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My Basketball along side her music ((Ryouta Basket))

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Name:Takumi Tsuki










Occupation:Student of the sports highschool


Personality:strong,Usu angry,feeling less...


Appearance:Black hair, Gray eyes, tall, Athlete, Little dark skin


Interests: play basketball only



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Name:Jinorou Aoi










Occupation:Student of the music highschool


Personality:kind, Shy, sweet...


Appearance: Dark brown hair, Green eyes, Short, white skin


Interests: Play piano, basketball, singing a song...


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Chapter One[Hard to Remember]

I opened my eyes,I saw a green meadow around me.

`This place seams familiar`

I couldn`t see so well,I was feeling dizzy,but I tried to concentrate to know where I am.




`No,it`s no use.I can`t remember.`

a cool wind passed by and danced with my long hair.

`wait, my hair was supposed to be...`


A soft voice came,called my name,afterward I started to stand up,walking slowly that I sliped.I stoped in the air

`He,He!why I didn`t fall?`

I said to myself,I suddenly felt some thing warm holding my arm for me not to fall.

`Oi,watch out!`

I looked behind




and I saw him.


He kept look at me for a few seconds

`Let`s go`


I felt that these happend before`

I said inside

He stoped and looked at the blue,The wind passed by again and that moment I fell for his face.He pointed at the sky.

`This is u Aoi`

I strangly looked at him.


`The Sky u see now,when its blue its u`

He stumped his head

`U are always supossed to be yourself,and u are beautiful when u are,just like the sky u see now,U are beautiful when u play piano,never try to be change,Aoi.If u do then u won`t be blue anymore and I won`t be seen in ur heart anymore.`

He deeply looked at me with his gray painful eyes.

`Just like when the sky is stormy u can`t see the moon in it`

Though,I didn`t understand what he was saying but still...

It moved my heart.

the wind came for the third time but this Time I felt dizzy when it touches my body and I fell asleep.

I didn`t really know what happend but...

he helped me to remember.


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Chapter Two[Why did u do that?]

I felt dizzy,I tried to sit on my knees.

`W,,where am I?`

I saw myself in a dark room.

I sigh and touched my hair and it wasn`t long anymore,it was short how it supposed to be.

`Then It was really a dream`

I whistpered slowly,I made a sad face.

`I wish it wasn`t `

I stumped my head and looked at my hands for a little while then i tried to get out of the bed but some thing didn`t let me so I met the wood of the bed so fast.

I slowly looked up,I felt some thing around my right leg locked me so I got back to see what it is,

I saw a hammerlock around my leg and the other side around a metal thing on hook to the wall.

`Oh,I almost forgot`

I sneered but I was sad inside,suddenly the noise of the door came I looked there and saw him between the door.

`Are u awake?`

I looked down

`Hey,why am I here?`

He looked strangly at me.I fisted my hands.

`Why did u bring me here?`

He looked at me for a while and smiled.

`Finally,u talked to me,I though u got dumb.`

He went to the window and opened it and a cool wind came inside and made the window shade move.

`Tell me...`

He turned back

`Why am I here?`

He looked at outside.

`Because I got u here`


He was shocked by my questions but still he tries to be cool.

`Because I wanted to`

`That can`t be the reason...`

He looked at me.

`Weren`t u the one who left me`

My voice was shacking,I tried so hard to hold my tears.

`Didn`t u said u don`t want to see me again,Then why...?`

I was suffering inside,but he didn`t even seemed to be worried.

`Oh,he supposed to be like that,He sure hadn`t changed.`

I said Inside.He looked down.

`I said that,but...`

I couldn`t hold it anymore,The pain that was burning my heart for two years.

`Then why did u bring me here?What do u want from me?`

I almost shouted .I looked at him while my tears droping down from my cheek.

He lost his control and shouted back.

`I was wrong.I never wanted to let u go`

I tried calm myself down,I wanted to believe him but I couldn`t.It wasn`t easy to believe.

`Then why...?`

As I spoke more tears came down.

`Why did u let me go?`

He made a sad face,He fisted his hand and turned to the wall,paunch it so strong that the roomed trembled.

`Damn it`

He whistpered that but I heart it.He turned back and steped closer.

`I did but I realized...`

He sat on the bed and peted my cheeks his hands and put his head on mine.

`I can`t live without u Aoi,so please...forgive me`

when he touched me I wanted to push him away but when I felt his warmth on my face,I couldn`t help it.

Many things happend...

We were apart for a long time...

But still...

I loved him from the bottom of my heart.


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