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Tomohi Rikuu

ʀᴘ ❣ Tʜᴇ Bᴏʏs ᴏғ Dᴏʀᴍɪᴛᴏʀʏ 7 ❣ ɢroυp

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Tomohi Rikuu





Just what is being yourself?




ᴛɪᴛʟᴇ ➳ The Boys Of Dormitory 7

ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ➳ 18 +, I enjoy my smut

ɢᴇɴʀᴇ ➳ Comedy, Slice of Lice, Romance, Friendship, Drama

ᴛʏᴘᴇ ᴏғ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ➳ Group, Always accepting so make as many characters as you want!

ᴀɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴇxᴛʀᴀ ➳ I may be new to this site but I'm not new to roleplaying

❣ If you'd like to join at least try to write one full paragraph

❣ Lets have fun, yeah? ♥





Rhode Grey Academy is the most desirable school for parents who wish to have their child succeed and for students who wish to follow their dreams. With more than 200 programs and and an amazing teaching environment, Rhode Grey Academy is easily charted at the top of the list for most amazing school. This school doesn't come without price unfortunately. Either you are from a wealthy family, were offered a scholarship, or had some amazing talent and were personally invited to the school, you can't enter. Rhode Grey Academy only accepts the best of the best after all.


Since Rhode academy is far away from many homes and any sort of civilization for that matter, (you can walk 3 miles to the nearest train station and get to town in about 3 hours tops) all students are assigned dormitories. You do get your own room, but still have to share a house with the other boys inside and very rarely, it does tend to get crowded. The dorm buildings are large and spacious on the inside with various bathrooms and lounges.


Let me direct your attention to a certain, peculiar dormitory. Dormitory 7. The dorm has many rumors which may or may not be true. They say that the dorm is to house the school's "crazies". Pretty much the students who though are fantastic academically, aren't quite right in the head if you get what I mean. They're loud, obnoxious, violent, and spontaneous. The boys tend to hang out among themselves since no one outside of their dorm even bothers to look at them; afraid they'll be classified as crazy also.


The rumors aren't true, but they aren't completely false either. Dormitory 7 is a dorm to house the artistic and free spirited students of Rhode Grey Academy. Its a house with a mix of clashing and magnetic personalities. They all treat each other like family even if they're always getting into arguments and playing silly pranks on each other. This story revolved around the lives of these boys and what they have to go through in their daily lives. Romances may build and drama will be inevitable in this house, are you up for it?





❣ At least try to write one paragraph when you post in the IC


❣ Try to keep Uke/Seke/Seme raito even yeah?


❣ You can make as many characters as you want! (Just keep the raito in mind)


❣ Try not to do the whole 'love at first sight' Let the feelings develop. Pre-arranged relationships are okay


❣ Don't make everything about your character. Every character in this roleplay is just as important as the next ♥


❣ Try your best not to control anyone's character without permission


❣ This roleplay is supposed to be fun and random! Let your characters run around and cause havoc!


❣ I love drama in a roleplay! Its what keep sit going! Cheating on your partner, Love triangles, Dirty secrets, No-strings attached relationship, any drama that comes to mind! Try not to take anything a character says personal, kay?


❣ I would hate to have drama in the OOC. So if you have a problem with someone, take it to private messages. I'm sure we all know by now not to start fights in the forums.


❣ If you want to join just shoot a character profile in this thread and you'll be accepted! We're always open after all ♥


❣ Last but not least, Have fun and make your characters as wacky or as collected as you want!






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The boys are awakening in the dormitory. Get ready for classes and make some breakfast, start the day fresh and smiling! If you can, that is.

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Luka had never been one to sleep soundly. His anxiety had him constantly awakening in the middle of the night, his mind plagued with thoughts of, Am I late for school?, Did I finish my homework?, and, Why does everyone seem to hate me? He also refused to let anyone wake him up, as he was terrified of someone seeing him asleep and touching him. He was always the first one conscious in the morning, either awake before or at the same time as Alexander, who felt the need to take care of everyone living in Dormitory 7 (the brunette appreciated his efforts, but found himself unable to go along with the "Dorm Daddy", as he was utterly afraid of the tall man, which was saying something, as he was scared of pretty much everyone). This lack of sleep was obvious, as the dark shadows beneath his eyes stood out dramatically against his pale skin, but whenever any of his roommates asked about it, he would simply say that he was an insomniac. It was easier than explaining his depression and how he had almost killed himself while in high-school.


The morning of February 10th was the same as every other morning for the young man. His tired, dull gray eyes opened at exactly 5 o'clock, and he laid still for several minutes, staring up at the ceiling and gathering the energy he needed to drag himself out of bed. After he had wasted about five minutes, he sighed and sat up, rubbing his face with his hands. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust, as his entire room was pitch black. The walls were painted black, the floor was covered with black carpet, and the two windows were tightly covered with thick curtains. Luka wasn't a vampire, but he felt exposed when outside of his room, and the light reminded him of the outside. His room was the only place where he felt safe. All of his furniture was black as well, and it was for good reason that he was the only person in the dorm who locked their door and refused to let Alexander inside; he was a very neat person, however, and was rarely reprimanded for being so private.


The rest of his routine was monotonous and performed in silence. He crept out of his room, entered the bathroom, and took a three minute shower, not daring to risk being walked in on (which was rather paranoid of him, as he had locked the door). Then he changed into his usual outfit: black skinny jeans, black socks with black Vans, and a black t-shirt with a black zippered sweatshirt underneath. This was followed by him brushing his teeth and combing his raven-black hair, styling it so the bangs fell into his face and hid his eyes. For a moment or so, he stared at his reflection, fiddling with one of his piercings in a nervous habit (he had a black stud in each earlobe). When he snapped out of it, he turned off the lights, making sure that there was no evidence he had been there, and exited the room, closing the door gently behind him.


For the remainder of the morning, until it was time to leave for classes or someone wanted to try to get him to communicate, he sat in his room, either listening to music with his headphones or sitting on the floor with an instrument in his lap. This morning, he decided to take out his violin. He got down onto his knees and reached under the bed, pulling out a slim case. It clicked softly, and he lifted it out, running his fingers across the strings, his black fingernails glinting in the dim light that streamed in from the cracks in the windows. The instrument was silent, just like him, as he was unwilling to play until he heard someone wake up. He did however, put the shoulder-rest in place and let his chin settle on the chin-rest, ghosting his fingers across the fingerboard, practicing notes without making a sound.

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Tomohi Rikuu



Location :: Stranger's house > Dorm Building, Kitchen

Status :: Trying to recollect memories > Serving cereal for all the gaybies

Company :: Some strangers > Alone, Open for interaction


Alexander had a feeling that his mornings would actually be the least bit more enjoyable if he didn't have to worry about the other inhabitants of the dorm. He'd be able to sleep in. And well that's just about it. Maybe if he had a better sleeping schedule he wouldn't feel so grumpy in the morning. Mornings were never Alexander's favorite. Especially if he had stayed out last night partying with some strangers at a club. He drank a little too much last night and that introduces us to the small predicament at hand.


His head throbbed and he was just not willing to put any effort in even turning his head to scan his surroundings. He felt the familiar warmth of a person's body heat on his side. Soft skin and long hair. Definitely a girl. Alexander's brows furrowed as he attempted to recollect what the hell had happened last night. He left the dormitory without telling anyone so he could have some time on his own, went to this club, met some girls at the bar, danced a little, drank to much, and made out with a few people(?) He wasn't particularly disappointed in himself, in fact, he was applauding his actions since the objective in mind was to have fun and he clearly did.


Alexander lifts his hand to his face and rubs his eyes trying to wake up. A groan slipping from his dry throat as he sits up, the room spinning for about a second or two before settling. The blonde looks to the girl beside him who was still peacefully sleeping. She was naked, completely naked, and honestly Alexander was certain he was also. He sees open packs of condoms scattered on the floor and grimaces. Were all of those used or...? Suddenly, a door clicks open and a male's head pokes into the room. Alexander waited for some sort of reaction from the male, but instead only got a welcoming smile. "Hey there. Did you sleep well?" He asked while waltzing into the room and sitting on the edge of the bed, a glass of water in his hand. "I don't remember shit about what happened last night. Want to enlighten me?" Alexander asked and stretching his arms up. The stranger let out a stifled laugh not to wake the girl who was still asleep. "I'm surprised you don't remember; I mean...you were pretty into it" The brunette offers Alexander the glass of water which he takes reluctantly.


Alexander gives him an odd look, not sure if he wanted to be right about what he was thinking really happened. "Did we-"

"Yep. Threesome"

Alexander felt a laugh rising from his chest but kept it in. "Shame I don't remember it" He smirks and drinks from the glass. The male in front of him bites his lip and nods his head in agreement. "Are you gonna stay for a second round?" He bats his lashes and leans forward, planting soft kisses on Alexander's jaw. Alexander allowed the male to do as he pleased, but had to stop and grab his wrists before his hands slid any lower down his stomach. "I actually have to go home now. Give me your number and maybe we can arrange something some other time" Alexander gets out of the bed and picks up his clothes which were scattered on the floor. He slips on his underwear and pants before tugging his shirt over his head. "Awe, that's no fun" The guy plops down on the bed and reaches for the pen and small notepad on the bedside table. He writes down his number and then gives the paper to Alexander. "Want me to drive you home?"


Alexander shakes his head at the offer. He asks about the address of where he was and was glad to know he was close to the station. Alexander finished getting dressed and makes sure he has all his belongings before bidding farewell to his new 'friend' and heading to the station.


The train ride felt shorter than usual. Probably because he was slowly ridding himself of his hangover and remembering the events of last night. He hoped he'd be able to make it back to the dorms in time to make breakfast for everyone. He was hoping that they're make their own breakfast this morning though, maybe give him a well deserved break. He rode a cab the rest of the way to the school and could not feel more relieved. He trudged to building 7, pushing the door open and letting out a loud sigh once inside. He kicks of his shoes, tosses aside his jacket, and pulls off his shirt. He's clean those up later.


The first task Alexander did was take a quick shower and brush his teeth, completely wiping away the smell of booze from his body. He dries up and changes his clothes, then goes to the kitchen and pulls out all the boxes of cereal they had in their cupboards. This was the fastest meal he could 'prepare' for everyone.

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Beep, beep, beep--


The blaring noise of an alarm cut off with an abrupt crack as a fist came crashing down upon it, shutting it off prematurely and potentially breaking it for good-- much to the satisfaction of the bitter and sleepless individual curled up under several layers of disordered blankets, who pulled his arm back into the safety of his warm covers and let out a pained but muffled groan. His head was splitting, as if someone had been hammering his head with a fucking jackhammer, and the light from the window beside his bed was shining directly onto his eyelids, making him turn to lay on his stomach and mash his face into a soft pillow for protection.


God, what time was it?


He had pulled another all-nighter again, staying up until the very last minute before sunrise and somehow still managing to make his way back to the dorm and collapse into bed. His mouth tasted like something had crawled in it and died, and from what little of last night he could remember, he figured that it must have involved at least a tiny bit of underaged drinking-- maybe a beer or three... or seven or eight. Alexander was going to kill him if-- when-- he found out, and the last thing he wanted was to have daddy riding his ass for the rest of this week. He was already getting heat for the time he was caught stealing from the local game store, and how the cops had tracked him all the way back to the dorm in which everybody was staying in.


It had been a stupid idea, thinking back on it, but how else was he going to get the new video game that his best friend had been hyped about for an entire month? Jeremy wasn't made of money, and since their one year friendship anniversary only comes around like... once a year, he had to get him something. If he didn't, he'd feel like a massive asshole for the rest of his life (not that he wasn't an asshole already), and every game of Halo that they played together he'd have to forfeit automatically because obviously the best way to gain forgiveness is to let the other person win.


Reaching over to his bedside table, he grasped blindly and nearly knocked over everything on top while searching for his iPhone, eyes squinting past the hard pounding in his head and trying to adjust to the lighting of the room. Feeling his fingers skim over the smoothness of his phone case, he grabbed it with a feeling of triumph and powered it on to watch as the dimmed screen came slowly to life beneath his blankets, flicking to unlock it and navigating almost instinctively to the texting app.


To Milo:

dude im never drinkign again my head is killing me

To Milo:

but rematch tonight when im sober? unless ur a pansy that is lol


Jeremy stared at his unread messages with a hint of impatience, waiting for his best friend to wake his ass up and answer his texts already. If he, of all people, was awake, then so should everyone else, because goddamn did Jeremy want to stay in bed and sleep. Going to class seemed like an impossible task at this point, but he was a good enough student not to skip the day. Alexander would hunt him down and drag him to class anyway, so there's no use even trying. The blonde had been nicknamed "the Dorm Daddy" for a reason-- Jeremy was the one who had come up with it, actually. It was surprising how fast the title had caught on, and he still got a good laugh out of it from time to time.


Too bad his nickname was probably the worst one out of all the boys in this building.


He wasn't even going to spare it a thought, because it made him angry and (secretly) embarrassed just thinking about it.


Finally deciding to toss his phone aside, he let his legs slip out from underneath the covers and his feet settle against the floor. He needed to get dressed, and to take a full bottle of aspirin to survive the day. He was going to need it.

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Tomohi Rikuu



Location :: Dorm Building, His room

Status :: Waking up, checking on Jeremy

Company :: Jeremy Grayson


If Jeremy would never have text him, Milo would have probably never woken up. The minute he touched his bed last night, he was out like a light. He tossed around in his bed, kicking the blankets off of his feet and unconsciously taking his cat, Mishka with them. The feline hissed in complaint when she was pushed off the bed, her feet lightly padding on the floor. Milo bolted up, his hair sticking in all directions. He always did have the worst bed head. "Ah, I'm sorry Mishka" Milo whined and reached his hand out to his cat, who ignored it and strut away to her food bowl in the corner of the room. Milo sighed and grabbed his phone, opening the text notification, a smile stretched onto his lips and he chuckled softly at Jeremy's words.


To Jeremy:

fite me bruh

ur on! Don't complain when I win tho K? >;)


Milo sent the text and set his phone aside to charge again. He was surprised Alexander hadn't knocked on his door yet, It was rather late right? Milo just shrugged it off and grabbed his bath supplies and headed to one of the many bathrooms in the dorm. He took a quick shower since he was expecting an angry Alexander to show up at some point. Milo gets dressed in a plain shirt and some jeans before returning to his room. He picks up his bag, his phone, and then Mishka before trotting out of his room and making his way over to Jeremy's room.


He spotted Alexander only a few feet away from Jeremy's room and knew that if Alexander opened the door, he'd smell nothing but bear. Milo sprinted forward and stopped in front of Jeremy's room. "Good, you're up. Hurry up and go to the kitchen" Alexander instructs. Milo nods his head vigerously. "Yeah I'll be there! I'll wake up Jeremy first though, so you can go wake up the others" Milo offers a convincing smile while leaning against the door. "Just hurry it up yeah?" Before leaving, Alexander makes sure to knock on the door loud and hard. "Lets go! You're going to be late!" He roars before walking off. Milo waited patiently for Alexander to move onto the next door before reaching his hand to the door knob and pushing open Jeremy's door. He slid in quietly and closed the door behind him. "Hi" He says with a sheepish grin, taking Mishka's paw in his hand and making her wave to Jeremy. "You look great" Milo's words with dripping with sarcasm. He felt kind of bad for Jeremy's hang over, but it was his fault for not taking note of the consequences.




Location :: Dorm Building, Luka's room

Status :: Socializing more or less

Company :: Luka Blackwood


The bowls were set on the table with cereal in them. Alexander didn't poor any milk in case they got soggy The tall man knocked on doors and opened the ones that were unlocked, calling everyone to the dining room so they could have their breakfast and head to school. They better have done all of their assignments, because if not, Alexander was seriously going to have to dish out some punishments. He was hoping to rudely wake up Jeremy today as punishment, but Milo interfered so he'd figure that was a sign to wait for a better way to punish the male for his ridiculous antics.


He continued on his way, stopping in front of Luka's room. Alexander paused before knocking on the door and opening it slowly. He sees Luka with his violin, it looked like he was playing it, but there was no sound emitting from the instrument. Alexander remained quiet for a moment or two before speaking. "Morning. Hurry up and get to the dining room to eat some cereal before leaving to class" He squinted slightly trying to get a good look at Luka. "Did you sleep well? Get all your assignments done?" Though the look on his face was stern, his voice was soft and calm. Luka was a good kid, so Alexander didn't feel like he had to be so harsh on him like he had to with some of the others.

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"Vincent, dear! Remember the meeting you have tomorrow with Channel Richardson! I actually think you'll like her, I do. She's a mature and refined lady and her family's an important business partner of your father's. Please don't do what you did last time. It was rude and--"


Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep


The continuous beeping was the result of the relentless assault on the answering machine's button issued by the long, slender finger of Vincent Montgomery's. This cranky individual hated his mornings, and yet, mother nature still treated him kindly enough to gift him the smooth complexion that he needed to swerve off his admirers. Groggy eyes began to search for the time, located somewhere along his bedside table. As he blinked away the blurriness that stubbornly refused to leave the front of his blue hues, the coldness hit him like a ton of ice cubes had just been dumped on his body. But, he would take the cold against the heat in a heartbeat, so no complaints were made.


Standing there dazed in his slightly stained white t-shirt and plaid boxers, he was angered and annoyed at the sudden interruption of his beauty sleep. Every day, every single fucking day--though that was somewhat of an exaggeration--there would be a new marriage 'candidate' for him announced on this battered machine by his mother; this tiresome, old thing was his second one, because the other one had been beat on so much by his fingers that the buttons ceased to work permanently.


Maybe he should just break this one now, and not tell anyone about it. Alexander, a.k.a 'The Dorm Daddy', would most likely give him a brutal, verbal interrogation and lecture about destroying school property. Unfortunately, it wasn't worth the trouble. He was nicknamed 'The Prince' after all; being sent on a time out by daddy dear would ruin his perfect little reputation his father desperately wanted him to keep. Negativism was always at its best for Vincent when things like marriage talk and waking up were apart of his daily routine. He desperately wanted to go back to the warm, large bed that was his lover every night, but alas, he must be getting to breakfast and then to school before his flawless attendance was marred--which would ruin his own father's reputation apparently.


His heavy footsteps carried him to his organic scented bath supplies and beauty products resting on a maroon side table located next to his room's door. Before he left, the young man proceeded to pick out his clothing--both bought and color coordinated by his mother because non-designer and mismatched clothing equaled a disgusting reputation--in his walk-in closet. As the young soon-to-be president left his room with a seemingly sophisticated black school boy uniform accompanied by a plaid collar, white dress shirt, and red tie, along with some expensive looking sneakers, his grim facial expression slowly turned into his usual, fake, princely facade with each second that passed by, in case anyone happened to see him along the way.


His handsome smile dimmed once again as soon as he entered the safe haven that is a shower, but a bit better than before. The stinging, frigid water woke up him and had brightened his mood just a little because of his love for the cold. The prospect of having to eat breakfast with his dorm mates in a moment's time and having to put up another forgery of himself for yet another day however, brought down whatever brightness he had accumulated over the course of five minutes.


Just a couple more minutes, just a little more time, and then he would be strong enough to let his hollow shell walk out that door, leaving the real him behind.

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The brunette's stormy gray eyes stared unblinkingly at his left hand as his fingers slid across the fingerboard, the digits trembling every so often as he mimicked the movements of vibrato. He shifted from first position to third and back, crossing from the D-string to A and E according to the music sheets he had memorized. The instrument was tucked snugly in between his shoulder and chin, the light pressure from his head holding it in place, and his right hand lay in his lap, unnecessary as long as he was unable to make sound. There was a distant expression on his face, one that almost rivaled Seihiko's when he was communing with the spirits. However, his relaxed demeanor crumbled as soon as he heard the doorknob turn.


Internally cursing himself for forgetting to lock the door, Luka froze in place, remaining unmoving even as another person entered his haven. If they hadn't thought of him as strange before, they certainly would now, after seeing him sitting alone in the darkness. "Morning." The smaller male visibly flinched at the sound of Alexander's voice, and he hoped that it was too dark for the other to clearly see his reaction. Not only was Alexander taller than Luka and bigger in build, but the musician was also significantly more perceptive than many people at the school, and because of this he easily saw through the "Dorm Daddy's" polite exterior.


Luka inhaled silently in an attempt to calm himself before nodding in reply. He refused to meet the others' gaze, instead keeping his head lowered and eyes focused on the floor. When he had first arrived, he had hoped that nodding would be enough, but almost all of the people living with him demanded a verbal response. So, in a quiet voice, one that was only just above a whisper, he murmured, "I did." The sentence ended with a breathy edge, as if it were impossible for the young man to raise his volume any higher. He hesitated for a moment, waiting for the other to leave. When he didn't move, Luka swallowed the lump in his throat and lowered the violin from his chin, shooting a wary glance at Alexander before cautiously turning to his case. He was always uneasy around people, but he was even more uncomfortable around Alexander. His pale hands shook slightly as he opened the case and gently placed the violin inside.

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