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Asakura's Rules

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Well Mostly I’m a very picky rp player, so yeah I’m posting my rules to let everybody know how I like my RP, and how I normally do it, even if I have rules and stuffs like that, don’t get intimidated by me, nor get scared at me because I’m very friendly if we are not rping, I’m only strict when it comes to rp, but mostly I don’t pressure people with time.





1. Good Grammar, but I don’t need someone whose professionally good, because I’m not that good myself, I just need something, enough that I don’t get irritated


Wrong - people love it. Being president, has power control people, they will obey you

(please complete your sentence, enough that I could imagine it perfectly inside my head, because seriously replies like this get’s me out of it, because I’m thinking that your also out of it, and just for the sake of replying, you give a half assed reply)

Correct - People love to become a President, because being a President gives you a power to control over people, and if you have power such as that, they will obey you


Wrong - (Name) saw a box, (Name) is nervous, but (Name) opened it anyway

(this kind of thing is annoying too, please complete your sentences and don’t always use your name to describe what you’re doing, at least use a he/his/he’s to describe what you’re doing, or about to do, because if you thought this is cute, well I tell you it’s not)

Correct - He saw a box in the far end corner, although he is nervous, he opened it anyway


2. No one - three Liner, I would appreciate if you reply in paragraphs, at least one - two with good sense of imagination would be enough, because I do not need a paragraph with full of err… let’s say full of what I stated above or in rule 1, besides I don’t waste time thinking for a good reply for your half assed work.


3. NO god Moding, I’m strict about this, I do not want someone who controls or gives info about my character that me myself do not know, I mean you could always predict, but don’t say it out right that my character did that or already like that


YC: (My character’s name) studied Judo, so that’s why he knew how to fight

(if you’re wondering what’s wrong here? Well I’ll tell you, did I once stated that I studied Judo? If not don’t say that I did, I don’t want you telling me what my character had done, and was doing. Let me handle it my self, but I'm not also telling to not describe the things I do, just make sure I really did that.)


MC: I was smoking in the window side near the garden

YC: I suddenly saw (my character’s name) smoking in the garden

(I said I’m in the window side near the garden smoking NOT in the garden smoking, please don’t blabber things that I didn’t do, and there are also parts where I’m not there, but you said I was there, don’t do that)





1. Mostly I reply in paragraphs but I don’t do one liner, but actually it depends to my partner, if I’m already replying in 3-4 liner, then that means I’am unable to think any good reply, because I couldn’t imagine what your replying to me, and maybe because you broke my basic rules.


2. I Love character sheets so I take my time to think about my character sheets carefully, so sorry if I always give you my character sheet late.


3. I ALWAYS REPLY LATE sometimes very late, but we’ll probably not always, but even so, if I don’t reply right away, especially sometimes, when we just start our RP, don’t feel bad, get mad or think that I don’t want to RP with you, I will reply, but I just reply late, I’m a busy person too after all, and have multiple of sleepless nights in RL(real life) work.


4. sometimes I do mirroring, and do things way before you do the things you are doing, so don’t get confuse, I also tell the side of my story before the said event on you occurs, that’s also how my paragraph get longer.


5. well I’m good and do both positions, but it depends, I’m also into plot, so plot less rps are not my thing, or ordinary rp play for the sake of having an rp are also not my thing, I’m serious about my rps.


6. Well mostly I don’t do shota, I’m more into mature people, so 20 years above is good enough for me, but 17 years and older are also good to me. And I don’t do stories which involve too much sweetness, ugh… especially those stories, which show affection right away, but I'm open to Ideas.





1.Please follow the basic rules above.


2. When it comes to character sheet making, umm well yeah no shota, and if you’re going to use (which is most preferable for me) images, please don't use real pictures, please.


3. I do not like girly characters, weak character (cries easily although I love it if he cries in the different reason ;3) and mostly characters who shows affection automatically, I can’t handle too sweet things you see, I would prefer if your character is tough, and rebellious.


4. Don’t get mad because I really reply late, so I’ll apologize now for being late if we do rp together.


5. If you’re a newbie, make sure you are good, and can rp, because if you’re just going to use me as a test run, please don’t, I don’t want to waste time, and have an head ache about it, I’m a very busy person, so I want a good and serious rp partner.


6. In RP it’s nice if we meet every now and then, but you do not need to stick to my character all the time, let me breath and do some other things, it's not nice if in every post we are together, I mean you could always do and think some other things you might do if we are not together in the rp, use your imagination okay? ;>.


7. above all of the stated Rules, the last thing I want is for you to make your imagination run wild, do not cope in what I tell you to in the rp, do what you see fit, and let’s enjoy rp together X).




Did I scare you or something? Please don’t get scared to me, it’s just all I wanted to have in a RP, more like a request than a rules so yeah, bare with me, have a good day.


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