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An escaped slave (Ningyo)

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Here's Storm's character profile in case you need to glance at it.














(Storm is my OC. All art belong to me, so please don't steal it or use it.)




Name: Storm

Age: 18

Occupation: Runaway Slave

Species: Dire Wolf (With the ability to turn partially into a human. Think similar to a Kitsune)

Nationality: Unknown

Eye Description: The right eye is gold and the left is crimson

Hair Description: His hair is medium in length and is white.

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Preferred Position: Bottom (He's a natural submissive)

Unique Marks/Features: There are red markings on the right side of his face that extend down his neck to his collarbone. There also are markings on both arms (below the elbows) and both legs (below the knees). His wolf ears and wolf tail are present in his human form.




Applicable Description Words: Distrustful - Lonely - Dark Humor - Violent (both in bed and out of it) - Human Killer

Strengths: His greatest strength is his ability to stay in the shadows and hide. It works to his advantage when he goes human hunting.

Weaknesses: Storm still is largely a slave. If you speak his 'trigger' word, he obeys your every command. (His trigger word is 'Arashi', the Japanese word for Storm. XD You just have to figure out how your character knows the trigger word or stumbles upon it to use it.) He is also very susceptible to 'alpha male' types during his mating seasons, which occur in Winter and Mid-Summer. As a natural submissive, he can cave easily to a forceful or aggressive dominant.

Abilities: Storm is naturally a fast healer. He has the ability to transform into a small horse sized wolf. In his human form, he is much faster than a human and can keep up with a galloping horse.

Likes: Singing alone, fresh uncooked meat, and killing humans.

Dislikes: Cats, Asians, collars, and slavers.

Favorite Color: Crimson/blood red.

Least Favorite Color: Pink.

Hobbies: Hunting (both humans and animals), singing to the moon, and reading.

Ideal Partner: Someone with experience in training that can control someone as willful and distrustful as Storm.




Dire Wolves are Nomads and, for the most part, peaceful creatures. Storm and his twin brother, Tempest, grew up with one such nomadic tribe deep in the Rocky Mountains with his pack of 30 or more wolves. When Storm was 4 or 5, a group of humans slaughtered the adults of Storm's pack and sold the young (including Storm himself) into slavery overseas. Tempest was taken away, and Storm never saw him again.


Storm was purchased by a rich young man with deep ties to a secret society in Japan who never told Storm his name. Storm was to always call him 'Master' and was brutally punished when he disobeyed Master. When Storm turned 16, he matured into his wolf form. He broke his bonds and slaughtered his Master. Ever since, Storm has been on the run, killing any human that threatens him.




The forest was dark and the world seemed to spin around him with each step he took, but he (more than anyone) had reason to keep going, no matter how much pain he was in. Storm's next step caused him to bit back a whine. 'No!' he fiercely thought, forcing his wolf body to continue on. The pain in his neck as the thin metal collar cut into his skin was beginning to grow to an extreme level. 'They won't take this last thing from me. They won't take me!'


Storm knew he was being followed by the very people who had captured him in the first place. It seemed as if his old master wanted him back, and Storm couldn't even imagine what kind of horrors that would await him should he be forcibly returned to Master.


When Storm looked forward, it took him several moments to realize that what he was seeing in front of him was the outer edge of a city. With a new surging hope of escape, he used his wolf's will to survive in order to bound forward in a quick sprint; a sprint that no human would be able to follow. After many twists and turns, Storm found himself in an alleyway with no escape save for the way he came.


The pain made his eyes swim once again, and he gave up on his wolf form. He felt safest in his true form, and being a horse-sized wolf would definitely do that for a person. As he shed his wolf's skin, he felt the blood trickle down his neck. Without a care that he was not clothed anymore, he ran straight at the wall with intent to climb it. However, before he could reach the wall, a cardboard box that seemed to be laying harmlessly there causes him to slip and hit his head on the side of the building adjacent to him.


"No..." He murmured softly before falling into a state of unconsciousness.

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