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~Ken&Ami love Story~

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Title: ~Ken&Ami love story~

Rating: PG-13

First or Third Person or Script/Lyrical/Poetic: Third.

Main Character(s): Ken(tin) and Ami

Genres I Would Categorize This Under: Friendship, Slice Of life drama, Romance, Tragedy

Type of Fanfiction: Chapter Story

Serious or Leisurely Writing: Leisurely

Completed?: No not jet, have just started

Anything extra?: Is going to be happy ending but the happy ending is going to take awaile.



~First Chapter~

It was beautiful morning, the was sunny out and the grader was 16.

Ami wake up When her alarm clock ring and she wake up, raise himself up from bed, walked towards bathroom, walked in bathroom for to wash herself, she took Of her PJ's and start to was herself, When she was finish was herself, she clean himself and walked out Of bathroom for to find some clothes, When she found some clothes, she put some clothes on herself, walked downstairs and so her mother in the kitchen.

Smiled at her mother and said in cheriful voice" good morning Mom, whats for breakfast?"

Mom smiled at her Dauther" good morning Ami, did you sleep well? and i have made your favorite breakfast"

Ami smiled" i did sleep very well and your are the best Mom" and her mother come with Ami breakfast and Ami start to eat her breakfast and drink milk, When Ami was finish eat her breakfast, she gave her mother kiss on the cheek, said good bye and took up bag on her back, walked out Of house, towards bus stop When she so Kentin, start to blush deep red, walked towards him smiled" good morning Kentin, how are you doing?" Kentin hear Ami voice taurn around blushed and smiled" good morning Ami, I'm doing very good, what about you"

Ami blushed, smiled" I'm doing very good" she said and so bus coming, step inside bus and Kentin follow after Ami, they found place, sat themself down on Seat and bus start drive towards their school.



~I'm going to continue later, I'm take break from now and litter bit note, char are from webside I'm online at! here is the link: http://www.mycandylove.com, thats for now.

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