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Hello...would you like to roleplay?^^ / Biography of Rin

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Hello, everyone! I don't know if someone will ever read this, but... yeah, I will post it anyway! :3


I am a really bag fan of Yaoi and like to write Fanfictions about it. I also roleplay it. I've been a Roleplayer on Facebook for about two years now. I have to admit that my English isn't the best and I already apologize for any grammatical mistakes! *bow-bow*

Anyway--I bumped into this forum and it looks reeeaaally cool! I don't know anyone on here but I'd like to find a roleplay partner! Or some partners. I don't know. I am not really choosy, to be honest.


(He is an OC, btw....c:) If you'd like to Rp, feel free to send me a private message or answer this thread! c:


However, here is a small bio for my roleplay character Rin:





Name: Rin Kisagara

Age: 17

Sex: male

Hair: brunette

Skin: pale

Eyes: amber

Height: 1,60cm|62.99inch

Weight: 54kg|119.049642lbs


*[Position: Uke]*


Other: he owns a white cat.



Character: Rin is, as many would say, a bit strange. He enjoys being alone but knows that he can't live alone. Being a kid of a rich family, the brunette had some hobbies in his life which include Archery and Drawing. He sometimes still does archery when he's bored but he stopped drawing about a year ago.

He is a really stubborn personality and believes to know that he can get along without many friends and help. Sometimes he overdoes it with all the plans he makes, like when he plans to do ten different things on one single day. It most likely doesn't work.

Rin disguises drama-queens, who cry about their lives all day long. He sometimes really thinks too much of him, even if others constantly tell him that he isn't as great as he may believe. However, he is very ambitious.


Current situation: Rin studies at a Uni about Psychology and body language. He dreams of becoming a profiler and working for the FBI one day.

His parents are rarely home.



//I hope this is alright...? .-. Anyway, as I said above, feel free to send me a message! :3 I am always looking for new Roleplay Partners.


As for the Yaoi, I prefer strong (and maybe sadistic, don't have to be though) and self-confident guys. They can also be egoistic, controlling and mean. I don't mind that at all. For more information, also please answer the thread or send me a private message.


Ciao! c: //

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I can be your Roleplay partner Which you want

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