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NightAir House Rules

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House Rules


    RP Style:
    I write literate, several paragraphs because I kind of love worldbuilding or character building/insight. I hope for the same from you (aka please no one-liners, and don't make your RPs a repetitive formula of CHARACTER action THING). Check the Notes section (specifically the fifth one, but the others can work too) on my profile if you want an example of how I write and think it'll work well with you. You should probably have some RP experience under your belt.


  • Timeline:
    My only rule is that you reply within a week--a week is also what you can also expect from me as the maximum of days before I reply.


  • Hiatus/Termination:
    If something happens with you or there's something up, just let me know. If you're not interested in continuing, please also let me know, because seriously. Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?


  • Character building:
    Character sheets aren't necessary with me, but simplified ones are good just for organization. If anything, if you can throw them at me and 1) tell me who they are and what makes them tick, and 2) you can back that up, you should be good.


  • Godmodding:
    I do expect that you can contribute to the flow of RP as much as I can, but don't dictate or control what my character does.


  • Not interested in:
    -Abusive relationships
    -BDSM, including Dom/Sub roles


If there's more, I'll add. PM me if interested!

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