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lost pages from the oldest fairy tales

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a book with one single rule:



[table=width: 350, class: grid, align: center]















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black page


the smell of the blood lingers. they are forced to listen to the sounds of horror.. the desperate pleas of the victims..

they hear the bones breaking.. loud screaming..

even if you try not to imagine, you'll knew that fate would be yours.



"i-it's here" a hoarse voice said almost inaudible.

that tiny voice is seconded by many but none can utter a sound. deafening silence follows. not even a single breath can be heard.




the sound of metal chains continues, going louder and louder. it's coming nearer. the people in that dark room started shivering. the mental torture is much crueler.

clank..the steel bars opened.

a man wearing black cloak entered. in this darkness, his silhouette seems much more menacing. he stopped only for a second to glance sideways.

"nooooo.. not me! ahh. help." a small boy was dragged out, the steel doors were closed after. some people started crying. many just stared coldly as if watching a scene from a play.



it started.


"ahhhhhhhh.. wahhhhh"

the people can't do anything but cry silently. they keep pressing their ears shut. but the piercing sound of the little boy's cry couldn't be blocked. they aren't worried about the boy, no, not one bit. they didn't pity him either. they were actually a little relieved for it wasn't them who are chosen today.

they did anything to survive. they would even sacrifice their own blood to save their skin. in the past, they heard their own kin screaming his last. who would pity an unknown boy, now? they weren't cold-hearted at all. it's just that human minds are fragile; their hearts even more so.


everyone knew, it's only a matter of time. some have gone insane long ago. because even here, the smell of burning flesh reach their noses. it only adds on the smell of the rotten. it stinks everywhere. before, some would vomit. not now. they adapted.

dying would be much better. but in here, they aren't allowed to decide their own death. there is only a single path lying ahead. and it is the same for everyone. they all lost hope long ago.



dead silence



who would be next???




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gray page



unable to hate but unable to like either.

existing, just existing for all eternity.

the concept of time had been swallowed up by the darkness.

since he was born, no, since he was created, there were no need to open his eyes for there was nothing to see, no one to talk to.

how depraved his soul was?

should he be pitied?


no need.

since he never saw the light, not once.

since he never learned to speak a word by mouth but by mind

since he never knew what it was he was missing

since he had nothing


the existence of emotions sounded Greek to him

the importance of feelings was unknown to him

but so was corruption

and so was the filth



he was purer than anyone

stronger than anyone


more knowledgable than anyone


more naive than anyone


it was good if he was left alone

but could it be that simple?


many would covet

his wisdom

his strength

his domain


for he was a singularity

a king


respected, feared, envied

so the demons..

the angels..

the humans..

all will seek his death.



the void keeper's






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