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Oatmeals Rules.

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The following rules apply to the Rp's below! Please fallow these rules in order to participate in these Rp's!


*No Being Rude.

*No Text Talk. (If u tlk lyk dis in da rp den i no wnt chu bae! Srry, not srry ;P)

* Be Literate. At least 10-19 sentences long. (I really REALLY love walls though. I can totally do paragraph walls so they are MOST welcome and encouraged! ^w^

*Be Creative. (Please don't let things get bland and boring. Be detailed and descriptive, try and make some drama in the Rp, just don't let it get dry and stale ;~;)

*Have fun!

*NO GOD MODDING! (Playing my character and side characters makes things confusing and makes me frustrated :c please don't do it.)

*Please make a full character sheet! (I don't mind if you don't have time to make a full character sheet or if you aren't exactly good at making character sheets but if you know you can please make a full character sheet for the sake of me knowing your characters background and personality >,



Some things you gotta know if your Rp'ing with me. I usually will Rp with anyone, even people I don't want to. The thing is if we already have an Rp together and I have posted another Rp that you want to be apart of, we can't do the other Rp together. I don't Rp two different Rp's with the same person because I feel it would be rather unfair to others. That's just it. If we already have an Rp together and you want to do another of my Rp's with me, it's unfortunately a no. I do make SOME exceptions but they are rare. Next, if you control ANY of my characters, there will be some problems. I can not stress God Modding enough. God Modding is one of my biggest pet peeves when Rp'ing so just PLEASE DO NOT GOD MODE! The characters I myself bring into the Rp are in my control like the ones you bring into the Rp are yours to do with what you please. Other then these things, I have NO problem with anything else! ^w^

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