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know any good dramas out there?


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so ive been seen dramas lately and ive found some good ones but now i can find any thing i get half way into the drama and it gets boring


so does any one know any good dramas out there non bl normal k - j -c dramas but also were the guys are good looking to ^^


also has any one seen the drama I Am Sam


i started it and just love it the teacher is so odd and funny


and i love the guy that fights alot and hates to be hit in the face he is so cool

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I Am Sam!




I've only watched the first episode so far myself (and that was a Korean>Chinese>English sub so it was all weird and the character names were...Chinese) but I bought the boxset (T.O.P~)


If you like him as an actor I can give you a list of what to look into^^



IRIS (2009)

Not a major player but still worth watching (very action packed, about spies, T.O.P's character, Big or...Vick, the Hangul doesn't help^^", is an assassin~very sexy)



19 (2009) (Also stars his fellow Big Bang musician, SeungRi - on the left)


71: Into The Fire (2010) (only one I've watched yet, great Korean War movie & T.O.P's the main character)

The Commitment (2013) (Spies again^^)

Tazza 2 - The Hidden Card (2014) (Gambling movie, shirtless scene, enjoy~)


Other Dramas:

Secret Garden (Pretty damn worth it)

Oh My Lady (it was pretty good, romantic comedy)

What's Up! (2010) (Only watched first episode but highly recommend it, also stars a fellow T.O.P's Big Bang musician, DaeSung...and he's hot)




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I strongly recommend School 2013 . :D There's not much love story or romance happening but it teaches lots of values about friendships and stuff. Hehehe :o Plus the actors are kinda hensem too so there ya go! ^_______^


But if you really want a lovey-dovey kind of romance and comedy, I recommend Coffee Prince and Big. :D Also... Love Rain! And... My Love From the Stars.



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Guest Yuri-chan

You can try to watch Healer, it is very interesting. Or maybe try to watch City Hunter, it is a bit different from the anime but it was very good ^-^ Also, it is the same actress who play in Healer and City Hunter ^-^

If you want a drama which talk about revenge, you can watch Secret Love. Very sad but it is good!

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I have watched a ton of Korean dramas, some Taiwanese dramas and a couple of Japanese dramas. My all time favorite K-drama is Faith---Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun. I also loved Heirs, Flower Boy Next Door and Heartstrings. My favorite Taiwanese drama is In Time With You...I loved Chen Bolin. I also watched Zettai Kareshi and liked it. And I liked Hana Kimi, the Japanese version of the Korean drama, To The Beautiful You. It was easier to mistake the girl in that one for a boy than it was in the Korean version.

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Descendants of the Sun ended last month.


Korean girls fall in love with Song Joongki, the first person in the picture.

That drama is gaining popularity in China and Japan too~.

I recommand this.


Do you know Onew in group Shinee?

he plays a role of doctor in this drama.


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