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General RolePlaying Rules (Read before posting)

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RolePlaying Rules



- English only!


- No offensive words


- Rape is only accepted if both RP-ers agree with it (either state in the RP Recruitment thread that you intend to have rape scenes or talk it in private with the other RP-er)


- All characters must be 18+


- Don't interfere in the middle of other peoples RPs or try to take control of their characters.



Note: Finished RPs or RPs that were inactive for 2 months will be moved in the RPG Graveyard.

In order to revive an RP already moved in the Graveyard, contact one of the staff members:






Note for RPers:

In order to start a roleplay, first go in the RP Recruitment section to recruit users for your roleplay (or just invite your friends via PMs or VMs)


Then go to the RolePlaying Arena and open a thread. Give a name to the roleplay and state in the title (Private) if you don't want to allow other users to join that roleplay.


If you want to join an already existent/ongoing roleplay, ask for permission via a PM or VM sent to all the active members of that RP.


If you have a problem with someone posting into your RP uninvited or someone is spamming it, report them.



For newbies:

- Don't jump right into a long, established RP.


- Start off with your own small, private RP between you and one other person, so you can figure out how things work

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