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※ Pan's RP Rules ※

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Hey guys, Pan here! I guess it's my turn to present my rules / requirements now that I have started to RP on here.


《Some Pantastic Rules:》

※ Punctuation is a must.


※ Full words. Absolutely no text speak. (I honestly don't feel like I should even provide an example of text speak. If you do it, I will simply point it out to you.)


※ No Godmodding (Please Google this if you don't know what it means)


Patience. Life does exist away from the computer and I will be sure to message you during the times I will be busy. I guarantee that I will see your reply at some point. I also like to take my time when it comes to typing a response and I won't reply until I'm satisfied with what I'm about to send. Please be understanding of this.


※ Para, multi-para responses only. ((One line responses are meant for OOC discussion in a private chat or PM))


※ Please check your reply before you send it.


※ Also, please know the differences between: your, you're, yours, they, they're, their, there, their's and there's. Please? ^^;;


※ If you wish to stop RPing, for any reason, please be sure to PM me. I'm very understanding and it's nicer than just dropping out of nowhere. (:



《Basic Requirements and Information for Starting an RP:》

※ Contact me via PM if you wish to RP with me. That way we an discuss a possibly plot, brainstorm, and go from there. Genre's and side characters can also be discussed this way.


※ Character profiles and references are very important for the sake of visuals. Edited images (for example, the one I used for Tenshi) are perfectly acceptable. :D


※ Have a level of understanding with your character. By this, I mean that you should know how they would react in a majority of situations. Embrace their creativity~


※ I tend to write using 3rd Person Perspective. It makes it easier in terms of keeping my personal interactions outside of the RP. Hazzah for immersion! You don't have to use the same perspective that I use. If it's easier to write differently, go for it!


※ Just going to make use of this bullet by saying the point above is just there. XD



《A Gist of Pan's Kinks》

※ Sensual body worship

※ Crossdressing

※ Foreplay

※ Marking / Biting

※ Independent Ukes

--- please refer to the user notes on my profile for a larger list~


《A Sampling of Turn Offs》

※ Bara

※ Gore

※ Bloodplay (the extreme kind makes me squeamish)

※ Anything involving scat or urine.

※ Rape (having consent is much sexier)


Thanks for stopping by! :D

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