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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. „Hm. You know, it doesn‘t really matter what I believe. We are stuck in here and if we don‘t do anything, I am going insane, I am sure of that.“ Alexei genuinely didn‘t care at this point what the truth was, he just wanted to get the hell out of there and go back to his normal life. Rewind that he had dared Adachi to go into this building with him. Return to the bus with the brocken tire. Start over. In front of his mind‘s eye the so sought for scene of them both leaving this builing behind because the bus tire had been repaired, getting scolded by the teacher and then climbing back into the bus played out. For a moment he could see every detail in it. But Adachi‘s sudden response ripped that illusion apart. His voice pulled Alexei back into reality and noticed that he had been staring at the other without noticing. Adachi didn‘t seem to have minded though, he just raged about how stupid the idea of going to the basement was. „This isn‘t a game though,“ Alexei said and crossed his arms, his brows slightly narrowed in annoyance. „You‘re too impulsive! We have to tackle this the way it is - reality. And our lives might be at stake, so either we are trying out all theories available or we die. And I don‘t like the last option.“ Adachi didn‘t really want to hear that. He went back to searching the nurse station and Alexei just sighed under his breath. He picked up files that lay scattered on the floor, piled them up on a random desk and looked through them. However, his medical knowledge was very limited and he hardly understood any of what was written in those files. There were a lot of words that looked like Latin and even more abbreviations. Amazing how doctors and nurses knew what all this meant. And he knew that trying to understand would get him nowhere. He plopped the file shut and noticed motion next to him. As he turned his head, he saw Adachi coming closer. He raised his hand and gently ran his fingers over his cheek. Alexei froze in place, completely unused to this behavior. Adachi had never touched him like this before. During their fights was the only time they even tolerated physical contact witch each other. How was it that Adachi could so carelessly do this now? No, he didn‘t seem careless, he seemed more in a trance. And while Alexei rose an eyebrow, surprise lit up in Adachi‘s face. Either he had noticed something or he was thinking the same as Alexei. However, he didn‘t say anything, just that they were still tangible. To Alexei that wasn‘t exact proof that they were still alive. That guy earlier had not just touched but choked him. Did Adachi really think it was this easy? Or did he just not want to accept that it may not be? Alexei knew that Adachi came from a priest-family, he knew a lot about this supernatural stuff, but even he seemed at a loss at this point. Plenty of arguments lay burning on Alexei‘s tongue, but he swallowed them. This was not the right time to argue about something they wouldn‘t be able to determine or confirm, even he knew that. Adachi went back to searching the files. Alexei‘s eyes fell back down to the pile on the desk before him. The touch of Adachi‘s fingers was still there; a tingling sensation on the exact same spot. He felt the urge to wipe it off, but that thought on the other hand gave him goosebumps all over his arms. He shook his head and forced himself to focus on the task at hand. Adachi came to the conclusion that the nurse station was a dead end that going to the basement was indeed their next step. „What? You‘re afraid of a basement or what? Got no balls after all,“ is what Alexei would have said if this death game wasn‘t after their lives. He felt like joking about the situation to cope with the stress and on the other hand he felt terrible about it. That knot of conflict tightened in his chest and he desperately wanted to just give up on everything. In this moment Adachi was probably the reason that forced Alexei to keep going. They left the nurse station and wandered through the halls spelling ‚caution‘ in capitals on their faces. They were jumpy at this point, even expecting to be jumped, but nothing happened. Alexei couldn‘t decide whether the spirits were just watching them or were really not present. Or that maybe this really was just hallucinations. If there was gas in the air that made them hallucinate, what were they going to do? Correct, nothing. Just deal with it until they would find an exit. They eventually found a staircase. A sign that had once been white was nailed onto the wall next to them, spelling ‚Basement, Archives, Warehouse, Morgue, Disection Room‘ next to an arrow that pointed downwards. It was pitch black down there. Alexei swayed his phone‘s flash over the stairs. They were freckled with dirt and a sticky substance which was reflecting the light. It was half-dry and black. ‚Blood‘ was the first word that popped up in Alexei‘s head. Alexei didn‘t even ask, he went down first. The stairs were stable and intact. The reiling was too, mostly because it was made out of metal. The staircase split into three parts, every one turning 180-degrees, making it a remarkably long way down. The air got colder and stickier the farther down Alexei stepped. His shoes made no noise on the tiled stairs, which was good, he thought. The more invisble they were the better. However, walking around with flashlights probably wasn‘t the best way to be invisible. The stench of blood and rotten flesh soon reached his nose. Struck with disgust, Alexei frowned and pressed a hand against his nose. Gross. Absolutely gross. Once he stepped down the last step, he gently moved the bright white flash around. It was a corridor like upstairs, just smaller. A lot more signs pointed to the few doors that were left and right. Something was dripping from above. Alexei could feel his heart grow cold in the moment a single drop fell into his beam of light, scaring him to the point where not even a sound left his throat. Carefully, he raised the flash to the tall ceiling. There were long lamps which had long been broken. Shards of glass had scattered on the floor as a consequence. From the lamps there were ropes hanging that had been knotted onto them somehow. But what was really terrfying was what the ropes were holding: It was arms. Single arms. Dozens. Cut off by the elbow, they were hanging from there down. What the fuck, Alexei mouthed. Some of the arms had bite marks in them, others were missing pieces of their flesh to begin with. But most of them still had all five fingers on them, which had naturally curled into the palm. They looked old, cold, dead for sure - how come there was still blood dripping from them? And to make it worse, they were slighly moving, as if they had been poked or freshly put up there. There was no breeze let alone wind here. It was phsycially not possible for them to move. Blood that looked fresh had formed solid puddles on the floor. A few streaks from those puddles led over to the left wall. When Alexei followed it with the flash, the white light iluminated the white wall on which the words ‚Will you give me a hand?‘ was written in what looked like to be the blood of those arms. So, someone was indeed down here, but the more they stood there the more time they wasted. All Alexei could focus on was to find a way out of this hell before it would crash down on them harder than they could imagine. He expected it to get worse. So much worse. „What do you want to check first?“ Alexei asked Adachi, pointing towards the signs. „The morgue is here too…“ He could barely say it loud enough for even himself to hear. He didn‘t feel safe here at all, he wanted to go back upstairs instantly. He felt sick, almost ready to vomit. But he knew that fleeing wasn't going to get them anywhere and he had a hard time convincing himself of that fact over and over again. If they really wanted to find out what ‚this grudge of the ghosts‘ was, they had to investigate this place.
  2. This reminded him of when Rex had found out who he was back at the disco. An iconic moment, really, though it had happened often in his life before. You are that one celebrity who used to sell CDs to Europe even, they would say. But honestly, it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Sure, it has bothered him at the start, but there wasn’t really space for caring for other people’s opinions as he had bathed in self-pity for years. Being a normal person like the time before his career, which he hardly remembered at this point, was really satisfying. Of course, sometimes it was also devastating since it made him look back to all that he had had and lost, then again, it had been his own fault. He was convinced of that. Rex took every word in that he told him and for a moment Daniel was afraid of what his boyfriend might think of him. A coward, at the very least, he thought, but he was taught different. Rex didn’t react harshly or judging at all, he even gave Daniel advice that he knew was good for him but found hard to follow. His own ideas and his own needs were oftentimes not as important and needed to be approved of. He was trying his best to cover those insecurities, but he understood that there was little use in hiding them before Rex and frankly, Rex was right. He really needed to work on himself. Rex also came up with a few suggestions on how to work on the correlation between social events and Daniel’s urge to drink. And Rex telling him not to search for excuses automatically made the corners of his mouth lift into a smile. “Damn, you caught me there.” The idea about singing at Harrison’s sounded relaxing as he listened to the descriptions given, even though he still felt a knot tightening in his chest at the thought of it. Nonetheless, he chuckled, amused. “Too drunk to even notice? Sounds like a plan.” He tried not to hope for acknowledgement, even though deep inside he knew that he still was, and maybe that was one of the traits about his personality that would never change. Thinking about it, it didn’t have to change, no, a simple improvement would do just fine. Daniel smirked slightly when Rex said that they would start with board games, and Daniel couldn’t resist but answer, “That sounds good. But if it’s a battle royale, be prepared to lose.” He had played countless different games, from Shogi to Nine Men’s Morris to Poker, and when it came to that, he was confident. Rex told him that his response to the question about where he would want to be fit him and Daniel saw where that was coming from. That said, Rex didn’t have a luxurious and expensive hotel in mind at all. Instead, he told Daniela about the time in Hallig where he had gone with Sebastian and experienced an unbelievable storm. As expected, he had been the only one enjoying it, but Rex’s weird love for storms was becoming more and more endearing. Daniel reached over and placed his hand on Rex’s thigh affectionately, slightly brushing over the fabric of his trousers with his thumb. “It sounds fascinating, that’s for sure. But have you ever seen a storm so strong that a few crocodiles had come into the city?” he asked. “Good old Florida.” Furthermore, Rex expressed his thoughts that he would live on the Hallig if he had the chance. “Well, learning another language isn’t a hindrance, at least in my book,” Daniel said. “And territory… Yeah, just leaving the country like that wouldn’t be easy. I haven’t ever thought about staying at the same place all the time. I guess that comes from growing up in a Hotel, but there was never a place that I truly called home or ‘felt home in’ as people say. Living at the brothel was devastating, then again, work is work. But travelling and seeing things for yourself instead of hearing stories about them is so much more… How to say? It’s just amazing. The difference between New York and Mexico or Cleveland and Massachusetts for example. Or internationally speaking, France and Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. All those sights you can see for yourself, the differences in temperature and nature, and the food! When it comes to food, I am definitely in.” (Ich auch, weil ich bin am Verhungern grad, aber das Essen ist noch im Ofen.) At this point, it was gloomy and grim out on the highway. A few cars passed by on the other lanes, but those went almost unnoticed. The low country music and the soft purring of the car worked together well in this night scene. The headlights cut through the darkness effortlessly, bathing every sign that they passed in light for a few seconds before they rushed by and blurred back into the dark behind. Looking into the rear mirror was like looking into an endless void and it made the scene seem timeless and, for the next few hours that were still ahead, worriless. Even though their destination was not a happy one, it was better being together than waiting at home for Rex to return. Daniel glimpsed at the former general briefly and within a single blink looked back ahead on the road. His heart started pounding in his chest and he could feel colour rushing into his cheeks. He was lucky that it was dark. Obviously, even after they had had sex, he still didn’t have the courage to stare at Rex properly. Not that there was a proper way to stare at someone because staring was rude, but Rex was still unbelievably handsome to him and sometimes it was hard not to look for longer than it was appropriate. He was certain that Rex didn’t mind, after all he had eyed Daniel’s body as well, though that didn’t help him for some reason. “What are your favourite country songs?” Daniel asked in the midst of thinking. Rex had said to ‘just play and sing a random country song everyone knew’. That itself didn’t sound hard and he himself had a few favourites like ‘Whiskey Glasses,’ ‘Strawberry Wine,’ ‘Friends in Low Places’ and of course ‘Take me home, Country Roads’. “I used to sing Strawberry Wine a lot with Monique after it had come out. 1996 was it, I think. Very dramatic song though,” he admitted, but they both already knew that their tastes in music was drastically different. However, no matter how far apart some people’s style of music was, there were always certain songs that everyone enjoyed. Most of those were generic songs that pleased most senses with simple sound waves; simple tones, so to speak. “Then again, are you someone who listens to music a lot? Because you don’t seem like it.” He hadn’t been in Rex’s apartment which was the only way he would be able to judge if Rex liked music in general or kept his distance. There were many people who liked quiet more. The younger generation had practically grown up with music all around them non-stop and it was scientifically proven that some people grew accustomed to music so much that they needed a certain amount of it during their day. But no, Rex didn’t look like someone who would enjoy listening to music, may it be with or without vocals, while working. “It’s always interesting to see how people react to specific music genres. If they dislike them, like them, get passionate or find them relaxing or even disturbing. Maybe that’s just because I dedicated most of my life to music and didn’t really have any other passion, but when you know what you are doing, you can trigger certain reactions out of people with an instrument as simple as a piano or an E-Guitar. He had wondered if he would ever pick up a new hobby that would grow as big as making music, but he had more than once concluded that he most likely wouldn’t. He had had and dropped countless hobbies in his teenage years hence why he was so certain that nothing else was as relaxing and fascinating as composing and singing. “Apart from running into storms like an absolute madman,” Daniel said, joking about the madman part, “did you have any other hobbies when you were young? I understand if your work in the services ate up most of your time though.” He himself liked to think that next to his job as a performer and singer he never would have had time for a new hobby, but the truth was that he had had enough time to drink and take drugs, so he was certain that his equation didn’t add up there. “And right now,” he continued, “would you pick up any other hobby than working out, taking care of Roger and living at Harrison’s bar?” He paused and looked to the side for a moment, then added, “You know, now that I’ve said it out loud, all that kinda sounds like a handful on its own…”
  3. The fact that Rex exposed Daniel with a smirk on his face proved that he had seen through him and the brunette could feel discomfort rising inside of him. He was a master of keeping himself out of confrontations and conversations. If it hadn’t been for Rex suddenly dragging him out of the brothel that night, he would have probably never confessed to him. Aside from that, Daniel didn’t feel the urge to teach everyone about his opinion, which made it even harder for others to understand what he was thinking. “I don’t really disapprove per se,” Daniel said. “I just, you know, it’s nothing major. I like sex toys, I think they add to the experience. I don’t think they take something away from it, rather they bring something new into the act itself.” He wasn’t sure if that made sense to the former general as he had never used any toys before, though if his boyfriend was interested in his opinion, he gladly shared it. “It always depends on what is used and how. I’ve tried ropes and chains before too and I can’t say I hated it. Toys are just there for stimulation, not to replace anything.” He had indeed warmed up to Rex in the past few weeks and it did him good to express his feelings and thoughts to someone without playing around. And Rex himself had learned to question things and ask first before reacting to something, which proved that despite their contrasts they had the ability to complement each other and learn from each other. The dark orange colour of the early sunrise was lighting up far the line of the horizon. It was comfortably warm in the car by now again. Daniel listened carefully to what Rex had to say. He didn’t seem to judge him for the addictions, which wasn’t what he had expected yet he was glad that it wasn’t the case to begin with. He knew Rex could be soft to people as well, something important that he had learned about him. And of course the former bodyguard was right, Daniel had to try and break the connection between his erstwhile favourite activities and the electrifying urge to drink. The carelessness and the floating feeling of a drunkenness was something he had missed for a long time. And after he had finally been able to let go, he had stopped caring altogether. Rex was the only reason he was sitting here with a chance of a better future. That was also the reason why he indeed thought that his lover had the right to know how he had ended up as an alcoholic and drug addict to begin with. It was the most natural question to ask, yet it seemed that neither of them had thought about it before. Daniel hadn’t actually told anyone at the brothel about his addictions. He didn’t think it was relevant. But now he was being directly asked about it. “Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot,” Daniel agreed when Rex stated that being famous – especially in the music industry – was one of the American dreams. “And I guess it’s true. I’ve met a few other popstars during my career, and some told me how happy they were with this job. The job of looking good at all times and performing perfectly without mistakes.” When Rex mentioned his fan base, he couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “They were really supportive, I can’t blame them for anything. I liked getting in touch with them on tours and taking photos and signing cards and CDs.” He sighed. “I have trouble remembering how it went downhill. I know it was my fault when it was over, but how it started? I think I was twenty-two when I fell down this rabbit hole of cheap drugs and expensive alcohol.” Daniel paused, trying to figure out what was important and what wasn’t, aside from trying to sort the memories that he still had. Twelve years of hiding his former self from everyone and countless blackouts from drinking too much for two years had slightly deformed what he still knew. “My career actually started in a bar, just like Harrison’s, funnily enough. The bar owner was Monique’s step father and after she had found out that I had a talent for singing, she insisted I would cover a few songs for Saturday evening at the bar. I had still been into Rock back then and the bar was kinda rock-gothic style. Old and young people came to the bar to drink and eat, so the audience was broad. The feedback wasn’t bad at all, so I kept performing once a week or twice a month depending on if there were finals or mid-terms going on in school. Also I still had to work for my mother at her hotel, so I just swung by whenever I could, and one evening there was a business meeting there. A lot of important people from companies I had no idea existed. Anyway, I performed that night as well and apparently one of the business men’s acquaintances worked at an agency that was looking for young people to audition. I was asked and Monique made me go there, which resulted in a long-term contract that would start after high-school was over. Things went great, until I had to get used to doing things on my own. My mother was occupied with her hotel line that was expanding and Monique was going to a college in Michigan. I didn’t actually have other friends that her and I remember starting to hook up with random guys on parties to have someone by my side. It hadn’t been hard, when everyone knows you, you are invited to every party, even those far away. And if you just happened not to be invited, you could come too, it really wasn’t a big deal.” His gaze dropped to his hands for a moment. He intertwined his fingers. The feeling of touching piano keys or guitar strings had long died. Even the guitar he had been hiding at the brothel hadn’t helped. “I think the idea of an American dream has always been overrated. Because everyone knew them, a lot of people try, and that makes a great competition out of everything that is popular. And the pop-culture was and still is one of the branches with the broadest audience. The Beatles, ABBA, The Rolling Stones, Beyonc?, Christina Aguilera, Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake – children, teenagers and adults listen to their songs, because pop is made to be so ordinary that it will appeal to most people. But being a singer is not just performing, it’s everything else as well. It’s just another job. You get up in the morning, you exercise, you prepare for interviews, you prepare for tours, you practice singing, dancing and choreographies, you have to stay fit, you have to be presentable, you have to be careful not to say or do anything stupid in public, and in the evening you have to go somewhere and present yourself. I didn’t have time for anything, especially because I was writing most of my songs myself. I had a lot of discussions with my producer. Pop is, despite its broad key frames, still limited. I couldn’t do cover songs, I couldn’t do a different genre, I couldn’t do dances I found interesting and I wasn’t allowed to speak my opinion in public about politics or economics or else my agency would have fired me.” “After going to a lot of parties and galas, my alcohol tolerance rose,” he explained further. “I was getting used to wine and champagne and when I was out with whoever I had at the time I would grab stronger alcohol. Of course, waking up with sore muscles and being nauseous wouldn’t do anything as I had to get things done, so – as someone who I don’t remember suggested – I tried swallowing drugs instead and even it out with smaller doses of alcohol. That went well for a while, though I stopped accepting relationships and only went from one one-night-stand to the other. Then summer of 2007 came along and… I had one month of free time. And that was the downfall. After that month was over, I couldn’t go one single day without at least two glasses of whiskey anymore.” It was one of those stories one would expect to read in a cheesy magazine, but he had gone through it himself. This feeling of helplessness, of being stressed out, of being so close to a burn-out that it was hard to get up from bed every morning. Nothing had formed his personality more than those last years of his career before he had disappeared into thin air. For the most part of his life back at that time all he had done was following other people and saying yes to everything, and that had backlashed eventually. “All I wanted was to stop, actually,” he admitted with a sigh. “To get a normal job, maybe go to university instead, but I didn’t have the guts to tell my mother. I didn’t plan on hurting anyone’s feelings either, but I ended up doing it anyway. Alcohol took the worries off my shoulders for a few hours, and I guess if I had had just one person telling me to pack a few things and leave the state with them, I most likely would have done that without a second thought.” Rex offered helping him to cut the connection of his urge to drink with board games and car sex and Daniel, despite being grateful for the offer, was still insecure. It was visible by the way he uncomfortably shifted in the passenger’s seat, struggling to find an answer that wasn’t a Yes nor a No. “It sounds really nice. It sounds like a good time we would have. I like David, it would be amazing to see him again, see how he’s doing.” About Harrison’s bar he was indecisive. Of course, he would love to perform, but really, he was already 36 and the last time he had composed something or sung a cover was twelve years ago. “We shouldn’t think about it too much, we don’t have a lot of free time to waste on music. After all, you are in the middle of building a company. We should focus on that for the time being.” There were a lot of other things that required his attention. Rex himself, the relationship, the STD testing, the apartment and getting a job. Once all this stress would be over and done thing his thoughts could return to music and to the guitar that was lonelily standing in the corner of his bedroom. “I see,” Daniel said when Rex said that he couldn’t tell with one-hundred-percent certainty that he was clean of any diseases and that the brunette himself could have gotten something from a recent client. “Well, no use overthinking it now,” he added. “We should wait, see what happens, and get the testing done as soon as we can. I think that would be the most reasonable way to approach this topic.” Rex told him that he also liked road trips, which was good because that was one of the few things they had in common. Of course, Daniel silently agreed that their next trip should have a destination that they both could look forward to. The thought of potentially meeting Rex’s family caused Daniel to get a little bit uneasy, even though he tried to play it cool. He was expecting it to be somewhat ugly, but he also didn’t want to throw every piece of hope overboard. “It was worth a try,” Daniel joked when Rex said that there was no taking turns in driving. However, Rex then asked him an unexpected question. Daniel tapped his chin in thought. A place that he would want to be right now if he could choose? “Oh, I know,” he then suddenly said with a smile of joy on his lips. “The Setai hotel at Miami Beach. I was there for a week a few times and it was amazing! The pools were giant and the beach was so refreshing. Also, compared to Florida, there were no people trying to bring their illegal pets to the beach, so that was definitely a plus. The hotel is honestly the best I ever stayed at.” The answer sounded kind of shallow at first, but taking into account that Daniel had lived the life of a celebrity for a few years, it made sense on second thought. “They have a wine cellar, a really neat bar, an outdoor restaurant – a dream,” he told Rex. “The personnel was kind, considerate and always there for their customers. The beds were heaven, the suits were outstandingly beautiful, the food was really good and the view from the balcony on the ocean was breath-taking! That place did wonders. I really felt at peace when I was there. What about you?” he countered; his interest was quickly awoken as he didn’t know what kind of place Rex would enjoy. They had taken paths in life that were so different that he couldn’t even fathom what his boyfriend would choose or what was going through his head when he had thought of that question to begin with. Thus, it made it even more interesting to find out. Finding out more things about the blonde always brought him joy.
  4. Adachi said that he didn‘t even want to know what Alexei had seen as he took the nurse‘s card out of his trembling hand, and Alexei agreed. Whenever he blinked, the view that had burnt itself into his brain flahsed back up. Seriously, he would rather take some drug right now to forget this image. He followed his classmate into the nurse station and behind the counter. The door opened with a loud beep that let the fine hairs on Alexei‘s raise. Within this silence of the life-threatening trap that his building was the beeping noise felt like a betrayal of their location and Adachi thought the same, cursing at the system. The thought of being followed and prayed on gave him the creeps of the century. Reflexively, Alexei looked over his shoulder, but there was nothing, he didn‘t even dare lift his phone to flood the corridor with better light in fear of spotting something that he didn‘t want to see. As his eyes were scanning the area, Adachi suddenly screamed and fell back right next to him on the ground. Alexei immediately took a step back and pointed his phone‘s flashlight at the open door frame, but there was nothing. His heart was beating up in his throat. His hands were shivering. Before he could ask, Adachi said the floor was just slippery, though Alexei still had a bad feeling about it and entered the room with extra caution. The room was more or less a disappointment as it was filled with files not really medicine, though Adachi had something else in mind. „Good, sounds good,“ Alexei said upon Adachi finding the keys of the night nurses. Even though he wasn‘t sure if he could still do this, he kept his thoughts and his panic to himself for now. He felt the sudden urge to grab Adachi‘s hand, but he didn‘t of course. It didn‘t make sense to him. It was just the fear he felt, he told himself. „A grudge?“ Alexei furrowed his blonde eyebrows. He wasn‘t so sure about that idea, but it sounded logical for ghosts or whatever those creatures were to be here because they were mistreated. Maybe they were out for revenge. After all, the guy who had choked Alexei earlier had gave him the illusion of being a patient as well. Despite Adachi adding that it was probably nonsense anyway, he started looking through the files. Alexei‘s eyes scanned the area and he couldn‘t help but not feel the thrill of finding whatever his classmate was looking for. In fact, he would probably freak out more. Still, it was an idea and it was also the only idea that they currently had. The windows were barred, there was no way out. The doors were shut tightly. „What if they looked just exactly the way they are looking now? What if someone did something to them?“ Alexei guessed. „Torture, experiments, who knows? This asylum is really old. If anything, people could have been here one hundred years ago already. And I guess… if you are looking for such material, the nurses wouldn‘t have them. I think the doctors would have them. The files should be in some kind of archive, no? Maybe in the basement?“ Going to the basement sounded like the dumbest idea he had ever had. Honestly, swallowing a Tidepod would have been a better idea than that. „What do you think? It makes sense that they are not human. They vanish into thin air. And unless we are dead too… they are not obeying normal physics, pointing towards the supernatural.“ The thought of him and Adachi having died without them noticing crossed his mind for only one second and yet it made him sick. He still felt pain, right? His heart was still beating, yes? What if it was an illusion? What if being dead didn‘t mean that one couldn‘t feel anymore? What if, what if, what if? It was obvious that they were lacking answers, and poundering about endless questions would help, so he shook his head and tried to focus on the task at hand: discovering the patients‘ history.
  5. Rex was smiling and it was the best reaction that Daniel could ever imagine. He liked the blonde’s smile, it softened his usually so strict facial features and it gave his expression a spark of joy. It gave his appearance a spark of happiness, of being alive. Otherwise he was like a machine, a robot, a cyborg if you will. Working, working out, eating, sleeping, drinking too much alcohol. But when he smiled, it was like something lit up, a switch was turned, and he was a different person. At first he had reacted really surprised, maybe he had not been complimented like this before after sex, or maybe it had been a little to much. But it was fine, because the eliminated those possibilities at once. “I like you, Daniel. A lot.” Those words, yet so simple, caused what felt like a tornado inside Daniel. His heart, eve if it was not possible, felt like it skipped a beat only to pound in the next second. His body was still warm from the act but it managed to get even warmer in this moment. The little hairs on his arms straightened in a goose bump, barely noticeable in the fine light of the moon. He had always been the romantic type and words meant a lot to him, but now – in such a long time – someone who he had truly fallen in love with was saying it to no other than him. It seemed that for the first time he was the one who was taken aback for a second as he couldn’t find any words to respond in the first few seconds. Hell, he didn’t think any word would even be able to describe what he was feeling right now. “I do too,” he finally said. “I mean, like you, eh, yes.” Rex’s nose nudged his chin and he rose his head for a moment reflexively, the simple touch worsening the goose bumps all over his arms, making his heart beat even faster. Rex was highly wondering why Daniel then suggested to go back into the car because of the thunder declaring the coming of the storm. In that moment he remembered his lover’s fascination for all kinds of storms and he understood, though also the blonde seemed to understand only a moment later that it might not be a good idea to stand here and let mother nature’s wrath surround them. “I am sure the storm is faster than the car, we will get caught by it eventually,” said Daniel. Aside from that they were on their way to Rex’s family, not on a camping trip. This thought pulled him back to the reality they had been in before, which made the situation a bit more serious. The aftermath of his orgasm was slowly fading and he came back to his senses. He took his clothes and the tissues that he got from Rex and cleaned himself of remaining sperm and lube as best as possible, before he put on his clothes again, his skin was fully dry. The chilliness of the night was getting back to him, so wearing his suit pants, the shirt and the jacket again made it more comfortable – plus, socks and shoes, who would have known he would appreciate those so much suddenly? Daniel was offered an explanation for the red box. While Rex was dressing himself, he told the story of how people who came up with even more ridiculous theories than Roger, and not sparingly at all those were Roger’s friends. Daniel could tell where the veteran had gotten his ideas from now. It seemed that the farer Rex got into the story the more Daniel narrowed his eyebrows in wonderment. Or was it really wonderment? Maybe it was just confusion because he didn’t understand how such people worked. Anyhow, Roger had stolen the box and it had since been lying on the car. Daniel agreed in his head that it would be weird to bring the box back or even get involved farther into the story. It sounded like a curse that had been following the blonde ever since. To some people the story would have sounded funny, or even amusing, maybe just odd as well, but Daniel found it awkward. Maybe it was the same awkwardness he sometimes felt around Roger for some reason. It surely wasn’t connected to Roger’s appearance, it was his personality and behaviour that Daniel sometimes struggled to get along with. But he knew that there was no use into discussing this matter because Roger was Rex’s friend and already in the beginning Rex had told him that Roger was something like a brother to him. Daniel did understand this sort of connection despite never really feeling anything like that with his own brother, having not met him once in his life. Letter was all he had had from him, though even their letter-friendship had ended when his brother had become twenty-two and Daniel seventeen. Would he have done everything Monique maybe? Or for anyone of his exes? For his former colleagues at the brothel? The answer was that he didn’t know. He wasn’t sure. And his mother had taught him at a young age that if he wasn’t sure about something, it was most likely not to meant to be. When it came to Rex he had been sure from the start. He had watched him for a few months and not long after the urge of getting his attention had followed. He wanted everything that Rex had and was, wanted to embrace him as a whole. So, yes, he understood that Rex might not do everything for Roger, but still he would do a lot, and that was enough for Daniel to try his best and get along with the veteran. He was still a follower, still a yeah-sayer, just like he had been all his life, and even though Rex was not a fan of this trait, he himself didn’t entirely mind it. Instead, despite not being aware of it, his boyfriend was slowly teaching him what it meant to really commit to something with another person. To be true, to create a connection, to be there in need, to love someone unconditionally. Rex, dressed again, picked up the box and he was obviously surprised by Daniel’s next question about the adult toys. At first his boyfriend had a hard time explaining it, admitting that he had never tried them before, still basically saying that people who used them were perverts, which Daniel found a little bit amusing and it made the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile reflexively. He should have seen it coming, really, it fit into Rex’s conservative standpoint. To him, the toys had a negative impact on people and society and defeated the meaning and sense of normal intercourse with another person. Thinking about it that might be true, it was indeed a form of self-satisfaction and self-isolation. The ‘sacredness’ of sex, he said. Daniel hadn’t ever thought of it that highly, maybe because up to this point sex had only been a means to an end. Or just pure fun. Rarely something romantic and connecting. For a lot of people sex included romance, but to him sex was the opposite of romance. Romance, he found, entailed beautified and perfect things that did not result in any kind of disaster. Sex, on the other hand, was the truth. The non-sugar-coated truth of a person, and one of the best ways to connect with a partner. “I see.” Daniel didn’t really know how to respond to Rex’s speech about his dislike towards sex toys. He was still smiling because he admired the way his boyfriend put every piece of emotion into the answer. It was genuine. “I understand your perspective now, thanks for sharing.” The brunette added, sliding his hands into the trousers of his trousers. Sex was one of the easiest topics to talk about, at least he found so, and he really wanted to get to know Rex better, as best as humanly possible. Daniel was about to turn and circle the car when he stopped upon Rex asking him about his dislike about sex in cars. He pressed his lips together, unsure at first how he was going to explain it. “Okay, I will tell you. But we should get going.” And so the duo climbed back into the car, Daniel dropped into the comfortable passenger’s seat. He pulled the door close softly, buckled up and the car started with the familiar sound of the engine purring. The stones crunched underneath the tires as they slowly moved back onto the road, gaining speed, back into the darkness of the night, a cover of grey clouds above them, and the headlights cutting sharply into the nothingness in the distance. “I used to have sex in cars a lot, actually,” Daniel said, comfortably crossing his legs. “But that was in the time where I was still an alcoholic and it always involved drinking a bottle of whiskey after sex with whoever I was with at the time. Not that I was sober during it anyway. Most people I slept didn’t have an alcohol tolerance as high as mine and not only once did something stupid happen. If I remember correctly, one guy got a head injury because he was dumb enough not to close the doors properly and when he leaned back he fell out of his truck and hit the concrete. I don’t even remember where we were, or how I got home that night. Or if I got home, I am not entirely sure. Anyway,” he continued, “it’s not the accidents that haunt me, it’s the urge to drink. I’ve overcome most of my drinking habits, but old habits like car sex, ridiculous late-night board games and especially singing or performing in front of people are getting harder to resist year by year. So, I am just avoiding them.” One could say he was just being a coward, trying not to face his addictions and mistakes by all means, and maybe that was true. He couldn’t exactly deny that. If it hadn’t been for Rex, he probably wouldn’t have quit his job at the brothel either. “It’s still true what I told you, that I love music and I like singing a lot, but the thought of performing makes me kinda sick.” Not only had he drunken too much alcohol back then but also had he done drugs, and he knew that if alcohol was the only one that was left then he would consume even more to compensate for the lack of drugs. Rex brought up another topic that would have hit Daniel’s mind a lot later. It was only fair that his boyfriend was thinking about it, after all he had been a sex worker for the past twelve years. He had performed as much precaution as possible and he didn’t recall feeling anything different, yet again he knew how dangerous it was. And maybe they should have thought about it before sleeping with each other. Rex added that he wouldn’t reject Daniel if he were to test positive for any STD, and that made the brunette smile. Such a disease was a big thing. It wasn’t like he had a private insurance or anything. Still, he hadn’t thought that Rex was the type to just toss him aside because of it. “You are right, we should get tested for sure.” It was an adult topic and they were both grown men, there was no room for any bitching around or beating around the bush. He doubted Rex had caught anything at all, though what if Daniel himself had indeed caught something and it just hadn’t broken out and he was a vector? That thought gave him the creeps. The chance of this happening was almost zero, but it occupied his thoughts for a moment anyway. The rain dropping down onto the windshield gave the moment a tense touch, even though Daniel felt it was more of a comfortable silence for thinking than an awkward moment. “I know you wouldn’t reject me, I trust you,” he told his boyfriend, turning his head to look at him briefly before looking back ahead into the rain, watching the waves being washed away by the wipers. “Yeah, STDs are something that we shouldn’t go easy on. I do admit I haven’t felt unusual in the past years. Or maybe I just didn’t notice. I didn’t accept punters without a condom. I may have been a mere one-night-stand to them, but I certainly wasn’t a toy they could toss around as they pleased. I’ve heard different stories from the others, though.” He still remembered the horror of seeing on one of his colleague’s who had tested positive for syphilis. Not deadly, but still a very uncomfortable disease. How that man had stood before him, his arms slung around himself, the eyelids white. Hair had already fallen out on some spots of his head, he was sweating because of a fever, and infectious rashes had covered his palms and, as far as he had been told, in the genital area as well. The rashes had soon turned into brown-ish, dark knot-like spots that had sometimes emitted wetness. There was no money for medication and none of the other prostitutes nor clients had even wanted to go near that man. Eventually, he had left over night and Daniel had never seen him again. That had been many years ago but also one of the memories that were burnt into his brain and that had pushed him even deeper into this bottomless urge to care about his appearance. Even though he had been at his lowest, he had still set priorities. It was true that he had thrown everything away, that he had been at his lowest, that he hadn’t cared about the future, had given up on himself, but he had never been careless of his body. He was, to say the least, still obsessed with his body and his appearance, just like his mother had always been. Even during the time in which he had been addicted to alcohol and light drugs he had made an effort to look presentable. This obsession was strictly a part of him, almost like a disease of its own. ‘Attractive, slim and irresistible,’ that was one of his mother’s mottos that was still clinging to him to this day. “We should do more road trips in the future,” Daniel said, offering Rex a smile. “I like this, being with you alone like this in nowhere. Just the two of us. Of course, we can still take turns driving.”
  6. „Okay, I got it! Now stop yelling at me and calm down!“ Alexei hissed as silenlty as he could. Adachi‘s hearbeat had to be up his throat and he was fighting the agony of fear, but in that moment Alexei didn‘t take that into consideration. He didn‘t even think of it to begin with, he had never accepted anyone raising their voice towards him because it irked him for a reason that he didn‘t even know himself. He sighed and slapped his hands into his face, waiting desperately for his uneven pulse to go back down. Adachi, apparently, was convinced that they had to be courageous. That they had to fight and not separate at any cost. That they had to trust each other and always stick together. Alexei agreed, and he decided to shove the stinging fear he was feeling in his chest aside for now. He knew how fear worked. He had to convince himself that it wasn‘t scary, that it was okay. The blonde drove a hand through his hair; the strands fell back into place right after, and he took a deep breath through his nose and exhaled through his mouth. „That‘s true, your brother wouldn‘t even go in here,“ he said. „But that means that whatever is here, knows us well. Which.. makes things even shittier than they already are.“ He couldn‘t beleive that that lizard person had used Yami‘s voice and Alexei hadn‘t been able to hear it. There was no way he could fathom what kind of protector instinct must have kicked in inside Adachi and it made him understand why he had run off without a second thought, then again, it was still stupid to just leave. They both could have been hurt! „A morgue… great.“ Alexei mumbled. He didn‘t even want to see that. Hopefully it would be empty. While Alexei adjusted the belts around his hips, Adachi kept his knife - which seemed harmless and useless compared to the evil they were facing. The whitette told him that he was scared as well and his hands were trembling like nothing he had seen before. And his voice sounded so soft as if he was talking to a kid or a girl. He had seen Adachi asking girls out, he always grew into a softie, that fucking macho. „Hey, hey, hey, realx,“ Alexei said, lifting his hands in a defensive manner. „It‘s fine. We‘re fine. Don‘t do something because of adrenaline shots though, you get me?“ Adachi went first. Alexei stayed close behind, trying to step quietly on the ground. It was so silent again, it really made his stomach turn. And while he had been hot and panting before, he was slowly growing cold and goose bumps straightened the small blonde hairs of his arms. They walked down the next dirty hallway and for a long time there was nothing but their footsteps audible. Once again, the building looked like an abandoned asylum and it made Alexei question his sanity. This was… just an old fucking hospital. Jesus Christ. Let there be one window that they could jump out! They made it to the Nurse‘s station after the rooms there were empty. Adachi tried the doctor‘s card but it didin‘t work. „Hm.“ Alexei let the flashlight of his own phone sway around the empty surroundings. Only papers, dried blood and dirt on the ground, nothing of importance. „If I were a nurse.. and my patients were to attack me… where would I go…“ The light met an Exit sign. „Surely not to the exit. To a phone maybe. Or if I was a patient, where would I drag the nurses to…“ He walked past the station and inspected the end of the hallway. In the corner there stood an empty wheelchair and a two more doors. He tried one, but it was locked. Then he tried the other one, which luckily opened. Well, one could argue if it was luck. Once the wooden door creeked open, a terrible and nauseating smell met him. Alexei shielded his mouth and nose and narrowed his eyebrows. It was a small room with shelves filled with medicines. From the ceiling hung the headless body of a male nurse that had completely bled out, coloring the once white floor in so much blood that it was black and not red anymore. In the back lay two other corpses with a lot of teeth marks, missing huge pieces of flesh at certain spots like the faces, the necks and the shoulders. Their green uniforms were bloody and ruffled. Their faces were unrecognizeable, not that Alexei wanted to look at them, in all honesty. Alexei reached up with a trembling hand and took the nurse card off the hanging body‘s clip, then stepped backwards and pressed the door back into its freame with his foot. He shook his head, trying not to remember what he had seen, and just passing it off as something that hadn‘t been real. He handed Adachi the card, „try this,“ while he took a moment to fight the nausea rising up inside him. And even worse, that only meant that there was not only one monster here. There were many more.
  7. Rex was tempted, Daniel could almost feel it. It was that one moment of hesitation in which the blonde seemed to think about it, if he wanted to go back to the car just for sex, and the answer was yes, because honestly, the answer was always yes when sex was the question. Daniel was about to straighten his back, but Rex suddenly – instead of talking – decided it was better to act, which the former musician would totally agree with, yet he didn’t expect to be lifted up so casually. He reflexively wrapped an arm around Rex’s neck as support. He couldn’t even remember the last time he was picked up, maybe as a child by his mother, but otherwise this was a first. And Rex did it so effortless too, what the hell. It struck Daniel with impression, even though he should have known that his lover was physically very strong and that, judging by his height and muscular body, it shouldn’t surprise him. It was still the momentum of his feet leaving the ground and a gasp leaving his mouth that he was once more in awe for Rex. The blonde grabbed their clothes and quickly walked the way back that they had come. By the tree nearest to the car he let Daniel back down. The former singer watched him going to the car and returning with a box that was indeed red. It looked like a normal box, really, then again, what had he expected? He himself had never gotten to own toys in some secret hideout in his rooms compared to his friends at the time. He had merely had lube and condoms in one of the drawers inside his wardrobe. After he had turned around, securely gripping one of the lower, thicker branches of the tree, he could feel the coldness of lube on his butt, dripping down, and not shortly after, Rex’s fingers entering him again. A low sigh passed his lips and he felt a bit of satisfaction decreasing the aching flame below for a little, yet at the same time the action made it grow. Rex added a third finger and once he thought that the preparation was done, Daniel could feel his boyfriend pressing against him from behind while his penis was sliding in between his butt cheeks, rubbing against this anus. Daniel kept his right hand on the tree’s branch but brought his left one up and behind him, driving his fingers through Rex’s semi-wet hair. The warm, foreign hands slid all over him, seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once, from his thigs up to his chest, and this was some sort of affection that he had already forgotten existed. It surely spiced up the moment. The fresh scent of the grass and the night air around them added a nice touch as well. Daniel’s uneven breath sometimes resulted in a moan and when Rex bit his earlobe, his grip on the other’s hair tightened for a moment as a response. “Bend over for me a bit,” Rex’s husky voice whispered into his ear. Daniel didn’t even have to nod or say anything, honestly. His mind was occupied with the idea of finally having sex with Rex after such a long time of failed attempts and misunderstandings. The man that he adored so much was right behind him and his penis was now a second time as hard as a rock for him, which he took as the greatest compliment he could only imagine. Daniel bent down against the tree, making sure he was standing steadily on his feet. Once Rex’s erection slid inside of him, comfortably painless, he gripped the branch he was holding onto and closed his eyes out of reflex. His breath hitched silently as he felt his boyfriend filling him. He could feel his muscles slightly tighten again due to the new size, but he was given a moment to adjust and it helped. Rex tried out a few angles in a few thrusts and Daniel felt subtle waves of pleasure spreading inside him. “Fuck…” he cursed softly under his breath, though it didn’t take one more second until Rex increased his speed radically and the heat between them doubled. And in those moments one thing became clear: Daniel was not the silent type. What had been subtle groan before during the fingering and petting were becoming loud moans of pleasure. There was no resistance whatsoever, he gave his everything to Rex in the following moments. His head was cleared of anything other than the sex and he liked it that way after their ruined date, to be honest. Though something else that Daniel was stamina, a great deal of stamina it seemed. Rex did everything and Daniel was enjoying every bit, but he was not growing tired so quickly. He embraced the scene as if it was something divine. When Rex leaned forward and let his hands trail down and up his body and turned his head to kiss him, Daniel reached back to place his left hand on the back of Rex’s neck, his fingertips affectionately yet firmly massaging the spots underneath. He lovingly bit his lover’s lower lip and licked over it afterwards. His fingers on the branch clawed into the cold, crusty wood. He panted and whimpered in pleasure, enjoying the feeling that Rex granted him with every touch and every movement. The pressuring feeling inside him grew and grew, like a knot that was tightening further until the strings threatened to rip. As he felt how he came closer to the edge, he instinctively took his left hand from Rex and reached down to his own throbbing erected penis, stroking over it a few times, which was enough to make him reach his climax. His muscles tightened firmly and his body shivered briefly. Accompanied by some loud moans, sperm hit the tree trunk. His voice died down and left him panting, though he managed to keep himself up on his feet. Bliss overcame him and he felt satisfaction of a different kind than he had in the past years. After Rex had also reached his orgasm and pulled out of him, Daniel straightened his back and took a deep breath. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Rex’s neck, pulling him down until the tips of their noses touched. “That was so good,” he said with a still uneven breath. “You’re amazing.” He tilted his head and connected their lips for a slow and long-lasting, simple kiss. His hand brushed down Rex’s arm and took the foreign hand, bringing it up to Daniel’s lips, and he placed a kiss onto his the back of his lover’s hand affectionately. It had only been a day that they had been a couple, and it had been months of rejection on Rex’s side as they had known each other, but Daniel was convinced that – even if something was going to happen that would tear them apart, even if that was the last thing he would want – Rex was one of the best things that had happened to him. Upon the many losses in his life, which, no doubt, he had been responsible for himself, he had learned to embrace whatever thing, person or event that could make him feel at peace. He was aware that nothing lasted forever, but he was determined to do everything to make Rex happy as well. In the distance, there was suddenly a roar that resounded. Loud thunder that made Daniel look up towards the sky from afar. Rows of grey clouds had gathered up there and he remembered that it had rained at the gas station already. Had the storm caught up to them after all? “Maybe we should leave soon,” Daniel suggested. “Oh, whereto did you throw my jacket? There’s tissues in the inner chest pocket.” As he looked over his shoulder towards the car, the box also caught his eye. Curiously, he picked it up and opened it to finally see what was inside. “Oh, wow.” Daniel rose his eyebrows, impressed. “Someone really had a lot of things planned, huh.” The variety of lubes and condoms was, to say the least, a bit unusual. Daniel lifted his gaze to meet Rex’s eyes again. “You said you don’t like toys. How come? Have you tried any before?”
  8. It took some time until Alexei could catch his breath. He could feel his knees shaking, pleading him to sit down - or maybe lie down and close his eyes for good. Relax for a moment, or for even longer. His adrenaline was keeping him up though. He gulped a few times. His throat was dry from all the running and the cold air in this hell hole. Adachi caught himself quicker than he did. He watched the taller one walking over to one of the beds to inspect it. He said something about weapons and that they would need something to sew the bars of the beds off and that they had to fight their way out of this without picking on each other. Alexei laughed. „Surprise, I won‘t toss you into the arms of some … mutation. No matter how annoying you are.“ It was a lame excuse for a joke that not even he himself believed to be funny. And he regretted saying it, but it only made him realize how serious the situation was even more. He wanted to be brave, but it was hard. The truth was, he wanted to go back to the bus and forget all of this, because he regretted coming here in the first place. He regretted finding this school trip boring and annoying. He wanted to go back to the teacher and his friends where he would be safe. The blonde pushed himself off the wall and stepped towards the bed Adachi was looking at, taking the belts. „Okay, but,“ Alexei sighed, „do we actually have the courage to go through this? I mean, hands down, it‘s a solid question. Not that I have a death wish, but still. You have to agree with me that this,“ he gestured aorund himself, „is not normal. We are seeing things, and that‘s the least of our problems. Because the things we apparently hear or see can hurt us. It‘d be a different story if it was like ghosts who flow through us. But while you were being chased by some lizard person, someone tried to strangle me.“ He turned his head, looking around. Did he actually have the strength to survive this? What was he going to rely on? Intelligence? Pure force? Luck? Alexei bent down and pulled the jeans of his right leg up. Underneath, inside his boot, there was a small pocket sewed into his boot. He pulled out a small pocket knife that he offered Adachi. „This is the only thing I can offer you as a saw,“ he said. „Otherwise, I am afraid there isn‘t anything else here. I‘ll check though.“ He walked over to the other beds and also looked under the tables, but the facts confirmed his assumption. This was just a hall with beds and nothing else. „Okay, let‘s think rationally,“ he said despite his heart hammering against his chest so much he feared Adachi could hear it, „this is a hospital. They have operation instruments here. Scalpels, syringes, maybe even a bone saw if we are lucky. But I agree with you, we need big weapons so we can keep those… things as far away from us as possible.“ Alexei narrowed his eyebrows when he remembered something. He turned to Adachi. „Did you see the patient wristband around that lizard guy‘s arm? I wouldn‘t be surprised if we are under some weird drugs, but that doesn‘t mean we can‘t take it seriously. What if there are indeed people here still? What if those people were patients? Something is clearly wrong with this place, I mean, it‘s currently nighttime outside and my watch still reads eleven am, and my phone reads ten to tweleve am, but we have to work with what we‘ve got. So,“ he put a hand onto his hip, „we are in a mental hospital. It was open probably fourty years ago. We know one doctor, Doctor Belaque. We have his ID card, which should give us access to certain rooms. We have to find out what happened here and what is currently happening. If that guy who was following us in the hallway wasn‘t just a monster or a really odd nightmare, then we have to assume that something terrible happened to the patients. Unfortunately, I couldn‘t read the number of the wristband, but there has to be an archive somewhere in this building, most likely in the cellar.“ He hesitated when he thought about what he had experienced earlier himself, and shifted his weight from one leg to the other in an awkward manner, biting his bottom lip. „I know that you heard something that I couldn‘t hear. What exactly was that? And earlier, when I was alone, I could hear a hospital bed on wheels being pushed down the hallway to where I was. This place must be messing with our minds. We have to make sure that we react correctly if we are being targeted individually. That‘s… all I can think of right now.“ If his pulse would stop rising, it would make him think more rationally. He was definitely acting more relaxed than he was on the inside. He didn‘t want to die, he didn‘t want to just vanish. He really hoped that all of this was a joke, that all of what he and Adachi were seeing and hearing was the result of a drug. He was a seventeen year old teenager and he thought of himself as mature, but right now, to be honest, he would feel safer if he could ask his parents what to do. Something that he really didn‘t want to admit.
  9. Alexei put his phone back into his pocket. He tsk-ed when he heard his classmate talk about a cellphone tower. „We got messages earlier, didn‘t we? It doesn‘t make sense! We‘re not even that far away from the road. I had signal outside the building!“ It didn‘t make sense. It didn‘t make sense. It didn‘t make sense. Why was nothing making sense ever since they had gone through this damned door?! Adachi was taller and much stronger than Alexei and not even could make the door move. Then it dawned on Alexei. This was a trap. They had run right into it too, into the open arms of whoever was responsible for this shitshow. Think, he told himself. T h i nk . Alexei‘s gaze wandered up to the window. Yes, it may be barred, but there had to be rooms without barred windows, just like there had been some in the entrance hall. Mental hospitals had offices, right? There had be windows that they could break and climb out of… Alexei turned to the other in order to voice his thoughts, but he was met with an Adachi who was hurriedly turning his head as if he was hearing something. Alexei opened his mouth to ask what was going on because he wasn‘t hearing a damn thing, but suddenly Adachi answered a voice that obviously the Russian hadn‘t taken notice of. And to make it worse, he suddenly ran. „Adachi! Wait! What the fuck are you doing?!“ Alexei reached out but he only caught air. He couldn‘t believe what he saw, but there was no time to wonder about it at the moment. He ran after Adachi out of reflex. How was it possible that Adachi was hearing or seeing things he didn‘t? Was there something in the air? Hallucinogens? They ran past the x-ray room and further into the dark corridors. Alexei squinted, trying to make out any silhouettes, but suddenly something wrapped around his neck and pushed him violently against the wall. No, it wasn‘t a wall. His back painfully met strong metal, a door. Only now he noticed that there were cell doors all around him. Oxygen was pushed out of his throat, choking the cry of surprise he would have let out if he could. He reached up to grab whatever was around his neck and his fingers identified it as an arm. It came out of one of the cells and it pulled him up within the momentum, pressing against his larynx strongly. Alexei could barely stand on tiptoes, gasping for air, scratching at the naked arm violently, trying to make the person let him go, but it wasn‘t helping. Tears formed in his eyes due to the pressure on his neck and his heart started pounding wildly against his chest. Behind him there was a small barred window in the door. He could hear how the person inside was sniffing on his hair. „You smell good,“ a husky voice said. „Doc‘s going to like you.“ Before Alexei could react to it, another sound startled him. The sound of a hospital bed being pushed through corridors, but he could not see one. Instead, he heard another voice saying, „Where is the new patient? We have been looking for him for a long while now. Contact Sister Sabrina, I want her to check the cellar again.“ Alexei could finally locate the noises - they were coming from the hallway he himself had come from, and they were coming nearer and nearer. Panicking, he tried to fight the strong around around his neck more, fighting for oxygen while his vision was slowly blurring. When the patient behind him forcefully strengthened his grip, Alexei grabbed his fingers and pushed them back violentely. The man cried out in pain as they snapped and finally redrew his arm. Alexei fell to his knees, coughing and gasping for air. He blinked his eyes again and again to clear his vision. He couldn‘t lose consiousness right now! „Get your shit together…“ he told himself huskily, taking his phone out of his pocket and turning the flashlight on. Suddenly he couldn‘t hear the voices and the hospital bed anymore and as he pulled himself onto his feet and turned around, the cell was empty. „I am losing my mind, holy fuck.“ He was convinvced that he was hallucinating - he must be! - but the pain on his neck and the tears on his cheeks were real. He wiped his eyes and stumbled along the corridor, using the walls as support. „Adachi!“ he screamed. „Adachi, where are you?!“ Once enough adrenaline was shooting through his veins to put him back on stable feet, he sprinted through the hallways, calling Adachi‘s name again and again. This was the patients‘ ward and he was honestly just waiting for anyone to jump at him, but he couldn‘t leave Adachi behind. Something was definitely wrong here. Alexei had run through the ward for what felt like eternity when he could finally hear Adachi‘s voice calling for him. It had come from the right side, so the Russian followed the echoes. He turned at least two more corners until he could make out a silhouette in the middle of the hallway. His flashlight flooded the scene and he hurried over to his classmate. „Are you okay?“ he asked, panting. Then he grabbed the other by the shirt. „What the fuck, Adachi?! You just ran off! We can‘t just separate! We-!“ He was cut off by a sound that was unfamiliar to him. Alexei‘s grip on Adachi‘s shirt softened as he moved the flashlight to the corner and the terrifying view of a naked man on all four‘s, wide eyes and sharp-teethed mouth presented itself to him. The skin of the man‘s neck had been cut and pulled back, now loosely lying on his shoulders, giving him the appearance of a frilled-neck lizard. Alexei‘s eyes moved down to the man‘s wrist where a patient wristband was. He couldn‘t read the number or the name on it, but it he remembered the fingers and the ear in the x-ray. No doubt, this was a mental hospital. „What the FUCK are you?!“ Alexei snapped, taking a step back. The patient noticed the movement and instantly leaped forward. Alexei could feel his heart dropping down to his pants. He let go of Adachi and they ran down the hall aimlessly, followed by the plattering noises of the patient. Alexei could feel his legs getting weaker. Fortunately, they came across a door that wasn‘t a cell. He immediately opened it and after they were inside whatever room it was, he pulled it shut and locked it. There were a few bumps against the door afterwards, but the patient seemed to give up after a few tries. Panting, Alexei leaned against the wall next to the door. He lifted his phone so the flashlight bathed the room in light. Against his expectation, this wasn‘t a room, it was an entire hall. It was filled with beds left and right and there were a few tables in the middle with empty vases. Moonlight shone through the barred windows. Dried blood was on the floor along with teeth, cut off fingers and bones. It reeked of death in here. At the end there was another double door.
  10. Alexei frowned when Adachi tried to tell him that a simple ligth switch would work on an emergency generator. „That‘s a load of crap you‘re selling me here.“ Even if the generator was on, there had to be a reason. They were triggered by a failure of electricity and not by a light switch 60 years later. However, the pair chose to leave as also his classmate had gotten a message, probably from one of his friends. They moved to leave the room and since Alexei was internally freaking out about the ear - being sure that it hadn‘t been there before - Adachi thought it was a good idea to shrug it off a joke on Alexei‘s side. The Russian crossed his arms in defense. „Why would I have an ear prop with me? What kind of twisted stuff are you into?“ He reflexively stepped back when Adachi tossed the ear into his direction, disgust written all over his face. „Come on, throw something else at me and see what happens!“ The door behind them closed again due to its own weight and after the sound of it closing, silence set in. No brids chirping, no wind against the windows, nothing. Also, it was suddenly really dark. Maybe it had been dark all this time and their eyes had just gotten used to it or it was one of the oddest things Alexei had experienced. He didn‘t want to jump to conclusions though. This aslyum would remind everyone of horror stories but Alexei wasn‘t into horror at all. He was a fan of western movies. Guns and cowboys was where it was at. Not ghosts and blood. Horror was just boring to him, it was always the same. He couldn‘t even remember the last time he had seen a scary movie. Adachi opened the door for them again with the ID card of that doctor whose name was so hard to pronounce. They stepped back into the room with the x-ray, this time Alexei held the door open just in case… yeah, for what? Just in case what? Suddenly, the x-ray was lit again. Alexei‘s eyes widened and he turned his head to check if anyone, or anything for that matter, might be with them in the room, but he couldn‘t see anything. The x-ray flickered, changing the pictures. It went from an ear to a solid picture to fingers and then the fingers in a different order, an order that spelled three words: YOU ARE NEXT. He stared at it for what felt like eternity. No, this wasn‘t happening. There was no way this was happening. What if it was fake? Yes, a fake x-ray. What if this entire house was just a prop? You know, for … for scary school parties. Adachi voiced his assumption that this was a joke, but neither he nor Alexei were sure about that. Alexei felt one instinct: Running. „I … I don‘t know and Idon‘t want to find out. We‘re leaving.“ Please let the door still be there, he thought. He grabbed Adachi by the arm and pulled him out of the room and through the corridor without any sign of stopping. Only at the double door they had come through he stopped and let go of him. He grabbed the doorknob and pushed it down, but the door didn‘t open. „What the fuck?“ he cursed, trying it again and again. „This door was open just five minutes ago!“ Alexei punched a fist against it and then slammed shoulder against it, but it wouldn‘t move an inch. „This is ridiculous.“ He pulled out his phone and tried calling Mira, and he waited for the ringing, but there was nothing. It took a second or two until a voice spoke into his ear: „This number is not available. Please try another.“ Alexei sank the phone in his hand and looked at it, disturbed. The robotic voice repeated. „This phone number is not available. Please try another.“ But the contact info still read Mira‘s name.
  11. „Huh, maybe you really are crazy, considering how much you know about hospitals and mental hospitals.“ Alexei didn‘t really mean it, he knew that everyone had once been in a hospital. He himself had once broken his wrist during the attempt of punching Adachi in the face in third grade and instead hitting the wall because Adachi had dodged. He knew hospitals fairly well, but this didn‘t seem like a normal hospital at all. It gave off the creepiest vibes, though that was a bit exciting indeed. Adachi told him that it was usually the ones back in line that were gotten by the killers, but Alexei simply crossed his arms and tsk-ed. His classmate eventually agreed to going first and Alexei followed him through the ominious double door. Cold. Alexei rubbed his hands over his arms as they stepped through some kind of fog or maybe dust that lay in the air. He closed the doors behind them and blinked a few times to make out any silhouettes. For some reason, he couldn‘t hear the chirping of the birds anymore. There was a window with metal bars outside on the left side which made Alexei narrow his eyebrows. Maybe this really was a mental hospital after all. Or a prison for that matter. His mother worked as a lawyer and he knew a lot about how and where dangerous people were locked up. Though nowadays they were treated far better than back in time. This building could be many years old, maybe old enough to have treated their patiens like animals. Alexei‘s eyes were stuck on the window for a moment. He flinched when Adachi suddenly grabbed his hand and dragged him over to another door at the end of the another corridor that was locked with a scanner. „I am not a child, you know?“ Alexei said, sliding out of the other‘s grip, but he was still glad that their vision was way clearer here. This felt like a cheap horror movie. The card worked on the scanner and the doors opened. Alexei followed Adachi inside. The doors closed due to their own weight. The room was like the rest of the building, old and dusty, and dirty. Adachi switched the lights and at first they were blindingly white but they flickered a few times before they were constantly lit, and even after that, they sometimes blinked. It was… it was odd. Weird. Bizarre. Alexei looked around. He walked over to the barred window and looked out. There was the forest, everything was fine… But why the hell did the electricity work in this building? Adachi said something about an ear and Alexei turned his head to look at him. „What? Someone ate an ear?“ he asked, stepping towards his classmate. „I don‘t think eating an ear is that easy either. It‘s just skin and cartilages. But…“ He crossed his arms. „Don‘t you find it weird that the lights are working?“ he pointed out his thoughts. „I don‘t see how this building should have any electricity at all. It looks like it‘s been here for decades. The graffiti on the walls was chipping off too. Nobody has been here for a long time. Unless… there is indeed someone here.“ He checked the time on his watch and frowned. „Weird, wasn‘t it quarter past eleven just ten minutes ago?“ He fished his phone out of his back pocket and unlocked it via fingerprint. „Yeah, it‘s almost half past eleven.“ A what‘sApp message popped up and he clicked on it, then he tsk-ed. „Mira texted me six minutes ago. The teacher is looking for us, looks like the tire has been replaced.“ Alexei typed on his phone that they were not far away, just taking a walk, and would be back in a minutes, but when he pressed send, the message wouldn‘t deliver. Annoyed, he put his phone back into his pocket. „Let‘s go.“ Without waiting for an answer, he passed Adachi by and walked to the door, pulling it open. He froze in place however when he noticed something lying on the floor. It was cut off ear and it looked fresh, with blood sticking to the cut lines. Alexei frowned in disgust. „Adachi, you‘re seeing an ear just chilling on the floor too, right?“
  12. „You are not into chicks,“ was all that Alexei had to say when Adachi found it appropriate to joke about dead people after childishly imitating him. The Russian said it so coldly and feistily that he really wanted the other to prove him wrong. Just to spite him again. He always had the last word! They entered the abandoned building. Alexei checked out the graffiti, rubbing his fingertips against it. The colour came off so it was pretty old. „Man, the last time someone was here must have been a long time ago,“ he said, wiping the colour off his finger. „I really wonder if this building will collapse or not. Because it looks stable from what I can see.“ He walked over to check one of the stools standing around as if they had never belonged it. He picked it up, finding it pretty heavy for how tiny it was. He turned it around and there was a number carved into the bottom surface. In that exact moment he heard something open terribly slowly, just like doors in horror movies, and he could feel the hairs on his arms stand up at the creepy sound. Alexei turned his head to look at the source, but it was just Adachi messing around. „What the hell?“ The Russian cursed. „You never handle anything with care but you open a seeminlgy one hundred year old drawer like it was a grandma crossing a street?“ When Adachi asked him if he wanted to „see some bodies“ Alexei considered starting a fight over just how big the other‘s smirk was. He totally didn‘t like Adachi looking at him like that. It just triggered him somehow. „Yeah, actually.“ He answered though. He turned his head back to the chair and put it back down. „The bottom of the chair reads Saint Mary Hospital, 1966. But I guess a normal hospital wouldn‘t be in the middle of nowhere.“ If this really was a hospital though, or anything related to it, they would be better off touching nothing, after all every kind of bacteria or desease could be in here. Alexei walked over to Adachi and rudely took the card out of his hand to study it. „Doctor Belaque. I‘ve never seen that face or heard that name before.“ He handed the card back and then pointed over to the double door that looked like it would get them deeper into the building. „You go first, I‘d rather you run into the arms of a serial killer than me.“
  13. Just checking up on you, haven’t heard from you in awhile so seeing if everything was okay

  14. Daniel’s eyebrows knitted on his pretty face slightly when he learned that the red box Rex had been talking about was a sex toy box. It was Roger’s, actually it was Roger’s ex-wife’s and on top of that Roger had stolen it. It sounded like something he could see Roger do, something unpredictable and stupid, something unnecessary and hurtful, something … disgusting maybe. Now the box itself didn’t disgust him though. The thought of the box having been Roger’s ex-wife’s possession was merely a little weird. Rex clarified that he was just going to use the lube in there and not the toys, which made Daniel laugh heartily. He didn’t have anything against toys, on the contrary, he embraced them. He had seen some messed up techniques and strategies in bed, one thing scarier than the other, though personally he wasn’t into hard fetishes. He saw pleasure in vanilla just as much as in bondage; it was just a question of manner, know-how, trust and combability. At some point he had stopped wondering where his limit was. He hadn’t come across any of those internet-fame fetishes like scat despite having worked as a prostitute for twelve years, and he naturally excluded those from the list. If anything, people just wanted to get laid. It was the act that was important to them. They didn’t care if your feet were cutely shaped or if your face was pretty or if you spoke a foreign language. Nonetheless Daniel was aware that Rex was proudly conservative. He wouldn’t try to push him out of his comfort zone with force. “It depends on the toys, but if you don’t like them, that’s fine.” Compromises weren’t about fighting or winning a discussion, they were about respecting each other’s personal preferences and if Daniel rather didn’t have sex in a car and if Rex rather didn’t use any toys in bed, that was okay. Daniel had dragged Rex out of the river and succeeded in making him relax and give in to him. As the brunette knelt in front of him and sucked him off, Rex’s groans were exactly what he had wanted to hear. It was a turn-on for him as well, hearing the one person he adored so much crumble in pleasure. Yes, pleasure was such an unfair weapon. It enflamed a fight that was drenched in passion of good nature. All he wanted was for the blonde to let go and eventually, when he could feel Rex’s fingers driving through his hair, he knew that he was pushing him further to the limit. Not that he was going to stop without a good reason. A zombie apocalypse would be a good reason. Since there was no zombie apocalypse happening though, Daniel went on to ‘practice’ his deepthroat skills on his boyfriend. Rex started to move his hips in the same rhythm, and he did it oddly well. Their movements synced in harmony, as a poet would say. The curses that suddenly left the blonde’s throat cut the silence significantly and even though Daniel couldn’t, he would usually smile because it was amusing to him. Pleasuring men had always been amusing to him. Even though he had played the submissive part most of the time in his life, he still sought dominance naturally. There was something alluring to making another man lose control, something that made his heart pound in satisfaction. Rex’s penis was stiff and hard in Daniel’s mouth and despite his own thoughts going abroad for the time being, the brief imagination of feeling it inside him was making this way hotter. It sent thrills down his spine that he couldn’t control. Rex was attractive and Daniel admired him to the core, and shit, he was turned on as much as he could get without additional touch in that moment. The blonde applied pressure on Daniel’s head and Daniel gave in, following the unspoken instructions, keeping the air supply short. He could feel his own heart beating against his chest, groaning in a muffling voice. Then Rex finally reached the climax. Daniel automatically swallowed against the hardness in his throat, the insides smoothly rubbing against Rex’s penis. Daniel pulled his head back and wiped over his lips with the back of his hand, taking in the fresh oxygen right after. The taste of his boyfriend’s fluids that had been dragged up to his tongue was bitter which led him to the suggestion that Rex really didn’t cook himself. He had tasted worse though, really, it wasn’t the end of the world. There was no time to think it over anyway. Rex pulled him back up onto his feet and tied him into a heated kiss. Daniel laid a hand onto the back of the blonde’s neck as support, slightly overwhelmed by the sudden act of affection. Of course, he should already be used to this, but right now he hadn’t expected it at all. It was a nice change to have someone to kiss like this, so unheedingly, so unconditionally, so passionately. Someone he could give his everything to. Rex reached down, stroking his erection and Daniel breathed out of his nose in bliss. Really, right now he had nothing against a handjob, not that he usually did to be honest. The kiss was soon broken and Daniel turned his head to the side to take a few deep breaths. He did look back into the azure ocean that was his lover’s eyes when Rex spoke to him, his hand back off the brunette’s penis. There was a look of surprise at how harsh Rex’s words sounded. It wasn’t like Daniel understood them as an order but it was just one of those moments once again that threw him off. He kept forgetting that Rex hadn’t lost the attitude of a commander. He knew that the blonde most likely meant to say it with the same affection that Daniel could see in his eyes but it just didn’t come through. Daniel reached up to the blonde’s face and slightly brushed over his left eyebrow with his thumb and then down the temple. He smiled. “You look good like this. Relaxed, and still talking to me like a boss.” He leaned up more, bumping Rex’s nose tip with his own, showing him very well that he wasn’t afraid of Rex in any way no matter how tough and how scary he may look to other people. “I’ll do everything. You are taking me with you in your car after all and it’s a long, long ride,” Daniel joked with a smirk on his face, his hot breath hitting against Rex’s lips. He leaned back, taking his hands off the blonde. Now he noticed that he had been on tiptoes for the entire time and stepped back down onto his heels, standing at his usual height in front of the former general again. Daniel walked over to a bigger tree and set his hands against its trunk, bending down. He kept his back instinctively straight with only a slight crook in it and he had no problem with standing like that. He flinched at the sudden slap against his butt cheek, the dull pain coming after the sound. Rex’s rough hands started to knead both cheeks. He felt the fingers in detail, clawing his fingertips into the crusty trunk of the tree. His muscles relaxed visibly and he felt a vibrating sensation spreading from behind up to his upper body, feeling his nipples hardening as it did. In that moment he wished that Rex’s hands would go up, brushing over his body and back down, squeezing slightly, making the resistance of his grip perceptible. He liked it to feel someone else’s body against his, it enflamed a dynamic that couldn’t be found in friendship. The former musician exhaled silently. He told himself to stop thinking about all those things and focus on Rex’s doing. Even though Daniel wasn’t sure what the plan of the blonde was, he didn’t want to ask. He wanted to see what would happen. His boyfriend wetted his anus with spit and artificially played with the area. Daniel knew it would take some time for his body to adjust to the situation, but he really didn’t want to wait, it was hard to just keep standing and doing nothing in this moment. His toes slightly twitched against the cold ground. Daniel closed his eyes and tried to control the lust he felt. He deeply breathed out and his muscles relaxed a little against Rex’s fingertips. When the first finger went in, Daniel slightly scratched against the trunk’s crust. The lust he felt in the front burned like fire in his erection and he felt the desperate need to reach down himself but his boyfriend was quicker, changing his position and massaging Daniel’s balls. A soft moan escaped the brunette’s throat. He tensed up again at the stimulation on his testis and phallus but relaxed again with a blissful sigh. As soon as his sphincter muscle had become used to the filling that was Rex’s fingers, they slid in farther with the help of the saliva, the tips pressing against his prostate. Daniel exhaled in a moan sharply. His body tensed briefly again before it relaxed once more. Usually he did the preparations himself so it had been a long time since anyone had paid this much attention to him. Rex’s other hand closed around his penis and started stroking up and down while his fingers massaged against his prostate. Feeling the pleasure from both sides, the brunette’s breathing sped up to a light panting. “God damn it,” he said, “you are good at this.” He had had different experiences too, bad experiences, but Rex was meeting almost every single wish Daniel could have. Except the one that he wanted the other in himself instead of the fingers, but he understood that Rex probably didn’t have the same stamina and it would take him a bit to get hard enough again. As Rex went on, Daniel became more impatient. He sought a rougher treatment and it was hard to keep that desire down. He pressed his butt against Rex’s hand almost instinctively. The pre-cum did a good job at making the handjob even smoother. He had already forgotten how cold the ground, the tree and the night around him actually were. His body was heated up with desire and lust. “Rex…” he mumbled, opening his eyes. “Can you go harder on me? Or get that weird box, stretch me more and just fuck me instead?” He would take either. Rex was skilled with his hands and fingers and Daniel wasn’t impatient at all usually but when it came to sex he certainly lost his patience way quicker.
  15. Daniel had to see that Rex really hadn’t understood what he meant. But that he other man kept in mind that he got cold easily was of course a heart-warming gesture. “Thank you,” he said, “but I just don’t like to have sex in cars. That’s it.” It didn’t have anything to do with the Jeep or with the fact that he had misunderstood, it was simply his own disliking. Not only was it a natural mislike but it also had to do with memories that he wanted to keep in the dark. It hadn’t been something too traumatizing or something that had hurt him mentally, thus he didn’t feel the urge to tell Rex about it. A No was a No after all and both of them were adults and they understood and respected that, compared to the youth. “A box?” Daniel narrowed his eyebrows lightly. He kneaded the palm of Rex’s hand with his thumb as he tried to find a connection that led from intimacy to a box. His boyfriend wasn’t the type to have condoms and lube with him everywhere, right? He couldn’t see Rex just carrying such things around. Plus, the way he acted when he was touched was slightly alarming to Daniel, as if Rex hadn’t had someone to be intimate with for, well, too long. It was reasonable because he had loved and missed Sebastian so much, but hadn’t he had a few one-night-stands maybe? No matter if he had or hadn’t, it felt odd to think of Rex as someone who had such things on him. Daniel hadn’t anticipated at all that they would have anything in reach, but as mentioned before, it wasn’t a disappointment to him. Rex never took a break and Daniel would love to force him to do so, one way or another. It didn’t automatically connect to a benefit, an advantage or money in his head; finally he saw the person in front of him and that person only. No ulterior motives, just commitment. Even if he felt lust burning inside him, he wanted to shove it aside for now. Of course, the thought of Rex’s penis inside him was, in this moment, pretty close to making him lose his cool, but he clung to that bit of self-control that he still had, a habit he had trained a lot during his work at the brothel. Sure, being pampered was always nice, just lying down and getting touched, feeling the bliss rise, entrusting his body to someone, after all there were several people who were talented with their fingers and their body rhythm. However – even though eh assumed that Rex was the dominant type – Daniel didn’t want to play a dead fish. He wanted to give in order to receive. Daniel gave his boyfriend a reassuring smile that didn’t fit the desire that was glistening in his eyes at all when Rex said he wouldn’t complain. “Perfect. Come.” He said, his voice drenched in affection. He took both of the blonde’s hands into his own and dragged him out of the lake and onto the shore, where he quickly tiptoed again to catch Rex’s lips in a heated kiss. Now that he was out of the water, his body had to get used to the new temperature again and it cooled him down a little, though it also helped him think straighter. He leaned in, gently pressing their bodies together, taking Rex’s lower lip in between his teeth and giving it a loving bite. Afterwards, he forcibly broke the kiss, looking into the azure eyes of the ex-general, which were glistening beautifully in the moonlight. At least he thought so. “If you want me to do something specific, just let me know,” he told him. Daniel brought his own fingers to his mouth and wetted them with saliva before he sunk his hand down to softly brush over Rex’s erection and spread the saliva on the shaft and the glans, playfully rubbing the insides of his fingers against it. In the meantime, he buried his other hand in the blonde, wet hair, slightly massaging the scalp with his fingertips, and started to place kisses on the neck, below the earlobe, below the jaw and down the sensitive spots underneath which the carotid lay. Daniel worked his way down to the chest, dragging his hand with him down to teasingly stroke his fingers down his boyfriend’s upper body. He skipped the abdomen though and carefully knelt in the grass, finally re-drawing his hands and instead closing his fingers around the penis in front of him. At first, he licked from the bottom of the shaft all the way up to the glans twice. Afterwards he took the glans into his mouth, gently circling his tongue around it. He lowered his head a little and repeated that process for the frenulum and the glans’ neck before he took more of Rex’s length in, though intentionally not all of it at once. Breathing through his nose carefully, he started to lower and raise his head in an average speed. For a while kept it up, but it only took that little to go past his uvula easily. After so many years of, to say it nastily, dick sucking, it really wasn’t a challenge anymore. Before he had started with the one-night-stands he hadn’t even thought about that the possibility of training or reducing a gag reflex existed. He knew that some people were really sensitive and he couldn’t blame them, it was just the way their body was built and reacted. But to him it hadn’t been that much of a deal in his twenties and now it wasn’t anymore at all. And his jaw had gotten used to it after years of practise as well. Daniel moved his hand from Rex’s shaft to the side on thigh, took a deep breath and then lowered his head completely. He remained for a second or two until he leaned up again and repeated this a few times, catching air systematically, and increased his speed. The world around them blurred. Pearls of water had already dripped off Daniel’s skin and the soft breeze of the night was doing well drying his skin. Daniel didn’t care where they were, if someone could stumble upon this scene and how hard the ground underneath his knees was. This time he wanted Rex to give in, to fully surrender to him. And he wasn’t going to stop before that happened.
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