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::KamekazePrince's Rules::

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I'll be posting my ideas shortly, so I thought I should put up some basic info about me first.



  • About Me:

    I am a newbie
    . But I can play a
    or a


  • My Requirements:

    ::Be Interested::

    Please be sincerely interested in the plot and my character if you want to RP with me. I put in a ridiculous amount of effort into this.


    ::Proper grammar::

    Sorry, I can't understand you otherwise.


    ::A good command of English::

    It's hard to explain intricate thoughts and feelings when you're fumbling for words. *But if you're confident you can overcome this hurdle, we can give it a try.


    ::At least one reply per week::

    I will try to reply twice/thrice a week. If at any stage you wish to pause the RP or you need more time, please let me know. I perfectly understand, we have lives.


    ::Detailed character intros::

    I really need this to be motivated into playing with your character. After all, first impression is the best impression.



  • Plus Points:

    ::I put earnest effort into this and write elaborately. No one-liners.

    ::I love creating complex characters and making them as 3D as possible. I also need YC to be deep enough, for me to be interested in him. I love analyzing YC's actions and reactions, so he should be consistent.

    ::I like writing dramatic and angsty verses. You'll get to see MC up close and personal.

    ::English is my first language


  • Minus Points:

    ::I'm a newbie, so I tend to write like a novelist and even god-modded a bit. I'll try my best not to!

    ::I sometimes stray out of character and reply according to my current mood. Makes MC a big mix of personality traits. I'll be careful though.


  • Things I won't do:


    BDSM that is not light

    Pure evil, eg. psychopaths (I'm a good person and I can't understand bad people ^^" )

    Extremely abusive characters



    Mindless smut


  • Things I might do:
    I'm okay with writing incest, rape as backstory only, cross-dressing provided I can see some meaning to it. Maybe its something symbolic or it has plot significance or it deeply motivates the understanding of your character. No mindless smut. Meaningful smut please.


I'll shortly add my personal seme-uke preferences.


A sample to show you my style of writing from my RP with WolfDog12 "Trade Off": (It's my first (!))



It was a declaration that nearly disrupted Kagemori's poker face.

The declaration of war.


Kagemori was insanely aroused by his determination. The resistance in his speech was both vexing and tantalizing. At that moment, he desired nothing more than to pin down Jishi against the wall and strip him. To make love to him until he passed out with pleasure. To experience the thrill of having him surrender.


However he held back. The boy demonstrated such faith in his father, it was almost sickening. What was so good about that wastrel that made Jishi love him? That he rushed to his defense? Kagemori was almost envious.


Fine, I'll teach you the proper way to love.


Kagemori lunged forward and grabbed Jishi's wrist, pulling him towards himself. He wrapped his arm tightly around his waist and with his other hand held Jishi's chin, his thumb grazing over his lips.


"I don't think you understand your exact situation, Jishi. He didn't just send you to work here. He sold you to me. You now belong to me, understand? "




He's so… unreachable.


Kagemori would have heartily preferred it Jishi had thrown a tantrum or kicked him a dozen times.


But Jishi simply smiled.


A smile that did a lousy job of hiding his sadness. A smile to reject Kagemori's sympathy. Jishi rambled on about work and some tour, but Kagemori couldn't hear him. His heart was pounding with a flood of emotions, hurt by Jishi's rejection, frustrated at not being able to comfort him, all the while growing impatient with his aloofness.


"Why?" Kagemori interrupted Jishi, barely able to contain his feelings, "Why do you keep pushing me away?" He spoke unreserved. His words were now rushed and blunt. "Is it alright to deceive yourself and others around you like this? Do you really think you can hide your pain? " His fists were clenched tight, his voice rising now. For the first time, he was losing his composure in front of Jishi. "So you'll shut yourself off? Just look at you! You're afraid of the truth, aren't you-" he stopped himself at once and bit his lip, his nails cutting into his fist. Dammit, I'm gonna blow this whole thing… Don't be so hasty, Kagemori…


He struggled for words and swayed on the spot, trying to steady himself, struggling to contain his frustration and praying mightily that Jishi might interject and end his misery.


Just let me in. I wanna help.





Thanks for reading! If you're interested, I'm looking forward to RPing with you!


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I might write in-story rape, sexual abuse. This highly depends on the context and circumstances.

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-I have relaxed my constraints on writing meaningless smut. I am willing to write a bit of that. =)

-Also, I am willing to write hardcore BDSM, depending on the context.

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