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I really want to work/RP in all male worlds. Yes men having babies laying eggs and all that fun stuff!

I go by fathers or even dads made you and papas or pops gave birth to you. Thats what they should be called and I think incest be just great for this RP too, ages like the rules here but I think it be okay if both our guys are 15 or 16 but I'll follow what ever.


These worlds can be anything from a normal world much like ours and they have jobs and cell phones and sex on the street or something more fantasy like a quest for the golden dildo with a big cock centaur or even the have and have nots and the have nots are slaves and ofcourse NEKOS NEKOS NEKOS! Where a tail can double as a dick.

I will post some ideas here I wanna use in an all male world so please think about this and try to understand and PM me or what ever if you have any ideads.

No women/females men/males only!

:hamtaro-005 (8):


RP Idea for this:

So here gose, hopefully it ill be easy to follow and if you have any ideas I like to hear them too. This can be group or not. I'm fine with either.

:hamtaro-005 (6):


On the planet Demungel a planet much like earth there are 3 races that live on it and are all male.

Humans are the main, biggest race but rather the weakest. They make the advances and live in a world much like ours sep their is no movies or TV. There is lots of music and they are very happy living with active stuff like biking, sports, dancing but there is video games and they get along with the other races. Humans give birth and can have babies around 15 or 16 and they keep there good looks for a long time, infact why not forever!

Yeah all races look 18 or a bit older to 30 all their life. When you become a parent you should age a little bit hence the 30 look.


Wizards are humans with magic like powers. Wizard can mate with demons and Angels much easier than normal humans. So they tend to be who the demons&angels go for among the humans. I like wizards to not be super powered. Just small powers like making plants grow or moving things or teleporting. keep it small and simple.

Humans live near the water and the soil parts of the planet where they can grow food and raise animals to eat and fish and use water.


Demons are an old race that use to be more animal like but evolve along side the humans. They live in the harsher realms like the desert and deep forest and caves and underground. They are the toughest and strongest race and do hard work like building things and hunting big animals. But there are sweet small ones too.


Their are different types like magic users and winged and they have babies differently. Winged,dragon demons lay eggs but most other give birth. Water demons somewhat like a frog carry a baby in an egg on their body usely the front but can be the back. Some all so have 2 forms, change shapes. Like a dragon demon has a dragon form and water demons may have a water dragon form or even a fish,seahorse form how cute!

:hamtaro-005 (19):

Magic demons are the most human looking and usely have some human in them. With such difference as eye and hair color.

Now another idea for demons they can control pregnatecy. So if they don't want to get they can't but if their truly in love their bodies will open up and a baby there will be! They can mate with all races but humans are a bit eaiser.

If you have any ideas for a demon race let us know!


Angels are the newest race and weak in a different way as in their immune system. They can get sick very easily unlike demons who don't seem to get sick at all and humans who just now and then [very much like us]

They live high up hence why their immune system probably so bad. But ones who live lower or among the humans tend to be better and a lot of angels become doctors too.Their not as diverse as the other races as in they look quite a bit alike but when your that pretty who cares!

They are like the poets and artist and such.

Angels have to take a right of passive to grow up, be able to have babies. So most don't till their 18 or older as they are rather timet. But they can at 12 and some are brave enough to do so. They have to take their first big flight. Flying off the highest peek or whatever mountain they live on or is near by. Going through the air their body and mind changes to who they will be for the rest of their lives. [in your bios note please state if they gone through this or not.]



Now a place for them all to be!

:hamtaro-005 (12):


Grand City! is the biggest and main City at the center of the planet. All races live here in harmony and where our school will be. The Grand City all grades school. It will be more than high school and go on 7 to 10 years and they have adult classes too. It's very large but you do not live their! It's not harry potter! But their are nice house and hotels near by. Their is free daycare for teachers and students who ya know got some fun.

It's meant for all races to go here and has all types of teachers too. Teachers can date students!



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Guys and ideas for this!





age:around 50 but he's not sure as he stop caring bout birthdays a long time ago

race:Forest or green wizard


He lives in and protects the chime forest. It is in great danget as the humans in the near by city want to tear it down and exspane. He has traps and protection spells.

Now the other idea is YC can be these guys but I can do an RP with different ppl I guess base on one of these guys.


Guy 1: You want to exspane and get rid of june. Yo can the head destroy guy or on the community to exspane. Anyway despite this, well june is so pretty! You like him and maybe try to sudece him to get him away something like that but the wrath of a wizard is very bad! From turning into a frog or your penis getting removed!


Guy 2: Your a cop or something like that who's on neither side and are following orders to fight and get rid of june. But after spending some time with him nd maybe seeing him naked you fall for his good looks and charms and start to doubt your orders.


Guy 3: Your on June side! Your a environment lawyer or something and want to keep the forest and love june


any other ideas?




Name:Vix waterson


race:Water demon but is small part human

forms: Has a water demon form and can turn into water

personality: Not very social and can be a bit of a snob. He loves books and reading and hates DIRTY! CAN NOT STAND FILTH!

He dose'nt care to much for humans but is fascinated by their books and writings.


He moved to the city of water wheel witch has the biggest water wheel in the world hence it's lame name and it's an city by the water.

He move their to work and live in the library witch is very old and rumor to have books that are no where else!

But it's run down and so filthy! Hasn't been clean in what looks like a century. To clean it he ha to get naked to use his full cleaning powers . But after hours of cleaning he falls asleep in the middle of the floor naked! YC comes in on this and what dose he do? Wake him up, stare at him or be naughty and take pictures!




Name: Haruka Sena

age:26 and gone through the change

race:Golden Angle

personality: Very cheerful and upbeat! He's curious about everything

He move to a human city to be their first angle cop! He went through training and everything and passed!

But is quite nieve to human ways. Never seen or been a car before for one!

YC will be his partner in more ways than one. Haruka will live with you as you teach him about human ways. Getting frustration but he's still oh so CUTE!




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I like your update. I'm very interested in this.

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Yay! Witch idea or just the genre? I like the idea of all male sayajin world

Is it okay if I just post guys with no idea for RP here? I mean I'll try to come up with something but sometimes I may not.

All so is it all right if I put up ukes for others to be?




age:92,gone through the change

race:white wing warrior angle

history: He's been truely inlove twice with humans but he out lived them and they pass on. He has 10 children between them. Because of the sad heartache he's not looking to fall inlove again. After the second husband died and he got done raising the kids he become a wandering warrior angle. Not staying in a place to long and helping where needed or called apon.


Idea:Silver ask to come to a farming village that needs protecting even though it means living among mostly humans. He stays with the cheaf or the cheaf's son at first or maybe permanently. So will he fall for a new human? or another race living there perhaps?

Or perhaps the trouble is a gang or just a rogue guy and well fighting leads to fucking.




Name: Damon[be willing to change the name, maybe Axel]

age:18+ depending on RP,gone through the change

race: Dark wing angle with some demon


For some reason I want to do a singing thing. Like he's a diva and maybe uses guys till YC or he's a stay out of the public eye and gose to YC cafe all the time and they start a relationship and you found out who he is. YC is a fan with a crush or Damon starting out hitting indie clubs and YC can be another singer or a follower guy with crush and all that. Or even a sexy bad boy singer thing.

Any more ideas?




Name:Neko[be willing to change the name, but he loves cat so much thought it fit!]

age:18+ Depending on RP

race:mostly demon, has some human in him

personality:He's really,really sweet! But he think's he ugly and has low self-esteem. He love's animals,mostly cats!


He lives under the street,in the sewer rescuing cat's and takes care of them. He begs, gose to homeless shelters or steals for him and the cats. He mostly steals cat food.


guy 1: Neko gets sick,maybe from the cats and YC finds him and he's a doctor or med student and takes care of him and the cats, love insues! I'm leaning towards human for YC but whatever you like. I kinda really wanna do this!


guy 2: YC is a neko maybe? Infact all these guys can be nekos or cat demons might be more fitting.

Anyway a homeless kid too who stumbles apon Neko maybe hurt yourself and Neko takes care of you for hurt one or Neko shy at first but you tell him he's not ugly and hang out turning to sex and love.

Maybe something with the cats?


guy 3: YC runs a cat shelter and Neko drops off cats there or picks them and YC gets a crush tell Neko he's not ugly and so forth.


Guy 4: Cop who tries to catch him. You find out what he dose and loves it



Name:Lucien [not the same demon note:He has hooves and Neko has feet but they can be brothers]

age:18+ depending on RP



Hm, I like the idea of a brothel. Infact a brothel RP period with all kinds of sex rooms and such.

Or a strip club. Infact I think my next batch of guys will be for a strip club or brothel how that sound?




age:18+ Depending on RP

Race:Half human half demon

I think he be really good for The brothel or strip club





Name: Lin master

age: old

race: Demon, maybe sex demon?


I think he be good for the head of the brothel or strip club

Otherwise be up for using these guys any RP!

Hm but I like the idea of Lin being an artist or maybe a dancer and YC his muse perhaps

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Ok, lotta guys, lotta demons! Ukes for all![semes for me] Some have name on pic,names can be made up for RP same with age and race


more ideas like:


ANGLE DELIVERY SERVICE! That's right angles flying all around delivery stuff getting crushes on fellow co-workers or a customer.

I like an wizard master and apprentice type RP, Bored prince, Master and Slave,New cop or any partners, restaurants or cafe.

All so up for an epic quest RP, been wanting to do that a long time now actually and had these guys years now too


Numbers on side or at bottom, we can give them names


Angelboy2_zps6a528c47.jpg 1


e30584d9d5b09bd8b6ef4f0cb8e522885c2878ac_zpsb114129b.jpg 2


cdd2753fe47842c1f6207dd5ac18bee0c0d0d8b6.jpg 3


c5d860d4937ee2863f0ad45d1f32205f0aac3bf6.jpg 4


4de00a015ff50665efa227d33ddfdf3f328ba4ba.jpg 5

Race: Wizard


3f26df0031b255b1423539d97987ee368fb5a51d.jpg 6

race: Wizard warrior


f93cebdde07d9a9a4593b6efa3881e1359651cd2.jpg 7

Race: Wizard maybe a prince


demon-1.jpg 8


sample_18109da0dc893c4ea7f6db61253f6d98_zps347cf7e4.png 9


CHeMoSH_-_MY_GRiMoiRe.jpg 10


3fde189c4dac4a759a3994542c088da89a3ec595.jpg 11

race: I wanna say a wizard demon mix


da024e23a7bffc5fedcbbe8c8a19dd72cae0e24d.jpg 12


c85ff0b890acb21763a263a58268eb765426db79.jpg 13


FieND_GuY.jpg 14


sample_355bd46c35843d19f9bba3a0ef7d270c.jpg 15


tumblr_matu36oGeh1r57aiko1_500_zps72448171.png 16


tumblr_mlkgl3rIO91rip7ioo1_500_zps1d5a3628.jpg 17


89f45bc2206aff3e60fcd9f1bd4b9e2cc744607f_zps63ec3046.jpg 18


81897279d10acff77af3d741a059be9981969b78-1.jpg 19


0baee73fd255a17356ddf68621fb3fcfdca4e5aa.jpg 20


d5b2759f99313c3ecacaf726058550e7f76c91b2_zpsc5338a8e.jpg 21



4e93ad13312a3bb9aca8b4674cb599a470021dc2.jpg 22


fc929cd8f3383fb7109b805b59c3570d3677f3bd.jpg 23


WhiteMale_zps804c2cdf.jpg 24


Angel44.jpg 25


1128723312_sBoyAngel6.jpg 26


66979434eca6d0355851795a14363781.png 27


tumblr_ltwxqkcyz21r0fjn0o1_500_zps16fb1f46.jpg 28


Bird-Boy_zpsd4e3bd59.jpg 29



5cc586f14ac6ec7d803c79df1379e295387eba14_zps4e6fbe59.png 30


anime.jpg 31



kealedoodlesfinalnr7.jpg 32


vampire.jpg 33


incubus_by_wolfshield.jpg 34


YES I HAVE MORE! Thier all from my collection,anyway I'm sure y'all can tell who's a uke or seme so hope this is great! It took me hours!

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:Frustrated:BUMP! But don't think I want folks posting here, so like PMs

Or do post your ideas or respond to mine ahhh! This idea is to grand to let die!


Hey how about a fantasy type good old fashion quest! A bunch of guys from different lands having to be together getting int who knows what. OH wait did I post this idea already?


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Hey bump! I still think a group brothle or whore house like be a good/fun idea. Sex rooms with favorites and all kinds of sexy things going on, but also I like to do it with hot anime/VG guys too! Why just OC?

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Still wanna do RPs in an all male world. Can we say incest?

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Still so up to do/rp this stuf! Spechly with anime/video game guys!


Oh! also like an RP partner, spechly if ya wanna crossover anime/video game guys!

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Hey would anybody be up for incest? Would really work in this all male world. So still really like to do RPs from my fab idea! Oh yeah I want to get back into RPing here

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Yeah still love to do RPs of this!

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I still love this idea so llike so still open!

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Hey! Can do different time line RPs! Anybody like federal japan? Or Knights of the yaoi table? Maybe slave trade jungles or the old west and biggest dick is sheriff and I don't mean attitude ;)

At any rate still want to do all male worlds

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I'd be open to this idea and various time lines. Let me know if you're still looking.

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Hey you! Yeah I always am anyways ideas:


Feudal japan idea: A lone outcast(YC)is saved from bandits who are attacking him(maybe attempted rape?) by a great sensei who is a sensei with a dojo. The outcast is hurt and the sensei takes care of him. The outcast is greatful and dedicate his life to sensei and he accepts. The RP can go with them falling in love and such but I have some more ideas:


The outcast wants to learn martial arts but sensei cannot teach him as it is forbidden to teach outcast such things but he cannot stop the outcast from listening or watching as he teaches others and if he's cleaning while a lesson gose on well that cannot be help. The RP can go with the outcast getting together with a student or students or even sensei son. Yet another way:


One of the bandits whom sensei killed was a lover (or son) to a big crime boss and he's pissed. He has sensei killed for revenge by poison perhaps and the neko is devastated and swears his revenge and uses the skills he learn to do that. Along the way he meets others and a friend joins him. A friend whom senpsei or father was also killed by the gang and love ensuse with our characters and such or:

He befriends a son of the boss,Ku(can be only one)by say infiltrating the bandits by being a servent as they always need them. I like the idea of him not knowing Ku his son or not at first but he can know later perhaps.

Ku is the only nice one to him even the others ar'nt. His kindness reminds him of sensei. Ku is also different from the others. Painting, reading&writing and doing the arts yet still training to and letting outcast watch the lessons and gasp! even teaching him! Ku is also pick on by the others witch makes him sad. (especially by his brothers)or this:


Outcast finds himself falling for him and wanders why Ku has his own room and privileges when he's so...

one day(maybe after they had sex for the first time perhaps)Ku's brother(s) come back with his gang and outcast recognize them as his attackers but then he picks on Ku calling him brother! and the boss comes in greeting his sons! Oh no, outcast relies who Ku is and he be killing his father and maybe family. Will he do it? Or will his love for Ku prevent that or will Ku go along with it!? Because he hates the crime life and even his dad. What will happen!?


Knights,Kings and kingdoms:

Who wants to do prince and lower class/peasant? Can be a servent or royal gaurd.

Lower/peasant knights are cannon fodder and treated as such even though they are being train and can use those skills as higher knights.

Maybe we can do some sort of lower higher class knight thing and maybe they born into it? Anyway:


However there are some kind knights or others who treat them and take care of them and love the sweet lower knights. Love and sex can come from this and of corse the knights have each other. Nobody says they can't do it with them or others! A lonely low knight and a high-end butler? Oh my! What others can come from this? A king with a neko harem! Outrageous! But he loves doing those cute neko guys and they him and each other. Aking with a mix harem! Outrageous! But he loves doing those cute guys and they him and each other.


A king wants his son to practice sex with a servent and that's the way it's been done!? Because that don't count or you just don't tell your future husband/prince. But the prince has to practice a lot, even with blow jobs and the servent starts to mean more than practice to him. The servent has a heart too. The prince talks to the servent, like a lover but then the king wants to marry him off! (Or at least start dating) He dose'nt want to marry. Oh the drama, what will happen?

Also a good squire and knight RP or squires beingtogether. Hm see this with the ATOT guys. Not everything has to OCs. I'm always up for having anime/VG hot guys in RPs

Braty Uke prince and gaurd or servent who won't take his shit and even slaps the prince and such. Of course they fuck


Blast to the past! Cavemen days or just early life:

Something like meeting another race for the first time or clans fighting or getting along. Maybe our guys falling inlove from waring clans. Maybe a big bara race likes fucking a small uke race and they get past sex. Or the Baras provide protection but then a more advance race comes along and takes the weak ukes to be sex slaves and such and well whip out the Baras or at least sleep gas them. MC a bara who loved his Uke sets out to get him back! Learning things along the way. Something like that.


post apologetics world:

I like this genre, lest in movies like mad max or first of the north star but never really RP it.

Anyway fighting over water like mad max is good or weird lawless type deal like fist of the north star fine too.

Anyway gangs,clans,nomads,livng underground and meeting hunnks on the surface. RPs along those lines,yeah


Yeah! that's enough for now! Come up with your own timeline idea! Always open to your ideas

have fun!



So anybody like to a porn RP? So like these guys do porn films together but do start dating, something like that



They hot, for any of this



Kai or ki or Haichi whatever the sensei or whatever



Ku or Gi or name on the pic or whatever and also can be the outcast or the friend that joins him.



I see Fixer (Axel or Rebel) being a part of tnis. Having one of the last few body shops left. But he can still be a knight



Hans can be a prince or knight or a wandering warrior looking for a hot meal and some company



Big red or Kai or Rai whatever. Wandering knight you know the deal



Riku (Uke perhaps for YC)see him just trying to get along in baron world, meeting a nice seme along the way



Galizur. Wizard prince perhaps? can be a uke for YC and a wandering wizard from a city with the last of running water

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Hey again ya know this world can be use for anime and video game guys! RIGHT!?

I've been feeling one piece myself and...oh hey! How about pirates? High sea adventures! Old timey timeline. Maybe their can be a rule that captains can't have sex with crew mates but who's gonna break that? We're in the navy! Navy maybe has that rule too among others.

Navy hate pirates but one navy guy gets the hots for a sexy pirate! What will happen?

Ninja academically or any academically. Still like to do something with Ninjas. Oo I could see Zoro being a teacher.

Also like to do a secret crush type RP maybe with a teacher and I've been feeling elves too lately that can work in any timeline and world. Elves are their own species and all that too.

So that's a bump and enough for now! Also still like to an angel RP. Hm, angels on the high sea and still up for magic or magic school too!

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YO! I like incest and hey hey sup good yaoi people!

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Yo! I like incest too.


Are you still looking for someone to roleplay with?


I love writing about an oblivious older brother (or father) who gets reluctantly pulled into a relationship with his deviant younger brother/son

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Yo! A response! Yes and I am! Oo that dose sound like a fun idea! Age is not a real problem with me either. Y'all get all male world right? No females at all and men give birth or lay eggs or whatever. Just saying it again to everybody!

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hei there - i like the idea with the porn stars - if you want we can give it a try





Or also i liked the one with two guys and the blond one in the middle - that seems interesting





I would like to give it a try on either of this two or even both

Let me know what you think

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Yowza! Another response! The guys above that pic we're also ment for the porn star idea. Hm, how combining them all? The 3 guys like run/film the porns or the 2 and the middle guy is their main actor or something like that. How you feel about incest? Like the 2 blondes could be cousins. I also see them as uber rich kids doing stuff,messing around with others.





How you feel about somebody just starting out in porn? Or a down on his luck guy who has to turn to it? It can be online stuff too.



Whung or Hung or Ho


Or the new guy is shy and unust to the sex and weird stuff and first but then ends up really liking it and maybe even craving it as well as falling for the guts giving it to him.







Sin&Jin or Kai&Tai or Kane&Bane


Who's up for hot demon twincest? Or do they mess with folks forcing them to be sex slaves? Maybe they make bets on who can win what guy first.





Or maybe Koe and Toe is more your speed. Twins also who can rough and tough and wild! They seem to be up for anything! Or maybe just one and the other looking for love. What's going on between those horns? They don't have to be twins



Lex wild man porn star or whatever



Lee Ryo Rio or chin



Kin ken kinsu or lin linsu



Also Lee or Ti or Tay or Rin/Ren



Reese or any name









Li lem remmy






Jim&Kim Kay and Lee,Titsu(why not) Kosu and Tobu



I really like the idea of doing some kind of rich guys RP. Rich guys abusing their power and money and the help. Rich sex club, rich bets and messing with others. Something along these lines.



Names can be change and these guys can be for any RP! My ideas or yours!

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Hey I'm into BDSM stuff and always up for incest and hard core or romance and even drama to a point. Also up for fandoms, shipping! Long as I know it. Anybody play paladins? Anybody up for a die come back to life for supier beings amusement and the winner gets cool stuff and lots of hotties type deal? Could be fun! Yeah I got the ideas from paladins and such. It's a great game! Anyway willing to work on this idea with anybody.


So yeah bump!

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Do you still need a partner @YaoiFun

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Well actually yes! I do!



Belanor Beluar Bialaer Braern any of those csn be his name



Elf prince or something like that. Or uses music magic IDK



Sex clud? Uke get passed around. Into hardcore stuff despite the cute looks



Jin or whatever



Furfur or Furcas I do have some ideas with him and the dog



Gonchi can be uie for YC






Hans or whatever






Names can be change and ideas. Nothing really set in stone

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