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Sweet Smile, Sinister Obsession (Private, +18)


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General Information:

Name: Samael Lucif Revolli

Nickname: Lucky Lucifer, Sam, Lucif

Age: 18

Date of Birth: May 27

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A-

Sexuality: Bisexual

Position: Seme

Other Medical Information: Had surgery when he was eight, gets sick easily, has asthma, and suffers from anxiety



Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 142 lbs

Eye Color and Description: Spring sky blue, with long black eye lashes and thin black eyebrows

Hair Color and Style: Dark black hair that is quite long. It has a slight wave to it, but not too noticeable, appearing just straight. Often wears his hair in a half ponytail.

Skin Type and Color: Has lightly tanned skin, which usually darkens in the summer due to his ability to tan easily

Body Type: Thin, slender, not too muscular. Has the body and physique of a male model

Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Other: Has a small scar on his chest from when he had surgery.

Clothing and Other Wear: His clothing varies day by day, but what he does wear is usually comfortable. Large sweaters, loose pants, etc. If it's lounge worthy, he will wear it.


Personality: Has a quiet, sweet, and somewhat shy personality. He's gentle, has great manners, cares for others, and is pretty much the nicest guy you will ever meet. Because of this however, people often take advantage of him.


Background: Is an exchange student from Verona, Italy to Japan. More revealed IC




+Watching movies

+Listening to music


+Going on walks in the park



-Scary movies


-People touching his hair

-Bitter things (exceptions are coffee and tea)

-Being out at night


Other Information:

~Has a very large gaming system and game collection. You name it, he's got it

~Has an extensive collection of anime, manga, and other things like it

~Lives in a house (apartment) his parents rented for his stay as a foreign exchange student

~Owns a car and a motorcycle




Some things never change, and other things are always changing. And the way life was heading for Samael, it was going to be a time of constant change, with lots of things and events happening he probably could have done without, and others he gladly accepts. One such change was when he was offered to go abroad as a foreign exchange student. For three years now he's been living in Japan, going to high school with them, learning, and enjoying himself. Little did he know that someone at the school liked him. A lot.


Class was out for the day, and after saying his farewells to friends, he begins walking home. He could have driven, but he preferred to enjoy a leisurely walk back to his house, the weather being quite nice. It was the beginning of a new school year, and summer was closing in fast. It was still spring, but each day it got a little bit warmer, the sun shone a tiny bit brighter, and the sky was the most beautiful of blue, matching the color of Samael's eyes perfectly.


After walking a bit, he decides to get something to eat, and so stops in a fast food restaurant to order something, and when it was ready, he goes outside to eat. Sitting on a bench in a nearby park, he bites into the sandwich he'd gotten, his school bag on the bench next to him. He sat with his legs pulled up onto the bench, crisis crossed over each other.


His eyes look around as he eats and drinks, thinking about how good of a day it had been. Samael pulls out a book, a manga actually, and begins to read, deciding that he'd go home in a bit. It was just too nice of a day to waste in his opinion, so he would enjoy it as much as he could.


Recently, in the past few months, he'd started noticing someone kept leaving him gifts at the door of his apartment. The last one having been the manga he was reading, it had been something he'd been wanting for quite some time. Samael wasn't sure who it was, but he knew if the gift giver wanted to, they'd tell him. However, they have not, and he didn't mind. When he'd gotten the manga, he had written a thank you note and left it for the person, and when he checked for it later, it was gone.


Sighing, he turns the page, and reads on. His phone was in his pocket, as well were his keys to his two vehicles, and to the apartment. Not many knew his number, only a few close friends, his parents, and that was it. Samael was content, and glad at that moment how his life was turning out so far. But would it last for long? Who knew, but one person...

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General Information:

Name: Cherry Serif LeNoir

Nickname: Cheery, Cherry-B

Age: 18

Date of Birth: April 1

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O

Sexuality: Pansexual

Position: Uke

Other Medical Information: At age 4, he was taken to a child psychologist for anxiety and abandonment issues.



Height: 5' 4''

Weight: 108 lbs

Eye Color and Description: Starry wide eyes, with glistening lilac pools and long deep purple eyelashes and sharp thin eyebrows

Hair Color and Style: Chin length violet hair. Bangs that sway slightly to the left side with strands drooping past his big eyes. Occasionally sticks two to five bobby pins to hide away cow licks and/or a white bow to accentuate cuteness.

Skin Type and Color: Unblemished, smooth and nearly translucent. He enjoys his ivory shade of skin.

Body Type: Slim, slender but round around his buttocks.

Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Other: N/A

Clothing and Other Wear: His set of clothes are organized to match his mood and surrondings. Often times he changes mid-day when visiting Samael's apartment. Usually stuffs an apron, stockings, shorts in his knapsack for this reason.


Personality: Hopeless romantic who centralizes all optimism and care to the one he loves. He's well bred an thus, arrogant, never having a toy or desire which wasn't handed to him. This breeds uncommon standards of selfishness, intelligence, charisma and charm.


Background: Only child of a family of French nobles, he's wealthy and travels around the world seeking for emotions money cannot buy. Currently an distinct honors student in Japan.



+Sweets and Pizza


+Fortune Telling

+Daydreaming about his and his lover's wedding day

+Scrap booking





-Green Peppers


-When things don't go his way...


Other Information:

~Has no personal sense of interests until he finds someone he loves. Then, he will research every single aspect to better understand his lover.

~Sold his own mansion in Japan to live in a small house closer to school and to Samael's apartment

~Owns a baby blanket that he carries around with him 24/7

~Has committed first degree murderer, however, this is hidden from his records courtesy of his influential family





Whistling a fast paced and cheery packed tune to celebrate today's bright orange sun, a pair of loose gray sweats drift below two wooden clips upon Cherry's home made laundry line. His fat heart flitting inside a heart shaped tee, bottom clad inside waist tight skinny jeans and a milky, thin finger brushing against plush, strawberry lips, he lets a delightful cry of joy escape and sings to himself on Samael's high rise balcony.


"Luci said 'thank you', he thanked me! Ah, he's grateful for me! He's thankful for my secret favor! Luci loves me!" he mewls, burying his left cheek into fresh, cream scented towels. "Mmm... Luci's scent..." inhaling deeply, a chain of shivers race against his back, transcending Cherry to a mental state of collapse and pink, wobbly knees. Let it be known love had ate him up since the moment he'd fell for his boyfriend's idle baby blue. Suppressed feelings of refresh, shyness and passion so long drowned by loneliness and anger begun blossoming in limitless exponents and collaborating to send him in a spiral of prolonged avidity.


Skinny arms tugging down the last piece of sweats, he ensures all articles to have a perfect fold into the laundry basket before shutting the glass window behind him and setting the basket by a king sized bed. Not many knew their relationship was more than just peers in a class, not more than two - Samael and himself. But that made their love nonetheless official and above extraordinary. Their lives were already intertwined and soon, their bodies will memorize each other's scents, liquids and kisses; he blushes having envisioned their first time. It will be embarrassing, yet unforgettable.


Swinging his legs on the bed, the young boy runs a black felt pen against his notepad.


March 23rd, 2015

A million stars up in the sky

one shines brighter I can't deny

A love so precious a love so true

a love that comes from me to you.

Volume II sits in your mail box, quite untouched.

And I who stands by, loving you very much.


Cherry seals the pink poem inside Page I of the manga and slips it into a cute rosy bag before dropping it into the other's mail box outside his front door.


With that, a smile perks up the ends of his fruity lips and Cherry readily heads home to finish for the night.

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Reading on, Samael soon lost track of time, not realizing as the sun slowly began to set beyond the horizon. The temperature drops only a tiny bit, and as he turned to the final page of the book, he was surprised by a sound, making him look up and only then realize just how late it had gotten. Quickly he gets up from the bench, stuffing the manga in his bag, before putting it on his shoulder and walks away, throwing his trash away in the garbage can outside a store.


Quickly he begins to head home, his pace fast as he hurries. Samael hated walking around at night, because despite his slight delinquent appearance due to his long hair and his uniform which hung on him, he wasn't tough at all. In fact, he was the total opposite of bad ass, a complete softie. He wasn't a wimp per say, he just didn't have what it took to be anything other than a peace lover. The only violence he liked was in the anime he watched, the manga he read, and the video games he played.


Clutching his cell phone, he turns down a corner and sighs in relief as the apartment complex comes into view. Climbing up the set of stairs to the top floor, which was the fourth, he walks over to the door labeled 242B, and proceeds to stick the key in the knob, as well as the four digit code that was needed to enter, before noticing that something was in his mailbox. Opening it, he finds a bag inside, and when he enters the apartment, he opens it to find the second volume of the manga inside.


Taking off his shoes, he steps forward, throwing his school uniform's jacket into a closet by the door, before proceeding to his bedroom. Putting his bag on top of his desk, and placing the book on his bed, he looks around, noticing the basket of his folded clothing. Tilting his head, he didn't do laundry...right? Or maybe he did, and he just didn't remember doing it. Shrugging, he puts his clothing away, then sits on the edge of his bed, picking up the manga and opening it, blinking when a note slips out.


"What's this I wonder?"


He murmurs this softly to himself, picking up the note and reads it. It was written in a poem like way, and seemed innocently sweet. Samael scratches his neck, wondering just who this person was. They seemed to be some kind of secret admirer from the way he saw it, or else a secret crush. Why else would they be leaving gifts? Also, they must have cash to spare, because the volumes he'd received were special, limited edition ones, only about twenty copies made, so of course it was high value and high price.


Sighing, he stands and places the finished volume on a huge bookshelf, already nearly full with many other manga. His room was any otaku's dream, manga, DVD boxed sets, posters, movies, figurines, the list went on. He even had a few stuffed mascots perched on the middle pillow of his huge bed, and even more in a corner. His room was slightly messy and rather cluttered and cramped with all his things, but since he lived alone, he didn't worry about it.


Placing the new book in a special slot in his school bag, he then places the note in a small box with the decal for Fruits Basket on it, the picture being each of the Soma family in their Zodiac forms. Placing back in the drawer by his bed, he decides to watch a few episodes of his recorded anime, eat a light dinner, then work on homework and study, before changing into pajamas and going to bed.


The next day he got ready, and during lunch he sat outside in the school courtyard, sitting by himself, eating a bento he didn't know he'd made, he'd found it in his fridge that morning while making breakfast, deciding to bring it to school, which had all his favorites. Sticky white rice, sweet rolled omelets, little sausages, crisp sweet pickle wedges, and glazed fruits with dumplings. And for drink, a vanilla milk box that he'd bought from the school vending machine.


The second volume of the manga sat in his lap, and after looking up, he saw someone from his class. What was his name? LeNoir-kun. That was right. He then looks away, taking another bite of his food. They never spoke much really, even though they sat a few seats away from each other in class. For some reason or other, even though they didn't talk, LeNoir always helped Samael out, giving him answers on tests, lending notes whenever Samael got sick and missed school, stuff like that. It confused Samael, to no end. But he couldn't ever seem to ask the other why he did what he did, so instead just let it keep going, no questions asked.

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Shy lilac eyes focusing on round blue ones, Cherry's body boils like the cup of strawberry steamed milk he drank before bed. Bubbly spit under his tongue salivating as froth on milk does, balls of his palm hotly rubbing the cap of his knees and a dazzling aura of sugar circling his almond face.


He'd spent the morning packaging Volumes III to V luckily shipped to his door the day before as well as a home made scarf with S.L.R embroidered in cursive gold. There is so much to think and do when one is in love and yet here he idly sat in a rigid desk. His shoulders clothed in an ivory, buttoned shirt meekly hunches over his desk of chemistry equations and a weekly shoujo magazine flipped to Aries's horoscope.



Love: You are very capable of intensity, but you often tend to hide behind apparent nonchalance and an secretive attitude. Today though, it may be better to allow your passion to show. You may miss a great chance if you idly watch it go by. Make a demonstration of how you feel, and you will be pleased with the result.

Money: You will experience that extra touch of cooperation today. If there has been conflict, you can resolve it by adding an extra "0" to your wishes.

Career: As always, your diligence is second to no one. Rest today, because your future is paved with greatness.

Lucky Item: White Ribbon


Ringing a satin white ribbon around his pinky finger, the young man circles a faint bruise upon his neck worrying it'll be misunderstood for a hickey. Perhaps this is the reason his love gazed at him five seconds longer that usual? Perhaps Samael is writhing in agony he had not been the one to mark his lover? Perhaps this is the moment their relationship begins decay?! A quick aching of his heart implores his sharp eyebrows to cringe, his lips to pout and his eyes to rapidly blink back tears. He was a fool to fall asleep on the couch, head on a textbook and feet swept over the head rest.


Cherry glares upon a digital clock pinned just above the chalkboard; quarter to 12, the alarm for lunch will blare any second.


'You may miss a great chance if you idly watch it go by. Make a demonstration of how you feel, and you will be pleased with the result.'


The article's advice chanting inside his love struck mind, he spoils no time to slide in his bag, his notebooks, sheets and stationary before fishing out a boxed bento, colors compliment to the one on Samael's lap. Dainty hands and legs standing up to close the distance between his love and himself, Cherry bravely heads outside the class door, bustles toward's Samael's bench to set his lunch on the table beside Samael and shyly sits to the man's right.


Easily enrapturing his attention in between a slimy, red tongue lapping up clots of his sticky, white rice, Kiri listens in delightfully at the man's crunches, slurps and chews. His personal favorite is when chopsticks grab at the glazed fruits; Kiri lowers his eyebrows and innocently smirks, the secret ingredient was home made, right inside his own little body.


"Morning, Luci- ah, Samael..." his kindling voice softer than a kitten's purr, Cherry gazes deeply into the world's brightest blue. If life made it possible to share the flutters of butterflies in his stomach, then Samael would understand his lover will never cheat. But that was impossible, and so he keeps a hand cupped against his neck. "Physics class is getting super hard, I'm not sure I can keep up... not with students like you, always ahead of the class."


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He had once again focused on his food, finishing his meal off with his milk. When he hears the foot steps of someone coming over to him, he looks up, surprised to meet the rather unique purplish gaze of LeNoir, who then sits down next to Samael, and then speaks up to him in a rather friendly and close manner. Well this was rather new, the first time the smaller male had actually come up and greeted him, making Samael blink in confusion, but smiled nonetheless.


"Hello LeNoir. It's a nice day isn't it?"


His smile remains as he spoke, holding the other male's gaze. Completely oblivious to the feelings that were aimed in his direction. Samael felt a little bit shy at that moment, considering he'd never had an actual conversation with his class mate before. And he couldn't help but feel the way LeNoir was looking at him was in a different way most people would normally look at someone.


For a moment he was all but silent, saying nothing, just drinking from his milk box, chewing lightly on the straw. He blinks when LeNoir spoke up again, talking about physics class and how it was starting to get harder. The only class in which Samael didn't struggle, even if he missed a day or two due to being sick. But even so, being complimented about it made him blush, and rub the back of his head awkwardly, his fingers combing through his long, dark black hair.


"Hahaha, I'm not that good. You flatter me. Plus, it can't be that hard, since you're always lending me notes and answers...by the way, thank you for that. I would have gotten a bad grade on our test in Advanced Algebra if you hadn't lent me your study book and notes."


Putting his empty bento away, and finishing off his milk, he simply sits there, finally looking away from LeNoir, and stares up at the sky through the leafy branches of the tree they were sitting under. Taking a deep breath as a breeze drifts by, a pleasant smile upon his lips once more. Samael couldn't wait for summer vacation to start, which was in less than a month, three weeks to be exact. He wasn't exactly sure what he'd be doing, but he looked forward to it. He then speaks up again, leaning back slightly.


"Not that it is my business really, but are you doing anything fun or interesting during this summer break?"

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His father recently bought an oil company and to celebrate, he's been spamming his inbox with news of a summer family getaway to the Bahamas. If he receives one more phone call from his mother pleading for his attendance he's going to change his name and run away, though this reminds him of something special. Sooner or later his surname will be changed to 'Revolli' and they'd be moving far, far away. Cherry rubs his smooth, blank finger and nods attentively to Samael's robin like chirps.


"Summer? Mmm, I'm staying home some days and others I'll be walking around. It sounds dull but I think it's kinda fun." He says, crossing his legs and shaking it in an upbeat manner. There wasn't a doubt in the world he will spending the sunny days channeling his love towards Samael by distantly watching and cheerfully gift giving him, but he'd give Samael himself the doubt of his secret chores, he just loved their indirect expression of love. It wasn't like anything else in the world!


"Samael...what are you doing for the summer? You're not going anywhere with anyone are you? Is anyone visiting you? Parents maybe?" He digs his nose deeply for information. He didn't know a single thing about the others parents and it was about time he should! He felt flushed to have to shake the hands of the humans which created his soul mate, and practical musing and gifts were in order to provide an everlasting, positive first impression. Though this will be a nice family get together, he knew Samael won't mind if he doesn't meet his filthy rich, filthy pigs of parents; Samael was just so understanding this way!


Cherry sighs adoringly, the man is perfect and that's exactly why all he belongs to Cherry.


Picking up a glazed strawberry with wooden chopsticks, he loudly sucks the sugarcoat of the fruit before engulfing it whole. Next, he mixes his sticky rice with a few sliced vegetables and wasabi sauce, picking out a few clumps of his new mix to eat with his pickled wedges. Humming softly to himself, he awaits the others reply while picking up a few wedges and dropping them in Samael's bento - they were his favorites after all.

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His attention from the sky up above lowers to the person sitting next to him, that same, signature soft smile of his still upon his lips, hearing what the smaller male had to say. From what he had learned of the other through hearing things, LeNoir was actually from a wealthy family, and when he heard that the other was not doing anything for the summer, it surprised him. Why stay home and be bored all summer when you could go out and do things? But Samael does not ask this, instead he just smiles.


For a moment nothing more was said, until LeNoir spoke up again, asking a rather large amount of questions in just one go. Did it really matter that if he was seeing someone, or if his parents were coming to visit? He was thinking that LeNoir was just trying to make small talk, so lets the nosiness go, after all Samael HAD asked what the other was doing, he might as well grace the smaller male with an answer. It would be rather rude if he did not, and being rude was not a thing Samael liked doing.


"I am not really doing anything. I was planning on going to Okinawa for the annual summer festival up there, it shouldn't be too much for the train. I don't want to drive. And as for having anyone with me...no, I was planning on going alone. I usually do. As for visitors, or parents...none. My mother and father are much more busy during the summer, so I'll be seeing them later, probably during Christmas break."


He hadn't noticed as Cherry dropped a few pickled wedges into his bento, which was sitting next to him on the bench, his gaze having turned upward again. Samael absolutely loved the sky, especially ones like that of today, so inviting and beautiful, with soft white fluffy clouds, and a warm breeze that tugs at you hair, making you feel all warm and cozy inside. After a thought or so, he smiles a bit more, and turns to Cherry, thinking he might as well explain what his parents did for a living.


"My mother and father run an ice cream shoppe, as well as a bakery. It's a rather well liked shop, and quite popular. 'Dolci prelibatezze'. Or 'Sweet Delicacies'. What about your parents? What do they do? If you don't mind me asking that is..."


He added the last bit as an after thought, before noticing that he had some more food in his bento, wondering if LeNoir had put it there. Picking a piece up between his forefinger and thumb, making sure not to get just those small spots dirty, he places the pickled wedge into his mouth, blushing at the taste upon his tongue. He indeed loved those things, simple, yet delicious in his opinion.


Samael was watching LeNoir from the corner of his eye, seeing how the other ate, and the way he always seemed to have a blush on his cheeks whenever around Samael, making him wonder things. Shaking his head, he clears his mind of any such thoughts, before placing the lid on his bento box, after finishing off the wedges, and sets it aside again, placing it in the side pocket of his bag. This certainly was starting to become a quite interesting lunch break.

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Internalizing all of his desire to squeal out 'Indirect Kiss!' in the face of Samael's slimy tongue on his wedge, Cherry coughs out a short snort before weaving up some quick lies of his mommy and daddy.


"My mother and father run a bakery as well. It is well known, but we don't ever make enough to live the fullest." He impatiently waggles his feet in the air, body wriggling as the conversation is turned back onto him. There isn't enough time in the world to learn about Samael, yet the other relentlessly redirects conversation onto him. He adds some weight into his violet eyes, tastefully thinning out the trees, grass, clouds and people so focus is placed only on his love.


He lacked any shame in his body posture. All he wanted to do was to stare at the man up close and personal all day, all night. He'd feel safer inside the other's warm arms, their body heat mingling as their heads rest upon fluffy, ivory pillows like lovers who knew nothing more or less about each other and only each other.


Cherry swims deeper into his fantasy of white gowns and red wine. Eagerly sipping up some orange juice, the boy twists his body towards the other and brightly smiles.


"Can I...give you a massage?" he quirky voice asking out of the blue, his dainty hands already held before his face.

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His eyebrow raises at the obvious lie that he was given, his smile fading and turning into the tiniest of frowns. Even though he didn't let it on very often, Samael wasn't a fool, and did not appreciate being lied to. Especially when it was the most apparent thing in the world. No one in the world could afford the things that he heard that Cherry had owned in his life, especially where he had come from. Samael knew that Cherry was not from Japan, but from Italy, but where he didn't know. That and what he had heard from rumor were the only things he knew about the other male.


However, he says nothing of it, and the frown disappears, though the smile does not return. Instead his rather full lips remain in a straight line. His eyes now looking away from Cherry, staring at his hands which were currently folded in his lap, unsure of what to say or do by that moment in time. Continue talking with the other, and pretend he hadn't picked up on the lie that had been told, or walk away?


He didn't get much time to think on it when Cherry speaks up again, asking if he could give Samael a message. A totally random question in his opinion, and the confusion to the question appears on his face. What did the other want to give him a massage for? For a moment he says nothing, before shrugging, his shoulders rising and falling every so slightly.


"Um, alright. Sure...I guess?"


His voice held a note of how puzzled he was at the situation at hand, now looking fully at the other male once more. For a quick second he pulls his phone from his pocket, turning the screen on with the side button, first checking the time, which showed they had about five or so more minutes until lunch was ended, and quickly putting the pass code in, his finger moving so quickly that no one would even be able to copy him. He scans over something, before pressing the button again, the screen locking and going dark, before slipping it back into his pocket. Looking to Cherry he smiles apologetically.


"Sorry about that, I had to check something real quick..."

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Inside Cherry's puffy, love nest like of a brain, Samael had handsomely agreed to indulge in a lover's touch well before he literally responded. The young boy rubs small, milky palms together, creating a sharp and powerful friction to better loosen up the tightness of the man's muscles. Four nights prior to today, the soles of Samael's poor feet were icy cold and it's veins popped out for Cherry to rub. If the darn microwave didn't beep like a siren he'd have warmed up a heating pad and stuffed it just under those ten piggy toes.


"Your back has been..." He ends reluctantly, his sentence broken off in such a way that it was difficult to tell if Cherry was simply zoning out or politely awaiting the other to end his apology.


"Your back..." Cherry starts up again, peppily resilient in motion and smiles as he leans his body closer to Samael. Two fingers brushing up the man's forearm, a slender thumb circling up the others bicep. 'What was that thing...that thing that...thing...that Luci...what is that thing?!' He runs the thought quietly in his heart, asking his instincts for guidance and his gut for answers to a question portending questions itself.


"Your back..." Cherry repeats himself, eyes heaving from safe, blue pools to the nasty, plastic IPhone. Thighs trembling along to the speed of his quick beating heart, the boy fails to end his statement and instead climbs his fingers through silly, lavender strands. "Your back..." He wheezes, one, two, ten then twenty purple strands ripping out of his head. A little itch clouds beneath his nose but he continues to chant. "Your back...your back...your baaaaack...your back...your baaaack...your....baaaaaaaaack."


Cherry jerks his head, stomping his nose straight into his bento. Almost immediately, its plastic walls shatter into fifty, jeering shards stabbing his marshmallow cheeks. His boyish voice rips beyond the gruelling shrieks of a banshee as he beckons his hand to the heavens, his words splattered like the blood on his face.


"Your back! Your back! Waaaaaah! What is that?! That thing?! That nasty thing?! Who?! Who is that?! It's suppose to be your back! Waaaaaah! We were talking about your back! But that thing! That thing! That ruined it! Waaaaah! Cherry was talking! Cherry! Not that thing! Not whoever is in that thing! Cherry! Cherry talk! Cherry!"

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At first things start out just fine, with Cherry moving a bit closer, and begins to massage Samael's shoulders, a faint blush forming on his cheeks at the feeling of the smaller male's fingers upon his muscles. Or what he had of them, since he wasn't built up or very strong to begin with. He wasn't a twig either though, and was fit for his body type, age, and height. He hears Cherry says something about his back, and wonders what the heck the other was talking about, he was making absolutely no sense at all.


And that was when the freak out happened. One moment everything was going smoothly, the next, Cherry snaps for some reason, keeping on repeating the same thing over and over. About his back. Samael pulls away, turning to face the other right as he smashed the bento box on his face, his eyes widening in shock, seeing the blood dripping down Cherry's cheeks. What the heck was going on here? His teeth grit as Cherry's voice heightens in pitch, becoming a shrieking sound, making his ears ring.


Without another word, Samael, reaches forward, clasping at Cherry's shoulders, the momentum a bit much, causing them to fall over, with Cherry laying on the ground on his back, and Samael over him. His eyes widen, but he says nothing of the position they were in, instead focuses on trying to calm Cherry down. He'd never had to do anything like this before, so he wasn't all exactly sure to do.


"Hey, hey, calm down. What about my back? Please, calm yourself Cherry, you hurt yourself."


His voice was soothing, almost like a relieving ointment for your soul, as he moves one of his hands to remove the piece of plastic stuck in the smaller male's face, being as gentle as he could. His other hand pinned Cherry down, to try and keep him from losing any more control. Tossing the plastic away, he kept saying soothing things to the other, trying his hardest to keep from freaking out himself as he tore a piece of his shirt with his teeth and pressed it softly against Cherry's cheek, pressing gently to stop the bleeding.


His fingers were shaking, and everything else as well, this definitely was turning out to be the interesting type of day indeed. Once he was sure that Cherry would not pull any more of his hair out, he relinquishes his grip on the male's wrist, and instead runs it in a calming manner down Cherry's head, much like a mother would do if their child was hurt or something along that line. Taking a deep breath, he leans back, so he was no longer pinning the other down, though his hand remained holding the cloth on Cherry's cheek, the other still caressing Cherry's hair soothingly.


"Hey...calm yourself. No need to flip out. Okay? Was it the phone? Was something wrong with my back? Are you going to be okay?"


His gaze was caring as he asked these questions. Motioning for Cherry to hold the cloth, he reaches for his school bag and pulls out a small zippered bag inside, and pulls out a bandage and a cleaning cloth. He proceeds to fix Cherry up, and gently places the bandage on the other's cheek, pressing it down so it would not come of too easily. A smile was on his lips, and he sighs softly. He hoped he hadn't caused the freak out, and he really hoped that Cherry was okay.

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"You weren't suppose to look at your phone! We made a promise!" he shrieks out, hands clasping onto the other's wrist so they'd be pulled down to the grass. After an episode of maniacal shrills Cherry loosens up to cup his own flat neck, his heart pounding still in fear of Samael listening to someone else.


"They are bad people..." He brings the man's chest right up to his face. Right now, he needed to comfort the other before teaching him the taboo of fraternizing with strangers, especially when you're in love. "They know you are priceless so they all want you for themselves. They want to steal you away from me, Cherry. They want to break up apart and if that happens... we'll never see each other again." The poor boy becomes lost in his delusions where little things, it turns out, are extremely important to the skeleton of their fictional love.

"Luci, it's ok. One mistake won't end everything we have. I will, Cherry will protect you."


Sealing his promise with a flick of his tongue on Samael's petal lips and a deep press to show he cares, the sugary sweet aura Cherry has around him plunges deep into a form much more sinister. Slapping quiet and cute sucks onto the man's lips, he himself melts into the almond taste of Samael's spit. "Ooo..." he pules, twirling his little tongue merrily into the secret almond cave.


What would he do if somebody intrudes? Kill them!


Giggling childishly, his head dives deeper so their nose memorizes their first mix of saliva and skin. Blueberries and almonds blend cheerily together, his slender fingers massaging the back of the other's firm neck tightly fisting the black strands peeking behind his ears.


"Ah, Luci..." he gurgles, rolling his hips onto a soft stomach, ambitiously meaning to push him over so his body could lay on top. He'd mapped the measurements of Samael's body over a dozen times in his sleep but knowing the man is awake made their touches exude with peppy bliss.

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If things hadn't started out weird already, then it just took a turn down the crazy trail, as Samael listened to the other, smaller male talking, speaking to him as if they were closer than just class mates, and it was starting to give him the creeps. He was just about to speak, saying that he really didn't need anybody else to protect him, when suddenly he found his lips meshed together with Cherry's.


His eyes grow wide, and out of shock he doesn't push away. He had absolutely no clue what the hell was going on, why this was happening, and what he thought of it. And moments later, after a few seconds really, he was pushed onto his back, so that Cherry was on top of him, his hips pushed slightly down by the other's weight. Goosebumps had formed upon his skin on the back of his neck where it was being touched, and his heart beat began to quicken. No doubt his cheeks were flaming up, a bright red, they definitely felt hot.


At first, for a little longer, he didn't have the heart to move the guy, it was obvious Cherry was harboring something deep inside, but after things got way further, he decided to put an end to it. Reaching up, he softly pushes the boy off of him, trying not to come off as rude or inconsiderate, but definitely was firm, as if making a point. Quickly he gets to his feet, and shuffles a few steps away. Looking to Cherry, he shoves his hands into his pockets, it was obvious he'd been nervous, and now he was uncomfortable.


"Um, Cherry-kun, I don't know what you meant by all you said...but...we never made any promise. And the people whom I'm talking to, on my phone, are my family. They aren't bad. And as much as your feelings flatter me...I don't understand what you meant by 'what we have'...I...I have to get back to class to talk to the teacher, I'll talk to you later, okay? We need to sort this out. How about we meet up at the front gate after school, and we can, uh, go and...get something to eat?"


With that last said, he waves, and picks up his things, walking away and heading back inside. That definitely had been weird. He casually reaches up and brushes his fingers against his lips, a faint blush still on his cheeks. Yes...he'd felt the other day that things were about to get complicated and much different, and sure enough, they had. He honestly just wanted to leave and go home, but that wasn't an option now that he'd made a promise to see Cherry after school. He guessed he'd just have to stick out to the end, and see how things turned out.


Reaching the classroom he walks up to the teacher so they could discuss his homework, and even as he responded to the questions, it seemed almost monotone, automatic, as his mind wandered to what had happened back in the courtyard, away from any eyes, that moment that he'd rather unknowingly shared with Cherry. Did the other male actually...like him? Like Samael? Or was it some kind of prank...Cherry had seemed a little...weird, so maybe that was the whole deal...

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