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RP Glossary (Commonly used terms)

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I decided to make 'RP Glossary' for users

that are new to the roleplaying world.

Below you can see commonly used

words, terms, abbreviations and such.

In case I recall more, I will add them later.



Glossary (Words)

  • Backstory1
  • Character Sheet2
  • One-on-one3
  • Threesome4
  • Group RP5
  • Prologue6
  • Epilogue7


1* One for its meaning can be the biography of the character you play, like their past; Two for its meaning can be the history (record-like) of the story.

2* Depends on each player's preferences, it can be short (really short) or long, mainly describing your character (i.e., personality, hair/eye color, likes/dislikes and so on).

3* This type of RP includes only two typist players (since they can include NPC [Non-Player Character]).

4* Threesome, I think that's pretty clear. XD.

5* RP that has assigned more than 3 players.

6* Prologue is sometimes used as an opening for RP.

7* Epilogue is sometimes used as an ending for RP.


Glossary (Terms)

  • Para1
  • Novella2
  • Self-para3
  • Godmodding4
  • Erasure5
  • Vaporgame6
  • Canon7
  • Fictional8
  • Gamist9
  • One-liner10
  • Typist11
  • Cross Role Playing12
  • Free-form Roleplaying13
  • Doublegaming14
  • Time-skipping15


1* Para is the type of roleplaying when one is playing out with actions (no real plot or paragraphs), often put with some marker or between some marker (i.e., *drinks water, staring at the wall*). Though sometimes also used by one-liners in Novella type.

2* Novella is the actual roleplaying, when you have to reply with more than one paragraph. Smoothly following the plot and developing the story. While in 'para', there might not be any story to begin with.

3* Self-para is sometimes used in roleplaying to describe your character actions when alone. Which means, you can make your character do whatever you want (i.e. sleep, eat, fight, f*ck). However, the self-para will never include the character of other player. You can use some NPC, but not a real one.

4* Godmodding, also known as Powergaming, is the action to overstep the bounds of freeform roleplaying courtesy and make a decision for or attempt to control another player’s character and/or storyline without their consent.

5* Erasure is often known as an agreement in which all players agree to erase some event/character (often leads to a story-change or a switch of players).

6* Vaporgame is the advancing of the storyline or skipping some events with all players' agreement.

7* Canon/ Cannon is actually a type of RPG -> characters that exist but still used by players in their alternative reality.

8* Fictional characters are the opposite of Cannon ones, meaning - made up characters (original).

9* Gamist is a player who typically manipulates RP rules and plot, similar to godmodding/powergaming.

10* One-liner is someone who doesn't even make effort to type a full paragraph in a novella type RP-ing.

11* Typist is actually a newly welcomed term in RP world used for the person who sits behind the computer, a.k.a. your real life self.

12* Crossing roles in roleplaying means out of character players exchange information not available officially in the RP about the characters they play (so they are not supposed to know) and then they use that information to present it in the RP through another not related character. More or less a way to sneak more information in the game.

13* Free-form of roleplaying is actually allowing to players to godmod/powermod (control your character).

14* Doublegaming means that one player agreed to have their character played by another player for whatever reason.

15* Time-skipping means to jump from certain moment to another moment; mostly used to skip some days or hours (even months and years o_O). But it has to be done with the agreement of each player.


Glossary (Abbreviations)

  • MC1
  • YC2
  • OOC3
  • IC4
  • NPC5
  • RAW6


1* MC = My Character

2* YC = Your Characer

3* OOC = Out of Character

4* IC = In Character

5* NPC = Non-Player Charer

6* RAW = Rules As Written

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