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Psycho-Pass [Xbox One]

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Well yes you heard it right the anime "Psycho-Pass" would have an adventure based game announced by 5pb.


The chief among the developer's announcements was an Xbox One game, which will feature an original story by Nitroplus along with Kinect and Smartglass support.


But still playing the game without Kinect and Smartglass is still possible.

It will also have a feature that allows players to send data from their smartphones to characters in the game.


They also started streaming the first teaser for the game




The game will take place during the time period depicted in the first six episodes of the original anime season.

The setting will change from the heart of a large city in the anime to a remote island in the game.


One new male and female character each will serve as the two protagonists who face off against a new enemy. Characters from the Unit 1 police team of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division will return.



Release date and price are undecided.


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