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Paris (Ooh la la) {AlphaZeroXEJKing}

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For months it had been a dream. Even as he stepped off the plane it seemed unreal. It never really struck him until he stepped through the doors at IFA Paris to finish the paperwork in person that he could not do over the computers or phones. It left him feeling giddy as he went about all the mundane tasks he had to get through.


Everything was set for him, his possessions already sent ahead to the apartment he would share with a room mate, one he conversed with over emails for a couple of months. So Blair explored a bit, the idea of going to his new home to simply unpack all day was unthinkable after these last few years yearning to be here. So for a few hours he did that, wandered the streets near the school. Soon jet leg was gaining on him and he decided upon going to his new home. The day before he gave his room mate to be an email stating he was due that day and around what time. Just the week before he had received a copy of the keys and his copy of the lease, having done everything before hand. Blair Winters was not a man to be caught unaware after all.


He stopped outside the building and pulled his messenger bag around to dig out the keys and his phone to see what exactly the time it was. It seemed he was good on his time frame, mid noon. Blair pushed the bag back and rand a hand through his mahogany colored hair, pushing it from his eyes as he walked up the steps to the main door of the building. Tugging a piece of paper from his pocket he pressed the code written down to allow him access. Suddenly he felt nervous. This was his first time away from home, first time meeting the stranger he would live with for at least a year. True he spoke with Vincent numerous times, but this was the first real time they would meet. What if emails made them seem more likable to the other and this would be a terrible disaster? He pushed the idea aside.


The two flights to his floor and he soon found himself before the door and hesitated. Did he knock? Did he just walk in? Both? Both seemed the safest route to him. So swallowing his nerves he first checked to see if the door was unlocked. It was, it seemed he was lucky to catch Vincent home then, and it only made the anxiety of the moment worse. So a clear loud knock was followed with "Hello, it is Blair, your new house mate," in his impeccable french as he slowly opened the door and peered in. It seemed to wrong but so right to open the door like this. Something that Blair had no doubt would change with time.


Blair stepped into the main part of the apartment and closed the door behind him quietly. His gaze roamed with interest, this would be his home for a while after all. Nothing that came to sight was displeasing to the eyes and that was a bonus for him on so many levels.

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Character Sheet:



⌈V i n c e n t |G l a i s y e r⌋ (22)




Nickname: Lord

(by the host club he works at)


Gender: Male


Position: Seke


Sexuality: Gay


Occupation: Fashion and Design student at IFA Paris

and part time host


Nationality: French


Height: 5'9


Weight: 160 lbs


Appearance: green eyes, blond hair, slender, fair-skinned


Personality: 'princely', flamboyant, dramatic, dedicated,

poised and charming as a host, bumbling and attention-

seeking outside of that milieu, flirty, talented, emotional,

innocent towards romantic relationships


Likes: instant coffee, tea, white roses,

ramen(ex. lemon flavored), playing the piano,

compliments, men, fashion, animals


Dislikes: cowards, liars, mushrooms,

lemon flavored ramen, onions, studying


Biography: Vincent was adopted as a child by a middle-class family; the Glaisyer's. Despite knowing that he's adopted, he's lived a very happy life. His family consists of his mother, father, and grandma. Vincent, ever since he was young, has always known of his attraction to men. Unlike most others, he accepts that fact and lives happily with it. His family knows of his sexual preference as well and supports him. He has lived in France all his life, but can also speak decent English because of his grandma's teachings. His love for fashion designing developed at an early age. Throughout his high school career, he never wavered in deciding what his future career would be.


Favorite Quote: "Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."


Character Song:


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Vincent definitely was not ready for his new roommate's appearance. He was in his blue, silk pajamas drinking tea and eating his favorite pork flavored ramen. The recent sound of a door opening and a person introducing himself to an unseeable Vincent was enough to stop a noodle from entering fully into his mouth. Vincent had to improvise. He hastily downed the tea and the noodles, leaving a scathing burn on his tongue and throat.




He was an idiot, but at least he was a good idiot.


In the midst of his coughing fit, he was able to announce his presence, at least. He did want to change his clothes, but he didn't want to make his new roommate wait. It'd be a bad first impression. It's not like he was a guest, he was the person that was going to live with him from now on. They'd see each other in more 'unpredictable' moments.


He composed himself, arranged his hair in a neater fashion, and did the same with his pajamas. Luckily, he had a full length mirror placed in his living room. As weird as that may sound, he needed it and it was very convenient. He breathed into his open palm, trying to see if his breath smelled of anything other than tea and ramen. He thanked himself for having remembered to clean his house last night. He wasn't a person that liked living in a pigsty, but he wasn't a neat freak either.


Vincent began walking out of the living room, with a white rose from his vase in hand and him in all of his silky clothed, blond haired glory. Spotting Blair at the entrance of the doorway, he was fascinated and mesmerized by Blair's looks. The man was indeed handsome. He was around Vincent's height, with chocolate hair that contrasted his forest green eyes. He wasn't muscular, but he wasn't a stick either. Slender was more like it, with some muscle definition.


As his footsteps carried him to the other man, he slid a handsome smile onto his face, one that he used as a host quiet often. He had finally reached his destination and being the gentleman that he was, bowed with his left hand over his chest, handing the man the white rose held in his other hand.


"Nice to finally meet you, Blair."

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Name: - Blair Winters

Nickname: - Blair

Sex: - Male

Sexuality: - Bisexual (not that he knows it, yet)

Position: Seke

Race: - Human

Years: - 22

Height: - 5'9"

Weight: - 159lbs

Eyes: - Green

Hair: - Brown



-Blair was adopted as a baby by a wealthy American couple, the Winters. They run a fashion business. The world of fashion was simply something he grew up in. Blair grew up helping his mother in her workshop with picking colors and textures for her newest line of clothing. His family despite their line of work was always very down to earth and respectable. He was pushed to do well in school from day one, to be the best he could be. There was no room for failure. But Blair worked hard and rarely let his family down. Most of this was because he was taught to always earn his way in life and not take hand outs. Everything he ever wanted he had to earn.


When high school came around and thinking of his future came into play he made a choice of wanting to go to one the top fashion and design schools in the world in Paris. So with the goal set by his parents to earn the move over seas he set to work. Finally after years of French lessons and well earned money as well as an acceptance letter he set out for the next step in life in a whole new country.



Random information

-Likes cats and small dogs, prefers simple clothing for himself, loves chocolate anything, and has a tendency to over think things at times.

-Dislikes birds, close minded people, spicy food, being told to chill out when he stresses out.



There was a sound of surprise from deeper withing the apartment and he winced. He honestly hoped he hadn't caused his roommate any pain by a form of surprising him at the wrong moment. Slowly Blair shrugged the shoulder bag from his shoulder and set it down to the side where there was a small table near the door, there was nothing important he would need right off the bat in there anyway. He managed two steps into the space when another male came into sight.


Instantly he was aware of how attractive his roommate was, not many men were as... pretty as this back home. Not that he had that kind of interest in men. Vincent certainly wasn't one to be missed in a crowd of people that was for sure.


A smile half amused, half flattered graced his features as Vincent bowed and presented him with a rose which he took from the other giving it a brief inspection before turning his attention to his new roommate. "It is nice to finally put a face to the name," he responded warmly. "I hope I didn't turn up at a bad time," he said as he pushed a hand through his dark hair green eyes taking in this new house mate of his. It was so odd to think this would be the person he would see most of the time. It was all wondrous but so different from home.


Blair waited for Vincent to move before stepping further into the living space looking around, a hand gliding over the back of a chair as he passed it. "It's nicer than you led me to believe," he said finally turning to face the other man gesturing to the space with the rose he had in hand still. Green eyes turned away once more to take in his surroundings more. It was all so different indeed. But he was excited for this change.

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Vincent began following Blair as he made his way to the living room. The way the male walked showed sophistication and dignity. He must have been born to a well-off family with the way he carried himself. His back was broad and his muscles were defined. To make matters better, he was polite and seemingly kind.


"It is nice to finally put a face to the name. I hope I didn't turn up at a bad time. It's nicer than you led me to believe."


"You didn't turn up at a bad time. You're much more handsome that I expected."


Oh yes, you did. I had a noodle still stuck in my mouth.


"Ah yes, it's probably because I cleaned it last night. Otherwise, you'd walk into something close to a pigsty."


He reveled in his new roommate. This was the man that would be staying with him throughout their years in IFA Paris. It'd be livelier from now on he supposed. Although he was used to living alone, having a new companion to just greet every morning and say good night every night seemed better than the occasional loneliness that came with being by himself.


Vincent honestly didn't know what to do next. Should he offer some tea, some food, or maybe show him to his room? He's not used to having guests, let alone a person going to be living with him from now on.


Let's ask him then. Way much easier than trying to guess what he wants.


"Would you like some food, tea, or would like me to show you to your room? I made sure to clean that too. Haha. You can put your stuff in there now if you'd like."


He was noticing that the host in him was taking over, but right now, that didn't seem like a bad thing.

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