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Zombie's Rules

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Decided to redo my rules, at last.


1) Good grammar.


This is an absolute necessarity for me, and I don't only mean the spelling. I'd very much prefer if the letters were capitalized at the start of each sentence. Punctuation is also very important, please don't brush it off. We all make mistakes, but if there are too much, I simply can't enjoy the roleplay!


2) No god-modding.


With this I also mean the passive god-modding. As in, you presume my character will react that way so you write it... Please don't.


3) Replying.


I understand there are real-life problems, but try to at least notice me about them before suddenly disappearing. Replies at least once two-three days are the best for me; if the posts are up to five lines, I'd like to get one per day.


4) Communicate!


If there's something you dislike about the reply, always tell me, I'll do the same. Any new ideas or changes for the already made ones are welcome!


5) Post length.


No one-liners, but posts that are too long aren't really my favorites either. If you are a fan of those, I will go with it, but won't necessarily post every day.


That's it, for now :)

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6) Newbies.


I'm sorry to say this, but I won't be roleplaying with newbies. I like to check my partner's writing style before getting into the roleplay, in case I dislike it. Besides, I'm not that patient of a person either way.

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Ah, perhaps it's time to add what I like/don't like!




Big, muscular, tall men who end up being softies;



Lots and lots of sweet, romantic gestures;


Drunk sex;

Sex outside;

Dirty talk;





Too feminine characters;

Rape/Sex without consent (Unless used with permission/for the plot);

Underage characters;

Any kind of a family relationship (BrotherxBrother, SonxFather and so on);


Characters without any flaws.

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