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Chronicles From The Cards ~ Each Card Have A Story

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I am Mikage Matsuoka, have 17 years old, well at least I was when everything started...


I always tried to be a good boy for my parents, brothers, friends and even for the society. I studied hard and always had the best grades, but I had a few friends... actually I had only one, Teito.


My parents were never home and they were hard to get ahold of, so I had to work hard at a snack bar to pay the rent and survive.


One night I forgot to make dinner and my parents came back home unexpectedly. We fought because of the food issue and my father hit me a several times. He spanked me and my mother just watched - she didn't showed any expression, she was just starring. But even after that I still love them. No matter what I still love my parents.


I got hospitalized for some days and no one came to visit me, only Teito came to see me


I remember that my school mates always asked for my help with homework, and it was always my pleasure to help them even if none of them said "thanks" or showed gratitude. I didn't care because I was being a good friend and Teito was also there by my side. He was the only one who was there for me.


Teito told me about his problems and I supported all his decisions. He told me that I was an angel in his life. I didn't realize it, but I end up falling in love with him.


Somehow my parents found out about my crush on him.I left home in the middle of the night after they said horrible things to me like :"you are the shame of this family", "it's unacceptable to have a fag under my roof ! I don't accept this and I don't accept you !","you shouldn't have even been born, we should have aborted you" ...


I was walking down the street with everything they said echoing inside my head when I found this sinister place. A small, cozy shop of mystical stuff.


I was attended by a young man called Hakuryu, he said that someone was waiting for me inside.


I followed him 'till we end up in a room with a man sitting behind a table who introduced himself as the Oracle. He said things about my past and about the fight with my parents. The Oracle also told me that I shouldn't talk about my real feelings for Teito.


After that he riffled his deck of cards and asked me to choose one. The one I choose was

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, he told me that shit just happens in life, and that I shouldn't pay attention to the pain. That I shouldn't let this pain break my soul. The Oracle repeated himself, saying that I shouldn't declare my love to Teito. I thanked him for his kind words and was about to leave, but he offered a room for me to stay the night


The next morning, when I went back home, I saw that all my clothes and everything that belonged to me, had been burned in our backyard. They’d removed my face from the family pictures. My parents erased me from their lives.​ ​

After some days I went back to my usual life, not normal of course, because my parents pretended that they didn't see me...


My relation with Teito was all that I had, so I decided to tell him about my true feelings. That was the worst thing that I ever did. I should have listened to the Oracle. Teito despised me. He punched me calling me a fucking fag, and left me there on the street.


I lost everything, or maybe I never had anything. I didn't had true friends - they were just interested on Teito and were using me to do their homework. My parents abandoned me. Even Teito turned his back to me. Then I remembered that only the Oracle was really kind to me, I remembered his words that I shouldn't let this pain break my soul, but I think it was too late.


I got up from the ground and walked to the town bridged that overlooked a highway. The cars below were running high speed beneath my feet. I opened my arms, leaned forward and let myself fall.


While the air was blowing in my face I saw my whole life passing through my eyes. I think that I should have been more honest with myself. I tried to be this good boy being useful to everyone. I pretended to be happy, but the true was that I was the most lonely and sad guy. I tried to hide my sadness with fake smiles and made other people happy while I was empty inside...


Thanks for this lesson Oracle, thanks for being the only one who really cared about me. And I’m sorry. I’. so sorry for not listening your advice and ending up like this. I will probably be buried as an indigent. No one will come to my funeral. But thanks. Even though I’m late saying this, thank you very much.


I was about to hit the ground when a light came from nowhere. I felt this cozy warmth and opened my eyes. It seemed like the time had stopped and the Oracle was there holding me in his arms. I looked around and it truly dawned on me what would have happened to me. A huge truck was passing right beneath us. If Oracle hadn't appeared I would have been smashed by that truck when I hit the cement. I really would have been a painful way to die.


The Oracle said that I didn't deserve to die like that. He was serious. There wasn't any expression on his face, but somehow I could feel that he was a bit sad about how things ended up, I could see all of this behind his eyes.


He said that I could keep helping people in a different way, then the asked me if I wanted to do that. I took a deep breath. My answer was yes. Liking my answer, the Oracle smiled gently and touched my chest. My body started to float and glow. I looked down at myself in amazement. A bright light and yellow stars emerged from the Oracle's hands and revolved around my body. All what I felt after that was warmness and peace...


And that's the story of how I became a card of the Oracle.


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Chronicles From The Cards

~Each Card Have A Story~



~Feeling empty, worthless, insignificant~




Sometimes the one who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person.

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I always was a kind and insecure girl. My parents told me I shouldn't be like that and that this would spoil me. Mommy, with her afflicted eyes, only stared at me when Daddy yelled that I was too stupid to let my friends mock me, but to be honest this never bothered me. I guess.


I am Ayumi Sachiko and I was 15 years old when it happened.


On that day I was getting ready to school just like any ordinary student. I woke up early, took my shower, put on my cute uniform...


I was making myself up, then for a moment my fingers became cold and I couldn't feel them anymore. I felt this shiver running my spine and then I saw two of me in the mirror.


I was so scared I started to scream. Daddy came to my room and slapped me on the face and then everything became white and empty.




I felt a terrible headache and woke up. It felt like only a few seconds passed, but actually 4 hours had gone by. We were in the car, me and my parents. They were yelling at each other and Daddy had his hand bandaged.


I was so worried. What happened to him? I asked him if he was ok and what happened, but mommy looked at me with such anger. She said that I attacked Daddy - that I caused such harm on him with my bare hands.


I couldn't believe it. How would I ? Why would I ? But then I saw the proof. Right under my nails there was a lot of dry blood. Daddy's blood.


What is happening to me??


I stared quiet and afflicted until the car stopped. They took me to a psychological clinic. I was scared and I didn't wanted to go. Daddy was pulling me by my arms and I was fighting him. I didn't want to go so I started screaming for help, but my mom was just sitting there with tears in her eyes. She looked scared of me and this hurt me inside so badly.


But then it happened again. My arms started to get cold and heavy. I was losing conscious again, but this time I could hear this scary voice coming from my mouth.


"kill, kill, kill, kill, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL"




2 months. That's the time it took me to find out that there was another person living inside me. An entity. A resident evil who is promiscuous, violent, crazy and bizarre. Inside me lived a murderer.


I went back to my routine and after some time everything was just like before.


I heard people saying that some Oracle was in the town. Everyone said that he was fantastic, really, really accurate and his cards always said the truth. I decided to pay him a visit and see if I could find out anything about this living being that invaded my body.


When I arrived there a funny guy attended me. He looked so cute in the cat costume he was wearing as he guided me to where the Oracle was.


Seated in his throne he looked so powerful, but he didn't say anything. Just stared me. I was going to introduce myself when he said my entire name, my blood type and some details about my life that I didn't even remember. He was still looking at me with those cold eyes, but this was more than a normal staring. He was looking beyond my skin. Looking at my soul.


That was a bit scary and I was stunned by the fear. Then I heard that voice again trying to control me saying that this wasn't a good idea, that I should kill him ... that he wasn't going to help me. Everything became gray and she was in control again, but this time I could see what was happening.


The entity was laughing such an evil laugh and was scratching my body so hard that I started to bleed. The Oracle was still there just staring like nothing was happening. It looked like he really wasn't going to help me. I just wanted to know what was that thing that was controlling me.


She took a knife from my bag. I didn't even knew that knife was there. Did she put it there before?? Was she controlling me while I sleep??


She took the knife and advanced towards the Oracle. The cute guy started to ... snarl, he really was growling so loud and showing his teeth to her but the Oracle just raised his hand to the boy telling him to stop. I wanted to stop her but my body wasn't answering my commands.


She attacked the Oracle, the blade crossed his chest and did a terrible wound, but the oracle wasn't bleeding. From the area that was struck there only came indigo sparks and he started to heal really quickly. Then the Oracle looked at her in the eyes and asked who she was. The entity said that she was who I really am, that she was everything that I kept inside my heart - that she was the result of so many times that I cried alone in the bathroom right after my Dad abused me. She said that she finally got the strength to take control and get her revenge and she wanted to kill my father because he raped me many many times.


I didn't remember that until she said out loud that my dad really had raped me. I'd deleted this from my mind, because I wanted to see him as my Daddy Hero. Someone who I could rely on and trust my life with. When those memories came back we started to cry, me and the entity. I could feel the tears in my skin. She was screaming that she wanted her revenge and she was going to make everyone pay for their sins.


The Oracle let her cry for some minutes and asked her to take a seat to choose a card. We took the card called

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. Oracle said that we should accept the truth of the facts and stop living a lie. That card made me see just how weak I was to ignore those feeling. I should have tried to understand those feelings and make other decisions.


Right then was when the entity gave me back the control of my body. I was really glad the Oracle really helped me to understand what was going on inside myself. I apologized for trying to kill him, but he just wave his hand and said that soon we would meet again.


A week passed since I visited the Oracle, my dark feelings never took control of me again and my life was back to normal. My parents were kind to me again. But one night the sound of my bedroom door opening woke me up and there was my dad.


He covered my mouth and tried to turn me around. Quickly the entity took control of my body and started to fight for our revenge. She took a knife from below my pillow that she probably hid there, just like she'd hidden a knife in my school bag. I could fight her and avoid harming my father, but I decided to avenge our suffering so together we killed my father.


After the murder everything went black, and this time I wasn't alone in this mysterious place. She was there too.


She was still crying, saying this wasn't the end. I didn't understand. Revenge had been made and there was nothing more that we should do, but she said that we shouldn't exist. She wanted to kill us too. I tried to convince her not to kill us, but it was useless. She took control of our body again and stabbed us in the heart.


While I was feeling the life leaving my body, flashes of my life passed right before my eyes. I could see that I should have accepted the truth of the facts right in the beginning. I shouldn't have created this perfect girl who didn't have any bad feelings or bad thoughts. That was my mistake. I didn't want to be a human and have all kind of feelings. I tried to become something perfect, like a goddess, living in one extreme and rejecting the other. There was no salvation for me. No forgiveness for what I did. Finally I couldn't feel my body anymore. We were dead.


I died, but was somehow still in my body. The presence of the entity sharing my body was gone. My mom came to my room and fainted after seeing that scene and I felt horrible. I wanted to hug her and say that I was sorry, but I couldn't move


Hours passed until the cops appeared and started the investigation. They even avoiding looking at me, but one of them came direct to me. He was the Oracle.


He said that our suffering finally came to an end and asked if we regretted our acts. I said yes and he smirked softly. Oracle said that I could help to make cases like mine become less common and I accepted this mission.


From his hand came yellow stars that illuminated everything and we weren't in my room anymore. In that light was just me and the Oracle.He touched my chest and I closed my eyes. All what I felt next was this peace like I never ever felt before.


And that's the story of how I became a card of the Oracle.


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Chronicles From The Cards

~Each Card Have A Story~



~Out of Control~




This is not you, is something bad inside of you


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I think I was in the kindergarten....


His name was Sato Tetsuya and we always played together on the playground near our houses. Tetsu was always very courteous with me - always

protected me against the bullies. He made me feel secure and happy. He completed me. Even being an 8 year old child I already knew I was in love and it was a pure, genuine love. Maybe it's true what people say about girls maturing faster than boys. Somehow I knew that he felt the same, even if he didn't know yet.


But what's love without tragedy, right?


Tetsu's father was an excellent surgeon. He was so good that he developed a new, less risky method for cardiac transplants. The medical council itself asked him a huge favor - to visit the most important hospitals in Japan and teach the new method to the other doctors. This mission would last 9 years. 9 long years going from hospital to hospital giving lectures, classes and making risky surgeries, but he would be very well compensated for this. Mr Sato accepted this mission, but he didn't want to be apart from his family, so Tetsu and his mother would follow him on his trip.


It happened one evening. The sun was setting and tainting everything with a sad but cozy gold. That was our last time together on that playground. We cried a lot, but before we said good bye, Tetsu put something in my hands. As he avoiding looking in my eyes he said:


"Take good care of it, this flower represents my heart and I'm leaving it under your protection"


When I looked to the flower I recognized it was a carnation flower, which represents pure love, surrender and freedom. It was a beautiful flower, the petals white and magenta at the tips. A pretty and delicate flower. Tears appeared in my eyes and I promised to him:


"Don't worry Tetsu, your precious heart will be safe with me. Nothing bad will happen to it and I will always be close, taking very good care of this flower..."


I wanted to say much more but my voice disappeared as I sobbed, crying like a baby. Tetsuya pulled me closer and hugged me. He was crying too, even though he was making me feel secure and sheltered.


And as the sun went down he also spoke a promise: "One day I will be back for you, and then we can take care of this flower together"


My name is Mufuku Mana and that's how everything started...


Now I'm 17 years old and in high school. Modesty aside, I became a beautiful girl and boys don't leave me alone. Someone is always asking me out, but I only hang out with them if I can bring my girlfriends with me so we can all have some fun together. The only problem is when Katsune Ikuto goes too. That boy is so rude. He really pisses me off.


9 years passed since Tetsuya left the city. Every night I think about our promise. I will take care of his flower and he will be back for me one day. The flower is inside my diary on the exact date when he left. It's dehydrated so lost some of its colors, but is still beautiful and delicate. My diary is always with me, in my bag, so no matter where I go I will always be near Tetsu's flower.


I was on a bench in the park perusing my diary and admiring the flower when I saw Ikuto coming my way. Quickly I hid the flower and shut my diary. He noticed and asked me what it was that I was hiding and I said it was nothing, but that hell boy wasn't satisfied with that answer. He took the diary from my arms saying "Come on, lemme see" and fled.


I ran right after him and yelled at him so many times to give it back. After a while he stopped. It looked like he was reading my diary.


"So that's why you never gave me a chance. " He looked disappointed, but he's the one who stole my diary and read it. I yelled furiously, "like someone someday would EVER hook-up with you! Now give back my diary!"


Ikuto made an ugly face, threw it on the floor and kicked it to me. I searched for my precious flower, but it wasn't there.


"Where is it ?? Where is the flower ??"


He laughed in derision and showed me the flower he was holding. Then he proposed something that would destroy my life.


"Don't think it will be so easy. If you want your flower back you must give me a kiss." He pointed to his lips.


I was disgusted. How could someone feel such pleasure making people suffer like that ? I tried to argue with him that this was not a real kiss and that it would not have true feelings behind it, but he said that trying to persuade him would be useless. If I didn't kiss him he was going to destroy the flower.


Defeated, I approached him slowly. I could feel every cell in my body trying to stop me, but I needed to be strong to get back what was important.


I stepped closer to him and he wrapped me in his arms, then kissed me. I closed my eyes. Tears fell down my cheek. I could hear the sound of a car on the street and prayed it wasn't someone from school. The last thing I needed was a witness of my shame.


When he was done I stepped back and asked for the carnation. He smirked victorious but, didn't give me the flower. Instead, he ripped it apart and blew the petals away. The coward fled again.


I was stunned. My precious flower was destroyed. The symbol of Tetsu's heart, his trust, the symbol of our pure and genuine love was gone. All that was left were some petals.


I went back home and locked myself in my room. I put the petals in a random page of the diaries. What I had done was unapologetic. What would I say to Tetsu when he came back? I threw myself on my bed and drowned myself in tears on my pillow.


The sun of the next day dawned. I don't even know if I slept or not. I took a long shower and got ready for school - a new day had come and I needed to live it. But this time I left my diary at home. I would never again carry it with me all the time. It was safer in my room inside a locked drawer.


When I arrived in class, everyone was talking about a rumor that a new student was coming to study here today. I was relieved those whispers weren't about me and Ikuto in the park


The teacher came in and we sat. Following him came a tall, athletic, handsome boy with gentle eyes the color of amber. After a few seconds I realized he was staring at me. I felt like I already knew him, and then I saw the teacher writing his name on the board. My eyes went wide as soon as I saw the name, then the boy introduced himself:


"Good morning everyone, my name is Sato Tetsuya and I'm joining your class this year. I hope we can be friends."


My heart was beating so fast. It was really him, but he was so different; mature...gorgeous. He was so beautiful and looking at me with so much sorrow. Did he recognize me? Was I really that different from when I was 8 years old? Maybe I wasn't his kind of girl anymore...


There were no empty desks near me, so he sat behind the class representative, Yakashi Momo. I overheard that easy slut proposed to give him a tour of the school.


As the day went on I tried to talk to him, but he was never alone. People were asking him about his past and why he came to our town. He explained that he lived here before and said why he left, but now he was here for good. They started to ask about the trip and it was really good to hear his stories.


Tetsuya was still the same. He smiled while speaking, such serene and sweet smile. He hadn't lost the habit of tilting his head while paying attention to what people were saying. He still had the cute hollow that always appeared on his cheek anytime he opened his mouth. Watching him brought me so many emotions. It was like a time travel and being a kid again. He had the same features from his childhood, but was so handsome now

as a man. Strong and protective. I couldn't wait to be in his arms again.


At the end of the day we decided to make a party to celebrate Tetsu back in the town. Momo offered her house. That bitch really have a good timing.


The night came in a flash and the party was really cheerful. It took me some time, but I finally could talk with Tetsuya in a reserved place in the house. I asked if he remembered me and he said yes, but something was wrong...


"Of course I remember of you. I thought about you every day for the past 9 years, but it seems you are the one who forget about our promise."


My heart his in my mouth, I felt a pain in my chest. He was mad at me for some reason, but why ?


"What are you talking about Tetsu ? I also thought about you, everyday."


"No, you didn't. I was going to your house by car yesterday and I saw you and your boyfriend in the park. You was crying and kissing him. I bet he was really mad at you when he saw my flower. He must be really important for you react like that."


"No Tetsu, you got this wrong. He is not my..."


"Don't call me like that !! My name is Tetsuya. I don't give you permission to treat me with such intimacy. I gave you that Carnation symbolizing what I feel for you, for us. I said that I would be back and you didn't care about my feelings but instead you let another man seize the precious symbol of our love. You didn't move a

finger while he was ripping it apart. I refused the see what happened next. I don't want you in my life anymore. I suffered a lot being away from you for 9 years, but nothing could hurt me more than coming back to...to this."


After that the party lost its meaning for me. I was so shocked. Tetsuya saw everything, but he'd gotten the wrong idea. I lost his trust and nothing would bring this back. I left the party but before that I could see Momo talking to him. It looked like he was planning to use her to forget about me...


On my way back home I saw a weird store in an alley. It was strange to see anything open this late at night and I couldn't remember seeing it there before. Curious, and wanting a diversion from the pain in my heart, I went to see what that shop was about. Looking in the shop window I couldn't see much thing, inside was a bit dark. Then I noticed the door was open and I kind of felt something calling me...


On the door was written "The Oracle's Place". Inside I could smell the scent of incense and feel a sinister coldness. On the shelves they were selling what looked like magic amulets, good luck talismans and gemstones. There were also creepy things, like glass eyed dolls. It felt like their eyes were following me. Straw dolls, voodoo dolls, and black magic books also liked the shelves...


I was starting to get nervous, but then I heard a cat's purr. I always loved cats and totally forgot my nerves as I started to search for it.


"Where are you kitten? I can hear you. Come here cat-cat. Lemme stroke your belly and you will feel so good."


The sound of his purr was getting louder. That was weird. A purr as loud as that meant the cat would be huge.


Suddenly I felt something passing between my legs. Immediately I squatted to grab the cat, but what I saw

wasn't exactly what I was expecting.


A guy with a pretty face and cat eyes, was beneath me. He had sharp claws, pointed and fluffy ears and a long tail. He was wearing a black coat with his zipper open, exposing his abdomen. His body was slim with well-defined muscles. The cat boy looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm ready to be stroked. Come on make me feel good."


I blushed like hell.




I kicked him in the chest and he scratched me. I ran after him while blood was dripping down my leg. I was so furious that the adrenaline didn't made me feel the pain of the scratches - all I wanted was to grab that perv.


Suddenly a door opened and a tall, elegant man appeared from there. He looked very serious.


"Kuro !! Stop playing with the client."


The cat-boy apologized quickly, jumped out the window and ran for the streets. The elegant man reached out for my hand and called me.


"Come on Mana-san, your answers are here."


Wait a second, did he just said my name ??


"How do you know my name ?" His lips curled into a dark smile that made me shiver.


"We know much more than your name. Follow me"


He led me to another room and I couldn't help but feel amazed. The store didn't seem so big looking in from outside. Right before entering that room I felt a different atmosphere in that place, something timeless, like I was in another dimension. The room was circular and had only 2 chairs and a table. A monk was sitting in the other side of the table. It was strange to see a monk with spiked hair. Shouldn't monks be bald ??


"Monks shave their heads as a symbolic act, meaning that they don't need to worry about vanity and can focus in major causes. But time is not exactly a problem for me, and by the way I'm not a monk. I am the Oracle."


Did he read my mind ? How could he know what I was thinking? I decided to apologies about what I was thinking it about his appearance, but it was too late. He was already by my side.


"My apologies for the behavior of Haruko. That cat-boy is still learning to deal with his instincts. Let me take care of your wound."


He took a card from his pocket and squatted to be able to see my leg closer, then he held the card to my leg making it "face" my injury. I couldn't see the image of the card because it started to glow. I was mesmerized when I saw my blood running back into my body and the marks and scratches were being undone while my skin was healed...


"What is going on? Who are you ?" I asked, a quiver in my voice.


He stood up with a smile and said, "I already told you, I am The Oracle".


Then his image disappeared right before my eyes. There were only some sparks of yellow and indigo stars and flashes of cards rotating in the air. Everything was fading in... And then it happened again. There was a spark light and the Oracle was back in his seat with some yellow and indigo shapes of cards fading in around him.


"Well, thats enough chit chat. Sit down. Let's talk about business, uh?"


I swallowed dry. I'd never been this nervous and curious as this before. I sat in the chair and asked what business we were going to talk about. The Oracle said that I had come to the store at the right moment and that whatever I do after this moment was going to decide the future of my life. With a glimmer in his eye, he asked me to pick a card from his deck.


I shuffled it, divided in the half and turned around a card called

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The Oracle said that when love is pure and genuine it will always be reborn. He said that I shouldn't give up on

Tetsu that easy and that I still could prove to him that what I'd told him about that other boy was true.


I left that shop feeling like a brand new person, full of joy and hope. The next day I would talk to Tetsuya again and explain what happened. I put my diary back to my bag and went to bed. Tetsu'd said that he hadn't seen everything, like Ikuto fleeing or me picking up the petals. That was the proof.


In school I didn't have time to talk to him, but I put a letter on his table asking him to meet me in the park.

He always was a gentleman and didn't make me wait him for too long. I was really happy that he came. It looked like the Oracle was right. He still loved me and I could make him trust me again.


"I found your letter. What is it you need to talk to me about? "


We sat in the bench and I started to explain everything. I said that I used to hangout with boys, but it was only to help my friends meet some guys that they liked. I was saving myself for him. I explained that the idiot who forced me to kiss him was a big ass jerk and was stalking me all this time. He'd probably bullied me into kissing him because he was hurt and wanted to make me suffer too.


"Tetsu...ya, you said that you didn't see everything. Let me tell you what happened. After he ripped apart the flower, he fled like a coward and I took some petals and put them back in my diary. That Carnation was so important to me I couldn't lose it like that. I've been waiting for you for so long and that flower kept my hope up. I knew that I was going to see you again. Please Tetsu. Please believe in me. "


He had tears in his eyes and I could see his mind fighting with his heart and emotions. He took three deep breaths and looked me in the eyes.


"If what you say is true, where are those petals. Let me see."


Immediately I pulled my diary out of my bag and opened right to the page where I'd written my thoughts on the day he left town, but the petals weren't there...


"What? They are here, I know they are! "


I flipped a few pages, but I couldn't find them. Where did those petals go?? I perused some pages to the left and to the right, but I got nothing. I turned the book upside down and shook it, but I got nothing. Then I remembered on that night I was so upset I wasn't really paying attention to the page where I put the petals. They could be anywhere. I just needed to be calm and patient to find it.


"Ok, calm down. I will find them. I know they're here. "


But Tetsuya didn't want to wait for me


"Look, I need to go. Momo said she could help me to study the classes that I missed while I wasn't in the town. I need to meet her over at her house now."


When he said that I got desperate. That bitch was going to be alone with him. Tetsu stood up and started walking towards the taxi station. I ran after him and let the diary fall to ground. I asked him for some more time, just a few more minutes, but it was useless. Tetsu said that I was too desperate and he was really trying to believe in me, but I was scaring him.


"You're not the Mana I fell in love with anymore."


I was speechless. His words hurt me so much I froze up.


Tetsuya got in the taxi and left. Feeling cold and numb, I walked back toward the bench to sit down as a strong, rain scented wind blew. I could see the pages of my diaries flipping away like crazy and then I saw them. The petals.


I ran to my diary when the wind blew again and carried my precious petals away. They went flying and dancing in circles in the air. I couldn't lose those petals. Tetsu believed in me, he just needed the petals to remove any doubt. I ran as fast as I could while the wind carried them further and further away from me. The sky was getting darker, a storm was almost upon me. If it started to rain it would be impossible to see the petals. Worse yet, the water would flow my petals into the sewers. I couldn't let that happen.


The wind was getting weaker and some petals started to fall. Some were in the street, in a puddle and a few got stuck in the leaves of a tree. I was running and picking them all up and I didn't even see the car that almost ran over me. All I could see were the petals and I needed to be fast. If the wind blew again I was going to lose them forever. Lose him forever.


I climbed the nearby tree. The branches got thinner the higher I went, but I was almost able to reach the right branch. I reached out for the petals but they was a bit far yet. I was crawling on the branch to get closer to the petals when I heard a loud 'crack'.


The tree was a bit old I guess and the branch was weak. It was starting to break and I needed to get out of there. I already picked up some petals so I could miss those 3, right ? And then the wind blew again. It was so strong that I could feel its impact against the tree. My branch broke and I fall with a scream.


While falling I released the petals that I'd managed to retrieve. My fingers unconsciously tried to reach them, but it was useless. Eyes toward Heaven I fell. When I hit the ground I heard what sounded like another tree branch breaking and my neck felt strange, like it was burning.


As I stared at the sky I could see the leaves of the tree falling above my body. The wind was kind and brought my precious petals back to me. They landed right before my eyes. I tried to get up, but my body wasn't responding. All I could do was lay there motionless, crying in my mind as my body started to grow colder and colder.




It finally started to rain. From the corner of my eye I saw a taxi cab. I heard the slam of a door and glimpsed someone running in my direction. It was Tetsu!


"You came back for me" I thought as my eyes prickled with tears. The wetness slid down my cheek. Or maybe that was the rain. I couldn't feel my body anymore.


Tetsu's eyes filled with tears as he screamed for help and dialed the ambulance. He held me in his arms and my heart felt so cozy. I was freezing there. So, so cold...


"Why ?"




"Why, Mana ??"




"I love you so much, please don't leave me..."


The ambulance came really fast and two medics moved Tetsu away from me. One said, "Don't worry, we will take care of her."


The other also said tried to comfort him:


"She's in good paws, nyan".


Did he really say paws ?? What was that meow thing ??


Another medic appeared and came in my direction


"I'm going to ease your pain, Mana"


I recognized that voice. It was the Oracle.


My head swam and soon everything started to glow. I saw myself in a garden full of carnation flowers and a

cherry tree. It was just me and the Oracle standing side by side.


"What happened" I asked


"Your life came to an end when you fell from that tree. Your soul remained attached to your wishes and desires and refuses to rest. You are very connected to this world. Until you find true peace, your spirit will be here and you will never proceed to the next stage of your life."


"Can you help me Oracle ?"


"Unfortunately I cannot. This goes beyond where my skills allow me to go. I'm not here to offer help this time. Actually I'm here to ask you something. Would you be willing to follow me and help me prevent cases like yours from happening?"


"Yes, I don't want anyone suffering like I did. I learned that it's very important to take care of things that are really important to you. If there is a way to show this to people..."


"Don't worry about that. Leave showing it to me. Now all you need to do is close your eyes and rest."


I closed my eyes like he asked, but I was too curious so I opened them again. I saw carnation petals falling everywhere and the horizon light grew stronger. The Oracle's eyes were glowing and from his hands came yellow stars that dissolved in the air like glitter. Magic. It reminded me of how I felt when I first met Tetsu.


Everything was getting brighter. I tried to pick some petals as the Oracle's stars reached me, then all of a sudden I felt at peace...


And that's the story of how I became a card of the Oracle.


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Chronicles From The Cards

~Each Card Have A Story~






Take good care of your treasure...


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-->Blood Pact



I was bored at home when I saw a moving truck coming in. It seemed like we would have new neighbors, I ran to talk to Mom that we should have to give a warm welcome to them. I grabbed my bike and start to walk around the block, I wanted to spy on the new neighbors and in every lap I saw a different scenario:


First saw a large car arrive accompanied by another moving van, a woman was at the wheel. After that I saw three uniformed and strong men finishing to take the boxes out of the truck. In the third round I saw a grumpy man taking the boxes and bringing it inside, he seemed nervous, suddenly a child appeared, it was a boy, he was hidden inside the box and scared the angry man who shouted something to him.


I took another ride around the block, now the boxes wasn't in the yard anymore, I went home and my mom called me to help her make some cookies to welcome our neighbors, soon after I went up to shower and changed clothes.


While exchanging, I heard the sound of a window opening, it was that boy, he opened his bedroom window, was right in front of mine. I smiled and waved, was glad we had a new kid in the neighborhood, before I was the only kid there and this was very boring. I realized that I was not wearing pants yet, I hid myself and finished getting dressed. My mother called me because the cookies were ready.


My Mom and I ring the bell of the neighbors to welcome them.


I was in the car with Mommy. The accents were full of boxes that did not fit in the trucks, because of that Daddy couldn't come with us, he went ahead with the first truck and we had also another one right after us.


I don't know if I was happy with the change, I didn't knew anyone where I lived, I was actually the excluded child of the class and they was always bullying me. After arriving home with two black eyes my parents discussed and my mother gave the final verdict, we were going to move to a country town. Yeah, maybe I was happy inside, this new house could be the start of a new life.


Outside the houses were very different, we lived in an apartment before and it was tight, but here only have houses with huge gardens, I started to get really excited.


Soon we arrived at our new house, Dad had already arrived and was helping the movers to take the boxes out of the truck, I ran inside to explore the place. I opened the door and entered a small hallway that led to the living room, the place was huge with a large window overlooking the street to see the front of the house also had a staircase leading upstairs where would be the bedrooms and the bathroom, beneath it was another corridor with a door, follow the hallway and found the kitchen with appliances all new, there's also had a door leading to the backyard, back there was so beautiful, the grass was trimmed and had a washing machine, the space was great I couldn't wait to pick up my toys and play there.


I could hear my parents in the kitchen, they were fighting again, I tried to distract them and hugged them and said the house was really cool and run out. I hid inside a box that wasn't so crowded, as soon as I felt that someone took it I opened the box inside but it was one of the company men who carried me, he smiled and took me to the living room. I wanted to scare Daddy, so I went out again and hid in another box, then felt someone trying to carry it, I could hear Daddy's voice muttering something then I knew it was him, I opened the box and screamed "SURPRISE !! ", but it seems like he didn't liked the joke, he yelled at me that now was NOT the time to make jokes, he had a lot to be done, Mommy appeared in the door and called me in, she always appeared when Daddy was mean to me, she always saved me from him.


She asked me to help to organize things, and told me not to call the stress of my father, said he was nervous because the men of the company was all strong and beautiful, while he was a paunchy who couldn't even carry a box with his own son inside. We laugh a lot together.


Time passed quickly and soon Daddy was inside, he finished putting the boxes inside and dismissed the men. Daddy asked me to go up in my room and store my stuff, then I noticed I had not seen my room yet, I ran up and opened the door that had my name on it. The room was more spacious than my old room and was with my favorite colors, blue and green.


It was hot so I opened the window, the neighbors house was right next and I could see a kid through my window, he must have the same age as me, he waved and smiled at me, but it was strange, he was naked, didn't took long for him to hide and never come back. I was afraid that maybe we would study together, is he going to treat me bad just because of this misunderstanding ??


My mother came to see if I was done and said she would buy things in the market for dinner and invited me to go with her, but when we were walking down the stairs the doorbell rang. Daddy opened the door.


"Hello neighbor, I live right next door and I came to bring you these cookies to wish welcome to our neighborhood" Daddy was embarrassed, he took the jar of cookies and invited them to enter.


"Thank you for the cookies, come inside that's my wife and kid" the pretty lady came in and I saw that boy of the window. While the adults talked in the room we went up and played the video game in my room, in the end we dined pizza and the cookies were saved for the next day.



His room was bigger than mine and he was playing video game better than me too. But he looked kinda uncomfortable, didn't said anything about his old home or why he came here. He was just staring the tv, he must be shy, but it was still nice to have him around.


Mother was downstairs helping new neighbors to unpack a few things she had this talent for making friends easily with people. Time passed quickly and it was late, we went home and went to sleep.


I woke up in the night hearing strange sounds coming from the street, I approached the window and watched the street, but was nothing there. I opened the window and put my head out, then I realized that the muffled cries came from the neighbors, it seemed that his parents were fighting, but they used words so violent I was very scared, I closed the window and went back to sleep.


I woke up early and went to school, where I lived did not have many children, I mean, I lived on one side of the city and them on the other, so I could not see them ever. Soon the teacher came and went the good news that I expected ....


I woke up earlier than usual, daddy shook me on the bed and said the school was far from where we were, and for being my first day we had to come early to talk to the director and do some things that I did not understand. I showered and did not see a sign of my mother at home, I asked my father about it and he said that she was asleep, should be tired because of the change.


We really lived away from school, even by car it took a long time to get there, Daddy went to talk to the director about adult things with him. Soon I was free to go to the room, the teacher came and introduced himself said he was my teacher during that year and was happy to have another student in the class.


He took me to the classroom, only when I was facing the door of the class that I noticed what was happening, in a minute I remembered everything that happened to me in the other school and how other children can be cruel, would here be no different ??


The teacher entered the room and introduced me to the class and asked me to come inside. My legs were stiff, every step seemed to last an eternity, the whole room looking at me, but I recognized a face, my neighbor was there he sat near the wall, it made me feel a little better. The teacher said that had a free accent in the back by the window. So I was walking to my seat but tripped on something and fell to the ground, everyone laughed at me, all I could do was look down and sit in my place.


From the angle I was I could see everything, someone set the foot in front of him so he would fall, why would someone do this ??




Weeks has passed and I focused in my grates, I wasn't going very well. My neighbor was very shy and did not talk to anyone in the class, I could not find him at the playground too, I always played soccer with my friends, I think he was in a different place, so I couldn't see him during the mass recreation. And returning to class he always came back walking strangely.



Falling in front of everyone at school on the first day was the lowest humiliation that I've suffered at that school so far, gradually everything returned to be like in my old school, in front of teachers they ignore me, but when there's no adult around us they call for all nicknames and take my lunch, my money and beat me.


Still I do not understand why they do this to me. Worse was Daddy who was always hard on me, I think he was ashamed of the son that he has.


That day was different, the teacher released us for the playground and I was the first to leave the room. Going out first or last never helped me to get away from them, when was the last to leave the class they were already waiting for me in the courtyard of the college, and when I was the first to leave they reached me and dragged me into the bathroom to the discharge with my head in the toilet ...


That day I went out first and ran out trying to flee from them, but it was useless they reached me and took me to an area where the school was building a new gym, had no mason near us so there was just us. They beat me and ate my lunch as usual and I think that as we were away from the bathroom they decided to urinate on me. When I returned to the room the teacher crossed the hall and he said he couldn't allow me to get inside the class like that, the smell was too strong and would disturb other students.


The director called my mom and she came to pick me up, I told her what had happened and she said she was proud of me.


"I'm proud of you, you know. If was you who was beating the others I would be sad. You have a good heart and that's what is important."


Her words comforted me, knowing that she was by my side was good but I didn't knew if I agree with her point, I wish I could defend myself from them but I didn't know what to do.


When we arrived home Daddy was already there. He was angry at the situation, I could see it in his eyes, he left home immediately, he said he was going for a walk. I took a shower and went to my room, I studied the little I saw in school and went to sleep early, wasn't feeling well at all with that.


I woke up in the night, maybe because I slept too early. I heard parents fighting, Daddy spoke horrible things about me, said that I was a sissy, that mommy was raising me wrongly.


I started crying in my room, my parents were fighting and it was my fault. Suddenly Daddy's voice grew louder, he was in the hallway, said something like if she were not educate me right he would. The door opened strongly, and he had hate in his eyes.


He put off his belt and said that every time that I appear in home like that he is going to beat me until I learn how to be a man and defend myself, he started to beat me with the belt and saying that I should react, he was saying:


"Common boy do something"


"Do something,"




"Defend yourself !!"


"Be a MAN"


He was my Daddy what would I do, all I could do was cry and ask him to stop. He beat me so many times, that I started to bleed, I was writhing in pain, but he did not stop until my mom appeared saying that was enough, she said that nonsense would lead us to nowhere, but he did not listen to her.


I asked for help and she came against my father to remove the belt of his hand but he beat her too. They started to fight right in from of me. Daddy beating Mommy, and Mommy beating Daddy trying to reach for the belt... I was terrified


Dad kicked mommy and she fell, he grabbed her by the hair and left my room, he said that would be right back. "I will just teach your mother to mind her own business"


I could see their shadows in the corridor, they was fighting and yelling at each other, them I heard a knock in my window. I was weak and shaking, took a little while 'till I open the window and see my neighbor there.


I could hear everything that happened there, I tried hard to don't imagine the whole scene, but everything was so loud...


I don't have a father, he died in a car accident before I was born, but I never thought that a dad would be like this.


I heard he leaving the room, and starting a fight in the corridor, so I decided to act, I couldn't "see" all that and do nothing, so I knocked his window. He was shaking when opened the window.


"Are you ok ??" he shake his head saying that we was not ok.

"Come here, before he come back"


I saw the distance between the windows it was really short, just needed to give a huge step and I could reach there. But I was shaking too much, my whole body was in pain, I just wanted to lay down in the ground in fetal position and wait for the next day to come.


"Come here, I will help you. If you stay he will ..." I could not even say, that whole thing was horrible. I was standing on my window and reached out for his hand.


He finally came, I helped him to come in by the window and closed both of them. This way he's father wouldn't find out where he went.


I was still scared but I felt such gratitude for him, I run to him and gave him a hug we both fell in his bed.


"Thank you"


His chest was warm, so cozy, so comfortable. I started to feel secure.


"You don't need to thanks, that's what friends do right ?? We help"


-Friend- That word was echoing in my head.


"You are my friend ??"


"Yes, of course I am, you can count on me ..."

He hugged me even tighter and cried hard.


"I never had a friend before"


Suddenly someone opened the door, it was my mom.


"I heard a noise and was then realized that you was crying are you ok ?? Wait what is going on here ??"


I Explained the situation to her and said its ok.


"We will take care of you little boy." And she left, she probably called the cops becausae a few minutes later we see could the see the sirens lights ...


My name is Elden.

My name is Levi.

And this is our story.


Years has passed since that night, Levi's father is on jail

for domestic violence now. In school things changed a lot, after starting protecting Levi from the bullies everyone turned their back to me, Levi is the only friend that I have now. But that's good, at least now I know who really is my friend.


My live turned upside down after Elden saved me, actually I think it turned "downside up" things was just looking wrong before but now I have my pal and things don't look so bad. People are still messing with me in school but Elden is there to help me to deal with them.


After school we are all the time together, we do homework in my house and play video games, we see dirty videos when my mom is no around, he also try to teach me sports but I'm terrible with this kind of stuff. At night I always sneak in his room by the window and we keep chatting 'till late at night.


I'm very grateful to him, now I can truly know what friendship is.


This night Levie knocked instead of sneak in my room. I opened the window and he was there holding a black book.


"What is this?? I'm not going to study again, I'm tired of reading."


"This is not for school Elden"


I entered his place and showed him the book.


"I found this book on a store when I went to market this afternoon, you need to see that place it was weird."


"But don't have any store near the market"


"That's what I'm saying, when I was going to the market didn't have anything there just that old vegetation, but when I left the market it was there"


"And then you brought the book ??"


"No, actually the man of the store said that he would lend

it to​ ​me, tomorrow we can bring it back to him."


"So what this book have that its so interesting"


"Hakuryu, that's the name of the man that attended me. Well I entered the store and saw this book but it was blanked. The man appeared and we started to talk, I don't know why but suddenly I was telling him about you and the fear that I have that something will tear us apart, like soon we will finish school and we will probably tread different paths"


"Yeah, you with your science and me with my sports and gastronomy"


"Exactly, then he said that with the book I could do something that would bond us together forever. And then this appeared in the book"


I showed him the only page that wasn't blank.


"Blood Pact Instructions"


"So... You wanna try it ??"


I did a quick look at that ritual thing and it looked very serious.


"We are going to need a knife, look. This thing is not kidding when say BLOOD Pact. Wait here I will take something that might cut us but not too deep."


While he was away I read the whole thing, but it was pretty simple actually. We just needed to wait until midnight and cut our palm, but should be three straight lines crossing the "Line of Life", the "Heart Line" and "Fate Line". We should also tie a red ribbon on our pinkie while holding those hands. A red ribbon was marking that page to I removed the ribbon from the book .


I picked an stiletto and went back to my room, Levie was there with a red ribbon in his hand.


We sit in the floor facing each other, I cut our right hands and followed the instructions of the book. We put ours fingers as like when you do a pink promise and tied the ribbons, I was kind hard to do looked like a teamwork test, but we did it.

"I think we need to say something now"


"Yeah, I was thinking the same, but what would we say ? Some kind of promise or something ?"


He was the one who bring this thing out and didn't even know how to do it right. Sometimes he is really cute.


"Levie,​ I make this promise with my heart and sign it with my blood"


"I promise an unbreakable friendship"


"Unbreakable by distance"


"Unbreakable by time"


"We are bond to be together forever"


"And not even death can break this connection"


That sounded good, so we repeated ourselves.


"I make this promise with my heart and sign it with my blood;

I promise an unbreakable friendship;

Unbreakable by distance, unbreakable by time;

We are bond to be together forever;

And not even death can break this connection."


"I make this promise with my heart and sign it with my blood;

I promise an unbreakable friendship;

Unbreakable by distance, unbreakable by time;

We are bond to be together forever;

And not even death can break this connection."


And finally we said it together


"I make this promise with my heart and sign it with my blood;

I promise an unbreakable friendship;

Unbreakable by distance, unbreakable by time;

We are bond to be together forever;

And not even death can break this connection."


We was smiling at each other when a heavy​ ​wind came from the window and a lighting stroke from the midnight sky and it​'s​ yell echoed in the whole neighborhood


"Looks like its going to rain, sleep here tonight"


I closed the window and we slept


After school we went to that store to give back the book. There was a funny guy doing cosplay of a cat, his act was perfect he was even licking his "paws".


"Meow, we was waiting for you. I can see that the pact went good."


"Are you some kind of cat fan or something ??"


"Meow, no I prefer rats they are delicious." He smiled as saying that, he had sharp teeth like fangs


A door opened behind the cosplay guy and Hakuryu came from there, another guy came with him. He stared at us looking to me and to Elden, he looked shocked but I could see sadness in his eyes.


"So you came back to give the book right" Hakuryu said


"Yes, thank you a lot. I feel like this really helped us. "


"It's always a pleasure to help, but that​'​s not all what we do here. Like Hakur​yu​ ​said we was waiting for both of you."


Suddenly the third guy looked disturbed and he started to leave.


"I'm not going to be part of this" he said "If you guys want to tell their fortune go ahead, but I'm not going to be responsible for this, I'm out.​ I'll save that Mikage guy, be right back" and he left


The two guys of the store was starring at each other, kinda shocked. The cat boy were lip saying


-What do we do now ?-


Hakuryu responded


-Just act like him, we need to warn them about their future-


The cat boy nodded


-Ok good luck, ganbatte-



"I am​ ​..." he started to raise his arms while raising his voice as well " The All Mighty Oracleeeeeeee !!" he looked to Hakuryu, whom was shaking his head in disapproval.


"Jesus f*cking Christ, what are you doing ??"


"What ?? He always do things that way, don't he ??"


"Kinda, but ... Just forget it." He turned to us.


"Hey guys this is the Oracle' place, here we can tell u some tips about your future could you please enter this room"


I never saw anything so unprofessional than that, but looks like Levi was enjoying so I decided to do what they said.


I step forward and passed by the door first, it was a circular room with two chairs with a table between their, in the table was a deck of cards. Hakuryu came after me and sat in the other side of the table and asked me to sit. I looked around and realized...


"Where is Levi ??"


He took the deck and started to shuffle it.


"Your friend is on another dimension with Kuro" Then I could see him sat by my side laughing, he was translucent, I tried to touch him but my hand passed through him. Them Hakuryu put the deck in the table again.


​​"Here pick a card"​


I passed by the door right after Elden, but he suddenly disappeared right before my eyes. I saw myself in a circular room with two chairs and a table with some cards on it.


"Elden ?? Where are you ??"


I felt something passing between my legs, it was the cosplay guy, walking like a cat, he sat in the chair in the other side of the table, he didn't really sat, he were squat with his feet in the chair. He took the cards and shuffle.


"Sit please"


I sat and looked around Elden was nowhere to be seen.


"Where is Elden ??"


"Don't worry he's in another dimmention with Haku, look" he pointed to my left side. I could see him checking the place.


Then the cosplay guy pick a card and hit his hand in the table and yelled.


"TRUCO !!! Sorry I always wanted to do this, but they never allowed me..."


I laught, he was so funny.


"Hey wanna play poker ??"


"I don't know the rules of poker..."


"HaHaHa, I was kidding , nyan. We are not going to play anything here, we are going to have a serious conversation about the end of your life."


"What ?"


"Yeah, here take a card. And I will tail you how you will die. It's pretty simple"


He put the deck in the table and I draw a card but another one came together and turned upside​, ​ the card in my hand was creepy and was typed

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
, the other in the table was sad called
Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


"2 cards ?? No you can't pick two cards, this is cheating. Wait lemme see." He took the cards from my hands "This means you are too attached to someone and this other says you have an unbreakable connection. I don't got it... What does it means ??"


Taking advantage of his distraction, I stand up and sneak out of there...


"Here pick a card"


I draw a card from that deck, the card was named

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
. I felt a shiver running my spine and throw that card in the table


"What is this ??"


"This is your destiny, the Angel of Life and Death is hunting you to finish your life and reap your soul...


"Are you kidding me ?? I'm not going to die. Why am I going to die ??"


"It is true, you are going to die tonight, it cannot be avoided. Your name is already in it's the list. I can't help you. My apologies..."


"I'm done of this bullshit, after all that comedy show back there, you want me to believe that I am going to die​, just because you said so ?​? Get real douchebag !! I'm out of here.​"​​


That was enough for me, all what I wanted to do was leave that place, asap.


I left that room and saw Elden near the exit.


"There you are"


"This place is a comedy, did you have fun ??"


"Yes, indeedy. Hey TV was saying that tonight was the last night of that amusement park in the city. Wanna go there ??"


"Yeah let's have some fun"


Our neighborhood had an abandoned land that was pretty much useless, so the govern brought it from the owner and reformed that land and its used now as a rent land, so from times to times we got this kind of attractions in the city, circus and amusements parks are mostly commons to appears there.


This was a cold evening so the amusement park didn't have that much of people, this was good because we almost didn't waste our time in queues.


As hungry as we was the 1srt thing that we did was try our luck in the fortune wheel of snacks, we played 3 times and this wasn't my luck night I only got a cotton candy, a few coconut slices bars -I don't even like coconut- and a bulk base with gummi worms. Levi was always lucky, he got potato chips, a chocolate bar and a box with eight macaroons... But we shared the snacks.


After eating we spend some time in the stalls area, there had the Dart balloon game, I'm terrible with those things so I got nothing but Elden won some keychains there. After that we played that fishing thing but we got nothing. Had a stall with that ball the clown game but the light of the bulb was reflecting in my glasses so I couldn't win this game, after those games we wanted some action so we went to the Haunted Cave which was the closest path to the adrenaline rides.


That cave was terrifying, they tell a story about a man that died there, he was a victim from some crazy scientists that for some reason wanted to open his head with a machine that looks like a electric pen sharpener and along the way you find his belongings and also that noise, the screams and ghosts of the previews failures experiences scaring you, in the end the dead man is a zombie and he runs after you to eat your brain. That sounded so real, the smell of the place and everything else, for a second I forgot that I was in the park and grabbed Elden hand and run out from there. He made fun of me, of course.


The scary tunnel was the start of the fun in that night, after being dragged out by Levi we went to a free fall ride, a huge construction that take 1 minute to reach the top and only 5 deadly seconds to bring you down. After the fall you feel dizzy, looks like you are still falling, I tried the walk after leaving the ride but my legs wasn't walking in the direction that I was commanding.


After that fall we went to a circular ride cuz I wasn't read for anything that would make me fall again. So we went to the Roulette, you stay in a cabin with a number in the door made of glass and use those belts to hold you and then that thing spins and spin and spin... 3 balls appears outside the cabin and the roulette stop spinning if the ball stops in from of your cabin means that you are going to spin to the death again, and I was blessed with this unluck and spined again while Elden was laughing of me, the cabins of those who are in a extra spin also spins but in the opposite direction of the roulette , I think my brain turned into a milk shake there


Another creepy ride was the Medieval Pendulum, I was light for me but you know Levi...


This ride was a pendulum duh~, but was inside a castle decorated as something from the medieval times, was a dungeon where the bandits was tortured and we was in the pendulum we go left to right and there are sounds of gears moaning and the prisoner begging for his life, but in the end you listen the blade cutting the bandit skin and a lot of 'blood' splashes in your face.


After that I was tired of those extreme rides so I wanted something normal, so we went to a holographic roller coaster it was some kind of 3d television with those chairs the move like you was in there. Elden said that after that one we should go to the real roller coaster, but I wasn't in the mood already, so while he went there I was playing in those machines trying to grab a stuffed animal.


It was starting to get late so the roller coaster would be the last ride of the night, and it indeed was the last one.


The roller coaster had many twisting drops, three vertical loops and in the end you go backwards. I was in the yellow train in the last car, we all closed the seat belt and the train started to move, we went all the way up and then was show time. We fall in high speedy and everybody was screaming with their hands in the air. After passing by the 1st loop our train started to sizzle a lot and I saw some sparks coming from the wheels, something was wrong.


After that everything was normal until we start moving backward, I felt like the my car wasn't running by itself, it was actually being pushed by the other car, my train started to fishtail wildly disengaging the lap bars as it collided with support structures, after the 1st loop we gained speed and run ahead of the rest of the train but in the 1st curve the car get out of its rail and crushed it self in the wall and fell to the ground. All what I felt was pain.


I stopped playing that catch stuffed thing when I heard the sizzle of the car, I felt in my heard that something was wrong. Elden's car crushed in the wall but God wasn't satisfied with that and made the car fall and smash him in the ground. I run closer but there was a lot of people there, the security was asking people to stay away cause that could be dangerous. I saw someone covered by blood crawling out of the car, I screamed for the security to help him, I was hoping it might be Elden but it wasn't, was the girl that was right next to him. I hear she saying that "the guy who was with her" said that she should stay crouched in the free space that they have in the car, he was right above her protecting her from the impact but doing that he was crushed against the wall with the car and smashed by the car when it crashed to the ground. All that bloody did belong to her it was what left of him.


I couldn't believe in that, why did he die ? Everything started to get darker, I lost my senses and fainted...




When I woke up I was in the hospital receiving serum, my mom was there, she hugged me and said that was sorry about what happened. I didn't said a word, I felt like I wasn't in my body, that scene was replaying in my head all the time. Elden was gone. I felt a hollow in my heart , I put my hand in my chest like my body was trying to fill that emptiness but was useless, all what I could do was just stroke my chest what made me feel even worst. That emptiness would never ever be filled. Tears was running down my face, I was in such pain inside myself that I didn't even had the strength to cry, I was quiet while the tears was just coming and running out my face.


My mom take me home and it was late, she is a old woman now, so she was tired and went to bed. My bedroom look so big now, such a huge place but an empty space. Everywhere that I looked Elden came in my mind, we playing video games when we was little, playing puzzles, Elden was always there by my side. Our windows was open I wanted to go there in his room but I knew that he weren't there, all what I could see was another cold and empty space.


But I couldn't just stay there I needed to see him. So I left home and walked till the amusement park. It was far but I got there. The gate was closed, but I gave my best to climb it, Elden always helped me in the gym at school, if wasn't for his advices climb that thing would be impossible. The rollercoaster had that caution yellow tape, but everything was untouched. The yellow car was in the middle of a puddle of blood and the only trace of Elden that I could see was his hand coming from beneath the card.


There he was, my best friend, the one who saved me from a nightmare when I was a kid, the one that everyday since that night protect me from demons at school, the one that showed me that happiness exists and gave me the joy in living, my brother in heart...


"I was lost in a map and you showed me the North, Elden. You showed me the patch but without you here I don't want to keep walking, because you are all that I wanted to achieve, there is nothing waiting for me in the end of this path, and even if it has something, who am I going to share this experience, I don't want to be here alone. I want to be with you."


In that moment I made up my mind, I went to the control cabin of the rides and turned on the rollercoaster, I get up in the blue train and went all the way up, before the train fall in high speed I jumped. I never was so determinate of doing something in my whole life, was like something was giving me the strength for making all those decisions. While following I looked to my hand and the lines of our blood pact was glowing red and in my pinkie finger I could see the red ribbon that we made.


"I know its you Elden who are guiding me, we will be together forever now."


After the fall everything went white and I saw my self in a circular room with a two chairs and a table between them. I recognized that place when the door opened and four people came through. Elden was the 1st, followed by the cosplay guy, Hakuryu and that other man that left the place.


Elden hugged me, he said that he saw everything that happened to me after his death, said that the Oracle showed to him. Before I could say anything the mysterious third man started to talk.


"I'm Cybarxz, the Oracle, and I want to apologies for what happened to both you. I feel responsible because maybe if I stayed and showed to you two how your pact changed your destiny, maybe you would believe in the cards and escaped to this end".


"Wait mister Oracle, you said that our pact did this ?? But how ??"


"You did it wrong. Elden your left hand is your dominant, and Levi your dominant is the right. The non-dominant hand represents your future life, so to make the pact right you should've used the left hand while Elden the right. Not doing that the pact cursed you Levi, making you share the same destiny that Elden. That's why you got two cards here, one warning you that you are too attached to Elden and the other one was the last words of the curse that you did to your self ".


"But if you knew this all why didn't you tell us when we meet ?? Why did you run away from us"


"That's exactly why I want to apologies to you. You guys reminds me of someone in my past and when I saw this story repeating right in from of my eyes I ......."


For a second I felt like that was too personal, so I cut his speech. Somehow I kinda understand him, looking in those sad eyes that he has, I think that we shared the same pain of losing someone very dear to us.


"You don't need to apologies mister Oracle, we are together now right ? That's what we wanted in the very beginning".


"Indeed it is. By the way I want to ask you something. Would you like to follow me and help me to prevent cases like yours from happening ??"


"As long as we are together"

"Will be a pleasure to help"


"Close your eyes them"


The Oracle hand started to glow and release yellow glowing stars.


He put his hand on our shoulders and we closed our eyes


And that's the story of how we became a card of the Oracle


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Chronicles From The Cards

~Each Card Have A Story~





Blood Pact




More than just friends, brothers in the heart.



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