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~When J-rockers Mate~ By: XiuLin

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One night before the plane ride to their vacation destination, Luky and Kazuki were just hanging out after a mall visit. Luky set the bags aside, and began going though one. “Here, Kazuki. For you.” He took the neatly folded tissue wrapped gift. I began unfolding it, and quickly dropped the tissue paper as I hold up what looked to be boxers. Luky had a smirk on his face and he was stifling his laugher. I felt something on the rear end…so I turned the “gift” around, they had frills on the bottom. My face went void of color, and I could feel a slight humiliation.


“You are wearing those tonight or how about now~” Luky said to me. He then pulled me to him and pulled off everything below my waist. Then he fell back on the bed, and snatched the boxers from my hands. He whispered in my ears to, lift up my feet and Kazuki did just that. I felt him against me, I blushed deep red.


Luky began putting them on me completely, then he has stripped all of his upper body clothes.

His hands began rubbing my legs and it got rather uncomfortable for me. I was in shock still, as I felt his hands going further up, I did not stop him. He told me to reach back and touch his growing need. I did that. Kazuki was panting now, from the discomfort Luky’s hand gave me. “He also whispered this is a gift you won’t ever forget.” He said as he bites my neck, leaving a hickey.


He then gets me with that voice of his, on my knees before him on the bed. I spread my legs, and I could feel the heat rising in me, and the heat of his hands still on me. He was just looking now, with lust and passion, I could tell from myself looking over my shoulder at his half lidded expression, as he was touching himself. I felt him come closer to me on the bed. I felt his hand exploring my thighs again, with himself still out of his pants. He rubs himself against the frills of the boxers and between my clothed cheeks a bit.


Kazuki was a the point of bursting with sexual tension, he needed Luky’s touch again. Kazuki flipped over and showed the other band mate his problem. “What are you going to do about this?” He asked. He then feels Luky’s hand on his problem, just stroking away at it as he bends down and kisses him and doesn't ease up either action.

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