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Things you've got to know before asking me to play with you.




  • I'm more into a uke mode recently...this doesn't mean that I won't play a seme character for you, I just feel like being uke more often. I'm a seke which indeed means that I can do play both roles well enough. Just keep in mind that I can't stand innocence and will definitely drop the rpg if you throw me some crybaby/no backbone/feminine/extremely innocent or clueless uke. Also too much drama doesn't do me any good either. So, I'm willing to be your seme as long as you give me a decent uke. I'm just so tired of useless ukes...(I've been mostly seme and this is starting to get to me).
    Dominant ukes work for me, I'll gladly take one. As long as I don't get to do all the work myself you can count me in.
  • Don't ask me to play overly weak characters, my characters will look manly enough and will act that way. And never ask me to change the way my characters behave(I did provide you a sheet and if I said there that he's not easy to get along with or that he's cold, he will not turn into a sweetie overnight). Of course, characters do evolve along the rpg and he may get softer but don't expect him to turn into a sweetie right away! That's like impossible.

  • I don't do one lines, neither do I do novels. Writing around 2-3 paragraphs is my comfort zone. One paragraph works too(as long as there are about 6-7 lines). I may write more if you give me more to work with.

  • I won't kill you if you have some grammar/spelling mistakes, but try to have as less as possible(use a spell checker if needed).
    English isn't my native language so yeah it might not be that perfect but I do try my best and I use a spell checker. Don't bitch about it, ok? You have been warned.
  • I do have a life so don't expect me to post every single day. I'll try to give you around 2-3 replies a week. But you'll get a reply once a week for sure. If a week have passed and I haven't answered you can poke me. If I'll be gone longer that a week I will let you know.
    I will expect the same from you.
  • You can write in first or third person, I don't mind, pick what's most comfortable to you. I can also play either in first or third person. Again, you can choose.

  • I'm fine with both anime and real pics.

  • I prefer plot over smut.

  • Seme x seme is hot as I like power struggles. Give me this and I'll love you. ^^

  • I'm a pretty flexible when it comes to plot and I do like to try new things. There might be some things that I won't do (eg: mpreg) but it won't hurt to ask me.





If you have other questions, you can pm me.



PS: I may be new to this site but I'm not new to rpg.

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