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Violet's Rules ^-^

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If you haven't really noticed, this emoticon, ^-^, is my favorite. Anyways, I do love to role-play with my many male OCs whether I'm a seme or an uke. I just depends on my mood at the moment. However, there are some things that I do not particularly like when it comes to role-playing. I list them as I go along my rules.


1. NO SHOUTA OR RAPE ROLEPLAYS. I understand that some people like to role=play these types of things but it's just feels weird for me to role-play them. I will, undr no circumstances, do a rape role-play. Not only does it bother me immenesly, it just bothers me knowing that one of my OCs is the one being raped/raping the person underneath him.


2. I DON'T TAKE THAT LONG TO REPLY. It'll usually take me between 20 minutes to an hour to reply. Since I still have school during the week, I won't reply as much as I will on the weekends. If I suddenly stop replying in the middle of a role-play, then that means I either went to sleep or I can't connect back to my internet. Usually you'll know which one it is because if I have to sleep then I'll put something like (I'm gonna go to bed) or something among the lines of that.


3. I DON'T LIKE TO BE HARASSED. Well nobody does, but I have had a few experiences with people constantly bothering me to finish the role-plays we did even though I clearly told them that I was busy with real life events. If you do happen to 'stalk' me then I will immediately end the role-play and go on to do a different role-play. It's just that simple.


I guess that Number 2 wasn't really a rule. Anyway, just let me know if you wan't to role-play with me and send me a scenario. ^-^

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