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You get to play a role inside their world.

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Your Role -


> You're an assasin sent by Yunan to Sindria, for no reason at all.


> You wield a thousand and more of thin knives accompanied with an almost invisible string.




My name is (y/n), (y/a) years of age. I'm an assassin that was taken care of by a Magi, our tribe is known for hunting down the Fanalis. My pledge to our tribe's tradition wasn't that strong for I can't kill and make someone life's terrible. Being a slave is like being on the brink of dying, so I can't afford that to happen to innocent people.


I was lucky enough to be born on such a semi-descent life, so I should be grateful or so I guess.


Since, I wont do any good in our tribe I ran away reaching the far end of the other part of the Dark Continent. A couple of men from our tribe found me roaming around in there and the fact that they were aware that I ran away because I can't do what they do alarmed me.


They pushed me off the dark cliff.


I thought it was the end, I was fine with it really, because what can I really do if I'm alone ? I was so little and weak that time, I can't live by myself, and I was afraid of slave hunters finding me.


So, dying it is.


I remembered hitting the solid earth ground after falling for like many minutes. I was determined that it was the End. But, instead I woke up inside a house, and there I met Yunan, he was like my parent, but I hardly thought of him as a parent, I was even convinced that he was a girl, he was the prettiest boy I have ever seen.


So, of course, I really like-like him, that time.


"Hey, do I really have to go ?" I asked, Yunan turned to me and stared at me with a worried look. Tch, don't mind him, he always look worried, maybe that's his hobby. "What's with the face ?" I asked, he shrugged.


"Nothing, (y/n)." He spoke, gently. "Don't get yourself killed, okay ?"


"If you're worried about me, then don't make me leave." I whispered. Right now, I was still hoping that he'll change his mind, because I don't really want to leave. Everytime I ask him the reason why, he always gave me the,


"It's all for your future." Crap or something, it's bothersome.


I heard him yelp followed by a sound of woods dropping and some of the tea cups breaking. Damn, he's clumsy ! I stood up and ran to the kitchen. "What are you doing ?!" I shouted, he was crouching on the floor with teary eyes.


"My head... hurts." He whimpered.


"Because of stupidness ?" I teased,and laughed.


"You're mean !" He whined, "Is this what you pay me after those several years that I took care of you ?!"


"Then don't make me leave !" I shouted, before I can stop myself, I clamped a hand over my mouth and ran outside. Yunan might be clumsy, but he's also evil in his own ways. Is he good or bad ? Nobody knows. "Damn, damn, damn !" I cursed as I went inside the passage that Yunan and I made so we wouldn't have hard time getting up there, inside of it was like a spiral staircase made out of soil. It was expertly hidden so, no one can surely find it.


I panted as I tried to catch my breath, I walked down and sat below a tree. A hand landed on my shoulder, I quickly stood up and jumped away from the person who touched me.


A man with white hair and freckles on his nose, and black sharp eyes greeted my vision, his sleeves went up a bit so I saw a lot of red wires wrapped around his arms, doesn't that hurt ?


I glared at him, "Who are you ?!" I shouted, he looked at you calmly while sporting a small smile.


"No need to panic." He said, "My name is Ja'far from the Kingdom of Sindria. Pleased to meet you."


"So, you're here ?" I heard Yunan's voice in the background, I quickly averted my gaze to the ground as I heard him stand beside me."That was fast, I thought you'll arrive tomorrow."


Ja'far nodded,"Well, Sin was eager to see her." I saw Yunan squint his eyes, "He was all like, having a new daughter or some kind of family." Yunan flinches, but immediately gained his composure, he looked at Ja'far with those worried eyes of his and Ja'far stared back at him.


"Well, you probably should go back down and grab your things, so you're ready to go." Yunan said to me, I nodded and followed him this time we didn't use the stairs, he used his powers to lower us to the ground. I gaped at him.


Over the past years, I was pestering him in using his powers to fly even just once but he always refused. But, now he did. I was happy and sad at the same time, because that's what people do when they knew they wouldn't see each other again or for a long time, they grant their wish.


By thinking about that made me wanna cry, so I did. I let the tears fall, I don't know if Yunan noticed or just pretended not to. But, I think it was the latter cause his eyes were becoming watery.


Why ?


We landed on the ground swiftly, I quickly ran towards our little house. I just want this to be over with, I opened the door and looked around the house slowly memorizing every detail of this house, I let out a sob and covered my face with my hands. A pair of arms engulfed me in a hug and that only succeeded to make me cry even harder.


"Yu-yunan, I d-dont want to !" I whined, hugging him back gripping his clothes tigthtly. He ran his hand on my back up and down in a soothing manner, I snuggled even more closer to him.


After 5 minutes of that, I started to get my bagpack, we walked until we reached the passage, "Hey, Yunan. Why did you use your powers ?" I asked, looking at him.


He smiled, "Well, because you want to, am I right ?" I nodded and grabbed a bread from my bag and took a bite. "Don't look at me like that, (y/n)." I took a bite again, and looked at him curiosly. He turned his gaze on the other side, so I pinched his sides. He let out a squeal and glared at me, I just took a bite again while looking at him, innocently. "Aaah! Fine ! You asked for this !" He finally gave up, dropped his staff and pinched my cheeks.


"Th-that's illegal, hweeeey !" I said, he dropped his hands and sighed. Those little birds encircled us again and started to lift us above. "So, this birds are strong ?" I mumbled to myself.


But, "Those aren't birds, (y/n). How ignorant can you get ?" Yunan teased.


"And, how old can you get ?" I whispered.


"You saying something ?" Yunan asked. I shooked my head, "These are called rukh, you're made of it, got it ?" Even though I didn't, I just nodded anyway. When we arrived above, I quickly ran towards Ja'far and shoved my bread into his mouth, forcefully.


- - - Updated - - -


|| Part 2 ||


He choked on the bread but ate it anyways, he gulped it down in one swipe, I clapped my hands in awe. Yunan rushed over to me, "(y/n) What do you think you're doing?!" He scolded, I pouted and looked at Ja'far's scary face. I flinched, wasn't he just calm earlier ?!


"Scary !" I shouted while pointing at him.


"Brat !" Ja'far shouted back. I didn't argue with that, I'll cut his pretty face later with my knives ! Just he wait !


"Didn't I told you not to get yourself killed, (y/n) ?" Yunan sighed and fixed my crumpled clothes and my hair. "I'm getting nervous, even if you're also an assassin doesn't mean you can take everyone on !"


"Sorry, Yun." I apologized. I only did that because if Yunan saw Ja'far's bad side maybe he would just cancel the trip. He smiled and hugged me, I hugged him back and after a few seconds I broke the hug and pinched his cheeks and also I caressed his hair. It's so long ! "We'll meet again, right?"


"Let's meet again." He said, and smiled at me. "Take care of yourself, okay ? And.."




I sighed and slumped on the bed, I was inside a ship and on my way to Sindria. I wonder what kind of place is it ? I jumped off the bed and wandered around the ship until I saw a guy wearing an armor, I sneaked in beside him and poked his sides.


"Hello, mister !" I greeted, he let out a shriek and sighed when he saw me.


"Don't scare me." He mumbled, quietly.


"Oh I scared you ?" I asked, teasingly. His face brightened up in embarrassment like his red hair.


"Don't bother with her, Spartos." I heard Ja'far's voice in the background, "She's still a kid."


I just ignored them and brought out the fruits inside my bag and decided that I should just focus my attention here instead. Ja'far and Spartos just looked at me as I ate on the side.


"Is she sulking ?" Spartos whispered. Ja'far just shrugged.


"By the way, how many days are we going to arrive at Sindria ?" I asked, while munching an apple. Ja'far scrunched his nose, he didn't even bother to hide his discomfort ! The nerve of this guy !


I'll cut your pretty face just you see !


'(y/n), don't get yourself killed, okay ?'


Suddenly,* Yunan's words popped out inside my mind, I let out a frustrated groan. Fine, fine, whatever !


"It'll probably take us a week or so." Spartos said, I nodded and smiled.* I turned my head to look at Ja'far who was looking at me with an uncomfortable face.


"What's up with you, punk ?!" I shouted and threw an apple at him, but he quickly dodged it.


"Shut up !" He shouted, "I was just annoyed at you, it's like everytime I look at you you're eating ! By the way, you better give me a good reason of what happened earlier !"


I pouted and clicked my tongue.* "I was trying to change Yunan's mind. I don't really wanna leave, you see ?" I whispered the last sentence and instantly a cloud of depression quickly loomed over my head.


"Well, that's a bad way to do it !" He shouted. I didn't answer and just let out a sigh. After a few minutes, "If I were you, I wouldn't trust anyone so easily.* Not everyone is as good as you think."


I averted my gaze, "I know* that." I whispered, but it doesn't matter anyway. I heard Ja'far's footsteps walking away, Spartos did the same but stopped and went over to me and patted my head.


"Don't be sad, you'll get over it." He said.

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