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Zana's Rules and Other Useless Information

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First, let me give a big "thank you" to everyone who bothers to read this before roleplaying with me. You're a good student. Gold star for you. Anyhow, onto my rules and other roleplay info.


Technical Things I Do Not Like:


-Short responses without detail. Please describe things. Describe your character and his thoughts. I really like to know characters' thoughts.

-Using non-anime pictures for characters. Please just find an anime picture.

-Characters lacking depth

-Being pestered about responding to roleplays. I have a ton of them going on, here and in other places, and I'm a full-time college student who is overloaded with homework. Please have a bit of patience. Just because I'm on doesn't mean I'm not busy.



Character/RP Specific Things I Don't Like:


-Full-on bestiality

-Shota. I HATE kids.

-Ukes whose only personality is being uke. I mean the stereotypical innocent, powerless, shy, quiet, et cetera uke. That is NOT a complex character.

-Disrespect to the LGBTQA+ community. I will absolutely not tolerate any sort of content offensive or disrespectful specifically to transgender individuals. I'm pointing this out because I see it a lot in yaoi.


Now, onto the stuff I love.


General Roleplay-Specific Things I Absolutely Love:

-Historical themes



-Medieval warfare

-Naval warfare

-Cavalry warfare

-Fantasy cavalry warfare (e.g. riding pegasi, phoenixes, giant wolves, dragons, whatever you can think of)


-Nekos and other hybrids

-Group roleplay

-Forbidden romance

-When relationships are hindered by other issues (e.g. a war or societal pressures keeping the characters apart)

-Complex characters

-Playing multiple characters


-Vivid description

-Complex backstories



-Psychological drama

-Insane characters

-Quirky characters

-Fight scenes

-Sword fighting




Character-Specific Things I Absolutely Adore (aka 'kink list')

-Uke being older, more successful, and/or physical larger than seme

-Closet ukes and seme-in-the-streets-seme-in-the-sheets types

-Massage. I really like massaging ukes. It's a huge turn-on.

-Feminine features

-General sickliness


-Unique names

-Long names

-Long hair

-Trans men


-Mental disorders (specifically anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, et cetera)

-Eating disorders

-Poetic ukes



-Health conditions

-Moaning and other signs of pleasure

-Kinky ukes


This is an incredibly abridged list. I'll add to it as time goes on and when my brain is less mushy than it happens to be the day that I posted this.

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