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Pan's Character Book

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Why hello there, dearies~ I'm just now getting around to making this so please bare with me. I'm still getting acquainted with the site, but I wanted to get this up in case anyone wants to roleplay with me. Please read the note that I have typed at the bottom. :D



(Photo Edit made in GIMP - Will most likely be replaced with an original drawing once I get better at digital art)


Status: -FREE-


Name: Tenshi L. Kisara


Nickname: none


Sex: Male (despite his choice of clothing he identifies as male)


Position: Uke


Race: African-American / Japanese (biracial)


Years: 19


Birthday: June 7th


Height: 5ft 5in


Weight: 130


Eyes: Green


Hair: Dark Blue (bangs) Electric Blue (main)


Biography: After a past relationship went down the drain, Tenshi found himself returning to work as a "maid" at Hotel Sunset. When he was younger, he would often hear his father arguing with his mother until the day he left them. After his mother died of a broken heart while waiting on her husband to return, Tenshi moved in with his older sister until he was able to finish school. At age seventeen he found a job as maid and has been working there since then. It was around this time that he began a relationship that eventually ended in the two parting ways. Tenshi enjoys his job at Hotel Sunset because he is allowed to dress how he wants and tends to guest requests, questions, and tends to all rooms on the second floor. (NOTE: More background information will happen during the RP, I promise you~)


Personality: Tenshi normally does not have a hard time expressing himself, though, he's become a bit of a introvert since a previous relationship went sour. Until he opens up to someone he might speak in small sentences and rarely make eye contact. In other words: quiet and reserved. If they are a guest at Hotel Sunset he will make an effort to talk for the sake of pleasing the customer (as well as keeping his job). He's also a very understanding person and willing to show the warm affectionate side of himself, that is, if he trusts you enough. He's unwilling to anything he feels forced to, which might result in him walking away without an answer.



※ Wearing feminine and lose clothing.

※ Cooking as well as learning how to make new dishes.

※ Occasionally drinking strawberry daiquiri (when it's bought for him)

※ Karaoke

※ Helping others



※ Being called "TenTen" because it brings up memories.

※ "Are you a boy or a girl?"

※ Extreme perverts

※ Overly sweet tasting things.

※ Abusive people.



Random Information:

※ He own's a guinea pig named Lola.

※ Purple is his favorite color.

※ His mother allowed him to do ballet because he really liked the tutus.

※ He currently lives in a one person apartment near Hotel Sunset.

※ He's the youngest of three. (Koaru Snow -older brother-; Brittney -older sister-)

※ His brother would tease him by telling his friends that Tenshi was his younger "sister"

※ He became interested in cross-dressing after watching his mother putting on her makeup.

※ He has a huge big brother complex.

※ His mother died when he was 13.

※ He keeps a picture of him and his mother with Kaoru and Brittney on a small dresser in his room.

Fun Fact: Tenshi is a character I started using on Myspace back in 2009. (surprisingly the page is still there)


Possible Genres: Hotel Sunset (maid and guest), modern




※※If you're interested in roleplaying with this character, feel free to PM me for confirmation.※※

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QUICK SHOUTOUT: Time to start the new year off with a new character. >:3 (Actually a revamped character, but here we go!) I'm a little brain dead right now, so I apologize if something doesn't make sense.




(Photo Edit made in Paint Tool SAI)


Name: Devondri Storm


Nickname: Vondri, Von, "Wild Child"


Sex: Male


Position: Undefined


Race: African-American


Years: 20


Birthday: April 1st


Zodiac: Aries


Occupation: Street Rat


Height: 5ft 6in


Weight: ???


Eyes: Honey Brown


Hair: Dark brown with black and yellow for bangs; stops a little below his ears and tends to be messy.


Biography: Devondri was given away by his mother shortly after he was born and raised in an orphanage. During his early life he enjoyed the company of those around him, but quickly became resentful and envious of those who were adopted before him. At age sixteen Devondri was finally adopted by a married couple in their late forties and moved into the city. Although they were his legal parents, they never showed the affection and understanding that parents were meant to do. This caused him to believe that they only took pity on him for being one of the older kids who weren't adopted at a younger, cuter age. His resentful behavior continued into his high school years, causing him to seek after school activities in the streets which earned him the nickname "Wild Child" among casual partners. (My brain can't seem to write much more at the moment…. To Be Continued in RP)


Personality: Devondri can be selfish when it comes to pleasure and if he feels like you aren't doing a good job at pleasing him he won't hesitate to call you out on that. (Or flat out tell you how you could get better). He has a foul mouth and is quick to smile before having some form of emotional . He's also a tease, likes to argue and gets into fights if necessary. He sometimes has a hard time processing his emotions and this causes him to shut himself off from the world for any given period of time. Though, at the end of the day: arrogant, disrespectful, stubborn and unstable are the main factors of his personality.



※Casual fun / one night stands with older men.

※Having his way.

※Dubstep / Trap music

※Listening to music on his mp3 player.

※The feeling of warm blankets.




※The thought of being tied down in a relationship. (presently)

※Cute things and cute people.

※Overly happy or optimistic people.

※Needles and anything related to hospitals.

※When he becomes emotionally attached to people.



Random information:

※He's an only child to the best of his knowledge.

※He has a history of one night stands.

※He wants to be faithful to one person in the future, but doesn't feel like he deserves it.

※He normally carries a small pocket knife and an mp3 player in his inner jacket pocket.

※His headphones tend to be Sony models. (He also tends to break them if he gets into a fight.)

※His favorite alcoholic drink is a Bloody Mary on the rocks.

※His favorite color is blue.

※His mostly listens to dubstep and trap music when he's upset about something.

※His weakness tends to be his own emotions. Primarily due to the fact that he doesn't really know how to act on them.

Fun Fact: He's also a character from my MySpace Stone Age Days.


Possible Genres: club settings, psychological, one night stands, casual fun, modern, dark




If you're interested in roleplaying with this character, feel free to PM me for confirmation.

※A list of roleplaying rules can be found

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

※A growing list of kinks, genres, and all things plot can be found in my User Notes

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

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(Photo edit made in GIMP)


Name: Oliver Jamison


Nickname: "Gentleman Caller"


Sex: Male


Position: Seke


Race: European (assumed)


Years: 24


Birthday: May 20th


Zodiac: Taurus


Occupation: Informant, Assassin


Height: 5ft 8in


Weight: 135lbs


Eyes: Amber


Hair: Dark green with a red streak on the right.


Biography: (I kinda want this to be a mystery~)


Personality: Oliver is a very passionate person when it comes to his life as a hired assassin. He's rather patient when it comes to work and prefers to get the job right the first time. Oliver comes off as a gentleman who prides himself on his work, though he can be temperamental. As an informant, Oliver portrays himself as coy and vague in order to gather the required information. If needed, he will also be rather straightforward. Outside of work, he enjoys social situations and taking the time to reflect on the quieter side of life.



※Reading novels and making references to plays.

※Architecture and historical buildings.

※Challenges and finding solutions.

※The idea of a luxurious lifestyle.




※Cigarette smoke and other drugs.

※Being labeled as a "gossip".

※Spicy food or bitter drinks.

※Do overs, the idea of second chances or making corrections.



Random information:

※Oliver is rarely seen without some form of hat.

※His primary weapon is a thin sword that remains hidden in his cane. His secondary weapon is a small pistol.

※Oliver's favorite play is Pygmalion.

※His favorite warm drink is Mint Medley tea.

※He's a social drinker when it comes to alcohol.

※He prefers Classical music but also likes to branch out from time to time.

※He developed an interest for collecting information at a young age.

※His voice is usually calm and collected.

※He's a bit of a romance buff.

※He doesn't have a favorite color, though he enjoys shades of green.


Possible Genres: Mystery, Modern, Historical




If you're interested in roleplaying with this character, feel free to PM me for confirmation.

※A list of roleplaying rules can be found

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

※A growing list of kinks, genres, and all things plot can be found in my User Notes

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Name: Seong Myung Dae // Michael Seong (Song)


Nickname: None


Sex: Male


Position: Seke


Ethnicity: Earth Bound Angel - Korean (can be made human if requested)


Years: 300 (roughly 21 - 22 in human years)


Birthday: November 2nd


Zodiac: Scorpio


Occupation: Employee at Breeze (café)


Height: 5ft 9in


Weight: 159lbs


Eyes: Golden-Brown / Caramel


Hair: Rich chocolate (dyed)


Biography: Michael is the youngest cousin of Lilith, Cupid and Mary-Grace Seong. He grew up living with both his parents, but his father was more demanding when it came to deciding his future. Having enough of being controlled, he started to lash back, but this only led to him becoming Earth Bound. As a human, he doesn't talk much about his personal life of past experiences.


Personality: He speaks politely and often talks to customers about their lives, but he puts most of his trust in himself. He's suspicious of people and mostly observes before making a move on someone. Due to his love-hate relationship with his father, he sometimes seeks out attention from men for a night and never talks to them again. He doesn't like those kinds of relationships, but he has yet to meet an honest human. He admires people who are genuine and not full of themselves. Once he opens up he can be quiet mischievous, loves a good challenge and puts all of his heart into what he does.



※ Causing mischief from time to time.

※ Eating ice cream on a cold day.

※ Getting what he wants. (Does not always apply to material things.)

※ A good challenge.

※ Dedication.



※ Being called anything negative.

※ That he equally loves and hates his father.

※ Getting too close to those he sleeps with.

※ People who lie profusely.

※ Asking for help when things get out of control.


Random Information:

※ His older cousins believe that he is too cute to be trusted.

※ He has a habit of getting attention out of others for personal gain.

※ His real hair color is white. He makes sure to dye it constantly to blend in with humans.

※ Michael uses polite speech when addressing his elders, customers or angels of higher status.

※ He can sometimes be found wondering around in parks on in libraries when he needs time to regather his thoughts.

※ Depending on the person he's pursuing, he pretends to be demure or shifts into something more spontaneous and sexy

※ He has a sharp memory for things.

※*Michael tries to have backup plans in case something goes wrong. Though he will most likely follow his initial plan.

※ He finds mythological creatures to be interesting.

※ His favorite dessert is crème brûlée.

Fun Fact: Similar to his cousin Cupid (Chil Hyeon), Myung Dae was named after the archangel Michael.


Possible Genres: Modern, Angel/Demon, Café, open to ideas




If you're interested in roleplaying with this character, feel free to PM me for confirmation.

※A list of roleplaying rules can be found

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

※A growing list of kinks, genres, and all things plot can be found in my User Notes

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Name: Azusa F. Higashi


Nickname: Zuzu


Sex: Male


Position: Uke


Ethnicity: Biracial (assumed)


Years: 18


Birthday: March 11th


Zodiac: Pisces


Occupation: Villager (works small jobs to make ends meet)


Height: 5ft 5in


Weight: 122 lbs


Eyes: Dark Lavender


Hair: Black


Biography: To be revealed.


Personality: Despite his unfortunate upbringing, Azusa is fairly optimistic and fluid when it comes to his surroundings. His eagerness to help and compassion allow him to easily connect with others, especially with the younger villagers. He strongly values meaningful relationships and tries not to focus on the material things in life. He is a gentle soul, but also sensitive and emotional. Azusa has moments where he tries to escape reality and confrontation, which results in him getting lost in his own imagination. He has a bad habit of pretending that things are going well even when things are spiraling downward. But once he's out of a funk, he returns with a warm smile, but also tries to ignore the negative event happened that happened.



※ Admiring the palace on the hill

※ Clear nights for stargazing

※ Reading old travel accounts, novels and poetry

※ Independence

※ The idea of stability.



※ Sour / Bitter flavors

※ Controlling, manipulative people

※ Confrontation

※ Being self-deceptive

※ Injustice


Random Information:

※ He always carries a key around his neck. As to how he came across it is a story for another time.




※ His family name is actually "Higarashi", but was changed to "Higashi" as an attempt to break ties with the family that abandoned him.

※ Although he never mentions his middle name, it's "Faye".

※ Physically, he is more on the frail side and often has difficulty breathing when the weather becomes too cold.

※ Ironically, Azusa's favorite food is fish.

※ He was born on a neighboring island before affording enough money to travel to his current village.

※ He holds some bitter feelings towards his family members.

※ He wants to learn how to play a musical instrument in the future.

※ He has a bit of a sweet tooth.

※ He has an inconsistent fear of the dark.

Fun Fact: Originally Azusa's hair was green, his left eye was blue, and his right eye was red.


Possible Genres: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure

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