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.:: Alexia's Lovely Boy Collection ::.

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Name: Hamasaki Masahiro*

Age: 25

Position: Uke

Height: 5'2 ft

Weight: 125lb

Occupation: Jazz Singer


  • Biography
    Father owns a famous recording company that one day will be Masahiro's. To ensure he was no burden e learned music and had his mother , a blues jazz singer, teach him & vocal train him jazz. Masahiro was an instant learned and often sings soul jazz. Works at a bar and teacher part time jazz.
  • Personality
    Masahiro is a shy person when he talks but turns very confident and straight forward when he sings, he is often blank when it comes to love. Very polite and passionate about everything he does.
  • Extra
    Masahiro is always seen drinking large bottles of honey after he performs to help his vocal cords.






Name: Abel Hayden

Age: unknown

Position: Seme

Height: 6'0ft

Weight: 172lb

Species: Vampire


*Biography: Hayden was born on 1650 and was turned into a vampire on August , 1675, age 25, he then was put to sleep for 200 years due to his ruthless behavior and his unknown hatred for humans. He has yet to recall any of his memories from when he was alive but all he remembers was classical music and a woman with red lips.


*Personality: Very rude and un-compassionate but has a contradicting side when his human personality comes out. His mid-human form his a refreshing man with hope and sense of freedom. Often vampire and human personality clash.


*Appearance: Mid-night blue hair and royal deep blue eyes. Often seen wearing a 1800's suit and a blue cape.


*Extra: Hayden was son to a loving aristocratic family, he was turned under unknown circumstances. His terrible personality comes from his hatred to those that turned him into a vampire he blames humans for his turning.







Name: Lexinghton Ash

Age: 27

Position: Uke

Height: 5'7ft

Weight: 155lb

Occupation: CIA Agent


*Appearance: Dark blue hair with slightly lighter ends, lime like green eyes. Often seen wearing a light coat and dress shirts. Other than this he is always in high black suit uniform.


*Biography: Drew was a street delinquent from the ages of 16-21 due to his parents divorcing and leaving him with a lot of pressure. Sometime during his 19th birthday he was caught in a conflict where he meet some FBI agents who urged him to quit this form of life. Soon after he attended college and developed a like of weapons and arm weapons; joined the force for a sniper position and as recruited by the United States CIA dept.


*Personality: Quite childish at times but very sharp in all senses and will detect lies in a peck of a second. Had strong will and determination to do what he loves.


*Extra: Drew feel in love once with a woman who left him, this triggered his criminal rebellion at 16 years old. He does not prefer any gender as a bed partner but has yet to actually love someone again.


- - - Updated - - -



Name: Flavio Luce

Age: 18

Height: 5'2 ft

Weight: 120 lb

Position: Uke


Biography: Flavio comes from a family of 2 sisters and hi father, he lost his bother at birth and therefore never got to meet her like his sisters did. He lives in London, England year 1910. He has a sense for science and love of chemistry, sense he can remember his passion for chemistry has been present and he often finds himself in the old laboratory his grandfather owned in the house's attic.


Personality: reserved and observant, often likes to tease his sisters due to their lack of self thinking and stupid behaviors. Treats them like a test subject often writing down their character towards environmental things. Flavio, despite being the only boy, gets little to no attention from his father or siblings but has developed a close relationship with the cook and butler of the household.


Appearance: Despite being the youngest, he is the only member in the family who took his mother facial characteristic , with light blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His sister, who remember their mother clearly, live their life jealous of him for having things that drive him to be closer to their passed mother.


Extra: Flavio has a passion for chemical poison and dreams of leaving the house once his school life is over to become a chemist in



- - - Updated - - -



Name: Isae Tatsuki*

Age: 18

Height: 5'4 ft

Weight: 115 lb

Position: Uke


Appearance: Bright blonde hair with a mix of brown, aqua blue eyes. Often seen wearing lose pants (sweat pants/ running pants) and white and navy blue t-shirts. His body is delicate white and slightly on the toned side due to his small amounts of workout.


Biography: Tatsuki was adopted when he was a new born by a successful Japanese family in Europe. He was raised in Japan, his parents are well known Historians and are often moving around, he does not mind this. But due to a large job his parents are performing he gets sent to stay in a small town some distance from Tokyo.


Interests/Dislikes: He loves to read books about all aspects from politics and sciences to fictional. Loves to eat healthy foods and fruits. Favorite food is chocolate.Open minded people. Library. Dislikes cats because they scare him, sour foods and rude attitudes. Tatsuki has a slight obsession for piercings and wears a few on his ears, making others think of him as thuggish when it is just his personal taste.


Personality: Very outgoing and refreshing, tends to hide his true personality around others. Suffers from depression but had managed to keep it under control. He is quiet towards people he respects or looks up to, and had never been in love or in a relationship. Talks a lot when it comes to subjects he enjoys and devotes all his attention to his friendships, often seen sticking up for other people.


Extra: He is to move in to his grandmothers house in the small town, the older woman had passed away when he was 5 years old but his parents keep the country house. He had been to the house and town a few weeks before he was to move, allowing himself to get a feel of the place. The town itself was very country making Tatsuki slightly uncomfortable due to the change from city life.

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