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..::North's Rules::..

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-No Script

-No text talk

-Literates only ( It's fine if your first language isn't English, just be able to type a decent sentence )

-No one liners ( Minimum of three lines )

-Paragraphs preferred ( Doesn't have to be more than one )



-No scat

-No vomit

-No ( Heavy ) watersports

-No death

-No extreme gore ( Cuts and scratches are just fine, just no body parts being ripped off or cut off )

-No forms of worship ( I just find it weird, sorry )

-If anything you like is similar, just ask via PM and I'll tell you if I'm okay with it or not

-Any other kinks I'm probably okay with, having an open mind if I don't know what it is / have never done it before

-Certain ones I am willing to try, just ask for them via PMs, mostly to do with Master / Slave / Pet things


Characters -

-No Gary Sues

-No Mary Sues

-No powergaming ( Knowing what my character will do and stopping it instantly or something like that )

-No metagaming ( Using my character's thoughts as something your character knows )

-No boring things ( Certain characters just kind of seem boring, or act too boring. Edgy characters that rarely talk is the main example )


Preferred Scenes / Pairings -



Master of house-Maid


Predator-Prey ( As in, Wolf and a Sheep, Vampire and a Human, where one character is the natural predator of a certain species or race, and the other character is of that species / race )


Master-Sex Slave


Preferred RP Genres -







Seme x Seme

Uke x Uke

Seke x Uke

Seme x Seke

Seme x Uke


Disliked RP Genres -


Horror ( Don't know how to do it is all )

Any time period ( Where there are elements of all sorts of time periods, such as phones or machines in Medieval when it isn't Steampunk )


Preferred Position -



I do have some Seme characters, but they are more Seke than anything, unless you want them to truly be themselves and fight for power


Disliked Elements of RP -

Changing overnight ( My character or your character becoming a dream boy overnight. They will slowly start to like each other unless it is agreed to do love at first sight )

Overly cruel characters ( I don't want too much abuse to my characters, they are my babies, after all. Some abuse is fine, like slapping for punishment or something small like that )

No plot ( I love having a plot and changing it little by little as the RP goes along. Most of the time I will require one of us to at least have an idea before we start. It's very rare when I don't care about having one or not )

Late replies ( Yes, I will admit that my depression causes me to sometimes not reply for days, but do not randomly stop replying. If you are busy, or are not feeling like replying, please tell me, I will understand. And I will do the same to you whenever my depression is too bad )

Inexperienced partners ( As in, RolePlayers. Personally, I love Shota and characters that are complete virgins, but I do not like when someone is brand new to RP and does all sorts of mistakes. Sorry, but I'm not patient enough to deal with it, you'll need to find someone else )

No grammar ( I am a Grammar Nazi, I do not like having improper grammar in a RP. )


More rules might be to come if someone causes one to pop up. Most is just common RP sense and knowing how to type some words together

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