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Just a Question of Love

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~Just a Question of Love~




Title: Juste Une Question d'Amour

Also Called: Just a Question of Love (World-wide (English title)); Pitanje Ljubavi (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia); Csak Szerelem Kérdése (Hungary); Просто вопрос любви (Russia).

Release Date: 26 January 2000

Runtime: 88 minutes

Country: France / Belgium

Language: French

Subtitle: English

Genres: Drama, Romance




This heartwarming French coming-out drama details the difficulties of love between two young gay men, one of whom is able to outwardly express his homosexuality, while the other remains closeted. Laurent, a 23-year-old college student, keeps up appearances and avoids inquiries into his private life by living with his best friend, Carole. The effortless convenience of this situation is shattered, however, when Laurent falls for Cedric, an openly gay man who is proud of his sexuality. Laurent wishes to be able to live that way, but fears the response his conservative parents would have if they knew the truth. By contrast, Cedric introduces Laurent to his supportive mother, who accepts her son as well as his new boyfriend. But although Cedric truly cares for Laurent, he is unable to live a lie, and delivers an ultimatum that will test both Laurent’s courage and the strength of his love.








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