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Hello, fellow roleplayers! Below is my set of guidelines regarding requirements and my likes and dislikes. This list is also located at the top of my RP recruitment thread. If you have any inquires, please feel free to PM or VM me. Please, do not most in this thread. Thank you.


Please visit my RP recruitment thread, if you want to RP with me. If you want to look over my original characters and their RPs, please visit my character store.


Roleplay Recruitment

Emby's Toy Box/Character Store



Please read everything.





  • BL; 18+; insert YO's rules here (duh~)
  • Medium to high literacy (grammar, vocabulary)
  • 2+ paragraphs per post
  • Commitment/minimum 3 posts per week (I want to finish an RP, please!)
  • Complex/well-developed characters
  • A gauge of how much sex you want (from fluff to occasional to smut)
  • Notification for long-term idleness (If inactive without notice for 1 month/30 days, role will be available for others to take over. The story will continue, but the character can be kept, modified, or dropped with the entrance of a new character.)
  • Character sheet/bio must include character's name, age, appearance/physical traits (picture optional), personality and flaws, and backstory/history. Bonus points for extra details (peeves, habits, behaviors, weapons/powers, etc.) and a one-liner that captures their being/mentality.



Themes I Love:


  • Horror (the darker the better T v T)
  • Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi
  • Surprises and plot twists
  • Animal traits (ex. animal ears, tails, wings; special, transformation form)
  • Power play
  • Light BDSM
  • Age gap (maximum 15 years)
  • Height difference
  • Older ukes and younger semes
  • Mental instability (possessive, yandere, anxiety, manipulative, etc.)
  • Figurative language, syntax, philosophy/choices and questioning of the human condition/life



Things to Avoid:


  • Rape (consent necessary; conscious denial is okay)
  • Water sports
  • Defecation/feces
  • Bestiality (return to almost human or human form for sexual activity)
  • Self-harm and suicide due to depression
  • Mental, physical, and emotional abuse (It depends how much and if the character will develop.)
  • Ask first for fetishes

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