquid out of his slit as they fell in slow strands down into the cold concrete.


But their erections weren't even on the same level of desperation. Kouji's was hard, there was no doubt about that, but Ryujii's... was like fucking stone.


He was longer than Kouji had expected, and longer than he had ever thought possible. The flesh continued to swell and fatten, making him shudder and his spine tingle and his mouth water, rendering the brunet completely void of forming words. A cloud of smog fogged his head, a pain dug at his tip as if there was a needle in the interior of it, and his limbs were tight.


His hole twitched as his imagination took hold of him, because he could only watch the theater in front of his eyes describing to him in detail over what that thing would feel like as it pushed and squeezed inside of him. How it would feel to have it pounding into him senselessly, then slowing down just to show Kouji how very little control he actually had. How it would feel to have their skin slapping against one another's, to have that man digging into every sensitive part that Kouji owned, to have the mixture of Ryujii's cum getting fucked right out of him as they went for the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth round. He wondered then, no matter how much the pain in his cock vehemently objected--though he didn't--how it would feel to be knotted by this aching need, by Ryujii. How it would feel to have this cock increase in size while encased in the Omega's warmth and forcing him to be stuck on a large knot. How it would feel to have it stretch and stretch and stretch him to the brink, making him so full that he'd start sobbing like there's no tomorrow, but loving it nevertheless. How it would feel--dear god--to have hot cum swirling inside his reddened, loosened hole only to have it leak out and trickling down his shivering thighs after they were done.


And as he started to fuck his dick with his own fist, gradually increasing in speed, his arm began to jerk back and forth. His body shook along with it, and then... his mouth suddenly felt really empty, his tongue desperate. Gasping breaths, small grunts, soft whines, and a mixture of soft moans erupted from his hoarse throat, escalating and growing louder and sultrier with each pump that he delivered to his own erection. Hazel eyes looked up in a half-lidded gaze, unblinkingly staring into equally lust-filled eyes, as the petite male shamelessly pleasured himself the ways that he wanted, completely enamored by his 'friend's' state.


Despite not even realizing that he hadn't even said a word to Ryujii, it didn't seem to matter at the moment. His gazed moved back down, using his eyes to breathe in the sex that is needing quite the attention. He was wet, cock screaming at Kouji and telling him to turn around, to open his mouth, his legs, to submit, to allow himself to be fucked, and to obey its every command. And Kouji wanted to. He wanted the god to pounce on him, push him down, bend him over, throw him on his back, voice erotic words into his ears, groan out carnal sounds like the animal that Kouji knew that he was, bite as his neck, kiss him hard enough to make their lips bruise, fuck him, and make him scream as much as his throat allowed him.


He's never sucked a dick before. He's had a craving for it, but he's never had the urge to feast on anything like that until this man. The feeling that this cock was meant to visit his mouth and reside in his holes was too strong and desirable to resist. He swirled his wet tongue around, licking the roof of his mouth and his teeth, fantasizing once again how he would taste like and what he fucked like.


When Kouji moved his head closer, when he slapped away the hand that held on to the engorged, swollen flesh, and when his mouth aligned completely with it, the shakiest breath he's ever exhaled was released, shaking his own bones just as much. Wavering in front of his salivating mouth was the flushed tip, oozing the nectar that he desperately wanted to taste. Shapely and wet, the thickness intimidated him, but also encouraged him to do what he'd been wanting for the last few moments.


"You're huge." Kouji had whispered not to the owner of the cock, but the cock itself, because he was lust-addled enough to have a private conversation with someone's sexual organ. He then placed a small, light kiss, and dragged his tongue at the curved skin, located at where the head meets the shaft, curling his lips around the fattened length and tasting a cock for the first time in his brief life.


Kouji scrutinized at the saliva as he retracted his tongue, wanting to see what it looked like as it dripped down the large expanse of the cock, the hand on his own hardened dick increasing in speed at the sensual sight. Control gone, the brunet lost himself to lust and sinning desire. If he'd had another hand, his twitching hole would have three fingers stuffed up there by now. An unoccupied left hand reached up in an attempt to grip at the widened girth, but couldn't go all the way around because he was just that massive. He still held onto it, precariously and hesitantly experimenting as he opened in his mouth to take the need in, sucking slightly at the tip and drinking everything that was being given to him.


It was surreal.


Kouji forced his wet tongue to flatten, dragging it up and down the shaft, base to tip, middle to tip, around the base, all over the head, and tasting whatever was in sight like he needed the damn thing to breathe. He suckled at the sensitive slit, circling over the nectar that seeped out from it, and groaning lusciously at it like he's just gotten a taste of his favorite treat, whilst pumping more of his own liquid that squelched out of his own, moving towards the ending that he so desperately desired. He felt Ryujii's involuntary twitches, while he was loosely lapping at the underside and making noises that would have put the sluttiest person's moans to shame.


He wanted to forcefully shove that cock into his virgin mouth, going so far back into his throat that he choked. That'd he whine and moan and coughed all at the same time, but none of it would ever escape his mouth because he was too busy being pacified and faced fucked by the plumpest dick known to man.


Was it even possible with how massive Ryujii was?


He continued to gaze longingly at that face, wanting to see the ever changing expressions as they morphed into ones laced with pleasure and desire; into those golden eyes, as his hazel eyes got lost in them just as much as his mouth was lost.


A virgin all his life, Kouji's never allowed anyone to taint his body, never allowed anyone to do him like he wanted someone to, despite being as sexual as he was. No matter how much he wanted to be touched by someone other than himself, to be pounded into, to be fucked hard enough until he fainted, he also wanted to be loved, to have there be some gentle lovemaking alongside the vigorous, bed-breaking movements.


But, none of it seemed to matter at this point.


What had this childhood friend of his done to him?


Why was he feeling this way?

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Fear; it did not show.


Ryujii had anticipated that it would at least appear in Kouji. He had thought than an Omega like him would be less when it came to sexual interaction, that he would be the shy and delicate type. He was wrong. It seemed that Kouji was one of those Omegas who reveled in pleasure, embraced it with arms wide open and chanted 'more, more, more'.


At first glance, Kouji could be defined as ordinary, with how he held himself and acted in general public. But when it came down to it; personally and behind closed doors, he was extraordinary, incredibly sexual and just about would do anything to receive pleasure. Ryujii wanted to at least doubt his purity -or so many people labelled- with the things he was currently doing, but he knew -instinctually- that he was a virgin through and through. It was not evident in the hunger he exuded but it was evident in how his pheromones smelled. Ryujii couldn't define it should he have been asked, but there was just that immediate understanding that this lustful student before him was still untouched.. until now.


Oh, yes. With how much those eyes just begged him, he doubted he'd be able to resist. After all, wasn't it an Alphas' job to make sure their Omegas were well sated with whatever they wanted? It was only natural for him to provide that necessary.. sustenance to his starving Omega. The edges of lips lifted in a smirk, just as Kouji began fisting himself; hips pushed forward and thighs stretched wide open. Such as a slut he was, and Ryujii was keen that Kouji be made aware of that fact.


"Such a slut you are, Kouji. Just showing yourself off like that. Do you love the idea of being watched while you masturbate?" He murmured, hand gripping his erection tight as it pulsed and hardened even more. "Like the idea of eyes on you as you stroke your pretty pink cock? Want everyone to see how lewd you really are?"


But then Kouji's eyes had dropped, widened, and literally used his gaze to caress Ryujii's dick, mouth salivating at the edges, and the Alpha almost laughed his amusement. It wasn't always that he saw an Omega act like that with him barely even doing anything in return. It was so fantastic how Kouji had become so lust-addled just by the mere sight of a massive cock. Ryujii licked his lips and gave his erection a squeeze.


"Like what you see? Were the cocks in your porn collection not up to par with mine?" He teased with a smug lilt to his voice, one sharp eyebrow lifting in silent challenge for the brunet to refute his question-turned statement. It was fun, playing with Kouji like this, where he barely held any form of sanity compared to the cool control that Ryujii now had. It was exhilarating how excited this Kouji made him. He wanted to see more of it, wanted to see how the brunet would look like with his dick deep down his throat, how his face would break like if he hilted himself in that small pink hole of his.


The tips of his slightly-longer-than-normal canines glinted as his smirk turned into a grin at the sight of the Omega leaking precum like an open tap. It seemed that his brunet had not touched himself for quite some time and still had a lot of cum to offer. Such a truly wonderful creature Ryujii had found here. But then his concentration from that wet and appetizing cock was taken away as a petite hand slapped away the one he was using to stroke himself. His lifted eyebrow only flew higher. Assertive; he also liked that in an Omega.


Funnily enough, said Omega wasn't even looking at him -at least, not his face- but was probably already too far into the ocean of lust that he was even giving compliments to Ryujii's dick, and the traitorous thing even gave a hearty twitch as if to prove its assent. Ryujii opened his mouth and was about to mention that his ears were up there with his face, but then his tongue curled and his words died in his throat as Kouji practically just began worshiping his dick with his pink, pink lips and too red tongue.


His hand went to grab the back of the Omega's head, fingers threading against soft brown locks and perhaps rendering the brunet unable to move away should he try to.. not that he'd probably even do that with how much bliss his face was in with just him lapping at Ryujii's cock.


Gold eyes took in the sight of Kouji's face, almost all the way wet with his own saliva as he licked, nuzzled and sucked the manhood that had been presented to him, but then those orbs went further down, saw the teen furiously pumping himself and Ryujii had the sudden thought that everything would end should the Omega cum. That would not do at all. So with a flick of a foot, Kouji's busy hand went to the side, leaving an angry dripping cock in its wake.


"You'll cum again in no time, if you keep that up." Came the matter-of-factly whispered words, strong fingers gripping Kouji's hair strong enough for him to be able to move the other's head anyway he wanted to. He pulled the brunet back from his length, made sure his lips were right against his tip before he began to push, slowly, slowly, until he breached that warm, warm mouth, teeth scraping oh so deliciously against the bulbous head of his cock. "Yeah.. that's right. Eat my dick and swallow it whole."


He continued to push, making sure to keep his eyes on his Omega's expression in case he suddenly choked him, but so far so good.. until he nudged the back of said Omega's throat and three or four inches of his cock still remained outside. That would have to be rectified, but in a few. First, he needed to get Kouji used to having such a massive length in his virgin mouth. So he slowly began to push in and out of that mouth, his free hand travelling down the brunet's cheek and and gently supporting the hinges of his open jaw.


"Ssshh. Yeah. Use your tongue, lick my cock. Hollow your cheeks and suck. Relax your jaw and breathe through your nose. You're doing good." It was all simple, but with Kouji being inexperienced as he was, Ryujii could only go gentle and slow. But it was still fine, the sheer amount of saliva in the Omega's mouth was more than enough to strokes the flames of lust in him to a low burn. But then Kouji's eyes went almost fully lidded, his jaw relaxed, his cheeks hollowed as he gave a powerful suck, and Ryujii had no time to stop himself as he pulled and pushed, his cock slid and curved and everything went inside.


He could feel the tightness of Kouji's throat against the head of his erection; how it gripped him tight, convulsed around it as the Omega swallowed. He could feel the vibrations all around his cock as the brunet tried to release a powerful moan, could feel the smaller teen tremble and shiver, wide stretched lips planting firmly against the base of the Alphas's cock as Kouji's back curved and a wet splash sounded below.


Ryujii pulled back and out, saliva dripping from his still hard-as-a-rock dick, and arms going beneath the brunet's armpits to keep him from falling back. He grinned. "You came just from being deepthroated." It wasn't a question, more of an awe-filled statement.


What had accidentally happened would have been brutal for Kouji's throat, especially since it was the first time being used that way. Ryujii just hoped that he would still be able to moan when they got to the actual fucking, much less even talk when they were done. But that was to be worried about when they got there. And they will get there, if the Alpha had anything to say about it.


"We're not done yet, Kouji. I haven't even cum yet." He punctuated that fact with a rough pull at the brunet's soiled uniform, popping the buttons out and revealing the white shirt that lay beneath. Ryujii removed them all, throwing the nearly destroyed garments to the side, and exposing Kouji's nakedness for the sky to see. "That's better." Came the spy's appreciative murmur as he pulled -manhandled- Kouji up against the rooftop fence. Ryujii pressed him there, the Omega facing the grounds below and the Alpha flushed behind him, prominent erection trapped in between the plumpness that was the brunet's asscheeks.


"You can see the front gates from here." He began, voice slow and thick like honey, hips roughly thrusting forward to to grind the underside of his cock against Kouji's wet hole. "Anyone who so much as looks up will see you like this, Kouji. They'll see you naked, panting, moaning, dripping, salivating. They'll see your nipples, pebbled and pink. They'll see your still hard and dripping cock and your smooth, smooth balls." Pearly white teeth came down to clamp on a slender neck, biting and sucking until a massive bruise appeared, only for them to move higher and give the skin there the same treatment, until Kouji's neck and nape and shoulders were littered with lovebites.


Ryujii's right hand lifted from one asscheek, sliding along a pale waist before taking hold of the smaller teen's cock, giving it a few firm pumps just as his left hand went to lift a luscious thigh. "Let's show whatever viewers we have your hole too. Let them see how red and how wet it is after you played it with three of your fingers. Let's show them what it looks like after my cock takes your virginity." That was all the warning he gave before his cock nudged and pushed, piercing the small hole wide open until almost half of it went through.


Kouji moaned, loud and unconcerned, his back arching as he shuddered, tilted socked feet curling at the toes, as his cum erupted and went streaming down to the ground below and Ryujii groaned. "Came again just by being penetrated. But fuck, your ass feels so good. Yeah. Relax and suck me in more." It was tight and hot and wet and so fucking good how Kouji felt around the length that he managed to push in. He panted, hot breath fluttering brown locks before his hips pushed and a few inches went further in.


But then, from the grounds below, a lone student went out, and Ryujii recognized him as the Beta from earlier. How convenient. He smirked, giving one final push that hilted him to the panting Omega. "Look down, Kouji. The horny Beta is down there, doing who knows what. Come on, call his name. Make him look up. Make him see you speared wide open with my cock. Let him see that you're the one I decided to fuck instead of him." A chuckle came after, the soiled hand on Kouji's flagging cock retreating up to spread the white mess on the Omega's chest and stomach before going beneath the other knee and pulling; effectively showing everything on display.


Then Ryujii began to move; slowly, in and out, from few centimeters to inches, until he was pulling all the way out only to push all of himself back in a resounding smack and a wet shlick. "Was this what you wanted, Kouji? For someone to violate your greedy hole like this? To spread you wide open and fill your ass with so much cock that you even feel it hit your stomach?" Another grunt as Rujii pushed in harder, making sure that every thrust hit his Omega's prostate.


The Beta below had gone to the gate, talking with someone, but then turned and started to head back inside; oblivious of what was happening at the roof. The Alpha smirked, pulling out until only the throbbing head was in before just using that to mercilessly grind against Kouji's sweet spot. "Aha. You love this spot, don't you? Go ahead, be loud. Let everyone in this school know that we skipped class to fuck like lions." He shoved himself back in, in a thrust that would have had the Omega lifting off the ground should he have been on it.


But then there was only time for heavy breathing and panting as Ryujii's pace went animalistic, the slap of their skins and melodies of their moans loud against the silence of the afternoon. And it all coalesced in a singular broken cry as their climax hit. Ryujii hilted himself as he came, cock pulsing and knot beginning to grow inside Kouji, but at the last second before they got stuck together, he pulled back, enough so that the hard and sensitive muscle had popped outside. He made sure to grind himself against Kouji's abused hole, made sure that his Omega felt that his knot was outside and not inside. He smirked as he gave a hard push and felt his semen trickle out.


"How, lovely. You're still gripping my cock so hard. Don't want to let go, I see. Don't worry. I'm not done fucking you yet. But this time, I'd like you to ride me. Want you to show me how you really love my cock inside you."





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Kouji's heard stories about that feeling a person gets right before they fuck, and when there's literally nothing happening. The random pause, or a moment in time, and the teasing break that makes the world stop revolving and then suddenly, all that can be felt is the pressure. When that penetration is felt and that feeling of being violated and invaded is there, a moment is taken to not breathe as the feeling of being freshly stretched comes to being, and the entire body becomes loose and malleable and is then instantly filled with this addicting drug of pleasure. Every muscle begins to relax, and then it's absolute bliss.


He wanted to feel this now. He wanted to feel him now. He wanted to experience this euphoria with his own fucking hole.


"Let's show whatever viewers we have your hole too. Let them see how red and how wet it is after you played it with three of your fingers. Let's show them what it looks like after my cock takes your virginity."


The looming anticipation intensified as he felt Ryujii's heat, how wet that smooth head was, and how eager they both were to fuck, to be fucked. He felt that impending pressure that was about to invade his body and his eyelids fluttered closed as he breathed out, caught in this specific second of time, not caring about the fact that he was about to willingly give away his innocence to a man that he hasn't known for years the day they've met again. And then his mind ceased all coherent thoughts as Ryujii nudged and pushed, piercing his being and sheathing the cock in Kouji's warmth.


The boy then arched up towards the sky, eyes seeing nothing but white stars as he came for the third time today, a loud sultry moan erupting into the silence of the afternoon as white, hot, sticky seed flowed out of his tip in spurts and streamed to the ground below, back curving in the perfect sensual arc along with his curling toes.


"Came again just by being penetrated. But fuck, your ass feels so good. Yeah. Relax and suck me in more."


His taut ass clenched and contracted tightly around his friend's cock, petite hands curling into the surface of the rusty fence and he couldn't help but squirm as those hips pushed the slippery dick inside just a few inches more inside his stretched, reddened hole. The sensation of being stretched to the brink has him breathless, heart thumping in tune to his panting pleasure filled gasps. As he was adhering to the sheer size of the thick flesh, the sudden final push in an attempting to take the Ryujii whole caused his eyes to snap open and widen significantly, a perceptible gasp ensuing just moments after, the feeling so stimulating as his ass tried to clench and cave and milk the twitching dick inside.


"Look down, Kouji. The horny Beta is down there, doing who knows what. Come on, call his name. Make him look up. Make him see you speared wide open with my cock. Let him see that you're the one I decided to fuck instead of him."


Half-lidded hazel eyes gazed tiredly at the Beta below, confirming the statement whilst relinquishing every control to his Alpha as his chest and abdomen was smeared by his own hot, slick cum, moments before his other was pulled back, putting every asset that his body owned on a full exhibit for everyone to accidentally see should they look up. Kouji imagined how Ryujii's face would be, contorting to ones that displayed just how much he was feeling, the images causing a satanic shudder to rip through his entire body, lust consuming everything that he was.


In an instant, he finally realized what was happening to him. The intense reality of it all, he finally got it, hitting his head like a ton of bricks would. He wanted to say something, but his lips couldn't move, his voice lost. A small whine was all that could be heard and as he opened his mouth, something else happens, interrupting his every action completely.


He starts moving.


The way the swollen tip glided through his insides drove him to the point of lunacy, each thrust growing in length with each vigorous push that Ryujii delivered between Kouji's quivering legs, drenched in the pair's mixture of liquid, increasing in amount as their fucking continued. Kouji's gasping breathes and uncontrollable cries skyrocketed to insane vibrations, growing louder and sultrier with each new shove that his Alpha gave up for his hole to eat. His senses tingled, his sharp hearing becoming even sharper as his sensitive ears picked up Ryujii's carnal, masculine groans. Listening to them made him all the more impatient for more; harder, faster, hotter, more, more, more.


"Was this what you wanted, Kouji? For someone to violate your greedy hole like this? To spread you wide open and fill your ass with so much cock that you even feel it hit your stomach?"


He stared at the ground below as if he was in a trance, the way that aching need entered him made him want to scream for all the world to hear. It was like Ryujii knew exactly what he was doing--which he most likely did--slowly rolling his hips and stretching his hole, moving all his muscles, concentrating only on his reactions, on feeling him from the inside out. The sting was subsiding, the absence of pain began to evolve into mind blowing pleasure, and the ecstasy was too much for anyone to handle, but Kouji loved it.


But then, Ryujii started to pump the tip of his dick into his Omega, mercilessly grinding against Kouji's sweet spot; like he's giving himself a rough massage, acting like he's about to remove it completely but he doesn't. The Alpha decided to pop it in and out, barely letting Kouji feel the full force of his cock's length, teasing him as if he has the every right to, and Kouji convulsed, despising the lack of vigorous movement but desiring it at the same time.


"Aha. You love this spot, don't you? Go ahead, be loud. Let everyone in this school know that we skipped class to fuck like lions."


A strangled gasp was released as Ryujii gave him a floor-lifting thrust to his prostate, dirty, slick sounds resonating throughout the silence, the school fence rattling in its place as his reddened hands used it to keep his body in place, his energy being excessively drained from the force of it all. Shudders racked his body like no tomorrow as they did indeed fuck like lions, leaving no room for talking, as Ryujii's pace went animalistic, his forceful unforgiving thrusts and pulls ending in resounding slaps as their glistening skin made contact; melodic screams and cries of pleasures consolidating into a single, resonating cry as they climaxed as one.


An earth shattering shudder, accompanied by an arching of his naked, thin back as Kouji came harder from the sensation of the monster cock hilting itself as Ryujii released, the Alpha's sex throbbing hard as blood pulsed through it, and the feeling of something beginning to grow inside his hole, stretching him further and further and further until he literally felt like he was about to burst. But then it was all gone, as Ryujii pulled his dick out in one swift movement, causing his loosened hole to lose that fulfilling thickness, much to Kouji's dismay. Just as he was about whine in protest, a final, Herculean push was delivered, resulting in a pornstar-sized load discharging into his ass. The brunet words died inside his mouth, growing limp as he found no incentive to arise, whilst allowing the pulsation to take over his tired form.


"How, lovely. You're still gripping my cock so hard. Don't want to let go, I see. Don't worry. I'm not done fucking you yet. But this time, I'd like you to ride me. Want you to show me how you really love my cock inside you."

Ears perking at the sultry words spoken by his sex companion, Kouji need not know of what in the heavens decided to come over him because he could care less as he swerved his exhausted body and flung himself at Ryujii like a sex-crazed animal, cock sliding out of him like ice because of how loose and wet his hole was. He slammed them both onto concrete, and possibly injuring them both in the process, tiredness disappearing in the blink of eye. But all Kouji could see was that fucking thick pillar stiffening straight up once again before him, bobbing up and down, slick and wet and mouthwatering and godly, beckoning his twitching, abused hole and testing his self-control.


"Come here then," the brunet chuckled out, pearly whites showing as he grinned in excitement while crawling right on top of the Alpha, pushing the thickening dick against the clothed flesh of his taut stomach

as Kouji's body moved between his legs, torso sliding up to meet Ryujii's defined chest. The burning heat radiating off his cock had begun to push into Kouji's belly with a great deal of force that it felt like being stabbed in the most erotic, gratifying way possible.


A warm palm then lands flat on the frigid rooftop floor, contradicting the heat that resides in his hand, and is rested on the area right by his sex-addled partner's broad shoulders, aligning their faces and hovering his lips a few mere inches from Ryujii's perfect ones. The unoccupied hand reaches up to caress a prominent cheekbone, feathery light and with a gentleness that Kouji never thought that he had. Hazel eyes gaze into golden ones, unblinking and consisting of the same equal gentleness that resided in Kouji's palm.


"I'm sorry. That must have hurt," he breathed out calmly, yet unable to compose a shred of his concern. The pair stared at one another, Kouji's breaths short and heavy and he leaned down, sliding his hand down to take the other's cheek into the palm of his right hand. Warm, sweaty, and beautiful - those were the traits that Kouji would use to define Ryujii in this moment of complete bliss. Kouji was uncaring for the confusion that will most likely consume his mind, eating away at his sanity, after their brief moment of ecstasy. A slender thumb swipes at his skin, and a tender kiss was placed on his lips because the brunet was drawn in by their mere, hypnotic shape.


He could only believe that he did the right thing, for this man's actions validated his own. Those hands, those hips, those words, those thrusts - Ryujii had shown him his consent, and there was a minuscule hope blooming in his chest that this would... at least end well.


As the young male pulled his upper body back, and legs now shamelessly straddling as he placed every asset of his on display, a cluster of emotions ripping from within as he peered at the position they were, cock energized yet again at the freedom he had attained from just those words spoken just a few moments ago. White vaporous puffs of breath drifted out of his panting lips, a flushed face that giggled every so often as he felt the swinging protrusions of meat that were their cocks hardening against his milky skin as he brought them flushed together, completed with the thick beads of clear liquid as they both leaked profusely out of their slits.


"Now... what was that you said?," asked Kouji, feigning ignorance, his pink cock giving a hearty twitch at the mere remembrance of what Ryujii had vocalized, patently proving its assent at the idea. Kouji grazed his right, silky palm over the Alpha's undeniably budding erection, sticking straight out, beating red, swollen with blood, engorged with the desire to be pushed into something nice and tight, and attempted to wrap his fingers completely around the wide expanse of the girth. But of course, to no avail, as he was just that big. The Omega then proceeded to inadvertently lick his lips as pumped and jerked Ryujii off for the merest hint of a few seconds, his left hand reaching out to steady himself as he rested it flat on the Alpha's abdomen.


"Want you to show me how you really love my cock inside you."


"That's what you said right?"


These words were confirmed by none other then the puzzle pieces located inside the crevices of Kouji's lust-addled mind, and from there the young male wordlessly accepted. There was not an ounce of hesitation in his movements - that skilled right hand moved from gripping the shaft to teasing the oozing slit in moments, thumb pressing into the delicacy as his left hand pushed up, allowing his steady hips to follow as they lifted into the air, giving Ryujii's erection room to breathe. Kouji had situated the tip of the other's cock against his own eager entrance between his legs just as swiftly, grinding his hole against the slit as he rocked his ass back and forth vigorously, sparking delectable moans from his lips as he reveled in the pleasure of it all.


"I'll show you just how much I love your cock. I'll show you just how much I want your cock fucking the living daylight out of me, drenching me in your white seed as you violate me. I'll show just how much I want your hot cum spurting into me as you fuck me senseless, as you-"


Kouji's mind barely even registered the feeling before he impaled himself, forcing Ryujii's cum-smeared cock and stuffing it deep as he continued to push it inside his stretching hole, stopping for a moment as soon as the length was encased midway, his body racking with violent shudders.


"Hah... make me your slut."


Virgin no more, Kouji then impales himself on that dick, rolling his hips from side to side as the throbbing manhood presses into him as far as it can go, the fat base grinding into his slick, reddened hole. He plunged Ryujii in with a juxtaposing strength - to the point where he felt like he was stabbing his own insides, looking for the right angle leading to where his own prostate was. A hearty moan was sent to the Gods as his head slung back, eyes and mouth wide open as he was filled to the hilt.


"You're so f-Augh! Shit!"


His dripping, angry cock was then hastily gripped by his vacant hand, and immediately he began to fuck himself, thrusting himself upon his Alpha's cock, riding it and forcing it to dig deep into his hole like he was its master. The up and down movement gradually intensified as each second passed by, growing faster and fiercer and harder; the melodic sounds of skin slapping against skin, the sultry sounds of the wet, slick, audible liquid that continued to increase in amount, registered themselves into his ears. They plagued his ears his mind, cogging the gears that rotated the apparatus and reducing him to nothing more than a horny barbarian.


"Nnn! I love the way-Agh! it sounds as I use you-Oh!-to fuck myself. Hear it?"


Hazel green eyes rolled to the back of his head that he nearly caught a glimpse of his own brain. "Oh my fuck-ing Ngh!," Kouji groaned harshly through his gritted teeth, his hand now pumping his slathered, aching need in tune to the rhythmic impaling. He continued to rock his body vigorously, his passionate cries and sensual moans resonating throughout the entirety rooftop grounds, taut ass desperately trying to milk every drop that cock had to offer.


"Ryujii, a-ah! Just like that..."


Kouji felt himself grow impatience at his own words, and he resisted the urge to just mindlessly fuck himself into his blissful end, for fear of this never happening again should he cum, and thus he stopped.


"Come on. Pound into me. Fuck me senseless. Give me that hard, engorged cock of yours. I know you love this juicy, tight hole of mine. I know you want to make me scream. Do it. Fill me with your hot cum and make me break as you knot me. Do me as hard as you fucking can, so that I won't ever want anyone else but you."

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There were times, few and far in-between, that Ryujii was completely taken by surprise that for a few seconds he wouldn't know what to do, wouldn't know what to feel, and perhaps wouldn't know what to think. This was one of those times; one second he was holding Kouji against the school fence and the next he was staring at the painful white that was probably the sky, his spine and the back of his head hurting slightly in receiving just rough treatment with the concrete. He hadn't expected something like this; for the Omega to become so sex-addled that he only had thoughts about copulating and nothing else. It wasn't unwelcome, but it was surprising nonetheless.


But then Ryujii was being kissed and his stunned stupor was broken as he kissed back, his hands slapping plump ass cheeks as they gravitated towards those tantalizing globes. And Kouji had leaned back, thighs spread wide apart and revealing everything that he normally hid to the Alpha's eyes. It was nice, how lewd the smaller teen had become, how willing he was to show every filthy part of him, how much of a slut he was acting, now and even before.


Their erections were taken in, pressed flush together as a small hand tried to pump them from base to tip. It was good but not nearly enough and Ryujii expressed his growing impatience with a small huff of breath. The time for unpenetrated teasing was already over and he wanted his Omega mounted on him right that fucking minute.


And before he could say anything about the matter, Kouji had lifted, red leaking hole on display, only to keep rubbing his slit against it, as if that was enough for him to feel just as good. Judging from the Omega's moans, it seemed that what he was doing was a teasing to himself, as if to milk the last moments of anticipation before utter bliss came. And came it did as the brunet went down and impaled himself with Ryujii's turgid cock, the Alpha releasing a soft breathy moan with the return of that wet, squishy, and warm passage.


It felt spectacular, even more so when he took in the sight of his cum leaking from the edges of that stretched, stretched rim. But then Kouji had said something of him being made a slut and Ryujii had to laugh at it.


"You're already my slut, Kouji. Just look at yourself bouncing on my cock like you were just made for it." The pleasure gave him tingles, traveling from the roots of his hairs to the very tips of his fingers and toes. It felt so good to have his Omega's hole devour his sensitized cock over and over, and seeing it happen right before his eyes made it all the better.


Kouji also had a dirty mouth on him, spouting the filthy things that he wanted done to him as he rode his first cock. And Ryujii could only accommodate such a needy Omega. So with a bruising grip, his fingers curled around pale hips before he pulled and pushed his hips at the same time; the sound of their skins slamming together loud in the silent rooftop. But he didn't pause, making sure to pull the other up as he pulled back out, only pull and push back in, again and again, in powerful thrusts that would have normally upended Kouji if not for the hand clamped on his waist.


"You like being fucked like a bitch, don't you? Love the feeling of a massive cock dragging all over your insides and scratching your itch in there?" A smirk curled his lips, golden eyes drinking in the sight of a lust-addled Kouji; eyes heavy lidded, head tilted back, mouth wide open with saliva leaking down at the edges, hands dragging along his naked skin, pink cock still hard and leaking, thighs quivering and shaking, and speared hole red and dripping with both cum and precum. It was all so decadent, such a tasty visual treat he made.


"Look at how fucked-out you are, not even caring to be quiet while riding my dick in School, no less. I doubt you'd even be able to answer if asked you what seventeen plus twenty-six is." A chuckle came before another powerful thrust, Ryujii stilling momentarily just to grind his entire length inside. "Your intestines are probably all messed-up now with how much dick you're just sucking in. Can your fingers compare? Will you still be satisfied with just them plugging your ass over and over?" His smirk widened before he pulled out completely, the very tips of his glistening cock resting against the mouth of that gaping hole. "You're hole is gaping so much I can actually see inside. I can see how your red interior is, spasming and clenching around nothing. Aha. That's so great! It looks like a woman's pussy now, leaking my cum and wanting for more."


Then he was pushing all of himself back in and Kouji was screaming, back curving once more in that delicious arch, hole clenching around the Alpha's erection as he climaxed for the fifth time that day, cock producing small spurts of cum that dribbled down that twitching length and soiled Ruujii's pants. The taller teen let out a breathy chuckle.


"Hah. You're so lewd, Kouji. Do your friends know how much of a cockslut you are? Do they know how many times you can cum just by having a dick pounding your ass?"


But then he didn't give the other time to respond as he quickly stood, hands going down to grip two soft cheeks to keep them connected. His smirk curved even higher as trembling legs curled around his waist to lock them in place. And Ryujii began to walk; hips pulling back to slide his cock out from that gripping hole until only the bulbous head was left inside before pushing all of it back in as he took another step. Only to repeat the process again and again until Koujis back was pressed against the nearby shadowed wall.


"Want me to knot you, huh? Sure I'll give to you. Gonna lodge it so deep, you'll feel it even when I'm not there." With that being said, Ryujii's thrusts became even more vigorous, his thrust going long and swift until he was sure that his hips and Kouji's hole were so bruised that there would be red indents after.


The sounds of their fucking escalated, moans, pants and screams came with the addition of a few profanities and curses, alongside the chorus of their skins slamming against skin. The wet squelch of their union also provided additional stimulation, how their various fluids leaked and dripped down the cold cement. And then everything went faster, their moans turning into stuttered breaths, the slapping of their skins mimicking the hearty applause of an audience before it all coallesced into one singular slam and moan as they both expelled their climax; Ryujii's knot popping right inside of Kouji, stretching that already abused hole to its limits until it slid further in and they were stuck.


A last shudder crawled up the Alpha's spine as he felt some of his cum trickle past his engorged knot to leak out of his Omega, only to heavily drop in an audible splat on the floor below. They stayed, locked in a tight embrace like that, Ryujii's teeth firmly planted on one slender shoulder, marring the skin with red indents. His hands continued to grip fleshy globes, blunt nails sure to have left marks there too. Then he pushed and twisted his hips. And Kouji let out a long blissed-out moan, his head thumping against the wall, arms and legs locking Ryujii in futher, anal walls clenching even tighter, as he shuddered a seventh yet dry climax.


"Love what it feels to have a knot inside you, I see." Was the Alpha's words as his mouth lifted, lips pressing soft kisses against a curved jaw. A chuckle blew brunet lock as Ryujii smirked.


"Passed-out. Seems like we overdid your first time."


But he smiled nonetheless.


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“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. And when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight, as I may say, even for a moment...”


- Plato, Symposium


The ancient tale is told that each human being is a part of a singular soul, in which they only have attained half of. The idea was that the soul was bisected--"split-apart"--and forcefully separated from each other. And ever since that fateful time, the two halves are perceived to be forever in search of their of one another, in order to become one and repossess their originally destined bodies.


For Kouji, he'd never think to succumb to the myths that their scientific reasoning and logic contradicted.


Until now.


The thought of copulating and "becoming one" in regards to sexual intercourse with just anyone was never an idea that crossed that his mind. Formulating a physical bond with just any living being that walked on two legs was the thing that went against his very nature, despite his ability to be as sexual as he is. In regards to Plato's theory, it didn't technically apply to the emotional bond he felt for Ryujii, not so much as the physical bond as he wasn't sure as to what he actually felt for the male.


Because this particular day had been shockingly surreal and mind boggling, and the whole source of it was the man that had unintentionally came back into his life and lead his body to the brink of sexual exhaustion.


Their meeting that should have been established years ago had ended in the very audible slapping of skins, potent pheromones, nudity--specially on Kouji's part--an abundance of bodily fluids, sultry voices, a very large cock, and a very abused hole. Kouji had already willingly relinquished his every control, given into his body's abnormally vapid hunger, and escaped into the hedonistic world that he's never yet experienced, yet knew well of because of his sybaritic, single lifestyle.


Seconds continued to pass by, along with his body's energy waning thin from the lack of food that he'd disregarded for the entire day, but more closely related to the fact that his soul case was about to collapse from the vigorous fucking that he and his childhood friend had been doing for the majority of the afternoon.


Kouji thought he was in some bizarre foreign world as he intently observed his Alpha - his stoical, carnal Alpha - seized his slim hips hastily in a tight grip, and immediately started thrusting deep within Kouji's tainted warmth, whilst speaking words of naughty nothings as he gave the Omega what he desired. The violent thrusts propelled him upward as they made him bounce up and down, the fingers already forming purple bruises on his slight, sinful frame.


He listened in awe as their skin slapped together with every relentless assault of Ryujii's cock, echoing throughout the entirety the rooftop grounds, as if he had just discovered the element of fire. The only thing the brunet could do was gasp for the air that was being fucked out of his lungs only to discharge it as frantic moans and screams soon after. All the while, Kouji pumped his leaky erection hard as he fisted it with a petite hand, feeling a pleasure that rocked his very bones and sending out luscious cries so animatedly that he was close to sobbing.


His head slung back, body glistening in clear fluid, cum, sweat, and saliva, legs quivering and spreading wider than he'd ever thought possible all the while putting everything he owned on for display for his man to see. His hand moved in a deranged motion at his crotch, growing closer to the pinnacle of a mind-blowing rapture as he fell into a world of pleasurable torture for the first, and hopefully not the last, hardcore fuck he's ever consummated. He bumped and grounded his plump, taut ass violently on the man's erection with fangs bared and groans rupturing from his throat like a wild animal.


As his hole was continuously being speared over and over and over again by an onslaught of powerful thrusts that parted his squishy insides, the pleasurable sting of an orgasm began to sting the tip of his sensitive cock while he reveled in his body being manhandled and dominated.


"Look at how fucked-out you are, not even caring to be quiet while riding my dick in School, no less. I doubt you'd even be able to answer if asked you what seventeen plus twenty-six is," Ryujii grunted amusingly, his voice refined and thick with ardor and slight fatigue, before releasing a chuckle which was accompanied by a mighty ram that transpierced the boy once again, causing a resounding squelch as the mixtures of bodily fluid formed and leaked out of his out of his stretched, abused hole, stilling momentarily to grind and rub the sensitive tip against the deepest parts of Kouji's drenched cavern.


"Your intestines are probably all messed-up now with how much dick you're just sucking in. Can your fingers compare? Will you still be satisfied with just them plugging your ass over and over?" The looming anticipation became intolerable as Ryujii unplugged the gaping hole completely, the sensitized tip protruding at the smaller teen's puckered entrance, and testing Kouji's patience incredibly.


"You're hole is gaping so much I can actually see inside. I can see how your red interior is, spasming and clenching around nothing. Aha. That's so great! It looks like a woman's pussy now, leaking my cum and wanting for more."


Then, one final, Herculean thrust was all that was needed as Ryujii shoved himself deep inside, the entirety of Kouji's weight barreling down on the other's lap and knocking the air out of his lungs altogether. The submissive male's eyes widened significantly, tears threatening to slide down his flushed cheeks, as a perceptible gasp followed by a deafening scream that scratched at his hoarse, pained throat.


The sirenic note was dispatched to the heavens because his head slung back, as white, hot cum penetrated and spurted out of his aching slit, the loosened hole clenching and contracting around his friend's cock as it caved in an attempt to milk every drop of seed that produced in that sex.


A deep curve indented at his glistening back, a tightly balled fist unintentionally squeezing his slender shaft whilst saliva leaked from his opened mouth. His body shuddered in shattering vibrations in reaction to the aftermath, small droplets of semen sliding down his twitching dick and soiling the other's uniformed pants, while hazel eyes rolled to the back of his bed so far he nearly caught a glimpse of his own brain.


"Hah. You're so lewd, Kouji. Do your friends know how much of a cockslut you are? Do they know how many times you can cum just by having a dick pounding your ass?" While Kouji was on the verge of collapsing, Ryujii had a vice grip on his quivering thighs in zero seconds flat, keeping an energetic cock and an exhausted hole still attached as he got up from his position on the concrete and stood upright. Kouji could barely wait for more, his eagerness defeating his exhaustion in a one-sided battle. Stiff, trembling legs spread themselves wide and wrapped securely around a clothed, toned waist, urging his stiffen erection against the fabric and creating a sweet friction.


Every inch of the Omega's body, weak and vaguely limp, was scorching and overly responsive. Then the Alpha began to walk, whilst simultaneously entering slow, deep, mind blowing thrusts that never ceased to end with a violent smack and an equally unforgiving, squelching pull. As he relinquished every bit of his control and happily gifted it to this man before him, a left swerved around that man's back, clutching tightly at the fabric, whilst his sore right hand circled around his own invigorated member.


A brown head rested on the other's shoulder, pink, tentative lips flushed against the side of the neck's sweaty, sheen skin. Gentle, affectionate pecks became wet licks, tasting the salty sweat and white skin and slathering it with his own saliva. Then the petite hand began pumping, his lips widening and leaving the skin to create a circle like shape, as his hazel eyes closed to focus and devour the sensation that centered around his lower body.


The up and down movement gradually escalated, growing more ferocious with each new pump that the younger teen delivered. They were fast and fierce, compared to the torturing, unhurried ramming. Each thrust began with the bulbous tip protruding into his slick, gaping hole, then finished with a swift upward movement as it slid in easily, as if it was meant to reside in the deepest part of his body. Singular, passionate cries and audible screams fell in tune to each floor-lifting thrust, and they were sultry and unconcerned. This process had continued until his slender back was pressed flushed against the frigidness of a shadowy wall, making him shiver ever so slightly.


"Want me to knot you, huh? Sure I'll give to you. Gonna lodge it so deep, you'll feel it even when I'm not there," Ryujii had announced, the words sounding musical to Kouji's ears as they perked up at the thought of being knotted. Before he even had the sense to comment his rejoicing, an onslaught of brutal thrusts began to feed the hungry hole that rested between his divided legs. The hand that had been pumping his own slender cock slung back from the force, his arm then curving around the Alpha's back and joined his other hand in a secure grip at the fabric, leaving in hardened, rock-like dick slinging back and forth from the momentum. If not for the bruising vice grip on his cum-slicked thighs, there was a definite chance that the boy would have been upended.


Pearly whites then appeared, clamping down on a pale neck, inexperienced lips biting and sucking savagely until tiny bruises materialized at the skin. The hypnotic sounds that accompanied their vigorous union took control of everything that he was, making him feel like he was in some type of a bizarre world. The wet squelching sound that came with each powerful push, the delectable sounds of contentment and rapture that ruptured out of his Alpha's throat, the potent noises of skin slapping against skin...


"Augh! A-ah! Fuck! Ryujii! Right there! God, you're good! Ngh!"


...and the occasional spoken profanities and curses, all spurred insanity into his slight being. Various fluids leaked out of his thoroughly violated hole, dripping and sliding down both their skins and to the dark concrete below. Fingernails scratched and tore at the fabric on Ryujii's back, which would have left bloody, red, angry streaks if it wasn't for the fact that the man was clothed.


"Oh! More! More! Please! Sh-Agh!"


Their pace turned animalistic, Kouji pushing and grinding his sinister hole against the hardened, eager cock, whilst said cock returned the favor, ramming upward into the receiving end of the bargain. The friction caused by his back rubbing heartily against the wall stung, but nevertheless, the ecstasy defeated the pain as easily as Kouji had lost his innocence to his childhood friend. Kouji peered up at said friend, staring through half lidded eyes, as he took in the other's appearance, allowing himself to take images of the darkened golden eyes, the tempting lips, the glistening skin, wishing that he too was in the nude.


"Faster! Harder! Ah! Holy-"


Brown locks stuck uncomfortably against his sweaty forehead, his clouded eyes downcast as he attempted to watch as the engorged flesh repeatedly slammed in and out of his abused hole, but then only being able to see a glimpse of the veined flesh each time it pulled and pushed, pulled and pushed, the skin wet and slick as it was continuously dipped and drenched itself in the juices that swam inside of him. The slapping of their skins escalated in timing and in sound as it began to mimic the energetic applause of a pleased audience, his hole devouring the massive cock at an unmatched speed.


The anticipation and the obviously looming immense amount of pleasure caused his heart rate to change, along with his panting breaths to quicken and stutter. As the constant pressure continued to build into his body, he felt his prostate tightening, his cock throbbing harder as blood pulsed through it, which was then damn near heavenly as each direct hit to his sweet spot sent him sobbing. All his mind could register was the intensely overwhelming pleasure, as if a bright light had hit him as he was standing in pure darkness.




"Oh fuck!"


There came the sound of realization.




"Ryujii! Shit!"


There was the warning.




" Oh god! I'm co-"


That was the final notice as a singular slam sent them both to their blissful end.


Kouji's body tensed and stiffened as few twitches upward sent the boy's cock irrevocably bursting, sticky strings of white semen flowing out of his tip in energetic spurts, spraying on his stomach, inner thighs, and chest, rolling down the sheen exterior of Kouji's skin as he came for the sixth time that afternoon.


His warm inner walls caved and clasped deliciously around Ryujii's erection, a knot swelling inside of him and stretching him to his absolute limits as Ryujii's cock stated its claim. The new sensation was surreal, and all too heavenly to complain about. As his eyes widened to the size of saucers, his back curving in a sensual arc, his hazel eyes rolling to the back of his head, along with one almighty scream, the knot slid in further, and then they were stuck.


Ryujii came shortly after, discharging a pornstar-sized load inside of Kouji's ass in such a furious orgasm that even his shudder left the brunet's bones rattling, followed by a curling of toes as Kouji came harder from hearing the sensual sounds. Some of the balmy liquid that swam inside of him leaked out of his gaping, crimson hole, dropping to the concrete with an audible splatter.


Moments passed by as they were locked in a firm embrace, Ryujii's mouth and teeth biting on one of his pale shoulders, now marred with red indents and a lingering pain to accompany it. A pair of hands gripped at his ass cheeks in a bruising intensity, blunts nails digging into his soft flesh and sending another tingle of pain up his spine. The motionless movements ceased, as a another slight, final push and twist initiated by the Alpha's hips sent the Omega to heaven. A long, sirenic moan then erupted from his stinging throat, as his inner walls tightened to insane levels. His head slung back and thumped against the wall, salivating as he locked the Alpha more into his body, and spasming and shuddering as he dry climaxed a seventh and final time.


"Love what it feels to have a knot inside you, I see."


His eyes then began to blur after that comment, and his ears rung with a buzzing sound, now deaf to all sound. As Kouji allowed the hands of exhaustion to pull him into an involuntary slumber, all he could feel was the faintest hint of tender kisses to his jaw.


The world then went dark as his hazel eyes flickered to a close.


- - - - - - - -


When a person passes out, their body is in a type of a forced sleep mode. And as a consequence, no actual rest really occurs. The person, despite might having been unconscious for a large amount of time, would be exhausted and gritty, much like someone would be after not sleeping for two days straight.


That was how Kouji felt as his eyelids fluttered open to greet the salutations of the night sky, and the full moon flanked by a scintillating arsenal of stars.


Consciousness was slow in returning to Kouji, but when it did, the result had been unwelcoming... sort of. He unhurriedly sat upright, hands unintentionally gripping and pulling the fabric of a blazer he never even knew he was wearing, and reveled in its warmth as the cold fought to keep him shivering. He slightly whipped his head back and forth, disoriented for a moment by the accumulated strain of a serious exhaustion-induced migraine and the darkness that surrounded him. It had taken him a minute to make out the outline of his own pale legs, and another to recognize the familiar shape of a sleeping human being as his eyes searched around him.


Kouji squinted in an attempt to make out the man, pounding head quelling just enough to restore his vision back to normalcy. He then leaned down, realizing immediately that he was still in the nude, yet not caring as his eyes gazed into the optimum of peacefulness. The lines of care and toil had smoothed and virtually disappeared, the crows feet around his eyes now were but a memory. No movements were made except for the rising and falling of his chest with each intake of air. His breathing deep and relaxed, all the muscles in his face and body were at ease as they reveled in the throes of slumber.


"Ryujii. Wake up. It's night time," he whispered, voice hoarse and raspy, yet laced with a hint of affection.


A slender, right hand resting at his naked side reached up, allowing a soft cheek to fall into his warm palm, while a slender thumb caressed a prominent cheekbone. He was in a trance-like pull, his body being puppeteered by the strings of the controlling puppet master, and not realizing that his actions were out of the ordinary. He then got up on his knees, in an attempt to decrease their distance. For what reason, he had no idea. And then he shivered, as the sensation of something cold slid down his bare thighs and legs.


Plato's Theory: An idea taken from MaryWeather when we were talking about something completely irrelevant to the RP.


Credit: @MaryWeather


Written by: AlphaZero

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Dark; calming and silent, was how it was behind Ryujii's eyelids when he woke up. The whites, reds, and blues of the world had vanished; to be consumed by impenetrable black.


After their somewhat noisy and vigorous activities, Ryujii had done his best to sit still whilst the Omega had snored away on top of him; thoroughly abused hole clenching and unclenching against his stuck knot from time to time. He'd had waited for them to be unstuck like that, made sure to remove his blazer and put it on the brunet so that he didn't get cold for being naked for too long. He had endured Kouji's unconscious hip grindings while he drooled away on the Alpha's school tie, had given that perky ass a slap for the sleeping teen to stop only for said teen to give a soft moan and clench even tighter around his steadily growing erection. But then his knot had subsided and he had pulled out immediately to escape the temptation of going for another round even though his Omega was fast asleep. Kouji had whined needily at his absence and perhaps at the feeling of Ryujii's cum freely oozing out his somewhat agape and used-looking hole.


The Alpha had cleaned the Omega as much as he could, with the exception of his insides since doing that could still arouse him. So he'd made sure at least that any semen anywhere else were wiped clean, especially the floor that Kouji had so energetically stained and marked. Ryujii had also gathered the smaller teen's clothes, made certain that he had separated the soiled and ruined shirt and blazer from the still useable pants and boxers. And when he was done, he'd hidden the sleeping Omega behind the concrete walls that housed the stairs. He'd waited an hour and a half for Kouji to wake up, had even slapped his ass again and even pinched his cheeks to help in the process. No such luck. Ryujii had laid back, closed his hurting eyes and decided to wait like that. He'd fallen asleep after a minute of endless white.


Now there he was, conscious behind the darkness of his closed eyes, a warm palm cupping his cheek. He must have slept until evening. The cold concrete of the floor alerted him that they haven't left the roof. So Kouji must have just woken up too. Great. First day of him in school and he just attended the morning class while he ditched the rest just so he could screw an Omega until he passed out. His lips curved in a small smile. Not bad for a first day. But then his eyes opened, and in the darkness of the night they glowed bright gold, like the eyes of a cat minus the slit.


And he beheld an almost ethereal-looking Kouji.


It made him stop and stare at those silvery eyes; saw them glitter like the very cosmos was inside them and Ryujii couldn't have stopped himself from leaning forward to give the brunet a kiss even if he wanted to, which he didn't. The kiss was slow; a gentle meeting of dry lips before sliding together to include tongues and teeth. But then that itch to have more began to manifest and the Alpha had to lean back from that deep and wet kiss to stop himself from jumping the other again. But then his hands involuntarily twitched and he realized that he had unconsciously pulled Kouji on his lap and had clamped his fingers on the smaller teen's asscheeks in the process. He huffed, fingers trailing down between the two plump globes before index, middle and ring slid in easily the now twitching hole. Then he began to pump those digits in and out, making sure that he curved them just right to drag along the Omega's soft, soft walls so that he could pull his cum out.


"I won't be able to remove all of it, so I suggest you do a bit of an enema when you get home." Was the words that floated in the silence of the empty building. Then those pink lips were back to sucking and licking at the Omega's pale neck, his fingers rubbing and grinding against an overly-used prostate, all the while pushing his three digits in and out Kouji's leaking hole. "This place of yours is still sensitive from my fucking, yes? It probably even stings quite a lot now that it's bruised and stretched." And because he was a goddamned insatiable fucker, he pulled his fingers out, unzipped his pants, pulled out his now fully erect cock, before unceremoniously piercing Kouji's spasming hole with it, letting himself slide in until he was hilted. "Ah. Still soft and squishy. You missed my dick so much you're already using your walls to massage me, squeezing and contracting around me like you just want keep it there forever."


He smirked as he began to thrust in and out, his hands returning to those fleshy globes; massaging and squeezing them while helping the Omega bounce up and down his impaled cock. The sounds of their evening coupling; soft breathy pants, melodic moans, rhythmic slapping of skins, and soft filthily murmured words, filled the silence of the now thankfully empty school.


It was still oh so good. The sparks created as their flesh met again and again and again was just as omnipresent as before; bursting and exploding and just sending uncontrollable tingles along his spine down to his fingers and toes. Kouji's hole still felt equally exquisite; giving a hearty squeeze every time Ryujii pulled out and another welcoming squeeze when he pushed back in. This hedonistic give and take was so consuming the Alpha had become so easily addicted to it. He doubted that he'd be able to keep his hands off his Omega even just for one day. Everything just felt too good for him to be able to control himself. Dimly a very small and easily shut-out part of him wished that he hadn't taken a bite, hand't gotten a taste of Kouji so that he could have that control back, but it was too late for such things. Besides, Ryujii didn't regret that he did. It felt right, in a cosmic sort of way.


That part was still confusing, but it didn't need to be given any thought right that moment so the Alpha didn't.


The escalating moans of Kouji and the continuous rustle of their clothes reminded Ryujii that it wouldn't be wise for the brunet to just cum on them heedlessly the way he did with his own clothes that afternoon. So with one smooth lift, he was pulling himself all the way out of his Omega, thick string of precum connecting ass and cock visible to those gleaming eyes. Then he was twisting the other before just as suddenly pulling him back down to plug his gaping hole with a meaty dick. Ryujii rumbled a soft moan, lips attaching themselves onto a love-bitten neck, only to add more reddish marks on the skin there.


Then he stood, taking Kouji with him before pressing the brunet against the nearby wall as Ryujii began his controlled thrusts once more. His hands returned themselves to printed asscheeks, fingers spreading them open for golden eyes to feast on the lewdness being done to Kouji's now angry red hole. The Alpha smirked. I'm gonna replace the cold cum I have in you with a warmer batch. You are to keep them there until you get back home." He commanded, the snaps of his hips going long and languid as sweat began to bead on his skin.


"Speaking of home, do you have any idea where I can find an apartment for me to rent on? I was supposed to find one after school, but I find shoving my cock in and out your ass more important." He began in what might have been a conversational tone of voice, if not for what he was currently doing to Kouji's said ass. "I actually also wanted to ask you if maybe you wanted to investigate with me how Lacaille was breached and maybe in the process I might recover my lost memories. That was actually the reason I came back here on the roof, but then.. ahhh.. yesss, squeeze my massive cock, you slut.. but then you know the rest." Were the words he used to finished, accompanied by the occasional grunt and pant.


He went faster then, cock sliding all the way out before ramming back in to the hilt and producing an audible squelch as the remainder of that afternoon's cum trickled out. Loud pants and moans, along with the swift repeated slamming of skin against skin, pervaded the darkened rooftop and made their late coupling all the more sensual and erotic. Warm sweat beaded flushed skin, slid down the bridge of a nose, down the curve of a neck, along the line of a collarbone, down the slide of arms, beneath a trembling thigh, between parted asscheeks and against a crimson stretched rim.


Then the sounds went higher, stronger, faster, more desperate, until it all escalated into a singular ending as both arrived at their peaks in another explosive climax; Ryujii popping his knot inside Kouji once more and keeping his newly released semen from overflowing, while the Omega shuddered and released a broken scream at a second dry orgasm. Then the Alpha ground his knot again on the brunet's prostate and the smaller teen all but sobbed as a third, body quaking, dry orgasm overtook him.


"You really love being knotted. Wonder what you'd do when you masturbated and realized that your hands and fingers aren't enough to make you cum anymore." A smirk colored his amused voice, one warm hand going to rub gently against Kouji's sweaty stomach as if to make sure that all his semen were inside. "So what do you say, wanna join me on my mission?"


Overhead, the stars twinkled their enjoyment and the moon smiled bright.



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Their lips moved in sync, their tongues not so much. Their jaws moved in a wave-like fashion and on occasion, the Omega would slightly tilt his head, resulting in a minuscule moan slipping out his lips only to be immediately devoured by the Alpha. During their vigorous movements prior to the evening, not many kisses had happened, and to be honest, he had an inclination for them. Slow and sensual became wet and passionate, causing a sharp electric shock to race throughout his sensitive body, and ending right at the tip of his stiffening need.


The moment Ryujii had abruptly pulled Kouji onto his clothed lap in a most discourteous, yet quite seductive fashion, the Omega's heart felt like it was melting, and his body feeling like it was being dissolved of all its structure. Whilst straddling in a most promiscuous way, the Omega intentionally widened his legs even further, in an attempt to accommodate the ticklish fingers sliding across his fleshy globes and probing at his twitching entrance, but also because he had wanted to put every asset he owned on display for the man to see.


Kouji winced inwardly as the intruding fingers suddenly slid themselves easily in his warmth, encasing themselves in the heat, contradictory to the frigidness of the cum that leaked out. Soft moans ruptured out of his painfully hoarse throat, as he reveled in the continuous pumping movements and the ever so slight curves of his slender fingers as they grazed against the clenching walls, allowing the thickness to exit unhurriedly.


"I won't be able to remove all of it, so I suggest you do a bit of an enema when you get home," his Alpha voiced out huskily, the notes musical, masculine, and defined, yet thick with ardor. "This place of yours is still sensitive from my fucking, yes? It probably even stings quite a lot now that it's bruised and stretched," was what had been delicately announced before the sound of the man's cock being unhampered from the restriction of his nicely fitted uniformed pants resonated throughout the entirety of the silent evening.


The Omega's ears perked up at the noise, an obvious looming anticipation overcoming him as he stilled his body, slightly whining at the quick removal of three soaked fingers. The motionlessness of his body then was destroyed as he was lifted into the air by a strong grip, before being violently impaled on a fully erect cock, his spasming hole taking Ryujii to the hilt easily, stretching his overly abused hole for the nth time that day.


A languid moan sang into the dead of the night as his head flung back, brown locks fluttering, and allowing him to showcase his sybaritic self as his frantic hands grasped at nothing but air. Coarse palms flanked his quivering thighs in a bruising grip, causing Ryujii's arms to flex and gifting Kouji the seductive show of his flexed muscles.


"Ah. Still soft and squishy. You missed my dick so much you're already using your walls to massage me, squeezing and contracting around me like you just want keep it there forever."




What did he get himself into?


Oh woe, woe was his greedy fucking hole.


Needless to say, Kouji hadn't been expecting another round of this addicting sex so soon after he had woken up, however, he could care less at the moment. Experienced hands moved without hesitation - they gripped at both of his ass cheeks, massaging and groping them whilst assisting Kouji in his endeavor as he willingly bumped and grind his plump, taut ass on his man's newly rejuvenated erection. He sang to the heavens with his sultry moans and groans whilst listening in awe to the energetic slaps of their skin contact, reddening from the abuse it had endured.


Controlled thrusts pierced him continuously, filling him up and then draining him just as swiftly, and fueling his intense desire for the animalistic side of the Alpha to perform some thievery on his control. The thought of his violent, jerky motions - his quivering hips crashing against the hot flesh of the Omega's backside, and his large endowment plugging and unplugging his greedy hole heedlessly was regrettably, completely maddening.


"Ngh! God! Fucki-a-ah!"


Kouji's filthy mouth indicated his vapid hunger for this ridiculously blissful copulating. Profanities and curses escaped from his tainted lips, eager in their venture to express his contentment of the whole event.


The young teenager beheld a positively decadent Alpha male beneath his thoroughly sinned body. Golden eyes glowed lust and glistened in the darkness of the night, entrapping his soul and making him a slave in his own body as he stared at them whilst devouring the sounds of each squelch of their noisy union. His pale skin contradicted with the murkiness of the concrete grounds, and the droplets of sweat sliding down his lithe body created a sheen exterior, manifesting his man into the epitome picturesque of sensuality.


The black blazer flowed at his back, large and roomy, and the rustling of their clothes reminded Kouji of his careless climaxing a few hours prior, which had sent the upper part of his uniform into destruction. Simultaneously, Ryujii had lurched forward, stopping their vigorous movements momentarily, using his bruising grips at the Omega's thighs to manhandle him as he unplugged Kouji's contracting hole with one smooth pull, leaving the brunet already missing the link that connected him to his partner.


It left a gaping hole in the wake; red, leaking, and sullied.


Kouji was then being twisted over, his body now on all fours as the action resulted in his ass being displayed up the scintillating arsenal of stars to sneer at, the moon to grin at, and importantly, for a pair of golden eyes to feast on the lewdness of it all. Anticipation loomed in his abdomen, despite the more intelligent saintly side scolding him for allowing himself to indulge to his heart's content in this succulent addiction.


Just as that voice was pushed aside by the devilish, hedonistic side of him, a brutal ram perforated his insatiable hole, resulting in a resounding squelch as the mixtures of their fluids formed and leaked out of the stretch, abused taint. The momentum propelled him forward violently, only to be held back in a secure and hard grip by protective hands.


A deafening scream was mailed to Satan as his head lung low, and tears escaped out of the corners of his hazel eyes, while relishing in the sensation of being filled to the deepest parts of his drenched, cavernous hole. It was then accompanied by a delicious, soft moan from behind him followed by pair of warm lips leaving more love bruises, scattering them across the smooth, yet marred terrain of the Omega's neck.


Then he was being lifted upright as Ryujii stood, moving in sync with the graceful, masculine steps--while shuddering with each minuscule twitching that happened inside of him--that lead him to be pressed against the frigid concrete wall with his hands bracing themselves upon them. His legs trembled from beneath him, threatening to collapse because of exhaustion from the events prior to their evening and just now. Long, languid thrusts ensued just moments after, and Kouji struggled to keep himself upright as he was depleted of his energy, yet still eager for more of his Alpha.


"I'm gonna replace the cold cum I have in you with a warmer batch. You are to keep them there until you get back home."


A smile appeared in the most delighted of fashions along obscuring hazel eyes that lightened much like the shade of fresh water when the violent storm descended into a peaceful quietness. They indicated his agreement towards the command, the sultriness of it erupting more desire in the pit of his stomach, as it seems that he's found a liking towards stoical, commanding, yet affectionate men. The close proximity between his slinging cock and the coldness of the concrete wall caused an occasional hiss to slip out in the midst of the passionate cries and almighty screams as each thrust propelled him brusquely forward, forcing cock and wall to meet in a powerful bout.


"Speaking of home, do you have any idea where I can find an apartment for me to rent on? I was supposed to find one after school, but I find shoving my cock in and out your ass more important," a husky conversational voice began, contrary to what their lewd acts might suggest. Endearing was a word for that voice, as it was cute that Ryujii chose this moment to ask such a normal question.


"I actually also wanted to ask you if maybe you wanted to investigate with me how Lacaille was breached and maybe in the process I might recover my lost memories. That was actually the reason I came back here on the roof, but then.. ahhh.. yesss, squeeze my massive cock, you slut.. but then you know the rest." What had just been said might have led Kouji to heave a giggling fit, if not for the steel like cock penetrating and claiming him continuously, constricting his throat and only allowing for the melodic sounds of sex to destroy the quaintness of the empty building.


"Oh fuck! Augh! That's fun-Ah! Shit! Yes! Just like that!"


Kouji wasn't the least bit adamant to persuade the other male in stopping their vigorous and sinful acts, despite the numerous amounts of times they've fucked like lions already.


An onslaught of brutal thrusts began to feed more to the hungry hole that rested between his divided legs as Ryujii increased his speed, cock parting him repeatedly, ramming violently in to the hilt as it came back home to reside in where it's meant to be. The remainder of the cum from their afternoon's session began to trickle out, sliding down between fleshy globes, between sopping thighs, and onto the dark concrete below. With each thrust came a resounding squelch that rang in his ears, pulling him into a hypnotic ruse and turning him into the shell of a human being and into a mere horny barbarian.


Their coupling invaded peace, erotic and sensual, as Kouji's cries pleaded for more, and Ryujii's grunts gave it as his pace turned deranged, shoving his dick forward as he continued his relentless assault into his Omega. Said Omega was pushing and grinding his sinister frame back against the kind cock, portraying as much force as he had been given and allowing for more violation of his ravenous hole.


His nails clawed at the concrete walls, face morphing into one of heavenly bliss as his pink tongue hung out, eyes darkening as they were clouded with an immensely powerful bout of lust. Kouji breathed out then, widening his thighs, and concentrated on relaxing everything muscle he possessed. His body stilled, allowing for the insatiable cock to pound into him mercilessly, their fucking increasing in speed, sound, strength, desperation, much like venturing up a tall roller coaster, before crashing down as they accomplished their feat in having another detonating climax.


Kouji inhaled harshly liked he was swallowing knives, before letting a sound defying scream that descended into a fragmented one, back arching in a luscious curve, as his legs quivered under the power of his orgasm. His loosened inner walls caves around Ryujii's member with same amount of reprisal as he dry climaxed a second time today, a knot swelling once more inside of him, stretching him to what might now be his hole's usual appearance. He climbed to the peak of the beguiled crag until the soaring altitude wrecked his fortitude to continue and he descended from the precipice into bliss, his overly sinned hole guzzling every drop of the new released semen.


They then stayed still momentarily, only for the motionlessness to end a few seconds after, as the bulbous tip began to grind and rub against the deepest parts of Kouji's drenched cavern. The direct hit to his prostate sent him into another state that was equivalent to angels singing whilst he gave up his body to his third dry orgasm. As he was unable to do anything but weakly sob as he rode out the intensity of it all, the thick, milky liquid staying entrapped and swirling around between cock and hole.


"You really love being knotted. Wonder what you'd do when you masturbated and realized that your hands and fingers aren't enough to make you cum anymore," Ryujii husked out amusingly, his voice laced with slight fatigue and contentment, before giving a soothing rub to Kouji's stomach. It was as if to make sure that everything he gave was received gratefully, which left the Omega swooning at the soft gesture.


"So what do you say, wanna join me on my mission?"


In that specific instance of time, never had a few moments of deliberation seemed like an eternity as Kouji immediately experienced a bout of vertigo. His thoughts, as clear and concise as they were mere moments ago, were ruptured and scattered across the many crevices of his brain.


"Y-You can stay with me, if you'd like...um...my house is the...the very bluish one. I'm... really dizzy right now. It's... uh...uh...just around the corner." The fundamental statements that had been slurred out of his hoarse throat should have been quite easily said, if not for the heavy nausea and a sensation of whirling as the world began to spin, which took away his body's will to stay in full consciousness.


"I have the keys in my pants pocket... somewhere," he stated, as he began to grope the front of his thighs for the imaginary keys in his imaginary pants that he had on, one hand removing itself from the wall to search his imaginary right pocket, before doing the same to his imaginary left pocket. Cold sweat began to form on his already sweaty forehead, his brown locks sticking uncomfortably to his seemingly frigid skin.


Hazel eyes grew heavy from the strenuous effects of excessive agitation that was forced upon his brain, as he was attacked by a punch of incoherence along with an inconsistency to his thoughts.


"Mmm... Are you still in me? I can't feel it..." A wave of a nausea consumed his being, as he rested his head against the sturdy wall, giving himself away to exhaustion as his stomach rumbled in persistent anger at being disregarded. He let himself be taken away by the enemy that was iron deficiency, before caressing his stomach just slightly with a weakened, right hand.


"Your... cum might slide out of me... as we walk, so that might be a problem...since...since you want me to keep it in there." were his whispered words as he removed himself completely from the cold exterior, allowing himself to relinquish control of his body as he fell back into a warm, soothing body; his darkened eyes peering at golden ones.


"I'm so hungry...and wow, your eyes are beautiful."

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It was surreal, how Ryujii's worry had manifested and eclipsed everything that he felt the moment Kouji had gone limp and trembling in that sickly sort of way. How his words had slurred, how he'd gone weak and perhaps almost delirious, how his skin had broken into sweat, and how he just seemed completely out of it. For a few frighteningly long seconds, the Alpha had wondered if it had been his entire fault. Maybe he had pushed too hard, taken the Omega more times that he could handle, especially for his first time. But then the symptoms seemed to scream and reach out to him and he just knew, in that terrifyingly psychic kind of way, that the smaller teen was experiencing a bout of Iron Deficiency.


He sagged at the sheer relief he felt at that mysterious revelation, his knees almost buckling as the two still-connected students slid down to rest on their knees on the soiled floor. One calloused hand went up to cover livid eyes, a gentle push made so that the Omega's head rested on a broad shoulder while to other went down to settle rubbing in circles on a smooth stomach, as if unconsciously wondering if something biologically impossible was happening beneath.


"You shouldn't have let me fuck you again, you dolt." Came the exasperated murmur a few minutes later from the raven, softly rising from the moonlit silence. "And you should have also eaten that lunch I gave you. Should have at least told me that you haven't had breakfast too before you decided to treat my dick as a lollipop and your personal dildo." A soft sigh caressed pale cheeks, pink lips descending to give a marked neck a lasting but affectionate kiss. "You should take better care of yourself, kitten."


They both stayed like that, under the soft light of the moon and stars, the sounds of night in the city surrounding them but still kept at bay by their bubble of silence. It took a few minutes before Ryujii could feel his knot deflate, his erection long subsided by then, as he slowly pulled out with a lewd squelch; the cold hitting his cum-streaked cock making the Alpha shiver slightly. "Try not to let my cum leak out okay? We don't want you to be dripping on our way to your house."


So, quick as lightning, boxers covered pale flesh, followed by pants, and ended by the unmistakable lock of a zipper. Then, with their bags clutched with his fingers and with his cane safely tucked in between the Omega's arms, Ryujii stood with Kouji in both his arms and began to sprint towards the fire-exit. His feet were silent as they sped and slid past railings and stairs, only creating minuscule sound as they hit ground.


The school gates were already closed but the Alpha had no trouble jumping over it, only to continue his sprint on the surprisingly empty sidewalk. He passed through a small park, across a small convenience store, before he took a turn and there was that unmistakeable blue house that the Omega had mentioned. Ryujii sped through it just as silently, only stopping when he reached the front doors and then releasing a long and steady exhale. Then one hand went sneaking inside Kouji's pant pockets to take out the keys there, and with an audible click, the door creaked open, followed by the automatic glow of a soft living room light. The taller teen was surprised his eyes could stand the subtle brightness.


The living room was surprisingly simple with its leather sofa, marble floor, small stylishly placed carpet, and an all-purpose T.V. and bookshelf stationed at the far wall. A clear pair of square glasses made up the wall that led to the yard behind the brick-walled sidewalk partition, a curtain hanger was evident above it. But Ryujii payed it all minimal attention as he headed up the dark mahogany stairs and just kowing that the room above was Kouji's. He didn't have time to be baffled by the instinctual knowledge, but it gave him all the more reason to at least consider that the two of them being childhood friends was not a just a possibility but already a fact.


The Omega's room was just as white as the living room, but with a lot more scattered colors here and there. The bed was queen sized and apparently haven't been fixed when Kouji had gotten up this morning, various books were also a haphazard mess on the floor and the table near the window. A smaller all-purpose T.V. and bookshelf, like the one in the living room, adorned the wall near the foot of the bed, some gaming consoles just as haphazardly resting on the nearby coffee table. A door near one of the nightstands must have led to an en-suite bathroom.


So with careful steps, Ryujii intruded, feet going on tip toes to prevent himself from stepping on opened books as he gently set his Omega in the bed when they reached it. A hand went to ruffle brunet locks before the Alpha leaned down and let their lips meet in a soft kiss. "I'm gonna go check what you have in your kitchen then probably go to the nearest supermarket to buy some groceries. You need more iron in your diet, but for now, I'll leave the lunches we barely ate here. Eat them when you're at least feeling better, okay?" Another kiss was given before the cane in Kouji's arms was taken. "I'll clean you up when I get back."


Then the taller teen turned and headed out the bedroom with a soft click as the door closed.


[supermarket, Frozen Food Aisle]


Two carts; filled to brimming with various vegetables, all kinds of sliced breads along with at least three jars of peanutbutter, some packs of oatmeal, a few kitchen necessities like oil and vinegar, some fruity cereal, a few cartons of milk and orange juice, some fresh fruits like apples and bananas, some canned foods, things needed to make spaghetti and lasagna, baking ingredients too to make brownies and pancakes, and a few packs of chocolate.


Ryujii had gone all out with the groceries, he knew, but he just couldn't help it once he had started. He wanted to get on good terms with Kouji's mother, once they meet that night, and he hoped that buying all the things he did, in the reasons that he wanted the Omega eating properly, would work well in his favor. It wasn't that he was trying to be manipulative, although it must have looked like it, but he was doing it more on the protective impulse that was still surging through him. It was natural, so he guessed that there was no real harm in it.


And now here he was, pushing a third cart while the other two behind him followed automatically. The more important source of iron was what he took last since finding and choosing the rest had at least taken him half an hour. But now, taking fish, meat, and poultry alike, he didn't give any reservations. He had the money to burn and what better use of it if not for someone else?


He'd taken four whole chickens, one massive turkey, some pre-cut tuna and mackerel, steak too while he was at it and some porkchops since the former was the only type of beef that he could handle eating. He did wonder though, as he headed to the register, if the refrigerator and dry pantry would be able to house all that he's bought. He doubted but said refrigerator had been a big one, but had mostly been empty, so there was still the chance that everything would fit inside. Besides, not all the things he bought needed refrigerating anyways. They could eat the chocolates while taking a soak in the brunet's tub and they could just put the rest in his nightstand drawers. Speaking of which, it might also do him good to remember to take out the three bottles of lube he's bought. It wouldn't do him any favors should Kouji's mother find out that they'd already screwed each other senseless the first day they met/got reunited.


That thought made Ryujii chuckle and if the cashier had given him a wide-eyed stare as he rang the flavored lubricants, then the Alpha could care less.


[Kouji's Bedroom]


It had taken some time for Ryujii to get back, laden with about six massive plastic bags of heavy groceries. At least the supermarket had been close to the Omega's house so there was that consolation. It also took quite as long to put them all away, minus the bottles of lube and boxes of chocolates, and by the time he was the done, the once empty kitchen now was fully stocked and almost bursting at the seams.


And now, he was back inside Kouji's messy room, a lot more weary than the time he left. All he wanted was to soak in the warm tub he just finished filling, but he did want his Omega there with him. So with a soft sigh he began to undress the snoozing brunet, not even feeling much arousal at how defiled the other teen looked out of his school clothes. Ryujii began to take his clothes off too, making sure that all of them, including Kouji's, went to the nearby hamper to be washed when morning came. A soft kiss was planted on the smaller teen's temple before he was lifted by flexing arms, to be gently carried and submerged in the relaxing bath. The Alpha went in after, situating his broader frame just behind the still limp Omega, making sure his legs went in between the other's as two of his fingers went to rub a slick wet hole.


The water was warm but Kouji's insides were still warmer as Ryujii's probing digits slid in before parting and sliding deeper to let the cum he'd deposited leak out. His free hand lifted to start the shower, drenching them in just as warm water and making their flyaway hairs limp and to be tinted a darker shade. The Alpha hummed, lips going to press a sot kiss on the bite mark he'd placed on a petite shoulder while his fingers kept their languid in and out of the Omega's squishy hole; making sure that they were spread open so that warm water could get inside to help wash the cum out.


"So you want me to stay here? Where ever would I sleep?" He chuckled, voice gone soft but still audible against the noise of water falling.



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"So you want me to stay here? Where ever would I sleep?," Ryujii had chuckled out, though sounding quite foggy and muffled and faint that Kouji second guessed even hearing it in the first place. The boy vaguely remembered gobbling up a delicious looking lunch box, devouring up every morsel as if he needed the fried prawns to breathe. As he was fairly cognizant of the fact that he had been carried home, whilst also being treated tenderly and affectionately by this man, the corners of his mouth twitched upward in a weakened yet content smile.


While letting conscious's hands pull him upward from the throes of slumber, the veiled sounds of running water was absorbed rather than heard, and only becoming clearer as heavy lidded eyes lifted up in the weakest of fashions to take in the view of the marbled, tiled walls. The Omega was transfixed on one particular tile, letting the ruse of endless white obstruct his conscience for a few moments, before giving a soft, pleased sigh as he leaned backward to flush a slender back to a toned chest. He relished in the protectiveness of the loose embrace, feeling safe and secure as his smaller body fit perfectly in the midst of their position.


Tentative fingers absentmindedly traced a phantom of a line on top of a lean and chiseled leg, as the Omega released a pink aura of benevolence and tranquility. He allowed for the procedure taking place beneath the warm water at his buttocks in silence, feeling slightly uncomfortable as said water seeped into his abused, pained hole whilst the remainder of the cum leaked out. Long fingers languidly repeated their soothing in-and-out movement, assisting in the enema and fitting snug inside his inner caves. They were welcomed, but not as... fulfilling as he would have liked considering he'd just gotten a taste of what it felt to be filled to the brink of bursting.


"You, of course, will sleep with me, Ryujii. I adore large beds," he outed in an amused manner, his head resting on a broad shoulder as the brunet leaned closer to attach his curved lips to the crook of a pale neck, pecking and licking affectionately at the love bites scattered across the smooth terrain. "I'll tell mom. She'll let, since it's you," Kouji mused, hazel eyes downcast and peering off into an ocean of paleness and bruises, and looked as if they were somewhere far off into the distance. Memories of childish bouts, sleepless nights, dirt encrusted nails, fleeting tantrums, and radiant smiles allowed him to reminisce, a slight giggle erupting from his throat only to be muffled by the flushed proximity of lips against skin.


"It's kinda cool how on the first day we're reunited, or met, in your case, we screw like no tomorrow," he stated with a chuckle, lips removing from a now pinkish--because of the water--neck, before reattaching themselves to a soft earlobe, clamping down with pearly whites while a wet tongue busies itself with its slow, sure licks.


"Y'know, you always were cute as a snot nosed kid. But dude, now... you're... one sexy piece of perfection," were his sultry whispered words that closely grazed the Alpha's ears, a slightly masculine chuckle being released from the Omega's throat after his own erogeneous proposition. "I love this here too." Bathtub water swishes as an unoccupied left hand travels beneath it in obscurity, before it met its goal, his forefinger teasing playfully at the succulent slit of his supposed lollipop and personal dildo.


The intruding hand moved then, reaching back further to quest its way downward to the bottom of the sheen tub, trying to feel for the two slender fingers still probing and thrusting languidly inside the brunet's hole. They gently pushed them further in, the digits now encased knuckle deep, and causing a shiver to slide down his slick back in delight as he husked out a desire laced gratitude sentence.


"Thanks for helping here, by the way. And... thanks for taking care of me."


It must have been the precipitation glistening off their supple skin or how their soggy bangs clung to their foreheads. Something about the way Ryujii looked as Kouji twisted his head, staring into a pair of golden eyes that indicated more than what words could even suggest. Something about the way their orbs connected sparked a compulsion that had the Omega lurching forward to join in a frenzy of wet tongues and cheeks as his hole was unplugged, leaving him feeling empty from the sudden change in position. Wet muscles internally weaved themselves in a familiar sequence as their mouths compacted firmly together, his thin frame now on its knees as he faced his embodiment of perfection.


The sides of the Alpha's face were held in a resilient grip, the Omega doing it to savor the alluring taste of the man's lips on his own. The lull of the rushing shower cascading against their bodies was the singular background noise that drowned out impassioned sounds of excited gasps and pants, exhaling sharply from his nose and parting momentarily for merely a touch of air before moving in to devour those plump lips once more.


Kouji impatiently slid his hands down a pale neck, a broadened chest, a toned abdomen, and crept down against sopping thighs. A bruising grip used the flesh as leverage, before lunging forward and grinding his ripening erection hard between the divided legs. Instinctively, his arms then swung up around his man's shoulders to begin grating himself against the opposition, desiring to create a significant friction and a steadfast momentum.


A pair of lips removed themselves from those delicious lips only to attach themselves to the junction above Ryujii's collarbone, making every muscle in his own body while he aspired sensual moans and gasping breaths into the other's ear. But then Kouji had no desire for soft foreplay, as he wasn't in the mood for such recreational banter.


He ceased his actions then, pulling back to gaze longingly into golden orbs as the tension around them thickens. A tongue ran itself over the swell of his bottom lip, the hazel irises glinting behind the warm colored eyelashes did not indicate that he wished for this to end and confirming that notion was the hankering in his words, "Maybe I should thank you."


And that was all the validation that he needed for himself.


He moved back swiftly to prop himself into a comfortable position, arms and legs now resting on all fours as he shamelessly hung his ass in the air for display, back curving in a sensual arc whilst his hands braced themselves on top of toned thighs. Hazel eyes stared at the spectacle, before leaning further to drop his head and precariously teasing the tip of the member at his bidding, tasting the delicacy...


"Though this is a prize for me too."


...before swallowing it whole.


Despite wanting to comment on how he adored the size, appearance, and taste of his Alpha's appetizing endowment, articulating was quite difficult with a dick so far in his mouth. Tightening his lips and flattening his tongue underneath, he slowly - excruciatingly slow - sucked firmly from the base, along the shaft and up to the head where he swirled his wet muscles around the sensitive skin. He then plunged back down, slackening his jaw and allowing for the succulent cock to slip down his throat with apparent ease.


A bead of sweat began to form at his temple, though washed away by the continuous droplets that rained down on him, as his stretched mouth delectably pulled on the member with each dip. The only sounds that could be heard were his content sighs, and the sultry noises as he slurped pre-cum and saliva as they began to spill from between his moistened lips. Kouji wanted the man's hands on his hair, becoming a thief as he stole the Omega's control away from his grasps, because he wanted the Alpha to struggle against his pleasure enough to take everything into his own hands.


A hand crept below the hot liquid, not having reached the point where it would cover Ryujii's endowment, as he was just that big. Fingers grazed through the patch of coarse black pubic hair until they touched the delicate smooth texture of his testicles. A nimble hand cupped them, grasping and massaging them in his palm while his head continued to heartily bob in his man's lap whilst moaning and slathering it with his saliva as if he was receiving an orgasmic meal. As inexperienced as he was, most of this was relied on his instincts.


He wondered then, how vehemently the Alpha was feeling. Was he feeling electrifying bolts of ecstasy soaring from his groin to the very peak of his skull like a sheet of lightning? Did he want to give into the desire to snag a fistful's of Kouji's brown locks and vigorously thrust into the famished warmth like his life depended on it? Did he think that the Omega's technique was amateurish, and that only a large amount of practice was required for him to give mind blowing head?


Kouji tautened his lips even more as he, in all of his hunger, consumed Ryujii's length in all of its entirety. From between his bottom row of teeth and the tender, silky flesh of the cock, he eagerly poked his tongue out and traced the tip across the crown of the man's balls. An unoccupied hand then took and guided Ryujii's own, resting it at the back of Kouji's head, an indication of what he wanted the Alpha to use it for.

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Right. That was something that one doesn't use often to describe a kiss, but for the uncountable time that day, Ryujii was using it. He was still confused with the childhood friends thing, not at last perhaps being certain that they were what Kouji had told him. The confusing part was that there was nothing there when it came to feeling friendship with the guy, nothing of the sort one would feel for a lover too. At least that was what the Alpha thought. Sure they had sex, but it felt more casual that anything; just a release of pent-up stress and sexual frustration. It felt good, there was no doubt about it, but nothing much on the emotions department. But when they kissed, that was something else entirely.


It wasn't fireworks, not electricity -eventhough he did feel that tingly sensation at the tips of his fingers and toes-, not magic too -although he really had no idea what people meant when they say that-. It was more on the fact that kissing Kouji was like a jigsaw puzzle being completed, plain and simple as that but just as profoundly affecting when it happened. It made the tattoo on his chest itch, made the raven want to scratch it for some reason, but it was always easy to resist especially when his focus was on things that were more riveting.


He'd started getting hard, cock fattening up and poking out of the water, as their tongues danced, as his seemingly insatiable Omega began grinding their groins together. It felt good; Kouji's assertiveness and sexual greed, even though he barely had any strength left in him. But Ryujii let him do what he pleased, only giving soft hums of agreement at the brunet's words of thanks and perhaps compliment, if that last part was even one.


His Omega's mouth was still just as tight and warm around his cock as he remembered it, the movements of his tongue and soft suction of his lips were getting better though, and his control on his gag reflex must have probably gone out the widow with how the warm bath water had relaxed them both. It felt nice to just sit back and let the brunet tend to his throbbing cock, but there can only be too little of it that the smaller teen could take in without submerging his head into the water. So Ryujii, leaned forward, the hand he didn't have on Kouji's head submerging under the soiled water and unto the bottom of the tub to click the drain open.


And the bath water descended, leaving them in the muggy bathroom air but the warm rain from the shower more than made up for it. But then it was all forgotten as Ryujii stood, hand going to rest at the back of Kouji's head, fingers threaded and clutched through wet brunet locks.


"Relax your jaw and throat. Breathe through your nose whenever I pull out. Put one of your hands on my hip and the other, you can use it to tease yourself." A small smile curved the raven's lips as said Omega's free hand immediately went down to stroke a pink-flushed cock. Golden eyes glowed even further, taking in Kouji's lidded hazel eyes, his red stretched lips clamped around half of Ryujii's cock, flushed cheeks and neck, his hickey-mottled pale skin, and his furiously pumping fist. All of it made the Alpha's erection all the more harder, the veins becoming more prominent against the reddish-tan of its skin.


Then he slowly began to push in, cock sliding along and beyond a slick tongue, past the soft back of the brunet's throat, only for it to curve downwards to languidly journey against and into the Omega's throat. Light sensitive eyes glinted at the picture of Kouji taking all of Ryujii cock, his mouth wide open and kissing the soft dark pubic hairs of the Alpha's crotch and the beginnings of his neck obviously bulging just that bit. He let himself stay in that tight esophagal grip, inhibiting the smaller teen from even breathing for half a minute before finally pulling back and almost chuckling at how his Omega just sagged in relief.


"You really want me to fuck your mouth that badly?" Came the amused question, large cock going all the way into Kouji's mouth and not really making him able to form any type of response, before it was pulled out once more; the tip the only one still left inside. But then before the Omega could even nod or shake his head, that meaty dick was back again, invading every crevice and conquering every muscle therein. And then everything was repeated; pull out to the tip only for all of it to be languidly pushed back in. Again and again and again and again, it continued as if Ryujii had never really wanted an answer to his question.


And he didn't. It was more like for him to make sure that Kouji was prepared for what he wanted. The measly short face-fucking they did that afternoon was nothing compared to how it was now, although it wasn't fucking just yet. More like a lazy in and out that left the Omega trembling in lost breath. Ryujii wanted to take his time, to savor the feeling of his childhood friend's warm and wet, wet mouth around his length since he knew that sleep was inevitable after. Besides, he did want Kouji to feel his mouth to be just as owned as his hole had been. And judging by the saliva dripping down the edges of his stretched lips, it seemed the brunet was already feeling it.


"Like how my dick taste, Kouji? It's been fermented by your ass with my cum." A small smirk colored his heat-flushed face, the thrusts of his hips going slightly faster as the slaps of Kouji's hand on his cock went a lot wetter. "You like eating a big cock, don't you? Like how it feels when your mouth is filled and stretched to the brim like your hole, isn't that right? You're such a massive cockslut, Kouji, moaning while sucking all of my dick. How does it feel to be swallowing a cock as big as mine?" One foot lifted, toes going to circle the base of the Omega's erection before curling and giving it a small pump; his hips stilling before the hand behind the brunet's head began to push and pull. "Look at you, so horny at having your mouth treated like an ass hole. You just love it when your holes are plugged and filled, don't you? Tell me, is that what you imagine when you eat phallic foods? Is what I am doing to you now what you imagine when you eat a banana? Wish it was bigger so that you could stuff your entire mouth with it in one go?"


Ryujii chuckled then, not being able to stop his mind from creating such bone-tickling imagery. But then the subtle tingle just beneath his stomach was back and both his hand went faster; pulling Kouji's head all the way back from his cock, only to push it back in until his face was all but mashed-up against the soft curls of the Alpha's groin. Saliva freely dribbled out of the brunet's red, red lips, two pairs of panted breaths echoing inside the marble bathroom and creating an erotic synergy with the sounds of skin slapping skin.


"Hah! You're face looks great, Kouji! So fucked-out and just drooling around my cock and all over yourself. Aha - yessssssss, suck the cum out of my cock, you slut." And then said cock was twitching, giving an erotic pulse before thick and milky cum invaded the Omega's mouth; to land on his tongue and to slide down his abused throat.


"Drink all of it, I know you'll like the flavor. Yessss. Keep swallowing my own-flavored juice." The sound of Kouji's throat working while he swallowed sounded erotic in the silence that followed his climax, the sight of his adam's apple bobbing made him all the more want to prolong his cumming. But it couldn't be possible since it was already his fourth time doing it that day. Maybe he should save at least a week load of semen so that he could feed his Omega more. Oh how his throat must bulge as he swallowed such vast quantity, how he would moan as it settled in his stomach. He'd probably even burp. Ryujii found it alarming that that thought made him shiver in anticipation rather than chuckle in amusement.


And then his eye caught sight of his inflated knot and he smirked, hand on the back of Kouji's head pulling until the brunet had no choice but to stare at the engorged flesh. "Look, Kouji. Look at the knot your ass swallowed almost an hour ago. The knot that immediately makes you cum when I so much as grind it against your prostate." Then his eyes traveled down to see the brunet's hand curled around his limp dick. It made the Alpha chuckle. He was so caught up in feeding his Omega he didn't even realize he had cum as well.


But then he was pulling his cock out from that wonderful mouth, only to kneel and press a soft kiss against the edge of those bruised lips. Then the shower was turned off and Ryujii helped Kouji get out of the tub, grabbing a nearby fluffy towel before beginning to dry his fatigued Omega then himself. When they were both equally dry, the Alpha once more carried the smaller teen in his arms as he walked the short distance from bathroom to bed.


He depostited Kouji there just as gently, placing him under the warm comforter and not really caring of his nakedness. Ryujii slid in on the other side, a muscled arm going beneath the Omega's head as it's pillow before pulling the other teen to snuggle against an equally muscled side. Ryujii's freehand lifted, index finger tracing a gentle line down Kouji's delicate nose.


"Thank you." He murmured, not really sure himself if he was thanking for that spectacular blowjob or something else. But he guessed that something else would be the fact that Kouji didn't give up on him even knowing that he had lost his memories, even after so many years of him not showing up, of not losing hope that he was still alive, of being his incredible self, of being accommodating, of not freaking out after they had sex, of giving both of them a chance to rekindle what they had as children, of agreeing to help Ryujii with his mission, of providing him with a place to stay, of just being there.


There were a lot of words he wanted to say, but they all paled in comparison with the weight of those two words he just uttered. For the past eight years, he'd never said them. He could subconsciously feel that he didn't really say those words often as well during his childhood. But it felt right to say it to Kouji.


There was that description again.


Ryujii smiled before giving his Omega's temple an affectionate kiss.




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Kouji felt that his and Ryujii's time spent together on this very day was a reminiscent to that of a blissful dream, one of which he never wanted to wake up from.


The first day they're reunited, they've hardly done much of anything outside of spending time in each other's presence, and instead choosing to take the time to discover one another in ways that are much more intimate and closer than what Kouji believed people usually did once they've seen each other again after many years. It was as if they were absorbed in one another; their new found, attraction to one another acting like a portal to another world, one that only the two of them could escape to. To not much of the Omega's understanding, that world was a place for them to talk, to learn, to touch, to feel right in a close, warm embrace.


Kouji was sure he couldn't recall another point in his numerous scattered memories where he has ever felt so comfortable within another person's arms or where he has ever been able to allow himself to be so vulnerable in someone's presence.


There's a terrifying thought that... his euphoria will begin to crack in a matter of time, when eventually the time will come for them both to return to the reality of the rest of the world. It's a place where feelings of confusion, fear, uncertainty, and heartache thrive and live just for creating and then reaping others of their primitive emotions involving pain. He knows those feelings are now building deep within the depths of his vulnerable heart, but not yet noticeable in the midst of his bliss and ecstasy, and he could only hope for it to stay that way.


As soon he was taken into soothing arms, he couldn't help but press the side of his face flushed to the hard, naked chest, growing sleepy as his ears took in the lullaby of a steady heartbeat. A curve of a light smile was being tiredly lifted at the edges of his bruised lips, his hazel eyes being blanketed by his eyelids as he discreetly displayed his thankfulness for the man's gentleness and concern.


The ride was short, as he felt like he was being moved by a calm wave on the ocean, and deposited just as gently onto the soft shore of satin sheets to be covered by the warm sand that was his comforter. He then felt a movement on the other side, a few moments just before Kouji found himself in awe of the realness of Ryujii's hard, lean frame, and only coming to the realization for the nth time that this man was a sex god as he used the arm of said sex god as a pillow.


He then quickly discovered that he was now being encased in the warm temperature that was body heat after a hot shower, and found solace in regards to the security of their closeness and the tenderness of it all. His nose twitched at the finger caressing it, delicately sliding down and causing the Omega to lift his eyelids only to gaze into radiant, golden eyes, whilst relishing in the smoothness of the man's voice as he spoke and the warm air grazing against his supple skin as they were exhaled.


"Thank you," Ryujii had said, resulting in Kouji chuckling lightly at the words of appreciation. He didn't know what those words were for, but accepted them wholeheartedly nonetheless, whilst also being filled with his own gratitude for his childhood friend. Rich brown eyebrows furrowed at the title, a frown now etched across his pristine countenance signaling his unwelcoming confusion as he absentmindedly flushed his lithe body against a muscular one, snuggling even closer to revel in the protective captivity. In a positive sense, they were indeed still friends, but what else were they?


A nimble reached up to thread through soft strands of hair, his expression beatific and dreamy as his gentle fingers played with the strands. Hazel eyes refused to look away, the golden irises entrapping him in a sea of bliss and rapture. The solidness of the Alpha's body so close to him helps to ground Kouji a little better, and in his presence does the Omega's lingering feelings of worry cease to exist. Caressing fingers trailed beyond the ocean of softness, as they moved lower to trace a circle over a prominent cheekbone, only to move lower to again to trace the curves of plump lips. Staring at them caused him to think back to their activity in the shower just moments before, the erotic flashback resulting in a slight shudder to run through his defiled body in reaction.


- - - - -[Flashback]- - - - -


Darkened, half lidded hazel eyes stared up at the Alpha from under his thick lashes, soft, bruising red lips were stretched obscenely around an engorged arousal while a petite hand continued to pump furiously at the Omega's pink cock. The increasing squelching sounds of masturbation thickened the sexual tension that was held in the heated, steamed en suite.


"Like how my dick taste, Kouji? It's been fermented by your ass with my cum."


The tip of the cock rubbed and slid down the back of his velvety, abused throat with ease, only to be pulled out fully to languidly penetrate his lips once more, the speed of the thrusts increasing as his tainted hole twitched at the memories of this sullying his once innocent self. Soft, muffled moans vibrated around the length as he was allowing himself to be fed, clouded eyes watering slightly from every impact to the back of his throat.


"You like eating a big cock, don't you? Like how it feels when your mouth is filled and stretched to the brim like your hole, isn't that right? You're such a massive cockslut, Kouji, moaning while sucking all of my dick. How does it feel to be swallowing a cock as big as mine?" His wet heat swallowed eagerly, mouth sucking and bobbing around the throbbing length, as he greedily lapped up the juices that seeped out of the tip of the bulbous head. His ears devoured every bit of the naughty nothings shamelessly leaving his Alpha's lips.


"Look at you, so horny at having your mouth treated like an ass hole. You just love it when your holes are plugged and filled, don't you? Tell me, is that what you imagine when you eat phallic foods? Is what I am doing to you now what you imagine when you eat a banana? Wish it was bigger so that you could stuff your entire mouth with it in one go?," a lust-addled voice had uttered, moments after he felt a foot circle around the girth of his aching need before joining his slathering hand as it gave a small, yet extremely affecting pump.


The pacifying thrusts ceased momentarily before a hand lightly snagged a portion of the brunet's rich hair, and Kouji's cock could only harden as the hand began to push and pull, removing his mouth completely from his decadent treat, before being shoved back in until all his eyes could see were a blurry mass of dark, soft curls. A mixture of his saliva and Ryujii's precum dribbled out of his bruised lips, resulting in them being slathered all around with each delicious, languid push. The hypnotic sounds of their panting breaths, sensual moans, and the melody of their repeated skin contact echoed across the entirety of the room, and spurring even more insanity into his slight being.


"Hah! You're face looks great, Kouji! So fucked-out and just drooling around my cock and all over yourself. Aha - yessssssss, suck the cum out of my cock, you slut." Sperm gushed from the tip of the Alpha's cock like a geyser; his suffocating appendage began to fill with semen, and he was such a sick person that he adored the vast quantity of the thick, tangy, milky liquid.


"Drink all of it, I know you'll like the flavor. Yessss. Keep swallowing my own-flavored juice." A substantial moan was suppressed by the delectable pacifier as he exhaled through his delicate nose, and gulping down every bit of his Alpha's cum like the decadent treat that it was. The wet slapping of his pumping ceased as he came himself; hot, white cum energetically erupted from his twitching tip in spurts and dirtying the sheen bathtub in the process. His body grew limp as the pinnacle of his rapture descended back down to normalcy, fatigue once again taking a hold and settling inside.


- - - - -[Present]- - - - -


Kouji then sat up with a start, comforter slipping of his lithe frame to leave him shivering in the cold and craving for more of Ryujji's soothing warmth, erotic memories pushed back to the crevices of his mind as the images of that knot was tucked safely away for another time. He had heard soft, distant sounds: feet shuffling, doors opening and closing, and only then, did he realize the predicament he was in.


"Kouji? Are you sleeping? Did you buy all the food in the kitchen? Why'd you buy so much, honey?," a very motherly, very affectionate voice echoed as his ears forcefully devoured the melodic sounds. Despite the gentleness his mother, he couldn't but feel slightly terrified as his brain short-circuited while trying to process the depth of his situation. Lips unwillingly clamped shut while a rapid eye movement showed him the evidences of sexual activity on their bodies. Their bruised lips, hickey-mottled skin, the purple spots on his pale skin indicating very vigorous body handling, their nakedness, and the fact that they were in his bed together all proved to be quite the package that would have detectives dancing for joy at the clumsiness of the criminal.


"Kouji? Are you in there?," his mother questioned, voice laced with worry for the silence as the subdued sound of knocking resounded across the entirety of his room. "Coming, mom!," he hesitantly bellowed, voice hoarse and throat pained as hazel eyes spun to meet the hues of golden ones.


"Where are your clothes? We look like sex itself!" The fear in his voice was apparent, and his gracelessness only more apparent as he fell off the bed with a thud, foot caught in the fabric of his comforter. A pained groan was released into the air, only to be forgotten as he planted his hands on the softness, lifting himself up swiftly and gifting Ryujii with another terrified look accompanied by whispered words, though obvious in their intensity as he pleaded for immediate assistance, "Help me."


"Kouji! I heard a loud thump! Open the door!"

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It was amusing to see Kouji go from sleepy to downright terrified in a matter of seconds, jumping and fretting around as if the end of the world stood just outside of his bedroom doors. Golden eyes took in his Omega's appearance, pale naked flesh on display and proudly bearing the marks the Alpha left there. Finger-shaped bruises marred slim hips and plump ass cheeks, teeth marks stood out in pink contrast against a smooth shoulder while red hickeys lay randomly scattered along a slender neck. Then Kouji turned to him and Ryujii had the pleasure of seeing the smaller teen's flaccid cock bouncing against his depleted testicles. It made him smile mischievously, tongue peeking out to lick a curved bottom lip.


He stood then, going to the nearby dresser before he started pulling open the drawers, only to take out the two underwear he found first. His smirk widened, noticing that the first one he got was a g-string while the other was a boxer. Ryujii had no idea what the brunet used the former for, but he was at least thankful that he did buy it.


Schooling his expression into one of unconcerned indifference, the Alpha turned back, taking five steps before he reached his fretting Omega. "Relax. Your door is locked." He murmured, helping Kouji put on the g-string underwear, making sure that his movements were discreet enough for the other teen not to notice. He gave a small smile when that was done. "Now go and say 'Hi' to your mom."


Before the brunet could say anything else, Ryujii was already pushing him towards the door, one hand lifting from their perch on a petite shoulder to take hold and unlock the doorknob. He pulled it open, just that tiny bit before unceremoniously pushing Kouji so that his head peeked at the small space. The Alpha made sure that the rest of his Omega's body lay hidden behind the wooden frame, his foot and hand made sure that the smaller teen's mother wouldn't be able to forcibly open it should she decide to do so.


His free hand went to give an exposed ass cheek a small pinch, before lifting to give the string that went between a slight pull, making Kouji aware that he was indeed wearing his g-string. Ryujii let mother and son exchange pleasantries before he poked his head out just above the brunet's to finally see his supposed aunt. At least, he thought so.


Her eyes widened and at the same time that the Omega tilted his head, Ryujii pulled the string of his underwear to the side before swiftly pushing half of his erection past the brunet's overly abused hole. It was still tight and wet inside and the Alpha gave Kouji's ass cheek another pinch to remind him not to moan. He gave a radiant smile as he slowly pushed the rest of his cock back inside the smaller teen's convulsing passage.


"Hiiiiiii, Auntie!" He began with a voice so deceptively innocent he doubted she would even suspect of the carnal deed going on just behind the maroon door. "It's Ryujii. Kinda just got transferred here from another city. And look at what I found first thing when I got in class. This guy!" He gave a happy laugh as the base of his cock made contact with a soft and pillowy ass. He rolled his hips, made sure that the length of his erection ground against Kouji's prostate. "We kinda got a bit emotional when we figured who each other was.. and maybe a bit too excited too." Another deceptive laugh came, this time it was more on the embarrassed side rather than innocent. The hand on the Omega's hip lifted to rest atop brunet locks in an act of affection that was equally for show and for the sake of just being there.


Ryujii discreetly pulled his hips back, cock sliding all the way out until the bulbous head was the only left, before giving a lazy push until his entire length was hilted once more. Then the Alpha began to repeat the process, like he's done so many times that day already, with the exception of his thrusts being gentle while pulling out but swift when pushing back in. And all of it lay hidden behind a piece of a two inch thick door.


"I'm sorry, what we did might be weird for you. But it's been eight years and all I could think about that time was fulfilling my promise to Kouji.. and I guess, he had been thinking of the same too. So it all kinda blew up in sexual tension." Another laugh, another bout of thrusts. And his words weren't exactly lies either. He did think of that dream of him making that promise. It was the very reason why he returned in the first place, but she didn't have to know that, along with his missing memory. It was better that way. "You actually caught us after our bath. Why don't you wait for us downstairs so that we can dress ourselves? And I hope you make me those delicious cookies of yours again. I don't know how many times I've dreamed of them."


Again; none of those were lies. He did have dreams of cookies, he just wasn't sure if it was twice or thrice that he had it. But it seemed his charms had payed off when she gave a flattered smile before turning back and heading down the stairs. Ryujii smirked, closing the door silently before giving a continuous hard and powerful thrusts that would have undoubtedly lifted Kouji's feet off the ground should he have not been pressed against the wooden surface.


"Aha. I can't believe you stayed quiet all the while." He almost laughed, the sound of their skin slapping skin going loud in the silence of the room. But the excitement of what they did, the fact that one moan from the Omega would have busted the both of them, made their climax approach that much faster. Ryujii panted as his thrusts increased in speed and power, made sure that even adrenaline wouldn't be able to keep his Omega standing upright any time soon. It made his spine tingle, knowing that they'd have to go to the kitchen in a few minutes and Kouji would be sporting a limp worthy of a person missing a leg and his cum safely packed inside the brunet's thoroughly abused hole.


"That was fun, Kouji! I can't believe your mom was just a feet away from us and she didn't notice that I had my entire dick inside your greedy ass. Aha! I can't believe too that you just stood there and barely did anything to stop me. I had no idea you're such a pervert." He chuckled then, the snaps of his hips going animalistic as his testicles contracted and his cock pulsed with the rush of his orgasm. Ryujii made certain to knot his Omega once more, making sure to do another grind just to feel that immediate clenching he'd come to love as Kouji went into his sixth dry orgasm.


A kiss was deposited on the brunet's sweaty nape. "That was a lot more exciting than screwing on the school roof. What an adrenaline rush." Another chuckle as they both slowly fell to the floor, strong arms going around Kouji's slim waist to keep him from falling over before warm palms went to rub soothing circles on the Omega's stomach.


"I did dream of cookies, you know." Ryujii murmured with an indignant lilt to his voice as if to prove that he hadn't been lying at all.


Another kiss was given on a marred nape before one hand traveled downwards to softly fondle a slightly wet and over-sensitive cock. The raven gave it a few teasing tugs.


Maybe he could make Kouji do a dry orgasm one more time.



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