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Hello all and welcome. I'm glad that you stopped by.~ First thing first. I'm an open minded person. So if there is something you want to ask, please do not hesitate to do so.! Just drop me by a message. Okay now onto the rules!




I like longer posts. 2-3+ paragraphs. Please.

Please be patient with me. I might not reply right away, But I will get to it. ASAP.

If you do not wish to keep roleplaying, Please tell me, instead of just stopping and never replying.

If something confuses you, or you do not know what a word means, Please feel free to ask me in a pm.


❂ƬꝎ ƨtⱥⓡt aȵ ℝℙ❂


Please PM me so we can talk about a plot and we can brainstorm and get going on it.

If you have an idea already set in stone, Please feel free to throw it at me and we can see where it goes.

Please have a good knowledge of how your chara is, before we throw them into an RP.












❉№ Ǥ⍤ǝs❉



Too much gore

Toilet play (Water sports. Or the other end…. No.)

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